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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two-State Solution's Viability: Give Peace a Chance

Nadene Goldfoot
Netanyahu says to President Abbas, all Israel is saying is, "Give Peace a chance."  It's like John Lennon said in his hit song of 1969, possibly  realizing that 1967  brought  about such a definitive  war in the Middle East.  It's when all the neighboring Arab states ganged up together and attacked one very small Israel to drive it into the sea.  To everyone's astonishment, Israel won out against this onslaught, setting the future for themselves with continual problems anyway, but the main point is that they did survive.

Abbas, pressured by Hamas and Iran, no doubt along with the Muslim Brotherhood's dogma, has not been willing to talk to Netanyahu.  I don't blame him.  His defense of wanting outlandish demands is unacceptable to the lifeblood of Israel, who has already gone through the hoops of establishing their state legally through the UN back in 1948 through enough bloodshed.  What Abbas is asking for is the highest most ridiculous price of the shuk.  He wants Israel to step back to the already proven 1967 indefensible borders they had had; free all murderous terrorists, no matter what crimes they have committed, and stop all construction again which would be the second time that Israel has gone along with this demand which led to nothing towards peace negotiations at all.  Israel had stopped for 10 months with the carrot being peace discussions.  It didn't happen.  Again, empty and deceiving promises.

Netanyahu is about to give away the baby for the sake of peace, meaning going along with what they have already deemed necessary, a two-state solution, for this is far better than losing Israel's reason for being in the first place, the one and only Jewish homeland.  A one-state condition would overwhelm Jews completely, just like Lebanon's Christians did.  I see such dangers even for the two-state situation, but if...if...if the Palestinians would see that to live in peace is far superior to live in war and hatred...if they could see that hatred eats up their well being and shortens their life anyway, without the help of bullets....if they would only give peace a chance....I suppose Netanyahu thinks it could be.

For those of you who are against an established religion to be part of the democratic framework of the constitution of a state, Israel's creation is the result of not being accepted in all the other countries of the world since the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE  who do happen to have an established religion in their country.  For example, Jews had been ousted from England in  1168, 1275, 1290, with a few Sephardic merchants living dangerously there in 1656, and again in 1753, a country with the Christian Episcopal religion as its own.   Now there are at least 300,000 Jews living there which makes England the 2nd largest population of Jews outside of Israel in the world. With such a history, for how long will this go on, we wonder?  Things are becoming bad again for Jews there.

 The USA is one place where all religions are accepted and is  made up of the few remaining  native Americans who were here to begin with and all the immigrants from other countries.  It is unique. It's a stew pot that has been able to blend all these people together into one tasty American flavor.  Israel is surrounded by 22 Moslem states, guided by their own religion. There are 48 Muslim majority states in the world but only one Jewish and very teeny one in the world; Israel.  We are one people who have survived out of all that have disappeared from bible days, and we do plan to continue.

All we are Give Peace a chance.  Written for the USA and very popular in the 70's, but is so appropriate for Israel and the Palestinians.  How can one listen to this song and not feel the power of this plea?    I was floored with Netanyahu's offer this morning.   Take advantage and make the right decision; not just Abbas alone but all.

Resource: "Netanyahu to Abbas, "Give Peace a Chance" by Gabe Kahn John Lennon, "Give Peace a Chance"

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