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Friday, May 25, 2012

IAEA's Latest Report on Iran's Enrichment: Viewing Iran's Growing Progress

Nadene Goldfoot
Iran has raised its potential capacity of making nuclear material.  Iran has put in hundreds of enrichment machines at an underground site, Fordow, claims traces of uranium particles enriched up to 27%.  They had been producing at 20%.  They refuse to halt their activity.

Nuclear bombs need enriched uranium of 90%, but after getting to the 20% level, it's evidently easier to do.It takes the greatest effort to get to the 20%.  That should be the alert red-light sign.  The question is, just how long does it take to reach the 90%?

Fordow also now has a 50% increase by hooking up 368 new centrifuges.  They hadn't yet received material to enrich.  Their stockpile now is at 145 kg from 110 kg of 3 months ago.  So they have been busy enriching their stockpile.

For some reason Iran won't let the inspectors into Parchin, which is also a military base.   Differences still remain on the table where Amano of IAEA is dealing with Iran.  Are they trying to remove incriminating evidence from the eyes of inspectors?  They say they're not trying to make weapons.  They also said that attaining a higher level could happen out of technical reasons beyond their control.  How interesting.

Resource: Iran has enough uranium for 5 bombs 

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