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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Middle East Cyber Attack: Espionage Worm Invasion

Nadene Goldfoot
Iran delving into producing atomic energy brings to mind the atomic bomb.  Combine that with their constant diatribes against Israel, calling them pigs, lowlife and such, and that they needed to be wiped off the face of the earth gives one the feeling that they really don't like Israel or Jews and really want to do them harm.

Along came the Stuxnet worm virus saving the day temporarily getting into their 16,000 centrifuges and destroying them in these past two years.  It was like a decree from up high saving the day for us all.  Who needs such a malicious threat?  Whoever caused it should be blessed.  Shame on whoever invented atomic bombs in the first place!

A 2nd virus then appeared called Duqu.   It was a virus of reconnaissance. It came about because Iran was dealing with Stuxnet and overcoming it.  They were thus able to plod on with their intentions of needed atomic energy to create some medical tools, as they said, or perhaps it was because they had a shortage of fuel?  

Now that Iran has been making progress in their goal of controlling the world through fear of their atomic capabilities, another virus has appeared on the scene.  It is "Flame."  It has been infecting computers in not only Iran but according to the Oregonian newspaper through the New York Times News Service, Israel right along with Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Chana Ya'ar, reporter for Arutz Sheva lists the same countries only listed the Palestinian Authority of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza instead of Israel, which is interesting.

What the virus does is it grabs images of the users' computer screens, records their instant messages, turns on their microphones and records their conversations and also monitors keystrokes and network traffic.  So if they're getting into porn, it's recorded!  It's one of the most complex threats ever discovered.  The majority of computers that are infected with Flame are in Iran.

Whoever would think that viruses could save the day.  At least maybe it can prolong the utter destruction of human life and give our leaders a chance to come to their senses in stopping such an eventuality.  Thank goodness for these creative scientists who came up with this preventative cure.

Arutz Sheva by Chana Ya'ar
Oregonian newspaper  May 29, 2012 page A 10: Report:  virus steals information by Nicole Perlroth

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