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Monday, May 21, 2012

Israel-Seven Minutes to Prevent Extinction

Nadene Goldfoot
President Obama has two major problems before the elections in the states; oil prices which could affect economic recovery  and Israel's attacking Iran.  It's not good for gathering in the votes.

In the meanwhile, Israel is shvitzing rightly over the fact that it will only will take 7 minutes for a nuclear headed missile to get to Israel from Iran.  Since Israel is obviously the first target Iran would aim at, no one else is really shook up about it.

Decisions in Israel are not made alone, however.  A think tank made up of nine deeply intelligent and mature men who are very serious-minded sit on the country's highest policy making forum, "The Institute for National Security Studies."  Amos Yadlin, head,  is one who was formerly Israel's chief of Military Intelligence with Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.  He spoke earlier this month at a conference of the Washington Institute in Virginia and said that Iran had a sophisticated strategy to get nuclear weapons that was working.  He also was for exhausting all other options before using military strength  but they had to consider realistic facts asking themselves,  which is more dangerous?

        They have been mulling over some  Imperative Considerations.  
Consider: Which is more dangerous all around?  A nuclear Iran or attacking Iran.
Failure to contain Iran now without nuclear weapons created or when they do have nuclear weapons
Iran's possible miscalculations and lack of stability causing the  launching of a nuclear missile impulsively
Huge temptation due to hatred of Israel and the United States
Are diplomatic words working well enough to halt creation of weaponry?
Does Israel of all nations have nothing to worry about when they are 7 minutes away from Extinction?

Former Mosad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin were for waiting and not going it alone but to get the USA to lead the charge if this was the decision.  Yadlin, as head of the think tank,  spoke up saying that they mustn't make media waves by publicly trashing Netanyahu and Barak's Iran policy and painting them like extremists or messianic men.  The think tank is made up of serious men who can express themselves straightforwardly with much integrity and professionalism.   There is much to consider and  lives of a whole nation are at stake and they are not about to go off half-cocked.

Holding off because of  November voting for personal gain does not hold a candle to their possible extinction.  I don't think that the think tank is all that impressed with  the international diplomats' positive outlooks in dealing with Iran.  The decision is in the hands of this rational  think tank and not one person alone.

Therefore, Yukiya Amano, head of the UN nuclear agency, was in Tehran on Sunday with the focus on finally getting an agreement from the Tehran government on terms that will allow the agency to resume investigating whether or not Iran secretly worked on nuclear weapons.  They don't even know and have to barter to get permission to investigate!  No wonder Israel is shvitzing.

Israel was shunned, even by the USA,  by not being invited to Chicago's NATO summit where France is talking about anti-missile defense systems, something Israel is indeed involved with being they are the country most threatened daily in this world and happen to be one of the usual friends invited.  All the 28 member nations and their friends were invited, however.  They should ask Israel how much faith they put in their system and how it is working, but Israel won't be there to ask.  Israel will put their faith where they always have in the past for help, not in fair-weather friends.

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Update: 9:22am  

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