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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iran's Tenacles Reaching into Syria

Nadene Goldfoot
Right now the UN is meeting to discuss how to handle Iran, and it's taking many meetings to decide how they should act about this country's production of uranium enrichment which can be turned into atomic warfare.  While they are meeting, Iran continues to produce freely.

The Iranian army also continues to ship arms to Syria which is in violation of the UN Security Council.  Just this past year 3 shipments are known to have been made from Iran, 2 of which went to Syria and the other to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.  Syria is going through their own Civil War fighting against the autocratic regime of Bashar Hafez al- Assad, 47 year old doctor.  Syria is the 17th largest country of Muslim population with 90% being Sunni and Shi'a with 22,505,000 people.  Their "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) is fighting against the Shi'a Hizbullah as well as the nation's army who remain loyal to their president. Hizbullah is the terrorist organization out of Lebanon from 2006 who are armed by Iran through Syria.   Assad had taken over from his father, and has already run twice and won. He doesn't believe in democracy and hates the USA and Israel.  Don't they all.

Once a long time ago, about 330 BCE,  King Ahasuerus of Persia stopped the plot of killing all the Jews made by Haman.  It was Queen Esther who helped to save her people.  Since the fall of the Shah, Israel has had reason to again be wary with the entrance of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, born in 1902 who made a splash in 1979.  

 For years Israel has cautioned countries about the nuclear ambitions of Iran.  Ali Khamenei, born in 1939,  told the Spanish president in 2000,  Jose Maria Azner,  that Israel must be burned to the ground and made to disappear from the face of the Earth, and he meant it literally. He is the one who endorsed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.   He also called Israel a historical cancer and an anomaly.  Russia wasn't worried about what Iran was up to and figured that Israel would take care of it.

I see that Israel certainly is a threat to these large monarchies.  It's the only democratic state in the Middle East, and is the light to all those under subservience living in such a state.  It is dangerous.  They see Western democracy being practiced and other Muslims living under it and enjoying freedoms they never had.  The United States has also been seeping ideas into peoples heads through music and movies and maybe even "facebook".

The anomaly is that these states are allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take the place of the dictators.  The problem is that the population is conditioned to be of one mind, to do as they are told.  They haven't learned to think for themselves as we have in a democracy.  They're trading one misery for a worse one.  When you have a dictatorial father, you obey and just learn to take orders and not think beyond the scope.  .

Jews in Israel come from not only Israel as natives or "Sabras" but from all over the world.  They've had exposure to life and have still been able to maintain their religion and culture.  That is indeed an anomaly.  Along the way they've also picked up a lot of facts and survival skills as well.  They bring about competition in fields the surrounding nations have not even thought about.  This teeny country has the sting of bees, but they also produce honey.  After all, Israel has always been the land of milk and honey.  When attacked, they have the audacity to finally attack back when complaints go unheeded.  When treated properly, it is more than reciprocated.  We await the results of the UN meetings.  Is Israel going to be backed and defended?  More than that, will its attackers ever realize that they need not wipe out Israel to live an enjoyable life?

Reference: of Arutz Sheva

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