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Friday, May 18, 2012

Why is Jordan Not Palestine?

Nadene Goldfoot
Jordan is that neighbor of Israel on the east side with  75% of their population of 5,568,565  calling themselves Palestinians who happen to be the Muslim ones.  Remember that before 1948, both Jews and Muslims called themselves "Palestinians."

It's become a joke to think that these Palestinians with their Hamas and Fatah leaders will ever recognize Israel and live in a two state solution  and in peace at that!  Ever since 1948 they haven't signed any peace treaty that practically guaranteed them the moon.  They were the biggest holdouts who wanted all the land, not the responsibility of creating a state-G-d forbid!

The Palestinians have cancelled their treaties with Israel which they had signed where both sides agreed that their conflict would be solved through negotiations and not through unilateral actions.  They want to turn their issue of Palestine over to the UN, so Israel is not bound anymore to these accords.  On the table in the USA is the idea of a one state solution and the question of the fact that Jordan, with their king married to a Palestinian already and with a population where 75% is Palestinian, actually is Palestine using a pseudonym of Jordan.

The British Mandate did weaken and created Jordan through the pressure of Emir Abdullah (1882-1951), who wanted his own state, who said he wanted it as a country for his own  bedouin tribesmen. This is the 2nd son of Hussein, sherif of Mecca and later king of Hejaz who supported Britain during WWI and who had negotiated with Chaim Weizmann in 1922.

 Both Abdullah and Weizmann thought the land had been promised to them without knowing about the dealings with the other.  So Abdullah changed from being a moderate to invading Israel in 1948 along with all the others.  The land was called Transjordan back then in 1921and he ruled his area that was detached from the original land.  Then in 1948 he annexed the eastern part and proclaimed his Kingdom of Jordan.

His grandson,Hussein,  born in 1935,  took over in 1952.  He was defeated in his aggressive attack in 1967 and Israel was able to then govern Judea and Samaria.  In 1970 he expelled the PLO from his country because he had a major showdown in September where many were killed but later reconciled with Arafat and acted like the protector of Arabs.  In 1988 he left it all to the PLO to handle.   Today it is #30 highest  Muslim population size with 5,568,565 population of which 95% are Sunni Muslims.  Islam is the state religion, of course.

Israel has 1.4 million Arabs living in it as citizens with full rights.  If ever a Palestine is created in Gaza on the West and in Judea-Samaria on the East, Israel will be sandwich fodder for a shooting gallery as this would come about without recognition of Israel as a Jewish state with peace.  Israel would be worse sitting ducks than they already are.

The goal of Hamas-Fatah is to ethnically cleanse Palestine of any Jews!  How Democratic can you get!  This amounts to the expulsion of about 675,000 Jews from their home in Judea, Samaria and EASTERN  JERUSALEM because they are Jewish.  All this can come about with Arab pressure through the UN.

What's most irksome to me is it's not like these places haven't been home to Jews before.  They amount to our ancient homeland, land with archaeological evidence and memories.  We've got our stamp on it.  That was to be part of the Jewish Homeland decided at the end of WWI.

US Congressman Joe Walsh has put the bee in Netanyahu's bonnet to give up on the two-state solution and go for one state by applying its sovereignty to Judea and Samaria, but I see he has a newly formed government and is again approaching the PA to sit down and talk turkey.  Do you have the Champagne bottle handy?  I agree with Walsh, but it would be like hitting the hornet's nest with a stick right now.  We're not all at the level of Dr. Spock and his rational thinking.

So far, 680 missiles, rockets and mortars fell into southern Israel in 2011.  More continue to fall because they feel powerful and are backed by Iran and their brothers.    Wouldn't it be wonderful if a miracle happened and the UN actually told them to knock it off and that they have to behave like civilized people and not solve their issues with power and death?

Resource:  Caroline B. Glick's essay, Embracing dangerous delusions and not our friends through
New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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