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Monday, May 28, 2012

Israel: Swamped By Invasion From Africa

Nadene Goldfoot
As dangerous a place as Israel may seem to be to American tourists, people in Sudan and Eritrea, Africa evidently see it as a haven.  Israel has been bombarded with illegal African immigrants who are making up 25% of the population in the southern part of Tel Aviv, a city right on the sea.  In Eilat, a resort town in another part of the sea, they make up 10% of the population.

Israel, however, is not a solution for Africa's poverty, but they have been streaming in over the border with Egypt.  Right now about 70,000 illegals have come into the country.  Israel has given them visas to be in the country.  Unlike other states, they have not stopped them by sending them back or pushing them back over the Egyptian border.  I just wonder if they were helped along with a little push.  For them it must feel like being let loose in Disneyland.

In the past generation, Israel took in tens of thousands of black Jews from Ethiopia when I lived there from 1980-1985. Then Israelis had a chance to get prepared and to know what to do.  First off, most all had to spend months in the hospital and then were finally cleared.  The empty apartments available at that time just happened to be in Safed where I lived.  People set up one apartment as a clothing center, as they came to us dressed in white sheets and barefooted.  They went through a planned education learning Hebrew for at least 3 months.  There was an art show where they showed off their creations.   That involved Jewish ancestors and culture identity.

 Judaism's traditions are to care for the homeless and the stranger and this has the Israelis in great sympathy for the African migrants, but while they can take in small numbers, the rate is up to 1,000 per month and it's out of hand for the tiny country, even being as high as 2,000 in some months.    They cannot care or hire that many people.  This is really just a sudden surprising invasion.

Because these immigrants have no ties or heart for Israel, there have been a large number of rapes and thefts in public areas and on Tel Aviv's beaches which are frightening the permanent residents.

Yet, it wasn't but a few days ago that I read that the USA was coming down on Israel for being racist.  Hardly!  We all know the problems in the United States with illegal immigration coming in from Mexico.  Hasn't Israel enough problems at the moment to not have to hear such outbursts which come from their good hearts of having care for these people?

Note that Israel just hasn't created detention camps for them, camps such as the Palestinians found themselves in created by their own people.   I'm waiting to hear PA leadership  criticized for doing that for the past 64 years. They are used as pawns in a political fight with Israel.   Those who live in Palestinian camps  have been unable to become part of the working population.  .Israel does  have on the agenda some sort of camp for these illegals to live in temporarily.

This is the tiny state where men till they are 55 years of age must spend a month in the army like our National Guard does in the states.  When that happens the wives take over the jobs the husbands had to leave usually, or if unskilled, that job remains vacant till the man returns.  Needless to say, they are not yet equipped to handle this surprise event to meet USA expectations.  Give them a few more days.

This is also a state where every able bodied man and woman has military training and all people are used to watching for suicide bombers and such things, where everyone is everybody's parent and acts quickly.  They are getting riled up as to what has become another problem for them to solve and without outside help as usual, just mouthing off criticisms.  .

Resource: Arutz Sheva
Oregonian newspaper, 5/29/12 page A10 Report:  Virus steals information by Nicole Perlroth

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