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Monday, May 7, 2012

Vicious Anti-Semitism in Malmo, Sweden

Nadene Goldfoot
Malmo, Sweden was first settled by Jewish immigrants from the Holocaust as far as non Swedes go.  There were no problems until the Muslim arrived with their anti-Semitic attitudes and actions.  It has become a Muslim ghetto in south Sweden according to the Swedish Atlas reader EM.  The hatred for Jews has been growing and seen in the children as well.

I have a distant cousin that I have been in contact with through the genealogy website of Genie, being my maternal grandmother was from northern Sweden and came to the USA at age 18.  Through his suggestion I got onto an English newspaper to get in on their chat page about Jews and Israel several years ago.  Most everyone was decidedly anti-Semitic to the hilt!  I got so frustrated trying to explain facts that I finally gave up,  hearing from just one person who agreed and understood.  My grandmother would roll over in her grave if she saw how her people had become so deadened to people who were trying to live peacefully.

Here in Malmo we see the mayor, Itmar Reepatu, who uses anti-Semitic language and is one of the worst.  At Herb Garden School is one lone 65 year old male Jewish teacher, a survivor from Poland who was forced to hear a chorus of students calling out, Fucking Jew!  Fucking Jew!  His students no longer are listening to him, but instead rioting by pouring detergent on the floor and throwing things in the classroom.   The chanting continued with "Disqualification-la Jew!  Disqualification-la Jew!  Fucking Jew.   When Henryk walked through the corridor students yelled "Yahoud" while pointing at him.  That's Arabic for Jew.

Henryk Grynfeld, the teacher, remarked that in Poland he was a fucking Jew, and when he came to Sweden he was a bloody Pole, and now it's back to being a fucking Jew again.  It's getting worse, though.  Now students are calling out, "We should kill all the Jews!"  Henry is not teaching Swedes like my grandmother.  He's teaching mostly children from the Middle East who know nothing about Sweden's history and who watch a lot of Arab TV that too often have the same type of programming that German Nazis had.  There are some good students, he explains.  I bet they're watching Qatar's TV programming.

Other Jewish teachers have quit.and many families have left Malmo.  Sofia was a Jewish teacher who told of asking her students to draw pictures of Jews and how they depicted them as monsters with evil eyes.  Then a student said that "we want to kill all Jews."  She replied that then they could start with her because she was Jewish.  Someone then asked if she were Jewish.  After telling them she was, they were incredulous, saying, "But you're nice!"  Some started crying and she did, too, when she heard some say that they did not mean you.

But then one day a 9 year old stood outside her door and wouldn't come in, explaining that his parents wouldn't let him because she was Jewish!  And the Swedish people of Malmo do nothing to turn things around.  Could it be because they are afraid of their new immigrants?  Too bad, because when the Jews came to their city they could feel proud for saving their lives.  How do they feel now?  Ashamed, I hope.  This generation is one of weaklings who can't stand up for Human Rights right in their own city the way their grandparents and parents did.  .

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Resource: Swedish-English Newspaper discussing anti-Semitism in Malmo

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