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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Warning of Future Anti-Semitic Attacks in Germany

Nadene Goldfoot
Germany's chief of Intelligence, Heinz Fromm has warned us about  the Salafist Muslims who have clashed with  the German police since April 2011.  They   have come into enough  clashes  to make him feel that it's possible there will be an attack on Jews similar to the Toulouse school attack in France.

Germany has 4 million peaceful Muslims living in their country.  Salafists numbering 4,000 have lately been causing problems and have been a  threat to the Jewish population, which in 2005 numbered 115,000. In 2004  there had been 50 anti-Semitic attacks.  Evidently it's getting worse.

There are about 81,880,000 people living in Germany.  It is the 15th most populous country in the world.  The area of Germany is only 357,093sq. km  which is 137,847 square miles.   That is about the same size as Montana which has 147,046 sq. mi or New Mexico with 121,593 sq mi.

That makes a very dense population.

Altogether in our 50 states, we only have about 5 million Jews (about 5,128,000), living mainly in New York and California.  There are about 2.8 million Muslims living in America.
Israel has a population of 7,881,000 with 5,931,000 being Jewish and 1,623,000 Arabs while 327,000 are Christian and other groups.


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