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Monday, May 14, 2012

CUFI Presents Erick Stakelbeck at Portland State U.

Nadene Goldfoot
Erick Stakelbeck spoke at Portland State U. in the Smith Ballroom tonight on current events in the Middle East, presented by Christians United For Israel (CUFI).   He covered the threat of extreme Islam in the USA and in regards to Israel.   He just happens to be an authority on terrorism and on our USA security issues with extensive experience in TV, radio, print and digital media.  That comes from being a correspondent and terrorism analyst for CBN News and host of their weekly program, Stakelbeck on Terror.  He also is one of the people who feeds Glenn Beck information on his GBTV network where he also is a guest and provides in-studio analysis and investigative reports.  His book, "The Terrorist Next Door:  How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat" came out on May 2, 2011.  His articles have appeared in Wall Street Journal Europe, Weekly Standard, Washington Times, New York Post, Jerusalem Post, and National Review Online among others. He was an excellent speaker.

The first thing that happened before he even arrived was that last Thursday someone put a swastika over a Star of David on a poster advertising his coming appearance. There are some Jewish students attending Portland State who of course are filled with dread when they see things like this, at least all did except one mouthy gal who yelled at us all who must have been a relative of Finkelstein.   Then every poster of advertising his coming was torn down.  They called him a " racist and islamophobic."  The Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights and AUPHR had organized well.

Josh Ahrens, former president  of CUFI on Campus at PSU introduced him.  He hoped that the audience would notice a difference between love of the pro-Israel movement and the intimidation tactics of the anti-Israel activists.  I sure did.  Right on the dot at 7:35pm a whole group of protesters with their mouths taped shut with bright colored tape walked in as a group.  They had organized a "silent protest."

Erick told the audience the facts of life about Hezbollah, terrorist group from Iran, who have rockets and missiles now that can reach all of Israel.  They continually compare Israel to Nazis and people buy into that concept.  At 8:00pm the silent protesters all stood up together as one and left the room.  Erick had told them he welcomed honest debate, but not name calling.  They really didn't come to hear facts, only to protest anyone standing up for Israel.

Erick continued with his presentation.  He was in Israel, as he is an investigative  journalist, and saw the rockets that had been collected that were shot into southern Israel from Gaza.  Many of course had Arabic writing found on them.  Then there were others with another type of script.  It turned out that the writing was in Farsi- the writing from Iran.  What is happening is that terrorists are receiving ammunition from Iran

Then there's Jordan which is becoming more hostile with a king who is losing control.  Erick recalled seeing both the USA flag and Israel's together on the ground being trampled by the Jordanians.

 How about the 9,000 people already killed in the Syrian unrest?  This Arab Spring is more like an Arab winter.  The regime of Mubarak may not have been terrific, but what looks like the replacement is far worse, for the Muslim Brotherhood has a charter that is absolutely scary, and this happens to also be in the Hamas charter as well. The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining a foothold everywhere, led by Qaradawi, religious leader in Qatar who follows the rule that all Jews everywhere must be killed.  This wouldn't shake me up so much except that the Muslim Brotherhood is welcomed in our White House and touted as a moderate.  What is one man's moderate is another man's awaiting killer, panting for the chance.

 Then there's the old saying from Iran that America is the Big Satan and Israel is the Little Satan.  Erick isn't being cruel or nasty in telling us what has been going on.  One young gal in the front row couldn't take it and thought he was being very mean and hurting the Muslims in the audience's feelings.  She just couldn't understand how he could say these things.  If he were telling lies, that would be different, but what he said tonight I have already said in my blogs in relating the news of the day for a long time now.  For me and others who follow events, most of this was "old hat."  Evidently our protesters don't care.

Maybe Americans will wake up to the realities of our threatened country when they realize that ICBM's that could be nuclear-tipped and will soon be able to reach the East Coast .  Terrorists are known to be trying to target our USA infrastructure.  Iran can  reach to 3 miles from New York City right now.  Iranian terrorists have tried to assassinate the ambassadors of Israel and Saudi Arabia right in Washington D.C.

Something I've written about before was finally mentioned.  Iran is really into the bringing about  their Moshiah and they are doing everything to bring in this 12th Imam.  The more havoc they can make, the closer he is getting.  He had gotten into the bottom of a well, and this will bring him up and then they will conquer the world .

Iran and terrorists have been getting very cozy with some of the South American leaders.  This can give them an opportunity to place their missiles so that they can reach all parts of the USA.  This is figured out from meetings that have been going on between leaders, but also from tunnels along the Mexican border that have been found.  They are so similar to ones in Gaza and from Hezbollah.

Lastly, the Muslim Brotherhood is operating in the United States, maybe much like Communist cells were many years ago.  In Northern Virginia in a sub basement, documents were found.  They would really like us all to be under their law, Sharia, which is not consistent with our USA Democratic laws.  Since this is America, one really must follow our laws when living here.  After all, isn't this why our soldiers have died since 1776?

So tonight we witnessed the extreme left teaming up with the extreme right, and they don't seem to mind a bit as long as the scapegoat is Israel and all the Jews.  It's not just the Jews living in Israel, who amount to almost the same number who died in the Holocaust, but everywhere.  Americans, too, no matter what religion they happen to be that isn't Islam, are also targeted.  After such depressing news given in an overly warm ballroom, we have one uplifting thought.  Read Ezekiel and find out that in the end, it will turn out all right.  Believers know that G-d is going to step in this mess.  It's going to take just that.  It's looking pretty sad to me.

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