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Sunday, November 25, 2012

1967 Border Goal For Hamas: UN Declaring Statehood for Fatah

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas's goal is to get concessions from Israel.  They want to get as many as possible to achieve their goal found on their founding charter, which is to destroy Israel.  They want Israel to go back to the 1967 border, which Netanyahu has already explained in detail to Obama as to why Israel cannot and will not do that.

This is why Hamas has said that they will not stop arming themselves and want a strong arsenal.  They are not interested in negotiations.  These comments came from Hamas's #2 man, Moussa Abu Marzouk only 3 days after Israel agreed to a ceasefire.

Other demands are that Israel and Egypt lift all restrictions on the movement of goods and people in and out of the Palestinian territory.  They have been under a border blockade sine 2007 when these Hamas terrorists took over Gaza.  They have been eased since then but do not allow their economy to develop, they feel.  Considering that most Palestinians are on the dole from the UN, I don't see a surging economy developing anyway, considering people haven't worked at least since 1948.  That's about 4 generations of non workers.  What skills they had and could have been passed down have probably been lost.

Hamas is under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose charter also calls for Israel's destruction and the death of all Jews everywhere.  Just ask Qatar's Qaradawi.  His fatwa calls for just this.  Hamas now says that they are ready for a long-term cease-fire.  Usually this is when they stock up on provisions for the next go around.

In the meantime, his rival, President Mahmoud Abbas is intent on seeking UN recognition for a state of Palestine this week as a non-member state.  He wants approval of  Judea-Samaria (the West Bank renamed by Jordan), Gaza and EAST JERUSALEM as Palestine.  This would be a take-over without any discussion with Israel whose hands it is in.  These are areas belonging to Israel since the 1967 war.  Israel said it was willing to cede some land.  Israel has already moved 1/2 million Israelis into settlements on war-won land. Remember, Israel is sitting on only 20% of the originally promised Jewish Homeland as promised by the Brits who held the mandate.

What the Arab community wants to ignore is the fact that they all attacked Israel with greedy intent to destroy her.  With all their armies, they could not and they lost the battle they started.  With that in mind, these lands go to Israel.  Jews were living there as well and Jews are still living in Judea-Samaria.  Jerusalem is now one city and is the capital of Israel.  East Jerusalem receives   services from Israel just like the West, North and South of Jerusalem.  It is under much more favorable circumstances ever thought of by the Jordanians.

According to Abu Marzouk, Abbas is wasting his time. He said,   "Occupation needs resistance, not negotiations." His idea of resistance of course is War.   We keep giving away pieces of this for peace and get what in return?  Already Israel is one of the smallest states in the world.  It has 7,951.6 square miles and is almost as big as New Jersey. It would take 12 Israels to fit into Oregon.   Included in this figure is the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.    Judea-Samaria has 2,270 sq miles.  East Jerusalem has 27 sq miles.   We have taken quite a chance with Morsi as the mediator, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who even served time in prison for that under Mubarak.

Resource: Oregonian newspaper page A 10 Militants won't give up Gaza arsenal, official says by Mohammed Daraghmeh and Sarah El Deeb AP

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