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Monday, November 12, 2012

Third Day of Shelling Israel with 140 plus Rockets

Nadene Goldfoot
The update on the attack from Gaza terrorism against Israel is that so far 140 rockets have hit the southern part of Israel hitting 3 homes and putting 43 people into shock.  Ashkelon was defended by the Iron Dome which stopped two rockets.  Just since midnight 17 rockets and mortars rained down.  Four people were injured.  Two grads fell in Netivot.

 "Netivot has been the target of grad missile  attacks from Gaza. In 2012, a rocket exploded near a school in the city."  This is a city with a 2009 population of 26,700 that lies between Beersheba and Gaza in Israel..  It is populated by Jewish immigrants mainly from Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and Ethiopia.  Given the chance to finally live in Israel, "In 2009, a high school student from Netivot won first prize in the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics competition."  Two of their homes were hit this time.  People tried to stick to their usual routines but finally cancelled school.  They all have just 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter once the siren is heard.

Israel struck back at 3 targets.  They hit an armory, a tunnel and a rocket launching site.

Besides being attacked from Gaza, the Golan Heights in the North has been suffering from a series of attacks from Syria.  At first they were thought to be the spill over from their civil war, but it has been going on too much and too steadily.  Now the possibility is that it has been intentional.  "Israel responded for the first time on Sunday, firing what it called a "warning shot" into Syria after another mortar shell strayed across the frontier and landed near an Israeli military post. Israel also warned of a tougher response if the attacks persisted."

11/12/12 Update: Truce signaled by Gaza 

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