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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

8th Day in Israel Under Attack

Nadene Goldfoot
Hillary  Clinton just finished a 30 minute meeting with Abbas.  She asked him not to approach the UN on November 28th for statehood, which could be the reason the terrorists of Gaza have hit Israel so hard this past week with rockets, missiles and mortars.

A bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv from Hamas.  It injured 11 riders.  Hamas called it a "heroic attack". This is typical of the horror they inflict on Israel.  This didn't help talks about a cease fire.

Israel was able with an air strike to hit a bridge that cuts Gaza in half.

Not surprising,   Judea/Samaria "West Bank" Palestinian occupants have joined their cousins in Gaza by yelling to attack Tel Aviv.

Hamas wants Israel to end attacks and lift restrictions on trade and movement in and out since they seized Gaza by force in 2007 and kicked Abbas out.  The restrictions are there to prevent them from receiving more lethal  weapons.  Israel at least has made this harder on them as they have had to dig tunnels to get these items which Israel has been  trying to get rid of.  If they would become peaceful and keep shelling Israel they could have had this long ago.  Israel has been rejecting such outlandish demands, knowing what it leads to; their death and destruction.

 Israel has to deal with Gaza on the east and this area on the west as well as the Golan Heights in the northeast section.  Then there's Lebanon and Syria in the North as well.

If Israel hadn't been scrupulous in trying not to hit civilians who are embedded with launch pads, the death count would be much higher than the 100 plus so far for the Palestinians.  I find it sad that several reporters were among the count but were warned not to be hanging around terrorist sites that might be bombed.  I'm surprised they didn't take heed.

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