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Friday, November 23, 2012

The First Arab Springers: Palestinians and What Horror They Brought

Nadene Goldfoot
"The Arab Spring is an attempt to return the region to its roots. It’s not to Westernize the Middle East and make it more democratic; it’s to Easternize it and make it more Islamic. If the early 20th century was about the East trying to join what it couldn’t lick, the early 21st may be about the East trying to lick what it hasn’t been able to join." (George Jonas).  

What did the Palestinian people do when Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip?  Remember, Jews have had a history there for centuries, perhaps longer than any Palestinian.  "Gaza" is mentioned in our Bible "Tanach" as a Philistine city.  Samson died there.  Jews have lived there since the Hasmonean era.  They were living there in 61CE and when the Crusaders appeared in the Holy Land as well as when the Ottoman Turks came to have control.  

In 2005 Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in the name of peaceful coexistence.  Instead, the Palestinians  voted in "Hamas," a terrorist force whose only aim was terrorism and to wipe Israel and the Jews from the map.  Hamas and other affiliates of theirs began a daily rain of Qassam rockets, katyushas and mortars into Israeli cities and farms, sometimes 80 per day.  With Syria and Iran's help, they smuggled into Gaza tons of weapons, ammunition, explosives, ground-to ground and ground to air missiles, anti-aircraft shoulder held missiles and anti-tank weapons along with the newer long distance missiles that just reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Israel had withdrawn in the name of peace as they have no intention of harming people or fighting.  They started all this when Prime Minister Olmert was at the helm in Israel and his Kadima party and most of the Israelis were promising more land for the future state of Palestine in the areas of Judea/Samaria.  At first Israel was restrained and Israel realized that their rocket emplacements were in the middle of women and children.  

The terrorists took the wrong move when by their tunnel attacked Israeli soldiers inside of Israel on June 25, 2006, killing 2 and kidnapping one.  Diplomacy didn't retrieve Gilad Shalit, and by the end of June Israel re-invaded Gaza to retrieve him and to destroy their ability to continuously threaten Israeli security. 

Now I see Morsi, a  leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and  not only the President of Egypt but now  the man in charge of watching and controlling the Brotherhood's off-shoot; Hamas.  Will the stage-light work psychologically on him and turn him around to become a mentch instead of a terror hungry monger?  Hopefully it will be with the nudging of the USA with their  yearly stipend that will keep him on task.  To change a behavior takes replacement behaviors that are better.  I hope this attention will do the trick as Israel wants only peace.  We won't know till both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and the rest change their charters and their minds to accept the fact that Israel is there to stay.  

Big Lies, Demolishing the Myths of the Propaganda War Against Israel, by David Meir-Levi from David Horowitz Freedom Center

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