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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abbas Gets The Vote in UN General Assembly

Nadene Goldfoot
Why am I not surprised?  The vote was predictable.  138 to 9 voted for Mahmoud Abbas's bid for acceptance in the UN as a non-member state.  41 countries abstained including Germany and the UK.  Israel and the USA were 2 of the 9 voting against it.

The surprise to me was that Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister in Israel, was not against the idea.  He came out publicly being against Netanyahu's position.  I found this very disappointing till I looked up his record.  The man does not have a scrupulous resume.  He's been accused of many things.  " On 30 August 2009 an indictment against former prime minister Ehud Olmert was served at the Jerusalem District Court. The indictment includes the following five criminal counts: obtaining by fraud under aggravating circumstances, fraud breach of trust, falsifying corporate documents, and tax evasion. The indictment refers to three out of the four corruption-related cases."  Ehud is the example of the fact that a prime minister in Israel is a prime minister of 6 million presidents.  We're not good followers, except in the matter of belief that G-d is one.  Otherwise, everyone has such creativeness that they each find a different road to their goal.  It's to Israel's credit that he remains alive, not assassinated for his betrayal against the government's stand, which most likely is what our neighbors would do.

He spoke about Israel confiscating Palestinian lands.  He is one of the biggest believers in his own lie about the land.  It never has been "Palestinian land" other than the Ottoman Empire's taking Israel's land that was renamed "Palestine" by the Romans by 135 CE.  He's told the lie so much that he believes that there was a country of Palestine and there never was.  It fell to the Allies at the end of WWI with Britain holding the mandate-that is having the power to decide what to do with this ugly piece of wasteland that was so well known.  Britain decided to make it the Jewish Homeland, but wound up only making 20% of the land as the Jewish Homeland.  When they gave away the other 80% to become Jordan to the Emir for whatever reasoning Britain does such things, the Jewish leaders accepted the teeny piece of 20%, but the Arabs that called themselves Palestinians didn't.  They preferred to kill the Jews and then take their 20%.  Plans of evil intent do not always survive and theirs didn't.  Israel gave them offers of a state next to them for the past 64 years but they've never accepted.  Evidently our ethics of fair play are just not acceptable to Abbas.

Mahmoud Abbas, alias  Abu Mazan, chairman of the Palestinian Authority and successor to Fatah's Yasser Arafat, made a disgusting 6 page speech to the General Assembly today in order to gain his recognition.  In it he said that negotiations broke down just weeks after they started last year in September under Obama's assistance in Washington DC.  He says after that he did not give up, but I remember Netanyahu pleading with him openly in the last UN gathering to come to the peace table and he refused.  So he has his creative narrative that he believes.   I notice his idea of tackling Israel was to go to every office imaginable to get help instead of sitting down and dealing with positions of Israel and his wants and needs.  The reference for his full speech is below.


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