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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel in Self Defense Mode: Taking Out Terrorist Military Targets Chabad Jews Hit

Nadene Goldfoot
The rockets flying into Israel hitting the civilian landscape was intolerable, bringing about the decision of self defense by taking out terrorist  military targets.  . Israel had decided to root out the terror and hopes to end it.   Of course this brought on the retribution from Gaza's terrorist gangs with over 200 grad rockets, missiles and mortars raining upon Israel today, especially on Kiryat Malachi (City of Angels) with a population of 20,600 in 2009.  It is 10 miles from Ashkelon.  A rocket hit a Chabad neighborhood.  3 Lubavatchers there were killed. Chabad is an orthodox group of Jews.  Their main goal  is education.   One was Mira Sharif, wife of the shaliach from India who was visiting her family.  She was the mother of 3 small children.  7 people there were injured including 2 small infants.

A house in Ashdod  was hit as was a school in Ofakim which is near Beersheba.  3 IDF were wounded and 3 civilians were killed, 5 civilians were injured including a baby, 2 others were injured;  the reports keep coming in.  Schools within 25 miles of the Gaza border have been closed.

 48 rockets were stopped by Israel's Iron Dome.  13-15 Palestinians were said to be killed.  Everything had to come to a stop.  Schools have been closed.  People cannot go to work.  It has been an intolerable rocket barrage.

I don't think anyone was surprised by the Egyptian recall of their Ambassador.  Israel has dropped leaflets early this morning telling Gazans to stay away from Hamas facilities in order to be safe.  When this started, it was thought that the Gazan terrorists had at least 10,000 rockets and mortars in their arsenal.  Just since Wednesday with Operation Pillar of Defense, 70 Israelis have been injured in rocket attacks.

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