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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gaza-The Frontline Iranian Outpost Ending

Nadene Goldfoot
 Israel has stated, " "No country can accept terror attacks on its cities and citizens."  Israel has taken hits since 2001 without any ending from Gazan terrorists.  This is how they have been repaid by pulling out of Gaza, not occupying it, and hoping for peace between the Jews and Arabs.  But the people of Gaza chose Hamas, a terrorist organization to be their government who  have also pulled Fatah into their terrorist practices.    Gaza has become the duped terrorist center for Iran, a stage for rocket launchers.  

The IDF's Operation Cloud Pillow has started with hitting a terrorist's activities of the past 10 years , Hamas's head man in an air strike after 5 days of extreme violence on the citizens of southern Israel.  After being hit with over 140 rockets, missiles, and mortars, as well as pleas to the UN, Israel has taken further steps in halting the bombardment.  The new government of Egypt was trying to broker a truce but didn't seem to get anywhere.  After 12 years of being hit, Israel is getting  very tired of it. It has just been getting worse. Israel, a teeny state only 8,000 sq miles big with a population of less than 8 million is in danger all the time. From Beer Sheva in the south to the Gaza fence is only 12 miles.  No one can imagine the miniscule size of this state.  

The head man that was targeted was Ahmed Al-Jabari, head of the Izzal-Din Al-Qassam Brigades and his son who were spotted in their car and hit.  6 terrorists in all died.  Ismail al-Ashkar, spokesman threatened more attacks on Israel now such as suicide attacks and more hits on major cities.

The IDF attack hit 20 rocket-launching pads of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad groups.  They destroyed long range rockets such as Fajr-5 missiles which have a range of 24.85 miles. They need to impair the command leadership of Hamas and these other groups and let them realize that if they continue their shelling on Israel they will be stopped.

Gazan terrorists were able to launch 2 rockets towards Portland's sister city, Ashkelon, where a major hospital is that takes care of everyone, Arabs and Jews.

On December 27, 2008 Israel tried to stop Gaza from the 8 year bombardment of missile, rockets and mortars they were suffering from with Operation Cast Lead.  Evidently that wasn't a deterrent.  and caused Israel a lot of false notoriety about their actions.  It's obvious others cannot understand what it's like to live in an area that rains rockets, not rain, and to live through it most likely gives everyone PTSD if they are lucky enough to not be hit after hearing a siren giving 15 seconds to run for a bomb shelter.  Israel had figured that 8 years was more than enough of turning the other cheek and trying to deal with people intent on killing you.  Like we say on Passover; Enough !

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