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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Joan Peters, Author, and the Palestinian Problem

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel was accepted by the United Nations as a state.  It was created out of the Ottoman Empire.  This was not "Palestinian land."  The Turks of the Ottoman Empire ruled  that land for more for 400 years and lost it when they were defeated in WWI as they were on the side of the axis.  By that time the Empire had also run out of money as they spent it on the war.

Who were the Palestinians?  They were Jews and Arabs who happened to be living in what was named Palestine by the Romans who had taken it from the Jews in 135 CE.  The Jews living in this Ottoman Empire wasteland were there from King David's rule from 1000 -960 BCE.  The Arabs called themselves Syrians.

After WWI Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq were created by the British and French who held the mandate. Jordan was on about 80% of the Palestine Mandate that was originally to be part of the Jewish Homeland as promised by the League of Nations, so if there is any Palestine, that is it.  2/3 of Jordanians are Palestinian Arabs.  The country is ruled by a Hashemite monarchy, originating from the Quraysh tribe.  King  Abdullah II ibn al Hussein married  a Palestinian and has said that he doesn't want any more Palestinians entering his state.

One reporter that thought the Palestinian Arabs were given a bad deal researched for 7 years from original documents.  She was Joan Peters, who wrote "From Time Immemorial" in 1984 from her research.  She covers the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine. She was first interested in investigating the plight of the "Arab refugees."  It should be the first book read by people who really want to know the history of this subject written by an impartial reporter.

 She has been attacked by Israel-bashers like Noam Chomsky and his friend, Norman Finklestein.  Their position have always been a negative one towards Israel so her new research just butted heads with their assumptions and Noam doesn't mince words to disclaim her.

What Joan discovered was that the land was quite empty of Arabs when the Jewish Russian pioneers returned in the late 1800's to reclaim the land.  They had been experiencing pogroms in Russia and had concluded they needed to return to their roots and join their cousins who never left.  Their productivity attracted surrounding Arabs seeking work and a better life and sought them out like a bee looking for honey.  They came in from all the surrounding lands.

Just before Israel was declared a state, the UN came up with a partition plan in 1947 while fighting between Jews and Arabs was going on.  The plan was to create 2 states on the remaining 20% of the Palestine Mandate being Britian had already given away 80% of the promised Jewish Homeland to the newly created Jordan, thus going back on their promise to Chaim Weismann.  The Arabs rejected the proposal but the Jews accepted their half.  The Arabs continued fighting against the Jews.

When Israel was declared a state on May 14, 1948, the Sephardic Jews living in the Ottoman Empire land were turned out and then traveled to Israel to live.  Suddenly these Arabs realized that a Jewish state was declared and they became angry about it.  Mainly this happened because their leaders were angry.  Israel was caught in an ongoing war and the return of exiles to deal with.

725,000 Arabs fled the land after the Arab leaders said to leave and that they could return in a few days when they won the battle. They were told they could take over the Jews' homes.  The Jews won the battle and the Arabs were again told by their leaders to go to refugee camps.  The Arabs that didn't leave are now citizens of Israel.

It wasn't till after 1967 when Israel had been attacked by neighboring states once again and again Israel won against this assault and was able to take the surrounding  Judea and Samaria that had been in the hands of Jordan and Gaza which had been in the hands of Egypt that the Arabs began to sound off about wanting their own state of what?  Of course-Palestine.

Joan went  to the Middle East during the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a free lance writer with a CBS job.  She was a former reporter in Mississippi working on Civil Rights and had written about the Klu Klux Klan.  She was an ardent advocate of Civil Rights.  She also knew about the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were killed and couldn't understand how anyone would question the right of the Jewish state to exist securely.

We have the children of Ishmael  fighting against the children of Isaac.  Finally, after Gazan Arab terrorists have been raining rockets into Israel since 2001 with a deluge of missiles in the last 3 weeks, there is a cease fire.It lasted about 48 hours until a mob rushed the fence separating the two and would not stop.  Israel fired warning shots and finally did kill one 20 year old  and injuring 19 more.  However, it is still holding.   The problem seems to be that the Palestinian leaders misinformed their people by telling them they could enter the 1,000 foot (1/5 mile) buffer zone strip in Gaza's eastern and northern border.  These decisions have not been decided as yet and nothing has been typed up.  My question is why would they want to enter such a strip?  There's no mall there, no ice cream parlor, nothing but at the end, a fence.  Weren't they testing their ability to storm the border?

Resource:  Big Lies: Demolishing the myths of the propaganda war against Israel by David Meir-Levi
From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

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