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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 29th Voting in UN on Upgrading Palestine: Why? Palestine Solidarity Day

Nadene Goldfoot
January 1, 1942 was when our American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt chose the name of the replacement of the League of Nations as the United Nations.  It consisted of 26 countries bound together to fight against the Axis in WWII.  I was 8 years old and we all thought this was the answer to a prayer and that there would be no more wars in the world. My childhood was wonderful compared to Europe's children and my Jewish cousins there, but mine was not like my children's childhood.  It  consisted of paper drives and pulling stacks of papers in a red wagon to the weigh station, newspapers full of news of the war only, rationing, cutting out cartoons from magazines to make scrapbooks for the soldiers, and a father who worked in the shipyards 8 hours and also ran his business of wholesale meats and getting hides to the army so they could have leather shoes.  He was rarely home.   At least I was one of the few children with a father at home.

Today the UN is a shunda.(disaster).    It has 193 member states of which 22 belong to the League of Arab States and 120 that belong to the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) currently chaired by Iran.  56 are part of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  Since there are 48 majority Muslim states, that takes care of them all.  It just turns out that the Arab States including the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) were on the Axis side and gleefully looked forward to Hitler killing all the Jews, their competitor, it seems, both religiously and economically.  The Arab states stick together, supporting each other in their attitude towards Israel.  They are fellow brother Muslims.  Shiite might fight with Sunni, but they agree on this one thing.  That's because nobody ever challenges them.

The Crusades of the 12th and 13th Century may have ended with the Christians winning in the end, but the Muslims have revived their fight.  They are determined not to let the state of Israel exist and plot to take it all.
Though they broadcast their intent over and over on the internet, which, by the way, they also are taking steps to take over, so many of our leaders and people prefer to be in denial and have become willing partners to their goal.  Two such states are France and Russia, who stated that they will recognize the state of Palestine that  Mahmoud Abbas is bringing to the UN to vote upon.

Since November 29th happens to be Palestinian Solidarity Day, Abbas will seek it then.  This day started in 1977 in the UN's General Assembly with a resolution 32/40B to reaffirm their rights.  The Member States  are "encouraged  to continue to give the widest support and publicity to the observance of the Day of Solidarity."

This vote is through the General Assembly, where the USA has no veto powers.  The vote will not be legally binding or give full recognition.  This is why Abbas seeks to upgrade Palestine from Observer status to non-Member State.  You may wonder, "What's the point?"  The consequences are serious for Israel, and will make things worse for the Palestinians.    The Abbas could join other agencies and possibly could petition the International Criminal Court against Israel.  In fact, that may be Abbas's primary goal.  The PA will use this recognition to throw out the Oslo accords and force the international community to take legal action against Israel.  They intend  to delegitimize and stigmatize Israel.

Rockets, mortars and missiles haven't been enough to drive out Israel, so they blame Israel for protecting themselves.  "Darn!  They don't play fair!  They won't roll over and die! " they must be thinking.   Overuse of aerial bombing by the IDF and killing more Gazans than they were able to kill Israelis is their complaint that even Goldstone swallowed, so now Abbas wants to sue Israel for protecting their people and building them bombshelters.  The Palestinian method of fighting has been to put children and women in sites that are obviously to be targets to add up the kills, and thus get more sympathy and world wide support, and to do that they also falsify pictures that wind up in the newspapers or on internet.  Just ask Camera;  they have many reports of this going on.  One picture was a child in Lebanon passed off as a child in Gaza.

This is where insanity steps in.  The Palestinian terrorists are Hamas and Fatah, for Fatah has joined up with Hamas many times.  However, since Hamas took over Gaza and threw out Abbas, Abbas has not stepped back into Gaza.  The upgrade would not resolve any of the core issues such as borders and refugees.  The United States will cut off the annual aid of millions of dollars.  Such action Abbas is doing  violates all previous agreements.  There are still countries standing with the USA who are opposed to it.

Israel has supported a 2-state solution but this means the Arab state is to have defined borders next to the recognized state of Israel and this can only come about with direct negotiations.  Israel has made generous offers, but evidently not what Palestinians want, such as East Jerusalem, now the capital of Israel.  In order to have honest negotiations, there cannot be any set preconditions before the meeting other than leave your pistols outside.  Abbas has refused to talk with Netanyahu.

Hamas is against Abbas's move.  Hamas calls for the death of Israel and will not go along with the Quartet Principles: (USA, Russia, European Union, UN)
1.  Recognition of Israel's right to exist (how can you have a state next door in constant war with you because they don't think you should exist)?
2. Accept the existing agreements
3. End the violence-(not just a short cease fire) but permanently.  This would call for a change in their Charter.

If the upgrade passes in the UN, then Hamas, a terrorist group would be given de facto international legitimacy.  The problem is that Palestine would include both Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza, and Gaza is ruled by Hamas.  Abbas has no authority there at all.

Resource:  Video from Aish; be sure to watch it.  Below.
ttp:// Video
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