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Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready For Possible Land Incursion

Nadene Goldfoot
As the decision to hit back with force continues, Israel has been hit by 2 rockets in Tel Aviv for the 2nd day. After that strike, Jerusalem's siren also sounded with 2 rockets landing outside of the city.  Indeed, Hamas has rockets with much greater range.

PM Netanyahu spoke yesterday afternoon from Jerusalem telling us that 200 rockets had landed from Gaza in just the past hour.  He hopes that the terrorists will understand  that Israel will not put up with this bombardment anymore.  Israel will do what it has to in order to put a stop to it.

Since 1948 this tiny state has been shelled by over 60,000 rockets.  The Iron Dome has intercepted over 80 of them just in the past few days as over 250 have rained down on Israel.  And yet there are Muslims who say, but where is your humanity, Israel?  You hit a child!  550 rockets have rained down on Israel since it started its Operation to stop the shelling on Wednesday.  The IDF has used air strikes to take out 500 targets where the shooting was coming from

In a move par for the Palestinians, they have appealed to the UN to stop Israel's strikes.  After hitting and hitting Israel, with Israel previously calling on the the UN for assistance and getting no response, they turn around and blame Israel for retaliating against years of abuse from them!  Just amazing!  The UN had no response.

Israel has also been hit and bloodied, Israeli children as well as adults.  That's why they are hitting back in self-defense.  It's a hard concept to get across to some people.  What the general Muslim public have not been told by their websites or TV newscasts or just refuse to believe is that Israel has been trying for a long time to make peace with the Palestinians and it is their leaders who have refused and keep shooting.  The Palestinian people voted them in  and I see many egging them onto doing terroristic things, like screaming "Hit Tel Aviv!"


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