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Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Imam In France That Went Too Far

Nadene Goldfoot
France has been very lenient with the influx of Muslim immigrants.  From having 4.7 million in 2010, the Pew research feels there will be 6.9 million in 2030.  Unfortunately so many have been extremists and violent to the point of putting many Jewish citizens in jeopardy with their hatred for Jews.  A Jewish school was targeted in Toulouse on March 19, of this year  with the result of the deaths of 3 small children and their teacher and another injured. There has been 148 incidents in March and April with 43 being violent.  Last year there were 14 violent anti-Semitic attacks, so it has risen.

France has the highest Jewish population in Europe, but this was causing many to remove to Israel.  In 2004 the Jewish population was about 483,500.  They suffered 96 anti-Semitic incidents that year.

France did the unthinkable.  Wednesday they deported 77 year old Imam Mohammed Hammami back to Tunisia where he came from in the 1960's.  He has been a real trouble-maker by giving anti-Semitic speeches that called for a holy war against everyone not Muslim.  He called for corporal punishment of women who stepped out of line of the Sharia Law.  He has been preaching in the Omar Mosque in Paris. It is but one of 19 mosques in the capital.  

Since the massacre in Toulouse, anti-Semitism rose 45% this year alone.  Netanyahu arrived in France on Wednesday for conferences and was assured that the country is doing its best to halt this anti-Semitic criminal behavior.  He mentioned that  the French Jews would be welcomed in Israel.   The population is projected to be 482,000 of Jews in France by 2020.  

We only have 13.3 million Jews in the whole world today.  1.6 million live in Europe which is 12% of our population.  In 1939, on the cusp of World War II there were 17 million Jews.  France acted bravely by ousting an Imam, but they realized that he was a threat to the society and security of France.


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