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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Israeli Fronts Take Hits

Nadene Goldfoot
Things must be getting worse, all right.  The Oregonian had a 3rd article in the paper this week, a much larger article in it today about Israel being hit from the Golan Heights area as well as the rockets, mortars and missiles coming in from Gaza daily.  Usually Israel is shelled at from Gaza and it never makes the papers.  The AP only reported 110 rockets shelling Israel after 3 days whereas papers in Israel have reported 140, but Israel's citizens are up in arms about it and Israel is about to take further steps to defend them.  Like the USA's CIA ability to read emails, Israel can zero in on Hamas leaders and go after them. They don't just shell Gaza like Gaza shells southern Israel pell mell which is populated by over a million citizens.  They try to hit targets where the shelling is coming from.

The Syrian War that has spilled into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey has also been doing so in the Golan Heights, but Israel's borders have been receiving more than accidents, it is thought.  Bashar Assad may be trying to get Israel embroiled in fighting.  36,000 Syrians have been killed in the country's Civil War say the rebels.  Syria has chemical weapons that they have previously used on their own civilians that are alarming. That's why this tiny Jewish country of Israel has had to issue all its citizens gas masks.  It is so tiny that it only took Netanyahu 55 minutes to travel by train from Tel Aviv to ancient Beersheva of the Bible, which is in the line of danger from shelling.  From Beersheva to Gaza is only 15.8 miles. It's 2 minutes of flying time.  That's why people have only 15 seconds of warning when an incoming rocket is on the way.   That's southern Israel.

 The Investor's Business Daily also had an essay this morning  that was hitting the mark.  It pointed out that when Anne Sorock video-taped a celebrator of Obama's victory saying "no more Israel", it might have been reflecting the feeling of Obama supporters that Jewish lives are less important than other matters.  It was Lital Ben-Oved, a young mother in Israel whose house was hit by a rocket in Southern Israel who asked in a video, "Are Jewish lives less important than Palestinian lives?  Where are the UN resolutions?

 The UN always comes down on any retaliation Israel takes after being hit but never says a thing about the Palestinians bombardment on Israel which has been happening since 2001 from Gaza.  In just this past year, almost 1,000  rockets have been shot into Southern Israel. Since 2001 more than 12,800 rockets, mortars and missiles have been shot into Israel.  That's an average of 3 every day.  Was it just a coincidence that both Gaza and Syria struck at the same time?

Netanyahu has asked the UN Security Council to condemn the rocket fire. Had we had a strong UN doing what it was created for, there would be no shooting Israeli citizens, a state that was accepted by the UN upon creation.  Instead we have a UN who just installed Sudan on the Human Rights Council, a country who slaughtered people of Dafar, who have no idea of what human rights are.

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