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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pay Up, America ! You Owe It To Egypt!

Nadene Goldfoot
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood must be regarding the USA as their dminni 2nd class people who must pay the tax, as they have come up with rejecting US threats to cut aid.  How can they reject our telling them this?  It's us who is rejecting them for acts they have done.  We're not the money tree in the world and are trying to put our budget in better order as it is.

The USA is disputing about nonprofit groups (civil society groups) operating in the country with Egypt saying that they are out of line and could imperil the peace deal with Israel.  Egypt has charged 43 activists, including 19 Americans who have been prohibited from leaving the country.  Egypt has rejected a demand for their release by General Marin Dempsey who met with Egyptian leaders last week.  This campaign against the groups is led by Fayza Aboul Naga, a Mubarak era leader who must have done an about face. 

Yes, Egypt does have a peace pact with Israel.  However, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken the reins of office in Egypt now, and they are not showing signs of continuing that peace pact.  In fact, they've made  threats  that they not.  Also, we know their charter calls for the end of Israel and now they're the ones in the driver's seat. 

The USA has been paying an annual $1.3 billion US aid as part of their commitment to Egypt's 1979 treaty with Israel and this, said Mohammed Morse, leader of Egypt's largest party of the Muslim Brotherhood, and should not be risked (or stopped?) because of a dispute over the nonprofit groups.  They don't like us "brandishing threats to stop this aid and say it's out of place."  Otherwise, he also threatens, the peace deal would be reconsidered (they've already been doing this as it is) or it could flounder, he said.  Yet the Brotherhood has already come out saying that they are putting the peace pact to referendum. 

Khairat el-Shater, their deputy chairman, told Al-Jazeera (TV out of Qatar) that US aid should not be conditional!  What?  We should just keep paying this "tax"?  He went on to say that it should continue to flow as "compensation" for years of supporting Mubarak's autocratic regime!  Yet they are not considering keeping the peace treaty as a conditional expectation! 

Israel fought Egypt in 1967 when Sadat was their leader. He went to Israel in peace and signed up for peace with Israel.  He was admired and loved by the Israelis and the world for this.  The blessed fact was he was not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and probably worked to keep them out of politics.  The mantel went to Mubarak, who though wasn't as keen as Sadat in his feelings towards Jews, did manage to keep the peace between the two.  He may not have been as good a leader as Sadat, but was keeping the peace then. He kept the word of his nation despite his own feelings.  For this, he is to be admired, not demonized.  Sure, the Muslim Brotherhood sees things completely from the viewpoint of Sharia Law, and this is a completely different matter.  According to Sharia Law, anyone not Muslim is a dminni or 2nd class citizen and does wind up paying taxes Muslims are not expected to pay.  . 

So the USA should pay this compensation just because they were helping to keep the peace in the Middle East with an annual payoff, eh?  That puts us right in the seat of dminnitude! Egypt is actually biting the hand that feeds them; not a smart move if they like that flow of money coming in.

Update: Sam LaHood, son of US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, has sought refuge at the US Embassy. 

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