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Monday, February 6, 2012

Anti-Semite Honored at Stanford

Nadene Goldfoot
 Richard Falk, UN expert and former Princeton academic,  recently published a cartoon showing a dog, with “U.S.A.” written on its body and wearing a Jewish headcover, devouring a bloody skeleton and urinating on a female figure symbolizing justice.

He is being honored by Stanford University's human rights clinic of the law faculty, which is headed by Professor James Cavallaro, a former Human Rights Watch activist, who is giving him special attention in a public lecture and reception for him. 

Falk claimed that Israel was planning a "Palestinian Holocaust" in 2008.  After this statement, Falk became a monitor on Palestine through Assad of Syria, Gaddafi of Libya and other dictators.  His goal is to investigate "Israel's violations," so he never inquires a thing about Hamas, Fatah, or Islamic Jihad.  He is called the Special Rapporteur (One who is designated to give a report, as at a meeting).on "the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories". In 2001 he worked with John Dugard, South African and Kamal Hussein, Foreign Minister of Bangladash in the UN.  We know what he is actually doing.

Falk is using his UN post to legitimize Hamas.  He ignores facts of brutalizing their fellow Palestinians,  blasting southern Israel's civilians from Gaza with missiles, rockets and mortars and their incitement to murder all Jews.   Hamas came into power when the USA urged free elections, which is a nice democratic institution.  Hamas won by dirty deeds such as throwing opponents off rooftops, and who knows what other methods they used to gain votes.  Even the PA has urged his removal and see him as a partisan of Hamas. 

Falk was asked to speak at his old undergraduate alma mater, University of Pennsylvania to the BDS conference there, but had a conflict of scheduling.  He stated that Israel was "playing the U.S. Government" and that this BDS movement deserves the widest possible support.

If ever there was a man hateful towards Israel, it is this 81 year old professor.  The sad part of all this is that he calls himself an American Jew and comes from an assimilated Jewish family. 

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