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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hitting Israel with Lies; The BDS Movement

Nadene Goldfoot
The gangs against Israel are doing it again.  It's bad enough that the Arab states refuse to recognize Israel's legitimacy and will not stop attacking, but we have Muslim sympathizers who think they must force Israel to give in and leave in order to ingratiate themselves as friends of Muslims.

What they use to attack with are lies, just like the Nazis used to do.  Few remember that the Arabs were on the Nazi side in the 2nd WW and were just fine with the idea of slaughtering all Jews.  Along with those lies, disinformation and propaganda are movements such as different ways to demonize Israel. 

This is done mainly on college campuses, but also in cities around the globe, and these poor college students are so busy studying their own classes that they don't bother to check out facts.  They're being exposed to the "Israeli Apartheid Week" which will start off with a bang later this month.  This will be the 8th year of calling Israel such  terrible names.

They want people to boycott, create divestment from and have sanctions against Israel in order to delegitimatize it.  They don't want you to remember how the UN voted on Israel's becoming a state and how our own President Truman voted for it.  It passed and Israel was a state on May 14, 1948, all legal. They don't even want to know that Jews bought and paid for most all the land that became Israel to start with from some Arab landowners that didn't want to live in such g-d forsaken land that had been so barren.  They were enjoying Paris, among some of the better places in Europe. 

They're demanding full equality for Arab citizens of Israel.  They already are full citizens.  There's only one thing different between them and Jewish citizens.  Israel doesn't draft them into the army and make them fight against other Muslims.  Israel understands feelings of people.  So that's a weird demand showing that these organizations of hatred know nothing about facts. 

They're demanding an end to occupation and colonization of all "Arab lands", getting rid of the security wall that was built to protect Israeli citizens from terrorists, and the Palestinian right of return.  In other words, they want to force Israel into positions that would absolutely destroy themselves and that have been on the list to discuss at some peace table in which the Palestinians refuse to deal with. 

They have never been affected by the fact that Palestinian terrorists have constantly attacked Jews in Israel nor have they ever fullfilled any dealings about peace.  They call Israel an Apartheid state, but never in the world can Israel be defined as such.  They are just the opposite.  South Africa was Apartheid, and that's it. 
In fact, it is the Palestinians themselves that want a true Apartheid state for themselves.  Palestine is planned to have absolutely no Jews living in it.  They want this for Judea, Samaria, east Jerusalem, and of course Gaza, which already has no Jews, for Israelis moved out long ago. 

Arab violence went on against Jews before 1967.  During the Oslo peace process, signed on September 13, 1993, 24 Israelis died from suicide bombings, and 14 more died from acts of Palestinian terrorists.    The Palestinians have been brain-washed by parents and leaders to hate Jews, and that is why they terrorize Israelis.  It has very little to do with the war of 67 where Israel won Judea and Samaria, two old Jewish states back along with east Jerusalem, the Jewish capital from the time of King David.  Since 2000 southern Israel has been continually hit with mortars, missiles and rockets.  Yet the BDS movement praises the killers and kicks the lone victim. 

Most decent stores will not be swayed by angry Israeli-haters and will continue to carry goods from Israel.  This BDS movement is getting old.  Israel is a free Democratic state and will not be bullied into changing their charter and views by a global hateful BDS movement.  It's wrong and is made up of anti-semitic ideals. 
Do they not have any decent mores? 


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