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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Iran's Fordo Underground Uranium Plans

Nadene Goldfoot
In the mid 2009's, Western intelligence discovered the 2nd Fordo underground uranium enrichment facility near Qom in Iran.  Constuction had already begun.

It is surmised that  Iran is just waiting for the go ahead signal from 72 year old Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, head of these Shi'a Muslims,  to make a nuclear bomb.

An American think-tank, The Enterprise Institute, thought that one could be made as soon as August. 

The USA and Israel are concerned because of the deadly threats they have received from Iran.  The USA, UK and France have condemned the project.  They are making 20% enrichment which is a step towards making uranium weapons-grade uranium.  This is an escalation of violations they have committed. 

Iran has been the dominant Persian Gulf state.  In September 1980 The smaller Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein,  had invaded Iran, trying to upset this dominance.  This war continued till August 1988.  Iran had 50 million men and lost 1 million.  Iraq had 17 million and lost from 250,000 to 500,000.  I remember that it was down to children fighting children as reported in the newspaper. 

Now Iran has this deep underground facility that most likely will be making deadly bombs.  Their leadership is short on having feelings for the lives of others.  The USA is not about to allow this to happen-if they can prevent it.  It's bad enough that any nation has such ammunition, but in the hands of people who find life valueless is a different issue.  Everyone feels the threat.  Calling out barbs of hatred enough times in this case has not made people immune to the threat.  It has sharpened  it enough so that we feel the pain and are ready to apply the antiseptic. 


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