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Monday, February 27, 2012

Harvard's Debate on Israel Being One State Only

Nadene Goldfoot
The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard U will host a conference "One state Conference:  Israel/Palestine-a One State Solution" on Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd and 4th. 

Are they going to discuss this in a form of debate to "expand the range of academic thought" on this issue?
Are they going to have leaders of Hamas/Fatah at this conference, because their goal is not living peacefully with Jews but eliminating them completely?  Whether it be one state or two, the results would be the same; a continuous attack on Jews and the complete take-over of Israel by Muslims. 

I hope they remind themselves that Israel is the only Jewish state in the world while the world has at least 48 Muslim majority states with 22 of them right in the Middle East.  There is nothing inherently wrong with being a Jewish state or a Jewish majority state, since 20% of Israel's citizens are not Jewish, but Muslim and Christian. 

They should also remember to bring up the fact that Israel was created as a haven for Jews in this crazy world that continues to harbor anti-semitic hatred for them.  Pretty silly of the world, as I see it, when Jews, even though have been so terribly treated by others, have given so much to the world, especiallly in the fields of science.  Yet, when Jews needed sheltering the most at the advent of WWII, they couldn't even get into "Palestine".  The British turned them away.  This is imperative that we have our ancient homeland back.  After all, the British did make provisions for the land to be the Jewish Homeland. 

The problem lies in the Muslim aim to wipe Israel out.  If the state were to be somehow created as one state, this would bring in untold numbers of Muslims from all the 4 corners of the world just to swamp the Jewish numbers and take over.  It would be an end to Israel.  Promises, shlomises, they mean nothing when coming from an opposing side that means to do Israel in. 

A Gazan-born Palestinian graduate student at the Kennedy School of Government, Ahmed Moor,  is one of the organizers of this conference.  He's also a journalist. 

Who's talking at this conference? 19 Professors?  And of what?  Noam Chomsky is a professor of Linguistics but all he does is write slander against Israel, and he himself is Jewish.   He gets lots of accolades that way.   " Caroline Glick comments that the academic elite is now leading the charge of Jew-hatred." Elitist Universities are being brainwashed by so called "Palestinians" who constantly badmouth Israel.  It's become fashionable to knock Israel and be an anti-Zionist where people just don't knock gays, women or Muslims, which now may even be against the law, but knock Israelis and you're in the IN crowd.  They're back to the "Use Jews/Israelis as scapegoats because their numbers are too small to fight back."

There will be 10 panels containing the 19 speakers.  The outline is at  Chomsky is not a speaker, but the list does not include any on the side of Israel.  Stephen Walt, writer, is an antagonist and was the partner of John Mearsheimer who together wrote "The Israel Lobby", which is disgusting coming from men of their education.   Ali Abunimah is the creator of the Electronic Intifada, and even Rabbi Brant Rosen, co chair of Jewish Voice of Peace, is so far out of reality that it's just sad,  and they are not going to say anything in defense of Israel's position.  Abraham Foxman, Director of ADL, is deeply concerned about the results of this conference. There's nothing like constantly hearing only one side of an issue. 

Right now Israel is managing in the Knesset to be the most democratic state in the Middle East.  It would be more than helpful if the UN or someone would convince Hamas/Fatah to live peacefully as outlined by Israel; either that or take their leave and move to one of the other 22 states if they don't like it.  After all, they came from the ones close by in the late 1880's in the first place.  Hoever, stay away from Jordan.  They have more "Palestinians" than they want, and have already said they want no more.  Perhaps Syria will need some citizens to replace the ones they have killed.  Egypt has an overflow of population, but now Libya may have lots of room.   

It is rather laughable to think that the Arabs against Israel and Israelis could ever live as one state.  Hamas can't even get along with Fatah and even they have had their blow-ups with Hamas kicking out Fatah.  Right now they're having their problems as it is.  There're always the power struggle. 

If the outcome of this debate or conference is for the one state solution using Israel, which has been discussed many times by many Jews, and non Jews,  I will feel that they are living on a different planet and not in this real world.  Not everyone's heads are in the clouds where so many acadamias reside.  The proper noun, Lufmentch, is fitting for them. 


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