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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Islamic Based Harmony Schools of the Cosmos Foundation in USA

Nadene Goldfoot
It looks like Qatar is in competition for establishing education in the USA with Turkey.  Turkey has been involved with San Antonio, Texas since 2009, which is one of 25 states that a Charter School program, Harmony Schools have established themselves.  They have 33 schools in Texas alone. 

Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish "moderate" preacher, has been building schools through the Cosmos Foundation, in which he established his Gulen Movement.  This is a Turkish religious movement started by Turkish professors and businessmen.  They are the largest charter school business in Texas and are educating 16,000 children.  This is not helping out the employment situation.  They bring in their own teachers and staff from Turkey. 

Gulen, referred to as the Billy Graham of Islam,  is part of the Sufism Islam.  His father was an Iman and he became an Iman in 1957. 

The Gulen movement is reported to be more moderate, and is faith based but not one faith only.  Forbes magazine identified the chief characteristic of the Gülen movement as not seeking to subvert modern secular states but rather encouraging practicing Muslims to use to the fullest of the opportunities those countries offer.

The Sufists are not the leading Islamists.  Sunni Islam doesn't even agree with Shi'a Islam, but those two are the leading groups in all the Muslim countries.  Are they establishing a beachead in the USA now?  Harmony schools have a very high record of performance by their students, but also have an attrition of many students as well, making those that make it through being the ones recorded for their excellence.  I wonder what the public schools are doing with this type of competition? 


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