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Friday, February 10, 2012

Are Jews Trying to Take Over the World?

Nadene Goldfoot
For a long time anti-semites were saying that Jews were taking over the world.  People think we own all the banks because a few Jews have been bankers.  They don't realize that we are only much less than 1% of the entire world population.  Most of us reside either in Israel today or the USA.  It's almost 50-50.
Sammy Davis, Jr., the American black comedian and fantastic dancer actually converted to Judaism.  After he decided to become a Jew, only then did he learn that Jews don't really have all the money.  When he found out Rockerfeller and Ford were goyim (non-Jews), he almost resigned.  Ha!  In fact, Ford was quite the anti-semite. 

Whatever we do, we like to do the best we can.  We can blame our mothers.  They, along with Chaim Ginot, child psychologist, have figured out how to get the most out of their children and make them proud, for Jewish parents are the proudest of their children; not their home or car or fur coats, but their children's successes.

Take my father.  He was born to immigrant parents in 1908 who couldn't read, write or speak English.  They conversed in Yiddish.  My grandfather died in 1912 in a horse and wagon accident leaving his pregnant wife and 3 teeny children.  His money, if there was any, was not in a bank.  Russian Jews typically didn't trust banks.  He had it hidden in the horse stall, so Bubba thought, though she didn't find a penny.  So there she was with only a Jewish Neighborhood House around the corner that was able to help her a little.  My dad had to go out with his 2 year older brother at the age of 5 and sell newspapers on the street corner to help support the family, and she had to get a job plucking chickens.    He quickly learned how to make change before starting the 1st grade, where he learned to speak English. 

Dad was doing so well in high school baseball, but had to quit school to again support everyone.  To make this short, his occupation started off as a Kosher butcher which led to being the owner of Silver Falls Meat Packing Co in Portland with several cattle trucks.  He never took off a day to have a vacation.  He worked hard, died at age 59 but left his widow and children well protected. 

I find that if you are Jewish, you are expected to be at the top of your class, and you usually are.  Why?  Genetics?  I think it helps. Jews have always been merchants.  When they were taken from Jerusalem, some wandered in the Silk Route as merchants.  They even went into Africa.  Many countries in Europe didn't allow Jews to own land and farm, so selling was all they were allowed to do, and that led to loaning people like Royalty money which led to financing at times. 

 By the age of 13 a boy is bar mitzvahed which means he is a full member of the congregation in the synagogue and is expected to take a turn reading the Torah in Hebrew, so he has to be fairly intelligent to manage a 2nd language which is not a part of public school.  Jewish women prefer intelligent men, so that is something that is attractive to them.  Thus, we belong to a pretty intelligent group.

There has been so much anti-semitism which caused people to have a terrible image of Jews and called them disgusting names.  "Kike" was their 4 letter word for a Jew. Anti-semitism has been endemic in America since the early settlers had restrictions against Jews. It ran rampant in the 1920's here in America. 

The Six Day War in Israel knocked the socks off of most people when they saw Jews destroy 300 Egyptian planes and 19 airbases.  At the end of 24 hours on June 5th 1967, the air forces of 4 Arab nations lay on the ground, all charred like burnt chickens.  "They had altered the whole picture of modern warfare." said Anthony Sampson, author.  Military analysts found it hard to believe because Britain and France had tried to do something similar against Egypt in 1956, but the results weren't the same.  How could Israelis do this in a few hours?  They were so outnumbered and the Arab defeat was overwhelming. 

The pilots were outstanding.  They didn't waste any ammunition.  The Egyptian MIGs had had it.  What had happened was that the Israeli Air Force was made up of highly skilled well trained men and they had good plans.  They did their usual best.  Besides that, they used their innate courage, unlike the stereotype Jew the world had created.  They had to be courageous with all the neighboring nations attacking at once like a pack of dogs.  It wasn't that unusual for Jews of today to be good fighters, as they had been in biblical days as well.  Those abilities were still there. 

What about that stereotype? Israel itself, has surprised everyone by having their own economic problems and an unbalanced budget, especially being they have had to spend so much money on protection and wars.   Harry Golden wrote that people might now say, "Them Jews are great fighters, but they are certainly poor businessmen!" 

Unfortunately, people still get excited when they talk about people taking over the world and find a few Jewish men at the helm of a business or bank.  There was a time that Jewish students with high capabilities couldn't even get in medical schools when they had the highest scores much like SATs.  Why?  There was a limit of how many Jews were allowed in their schools.  So they had to go into other fields, though they had their hearts set on becoming doctors. 

Anti-Semitism was nourished on a paranoic delusion that the world is controlled by, and that its many problems were caused by, a secret and massively powerful Jewish conspiracy.  Where Jews lack power but are condemned for possessing and misusing it, this is anti-semitism.

  And we said to Sammy Davis, "YOU want to become Jewish?  Are you crazy?  Don't you have enough problems with being black?"  He knew and he did and G-d bless him. 

Resource: book: Just Because They're Jewish by M. Hirsh Goldberg
Book: Kike! by Selzer

My Dad and Myself


Bala Menon said...

Hi Nadine,
You have a very fascinating blog. You might be interested in having a look at this site:

Bala Menon
Toronto, Canada,

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Hi Bala Menon in Canada,
it's so nice to hear from you. I'm sure that Stanley would be impressed to see you also are a fan like I am of his Letter to the World. I'm glad to see that you also have a blog going with blogspot. I met some Israeli Jews from India while I live there from 1980-1985. The women were absolutely beautiful. I don't know if they were from Cochin or not. Most of the time It was like watching a beauty contest as one could see costumes from all over the world.
Thank you for the compliment about my blog. Yours is as well. Keep up the good work. I love ancient history of Jews who are now getting back together in Israel.

Davidwork2012 said...
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Davidwork2012 said...
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Davidwork2012 said...

The racist myth that Jews control the World is down to ignorance, as are many of the old racist myths about black people, brown people, Far Eastern people, etc.

The only group of people that have ever come close to genuinely controlling the World are European Christians - for over 350 years, from the early 16th to late 19th centuries, European Christians colonised most of the world, destroying the cultures of many indigenous peoples, forcibly converting them to Christianity and enslaving them, e.g. the Spanish Christian conquests of the Americas, the destruction of the Maya, Aztec and Inca cultures, The Portuguese colonisation of Brazil and parts of Africa, The British Colonisation of India, the Atlantic Slave Trade, the Belgian Genocide of the Congolese people, and many other events in Asia, The Pacific, etc.

I am black British, but I have always detested racism and the ignorance that causes it.

Jewish individuals and communities have made too many positive contributions to the World, in the arts, sciences, academic discussion, literature, films, music, to even begin to list here but to name a few, Einstein, Gershwin, Irving Berlin, etc. This week, the Paralympics begin in the UK. They were the invention of a German Jewish refugee, Dr. Harold Guttman, whose ideas helped to transform attitudes towards disabled people.

As always, the good things that people do are overlooked and forgotten.

I have my criticisms of the modern state of Israel because of the ongoing injustices against the Palestinians, but I can make my criticisms intelligently, without being anti-Semitic - e.g. how can a people who have suffered so much World-wide oppression be unjust towards others?

Education is the only way to change people's attitudes, but that will take time.

Davidwork2012 said...

Just to explain, the comments I removed above were duplications of the main comment. I made a punctuation mistake in the original one, and I couldn't work out how to correct it.

Robert Kearney said...

Check out Brother Nathaniel Kapner.

Robert Kearney said...

Check out Brother Nathaniel Kapner.