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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's This Qaradawi's Dawning of a New Islamic Caliphate?

Nadene Goldfoot
Qaradawi, 86, the Muslim Brotherhood's mentor, is crowing that thanks to the Arab Spring, they are all about to have a new Islamic Caliphate again.  This is the ultimate Muslim dream.  He is out to conquer America and Europe as well through immigration and proselytizing, he says.  He has used his "IslamOnline" website, Al-Jazeera TV station, program,  "Sharia and Life" for the past 15 years and personal engagements to spew his theories, as well as the 120 books he has written.   He's even on Facebook.    President Obama just reported on TV that there is a Mosque in every state in our union today.  How many keep in touch with him?  60 million people worldwide listen. 

Qaradawi is the religious leader that Mubarak kicked out of Egypt who has been living in Qatar.  The Emir of Qatar is his best friend and protector.  This religious leader is labeled  a terrorist and is not allowed into the USA. Despite this fact, he has been the USA's secret mediator for talks with the Taliban terrorists.   He calls for the death of all Jews everywhere, the takeover of Jerusalem, and like all Muslim Brotherhood adherants, the destruction of Israel. 

An Islamic Caliphate is sort of like a United States of Islamic countries who are ruled by Sharia Law and a constitution.  The last caliphate came to an end in 1924 with the end of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI.  They were on the German side and lost.  Shi'a Islam differs from Sunni in that they are ruled by an Iman chosen by Allah from Muhammad's chosen descendants. 

There was the Umayyad Dynasty Caliphate that existed in the 7th and 8th century.  Abbasid historians wrote that they had been  just pleasure-loving, hard-drinking usurpers of the caliphate.  Not all were, though.  They had a vast empire with different religious levels  and problems to administer.  Spain was a part of their empire.  Palestine was not. 

The Christians waged 8 Holy wars against the Moslems from 1095 to 1291 CE in the "Crusades."  They tried to take back sites they considered a part of Christianity, and in doing so also killed Jews in Jerusalem as they couldn't tell a Moslem from a Jew. 

The Abbasids ruled through the 8th to 13th century. They preached Arab supremacy, which made Iranians and Syrians resentful.   Now their society went international.  A group of Turks, the Saljuqs, ruled Palestine around 1000-1500  CE. The Abbasids  had some pretty decent rulings like caring for strangers in hostels, except  women were segregated and were kept in the home  rearing children except for the slave girls who amused men with singing and dancing.  Polygamy was permitted with men allowed to have 4 wives.  It was a slave society.  Men also kept about 6 slave concubines.  There were many who had not converted at this period, most still being Zorroastrians, Nestorians, Orthodox and Coptic Christians.  The Jews were a very small number. 

They persecuted all non-Muslims.  The dhimmi (non Muslim) could not build places of worship and if any were around were demolished. They had to wear special clothing, and some were even branded on their foreheads.  Homes could not be higher than Muslims, and in court were not heard from as their testimony was not admissable.  Dhimmis had to pay a head tax away from the capital and bow down when paying it.  It was in these days that many conversions occurred to escape the hardships.  The only Christians and Jews treated well were those that attained a higher level of education and skill, like some businessmen, court physicians, philosophers and  vazirs. The poor cried out: "Oh, that the tyranny of the Umayyads would return, Oh, that the justice of the Abbasids would go to hell!"

I think that the 48 Muslim majority states of the world, and there will be 49 if Palestine becomes another state,  should be aware of what Qaradawi is proposing.  The Ottoman Caliphate that we refer to as the Ottoman Empire was also just as bad.  All was not a bed of roses.  There have been so many attacks on Christians of late in Egypt that even they won't stand a chance of having a life.

Americans have a problem in viewing this danger as we are used to religious liberty and in not criticizing one another's religion.  It's hard for us to accept that the religion of Islam  has "Takia", the act of allowing lying to infidels about their religion.  Yet they are very brazen in announcing their intentions, like it's braggadocio.  .  It's time to think outside the box and see danger when it announces itself as such. 

Textbook:  Middle East Past & Present by Yahya Armajani and Thomas M. Ricks Video: Bedbugs in the UN.

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