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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Israeli Arab MKs Attending "Jerusalem"Conference For "Palestinians"

Nadene Goldfoot
Leave it to Qatar to be in the news again.  The Arab League and the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs are holding a conference in Doha, Qatar right now, Sunday,  pertaining to Jerusalem.  They want it for the capital of "Palestine."  There was not even a mention of it being East Jerusalem; just Jerusalem.

This is in reference to the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem.  More to the point would be how to wheedle away all of Jerusalem from Israel.

And who is attending and why?  Two Israeli Arab MK's; Ahmed Tibi and Taleb El-Sana.  They are members of Israel's Knesset but are listed as representatives of "Palestine."  .  The subjects covered are to be their relationship to Jerusalem, international law and the "Israeli Occupation."  Of course they think that all of Israel is "occupied land.", occupied by the wrong people, the Israelis.
They're trying to see how they can reinforce their belief of establishing Jerusalem as the capital of an Arab state within Israel's existing borders, which some call "Palestine." 

This bothers me that two Israeli lawmakers are representing the Palestinian Authority at this conference.  MK's are elected by their own people in Israel, not by the so called Palestinians living in Gaza or in towns in Judea and Samaria, Syria, Lebanon or Jordan. 

Tibi has more chutpah than smarts by claiming that Israel is withholding the Palestinian people's freedom of religion.  If their religion is calling for killing Jews, that would be true.  Is this all there is to Islam?  He  has the double chutzpah of saying that the   "Judaization of Jerusalem is a blatant violation of international law."  That raises my ire immensely.  Jerusalem is, was, and foremost will always be a Jewish city, created by King David way back in 1010 BCE. 

El-Sana wants to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the mosque that was built over the First Temple of King Solomon, from an imagined harm.  He's spreading the rumor that it may come to harm from Israelis.  So far, from facts I learn, is that Israel is doing a marvelous job of protecting it all the time.  When they've wanted to repair steps to it, the Muslims have fits.  Of course they don't repair anything themselves.  What Jews worry about is artifacts that may be under the mosque in the temple that have been destroyed by Muslims.  So the shoe is on the other foot, fellows.  I guess he doesn't know about Moshe Dyan and all he did to secure their safety for the mosque. 

Fifty-four year old Dr. Ahmed Tibi is the leader of the Arab party, Ta'al, (The Arab Movement for Change)  and also has served as the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset!  He helped to secure 4 of the 120 seats in the Knesset.  The viewpoint he takes shows the Democracy in action in young Israel, an act I take  being treason against Israel.  He is a physician, educated in Israel.

Fifty-two year old Taleb El-Sana is a Beduin lawyer from the Negev.  He criticizes Israel's government  so much that one Jerusalem Post reporter thought he should be deported to an Arab province.  There he is, still an MK in the Knesset.  . 
12:15 noon-It was just reported on TV's Fox Channel that Abbas, the PA's hopeful president to be, is also busy spreading rumors at this conference that the mosque might be destroyed or harmed.  What a way to start a riot, Abbas.  Netanyahu has told him to stop these vicious lies.   He probably heard it from el-Sana. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva; Arab MKs Represent "Palestine" at Doha conference.

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