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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Israel Busy This Weekend From Rocket Attacks to Rocks and Shoes

There was lots of rioting going on in Jerusalem at the site of Al Aqsa Mosque this weekend.  This was the site of King Solomon's Temple built in 950BCE to 587BCE.  It was attacked and the 2nd Temple was rebuilt in 517 BCE and stood until 70 CE when the Romans attacked and sacked Jerusalem.

The Muslims built their Mosque over it in 705 CE.  On Friday 100 Muslims were rioting over the rumor that the Mosque might be divided into a Jewish and a Muslim section, as if Jews would need to enter a Mosque.  The Cave of the Patriarchs was recently divided this way, but this is something both religions share; Abraham.  That's family, not religion.   They don't want anyone but Muslims into their Mosque.  Even on Thursday 7 Arabs were rioting, throwing stones and shoes at the police.

While all this was going on in Jerusalem, Gaza terrorists fired a rampage of rockets at Western Negev towns trying evidently to escalate Israel's anger so they would attack in  full scale.  Hamas must be trying to attract more sympathetic media attention for themselves. 

Israel did respond when they caught terrorists in the act of starting to fire at Southern Israel.  They got two trargets. 

Resource: Artuz Sheva

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