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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Financing the Henchmen of Fatah: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade- On the Terrorist List

Nadene Goldfoot
America has been threatened by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.  This gang of killers is the military arm of Fatah in Gaza, Judea and Samaria who control the Palestinian Authority.  America has been sending about 600 million dollars a year in direct assistance and indirectly through UNRWA.  They have already received 55 million dollars initially from us this year.  The money is going to pay the salaries of convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons.  Some of them have received training and weapons from the USA.  Those in prison have committed many atrocities against Israelis and have threatened attacks against the USA in the past. 

It didn't help matters when Obama stuck his finger in Netanyahu's chest  but bowed to the Saudi King.  He visited Turkey and never brought up the fact that Turkey is occupying Cyprus with settlements.  However, when Biden visited Israel, he threw a fit over Israel simply approving the building of houses there.  The USA is guilty of funding terrorist groups who kill Israelis  and giving deference to those that wish to destroy Israel.  It's like saying, "Atta boy, keep it up.  I'm with you!"  Yet when anything happens to them, it's immediately America's fault and reason enough to attack.   America must remember that they may spend money on them, but they are still in the Dminni (2nd class) station in life being they are not Muslims. 

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades  are responsible for dozens of suicide bombings and shooting attacks against Israeli vehicles in Judea and Samaria. 

1. 2002-the Bat Mitzvah massacre.  They killed 6 and wounded 33.
2. 2002 IDF checkpoint near Ramallah, 6 IDF killed
3. 2002 IDF checkpoint near Ofra, 7 IDF killed 5 wounded, 3 civilians killed
4. 2002 11 killed
5. 2003 bus station-22 killed
6. 2004 Jerusalem bus-11 killed
7. 2004 Ashdod-10 killed, Israelis and Hamas
8. 2004 Palestinian suicider carrying explosive belt; leading to cell arrests.
9. 2004 Another Palestinian suicider arrested.
10. 2005 martyrs' Brigades killing 3 Israelis, wounding 3.

Who starts riots?  They took a prominent part in 2004 in Gaza.  They have also worked together with Hamas and have worked together with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance committees and Hezbollah in Judea-Samaria.  They even raided the European Union's offices in Gaza in 2006.  2007 saw the Brigade hit on an IDF position between Gaza and Israel possibly in a kidnap attempt by using a vehicle with TV and PRESS written on it.  They broke the border fence and attacked the guard tower.  One was killed.  The international reporters stationed in the area didn't like that at all and complained about the vehicle.  I haven't seen any remarks about the failed kidnapping attempt,  even from the Human Rights Watch. 

July 14, 2007, saw the group stop fighting against Israel after Olmert pardoned 178 terrorists in the PA territories.  They then turned in their arms to the PA, renounced violence and joined the security forces of the Palestinians.  By 2008 over 300 terrorists were given amnesty with the promise that they would stop attacking Israel.  Things were so bad that Israel went into Gaza on December 27, 2008 in Operation Cast Lead in a 3 week try to stop the attacks on southern Israel.

The sad thing is that it has been Fatah, the "moderate" group led by the educated Abbas, who Israel has had to hope for as a peace partner. Now Fatah has united with Hamas, so there goes any chance for peace talks. Hamas is only out for the destruction of Israel, not any peaceful settlement.

And here they are again, united against Israel.  The missles, mortars and rockets haven't stopping hitting southern Israel, have they. 


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