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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR

Nadene Goldfoot
The Islamic point of view including Sharia Law and no doubt their Muslim Brotherhood charter on Israel has been ingratiating itself in schools in the United States for the past several years.  A Tampa, Florida High School has brought in a senior Hamas-affiliated speaker, Hassan Shibly,  to teach about Islam with her students.  He just happens to be the Executive Director for CAIR in Tampa. 

How is CAIR a questionable group for our high school students to listen to?  It's an Islamic Civil Rights Group  listed by the Dept. of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding trial of more than 3 years ago.  After all, Hamas is a  terrorist political group in Gaza, having been voted in power in 2007 and who follows the precepts of the Muslim Brotherhood and calls for the destruction of Israel.  They have not stopped shelling southern Israel.  Now more than ever they are dangerous as they have just talked Fatah into uniting with them.

There is even a Hamas Palestine Committee in the US and CAIR is a part of it.  CAIR is Hamas, in other words, and the USA has them on the list as a foreign terrorist organization.  Here they are working out in the open but are under a different name of CAIR instead of Hamas, which must be keeping them off the list.    At least the FBI ended ties with CAIR.

Hassan Shibly is known as a devout and faithful Muslim.  What is he telling students about Islam?  What is he leaving out?  How much are the students researching on their own to compare facts?  How much education has the teacher and her district had about religions? 

Another educational change going on is that the Qatar Foundation has been paying for teachers to have Arabic language classes in elementary and high shools of which is going on right here in Portland, Oregon at Lincoln High and West Sylvan.  This was fine until the high school teacher brought in the DAM hip-hoppers from Israel who were young Arabs doing their chanting against Israel and calling for its fall.  In the end of a performance one student called out her hatred for Israel.  The classes of course are presenting culture and other ideas from these Arab countries besides their a b c's.  . 

One problem is that our own citizens are so naive about what they are exposing young students to who are without a proper background of knowledge.  Even adults are not capable of realizing what is going on as they have no background about Islam or political agendas as well.

The best thing that could happen to the United States is that adults might start boning up on facts about all religions and do a comparative study.  Ignorance might be bliss, but in the end your might be looking at the wrong end of  Sharia law.  Such a person as Hassan should be brought in to speak at the end of a study, not at the beginning with a lot of followup.  It's anyone's guess how this was handled in Tampa. 

In 2010 a professor, Barry Sommer,  at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon was to teach a class on Islam and planned on presenting the good and the bad.  He, not being Muslim himself, realized that his own personal bias was not to enter into the teaching in this class, but Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR insisted it could not even start, and the school caved in and cancelled the class.  The ACIJ-American Center for Law and Justice stepped in to fight this as it was an accepted class by the college. 
Portland, Oregon's Iman Rauf is a representative of CAIR.  He did not condemn recent actions of violence by another Muslim who wanted to blow up our Pioneer Courthouse Square.  This is most likely because he doesn't want to be the next target, which happens whenever someone speaks out.  People are learning not to trust Muslims because of the very teachings in the Koran and Hadith which both teach to practice one thing while under the goverment of another, in other words, to lie to make your case. 

Islam is always touted as a religion of peace to the public.  However, Oklahoma's law forbids the use of Sharia law in their courtrooms and CAIR sued them saying that is stigmatizing their religion. 

According to the Muslim Brotherhood and one of its religious leaders, Qaradawi, Islam should become the dominant religion in the USA.  This is not a peaceful agenda, thus we see the push for Sharia Law on different aspects of our society right now. 

If Islam is a peaceful religion, we need proof, especially in the Middle East. 

Resource: Clare M. Lopez about Eugene professor

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