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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christians of England Practicing anti-Semitism Again

Nadene Goldfoot
The  United Kingdom has the Episcopalian Protestant Church (Anglican) as their official religion which is headed by the Queen. A vicar or senior priest, Stephen Sizer, promotes Holocaust denial of all things.  Being raised in England where people suffered in WWII, one would find this shocking to be so in the dark as to what was happening those days.  This attitude shows his mettle right off the bat. 

He's really showing his true colors, not the colors of the Christianity practiced by my friends, about which he says he became a Christian in 1973, but of that demonstrated in some bygone day of the Crusades, maybe.  He studied at Trinity College from 1980-1983 to be a pastor.  He's even called Israel's IDF (Israel Defense Forces)  Herod's soldiers operating in Bethlehem today.  Herod was the king appointed by the Romans that ordered troops to kill all Jewish babies in and around Bethlehem.  Sizer should only know the great lengths the 10% of IDF troops who have actually be engaged in battle go through to protect innocent civilians.  But then, this man is a member of the Friends of Sabeel UK, and also a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  He even has press credentials from the Holy Land Trust.   He's immersed himself in hatred for Israel in every way. I have an article about Sabeel in this website.

How he has been practicing his anti-Israel/anti-Semitism has been through the internet.  He promoted a website of Holocaust denial and warns of a Zionist conspiracy controlling the world.  There goes that old refrain again.  Jews numbering less than 1% of the world are out to control it, so he maliciously spreads this lying rumor.    Isn't this against all religions to do such a thing?  Sizer is actually breaking the 9th commandment, the prohibition of harming a person through speech or bearing false witness against your neighbor.  He's so anti-semitic he can't think straight. 

He also used his Facebook page to link to "The Ugly Truth", which claims Zionism, Jewish extremism and more make our world uninhabitable today.  This is where they run cartoons created by  Holocaust deniers and support Ahmadinejad. 

Sizer promotes boycotts of companies if they have profits going to the "Zionist agenda."  He wrote a book, "Christian Zionism:  Road-map to Armageddon?" endorsed by leading British and American bishops, which goes against what Pastor John Hagee of the USA preaches.  Pastor Hagee also wrote a book, "In Defense of Israel".  His group is where our true friends are.  Sizer believes in a different theology known as "supersessionism"  or replacement theology.  They feel that since Jews don't believe that Jesus is G-d/or son of G-d, they are no longer the chosen people.  They have been replaced by the Christians.  I'm happy to report that not all Christians believe this.  They are preaching that Israel is an illegal regime and a "crime against humanity" and promotes international boycott, which is so familiar to what the terrorists, Hamas, preach in order to take over all of Israel.  Incidently, Jews believe that we all are children of G-d.  We're all very special and therefore life is special.  Our favorite saying at a happy occasion is "To Life" or L'Chayim. 

Tevia in "Fiddler on the Roof" tells it like many of us have thought many times.  "G-d can't you choose someone else for a change?  Why us?"  He was questioning why Jews are always the scapegoats of the world.  I guess since Judaism has lasted this past 4,000 years, G-d was right to call us a "stiff-necked people."  We're very stubborn and don't forget about our heritage and promise.  That's why we were chosen.  Who else would put up with the trials and tribulations that we have had to endure to keep the faith? 

If that isn't all Stephen Sizer  has been up to, he is one of the major movers of the "Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 Conference."  The Bible College of Bethlehem will host this one in March.  Many pastors from the USA will be attending.  Of course they will speak against Israel as they're enjoying the protection of the country they hate. 

Melanie Phillips, UK columnist, says that these people are "Christians who hate the Jews."  Way back in 1190 CE, British Christians slaughtered York's Jews after calling them "serpens antiquus qui vocatur diabolo et Satans,"   which was calling Jews devils and Satans like the serpent of old.  What they are doing is more like believing in demonology and banning Israel from the family of nations. 

Every year we Jews become introspective about our behavior and have a day of fasting on Yom Kippur where we are told that our names are entered into the book of Life and of course we ask forgiveness and promise to do better. What we do is recorded.  I hope Ha Shem takes note of this behavior.  I'm sure it will be recorded. 

The sad point of this story is that there are Christians taught to believe all sorts of lies about Israel, thereby hating Israelis and Jews, for 80% of Israel is populated by Jews. In a perfect world, they would turn to Pastor Hagee and ask why he defends them.  Maybe then they would learn a few honest facts.
Book:  In Defense of Israel by John Hagee,7340,L-4191509,00.html by Giulio Meotti, journalist and author, "The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism", from Italy

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