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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fatah and Hamas Try Again to Unite

Nadene Goldfoot
The two terrorist groups in Gaza have gone through the motions of uniting to join forces against Israel.  This time PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas met on Sunday with Hamas's Chief Khaled Mashaal in the tiny state next door to Saudi Arabia, Qatar.  They are in the act of forming their unity government.  They did have an agreement signed last May, but still can't come to an agreement to agree with it.

  Qatar has become most important as a tiny state with a lot of backing.  They have managed to ingratiate themselves in the world with their Qatar Foundation which promotes their beliefs with education, and that comes in the form of financial backing.  Qaradawi, the top religious Muslim in the world, resides in Qatar and is the best friend of the Emir.  He has called for the death of all Jews and just finished a speaking engagement in Egypt. 

This Doha, Qatar meeting comes after having 5 meetings in Jordan with the king and with Israel in which they were to discuss a peace pact, but they got nowhere. Jordan does have a peace agreement with Israel.   Now they're just meeting and need assistance to unite together as one Palestinian terrorist group again.  They plan to hold elections in the near future. 

Previously, the two men met in Cairo for meetings, but have been unable to follow up on any agreement they reached.  Fatah had been the ruling party when Hamas overpowered them and sent Abbas into exile to live in Judea/Samaria.  The West has always thought that Fatah had been more reasonable and less violent, but in reality it isn't much different.  Fatah has been supplying salaries to Gazan terrorists as well as media through children's TV programs on PA TV that glorify terrorists as heros.  They glorify terrorists by naming streets and buildings after terrorists as well.  Maps in schools do not show Israel.  Textbooks have also been hateful towards Israel. 

One point of disagreement between these two groups is who is to be Prime Minister.  Hamas is not agreeing to the present Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as the head.  They also talked about a travel ban that Hamas put on Fatah officials in Gaza and Palestinian passports to people living in Judea/Samaria.  Another disagreement they are having is over Hamas's charter which they refuse to change.  It reads like the Muslim Brotherhood calling for the destruction of Israel.  They will not recognize the State of Israel.  By hooking up with Hamas, the USA is so disgusted that they are not going to fork over anymore money to them.  Hamas also refuses to follow the directive of the Quartet,  who are Russia, UN and European Union who say they are trying to establish peace.  Hamas must give up violence and recognize Israel's right to exist and uphold previous peace pacts. 

Fatah works out of Ramallah, Samaria, which is where their government lies.  They broadcast in Arabic different things that they might say in English.  Abbas speaks in English and says to all, "support peace,' while his planned events honor bloodthirsty terrorists that murdered Israelis.  If ever there was a two-faced person, it is he. 

All the fighting going on in Syria has driven out a senior Hamas official who had decided to reside there for the past 21 years, but things have gotten out of hand.  Emad Alami came back on Sunday, not because of war there but because of growing tensions with the authorities. 

The best thing that can happen is if these two would follow the directives for peace that the  world powers are suggesting.  But Terrorists are not necessarily sane, and these two have a hard time agreeing with each other let alone come to any agreements, then they disagree anyway.  What good is a peace pact going to be with them and how long will it last?   These terrorists' agreements last about as long as some Hollywood marriages, a few days.  This is a struggle of power, and Abbas was the loser before.

Update:   Abbas was suggested to be interim government PM  till elections by Qatar. 

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7:35pm update: by Ibrahim Barzak

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