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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Views on Israel Being Apartheid by Nadene Goldfoot

Jimmy Carter, Democrat, believed in talking to USA's enemies. He wanted to talk to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who was against the Shah of Iran, a pro-American ally. Carter thought that talking would make the world a better place and probably still feels that way. Carter saw things differently than I do. He considers Israel an apartheid state. He thinks that Hamas and Hezbollah are human rights movements instead of terrorist organizations. He thinks the only problem they feel is that they need economic support and understanding.

Jimmy Carter writes books but doesn't do much research. If he did, he would know that Israel already is made of 20% Arabs and has Arabs in the Knesset. He would know of the trials and tribulations that went into creating Israel in the first place, and of being attacked immediately in 1948 after being declared a state. He would be able to count the times Israel has been attacked by its neighbors. Calling it an apartheid state really shows his ignorance, and it is an affront. Apartheid means practicing racial segregation. Arabs are a Semitic race just as Jews are. We don't have the same DNA, but are very close. We can't be classified as different races. We have a difference in religion. They are Muslims, while a few are Christians. Those we have had no problems with. There are many Christian Arabs living in Haifa. It wasn't Israel's idea that the Arabs living in Israel in 1948 should run away. Israel has offered peace with a Palestine next door but that has been refused by their own leaders. Put blame where it should be: on the leaders like Arafat of the Arabs.

Carter should admit that Israel has been butchered into a tiny piece of what was originally to be Israel, and that each time Israel has given land in the name of Peace that has never happened, except perhaps with Egypt. Perhaps that is the problem. We have been too pliable. We bend. We are peaceful and mean it. We don't like being shot at and shoot back. Sorry, but that's the only way we have kept from being overrun. 6 million of us went to gas chambers and lost our lives, and we've vowed not to let that happen again. We actually had turned the cheek and very few fought back, not believing the horror that was to be. We are quick learners.

How can he possibly think that people who attack women and children are not terrorists? They do not fight like "men", but like to wear face coverings and attack schools and buses. It's not money that they need, as they are the longest lived displaced persons on the planet and are supplied with money. They have been fed with lies and hatred by their handlers, and gobble up these farces greedily. Carter is an enabler just as a person who gives alcohol to an alcoholic is an enabler.

Jimmy Carter's campaign rhetoric in the 70's was similar to Barack Obama's call of "change." He turned on the Shah of Iran, who was our ally. My fear is if Obama will follow suit and sell Israel, the only Democratic ally in the Middle East, down the drain. My reasoning is that Obama chose Carter's advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski as his own advisor. Brzezinski was all for Obama meeting with Iran and Syria, our deemed enemies. It's so comforting to know that Obama is anxious to talk to the Iranian president who denies the Holocaust and calls Israel a "stinking corpse," and has vowed to wipe it off the map. You can't say that Ahmadinejad has been beating around the bush about how his country feels about Israel. I think Oprah would advise him to get rid of all that hatred he has for Israel, and maybe he wouldn't be having these sick attacks of exhaustion and the strain of his job, or something more serious. On second thought, if anyone is going to talk to him, it should be Oprah and not Obama.

Instead of aiding and abetting the terrorists, how nice it would have been if Carter and Obama would be forceful about the advantages of supporting Israel and its right to exist and tell Iran in no uncertain terms how despicable they are behaving and that this is not acceptable behavior to the world. Can't one be a Democrat and yet feel justification in supporting Israel's right to be in the Middle East?

I ask, what is it hurting for Israel to be there? The surrounding countries can only benefit from its existence. The whole world can benefit. It's not even sitting on a pile of oil! That's what these presidents should be pounding into these anti-Semitic neighbors. Get real, future president. Do something right. Learn about Israel and defend it rightfully. Israel is not the enemy. It just wants its right to exist and for its citizens to live.

What makes me angry is that there hasn't been a time in history that a race of people, like the Jews, have been exterminated like vermin. 6 million Jews, killed because of who they were. That the survivors of that people are tying to reestablish themselves into a safe haven that the world looks down on at this point in time is just astounding. Hopefully, the support Israel has been given will continue with the USA, and hopefully, its neighbors will have a change of heart and bring out a welcome wagon instead of a get out of town barrage of missiles. The audacity of Carter to call Israel apartheid is just simply galling!

Reference: Dr. Michael D. Evans: Will Barack Obama Support Israel? Jerusalem Prayer Team

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