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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pat Buchanan's Take On Jews

Pat Buchanan let the cat out of the bag in discussing Elana Kagan, Obama's choice for Supreme Court Judge.

He stated, "Jews, who represent less than 2% of the of U.S. population, will have 33% of the Supreme Court seats." He's not happy about this at all. He's complaining about it. So are a lot of other sources.

It just so happens, Pat, that our few Jewish people come from a culture that has always promoted education, and since Jews have long since been kept from ownership of land, have been forced into certain areas of skills, such as law and medicine. We've had schools since day one, and in those schools debate has been a skill taught in the methodology of teaching and learning. That's why we are top-heavy with lawyers, and from lawyers come judges. Is it our fault that we have had a number of outstanding people that have caught the eyes of the presidents? Even in my own family we can now boast having a female lawyer.

As the Oregonian newspaper explains, Elena is a single New York female Jew from Manhattan's Upper West Side. Many feel this means strikes against her. Evidently Buchanan wants a white male Christian.

I'm not even sure that we make up anything close to 2% of the American population. I remember seeing that we have about 5 million Jews in the USA, just about the same population as Jews in Israel.

The question is: did Obama choose Elena because she was Jewish or because she was the best candidate he could find for this opening? I would hope the latter. Obama has been very disappointing to me as far as our religion goes. He and Hillary have promised so much backing for Israel and have done the very opposite. At every opportunity they have gone against Israel, yet they have two Jewish men in power in the White House who must be of the same mind. Then they show great chutzpa by doing things like throwing a Passover seder to show their support and fairness of our religion, and again slam Netanyahu by having him enter the White House chambers by the back door and then showing him the boot without any dinner in his exit. Now Obama has invited him to the White House again. He runs hot and cold with us, and I feel this is unmigitated gall. You have to admit that it's not politics as usual, which he promised to change.

As far as impressing me, a rare Jewish lady in Oregon, I'm not. Just because she's Jewish doesn't mean that much to me anymore. I'm a supporter of Israel and I have no assurances that just because she's Jewish means that she is also. Besides that, she is not in much of a position to have judgements concerning Israel. I see that this is a new position for her and have no idea anymore than the next person what she would be like. If Obama is trying to say, "See what I did for your people," it's not working, Pat. Not on me. I can think for myself, thank you.

Resource: Oregonian Newspaper 5/30/2010 Identity politics promotes myth of the "real America" by Eric Alterman on page E5, Opinion section.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Ready For a Big Attack

Problems are doubling up in the world and especially for Israel. North and South Korea are at it again. North Korea has atomic capabilites or soon will have, which is a big threat, and the U.S. is trying to figure out how to punish them. Iraq and Kuwait are arguing over money, of all things. Iraq owes Kuwait money for its airline and can't pay off, so they've declared bankrupcy for the airline. The off-shore oil well is being capped but is not guaranteed to be shut down as yet. It's destroyed much of the USA's coastal life and cities. A major Democrat is having fits about it in Louisiana. Obama's problems are indeed scattered.

Israel had a defense drill yesterday to practice a large-scale rocket attack. In the meantime they know that chemical warfare can come on missiles from Lebanon where Iranian terrorists are assembled. They have the ability to hit anywhere in Israel now. Many of the civilians didn't bother to practice as they have had so much real life experience already.

Oh yes, Iran has threatened Israel's existence and also has atomic capabilities or soon will have, so that's a major threat.

What has Israel done to endear themselves to this mighty empire of Iran? Exist! Fight off continuing attacks from its neighbors. Evidently most of the world's countries didn't ever expect this to happen and beat their drums in dismay. I wonder how many bets have been lost. You'd think G-d was helping Israel.

Reference: Oregonian newspaper 5/27/2010