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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anti-Semitism in Sweden: Tennis Davis Cup in Sweden Gave Into Anti-Semitism

Nadene Goldfoot
Sweden has gone anti-Semitic because its Jews did not go anti-Israel!  They're being punished with attacks on Jewish school children for being Jewish as well as witnessing the Israeli flag being burned.  Everything Sweden stood for before and during the 2nd World War seems to be going down the drain in fighting for human rights.  Sweden has 18,000 Jews who moved there as Holocaust survivors after the 2nd World War in 1945.  Most live in Stockholm, but there are about 1,000 in Malmo and in  a few other cities as well. 

The Israeli flag  burning happened in Stockholm, the capital.  Sweden is shifting their policy to favor  Iran and Syria.  The Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson has contracts with Assad's regime and they refuse to be forced by the EU to cop out of their contracts with them.  Tehran, Iran and Damascus, Syria use this technology to crack down on pro-democracy movements in their countries, but Sweden is putting money first.

Johan Lundell, Swedish executive director of ProVita, a pro-family organization, is outraged that Sweden is indifferent towards burning the Israeli flag. It is believed that two Libyan immigrants stole it from a dance group and burned it. He said that this is a hate act and is outraged that no action has been taken by officials, making it a danger to Jews. Freedom of religion is a part of human rights and this means a revival of anti-Semitism in Sweden. Swedish media has not written about it. "Violence is not necessary to destroy a civilization. Each civilization dies from indifference to the unique values which created it. Flag desecrations and burning has no place in a democracy."

Carl Bildt is the Swedish foreign minister and is trying to placate Iran.  He wrote an opinion piece on Tuesday in the International Herald Tribune and did cite Iran and Syria's human rights violations, but  must have felt that that was all that was needed from him.  Sweden had always been a strong defender of human rights before.  They are not defending their Jewish citizen's rights today at all. 

The Death of Free Speech in Sweden is an article written by Bruce Bawer, expert on radical Islam.  He is saying that because of the large influx of Muslims in Malmo, Swedes are not speaking freely in fear of offending them.  Instead, they are blaming anti-Semitism on the Danes who do speak more freely in their country!   

Israel hosted the Davis Cup matches with Sweden in Ramat HaSharon in 2008. 
In 2009  they both played in Malmo, Sweden .  There were anti-Israel protests in Malmo in March in response to a 3 day tennis match between and Israeli and a Swedish player performing in the Davis Cup.  Police had to arrest 100 people  The match had to be played without spectators because of the riots. About 200+ militants carried banners saying "Turn left, Smash right" and "Boycott Israel".  They had joined about 6,000-10,000  pro-Palestinian demonstrators.  Demonstrators against Israel have thrown bottles, eggs and fireworks before.  Malmo's mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, was against Israel anyway and was siding with Palestinians at this time, but used security as the reason for no spectators. 

  "Sweden took a 2-1 lead over Israel on Saturday when Robert Lindstedt, born in Stockholm, Sweden  and Simon Aspelin, born in Sultsjobaden, Sweden,  won the doubles match over Andy Ram, Israeli, born in Uruguary  and Amir Hadad, Israeli, born in Lod, Israel.  The best-of-five tie was wrapped up on Sunday," but they had to play to an empty stadium.  Dudi Sela's opening match started with "Dudi Sela, Sela, whatever will be will be," to the tune of the Doris Day song, "Que Sera, Sera".  He led the Israeli team to a come-from-behind 3-2 victory over the 7-time Davis Cup champion Swedes to advance in the 2009 Davis Cup.  He won each of his singles matches in 5 sets.  It was the biggest win of his career.  The Swedes had never lost a tie after holding a 2-1 lead before. 

In 2002, Amir Hadad, Jewish, had teamed up in doubles with Aisam Ul-Haq Qureshi, a Muslim Pakistani.  "During the Open, Hadad said, "Two people from different countries, different cultures, you know, can team up, play together, play good tennis together. If you put in politics, maybe they can do the same thing."

Anti-Semitism in Sweden is highlighted in the city of Malmo.  2010 saw Muslim immigrants there make up 20% of the city of 290,000 or about 58,000.  It is also a city where Jewish Holocaust survivors had been living peacefully.  They have been not only harrassing Jews living there but have been going around with loudspeakers blasting "Sieg Heil" and "Hitler, Hitler".  They have thrown rocks and bottles at Jews peacefully demonstrating a support of Israel.

 In response, the  67 year old Estonian born Mayor, Limar Reepalu, blamed the Jews!  He was interviewed with Skanska Dagbladet and appeared on International Holocaust Memorial Day arguing that the Jews were culpable for violence inflicted on themselves.  That's right.  Blame the victim, not the aggessors.  Try to say anything or do anything showing support of Israel and you get belted for it. I can see that these aggressors would never hold up in a decent debate about Israel.  Violence is their only way. 

The outcome was that many Jews immigrated to not only other parts of Sweden from Malmo but to Israel as well in 2009.  It was getting so bad that one couldn't walk outside wearing a kippa without being attacked. 

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem took on the traditional role of the Jewish Agency in organizing and paying for immigrant flights to Israel.  It is the young people leading the way back to Jerusalem.  As of 2012, the mayor of Malmo is still the same man, a Swedish Social Democrat whose political party has become less favorable towards immigration.  The mayor is blaming the Jews who feel that he is most anti-Semitic. 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Muslim Anti-Semitic Cousins, Not Kissing Cousins

Nadene Goldfoot
It's hard for American Jews to accept, but most of the anti-Semitic acts happening around the world are from our cousins, also Semites, the Muslims.

We just experienced one of many acts coming from France.  This time a Rabbi, his two children and a little girl, daughter of the head of the Jewish school, were deliberately slaughtered for no reason other than that they were Jewish.  Mohamed Meharin, French Algerian, had even visited Israel in 2010 for 3 days, getting there through Jordan's Allenby Bridge. 

In 2000, European Jews had more synagogue attacks than what occured in 1938 when the Nazis were coming into power.

Al-Qaeda's Chicago bomb plot after September 11th  2001 attack included synagogues.  There are less attacks on Israeli consulates and other "Zionist" targets showing that Muslims are more anti-Semitic than against Israel.  It's either that or that synagogues are  more convenient and easier targets for them.

However, in 2002 Hamas carried out the Passover Massacre at a Seder in the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel, a place I have been several times.  They killed dozens and injured over 100. 

Tunisia: after Passover in 2002, a gas truck was set on fire outside the Ghriba Synagogue, the oldest one in North Africa.

In 2004 the PA's Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade (Fatah group)  plotted to detonate a bomb with HIV positive blood during Passover.  They were found out.

In 2007, a car bomb with 220 lbs of explosives was to be detonated in Tel Aviv during a Passover Seder by a suicide bomber who backed out at the last minute and was found out. 

New York, USA -2011 : Two Muslim men, Ahmed Ferhani, Algerian, an unstable criminal and a drug user and Mohamed Mamdouh, from Casablanca, Morocco, plotting to blow up synagogues. They were going to dress up as Hassidic Jews and walk inside with a hand grenade and a gun. They were also planning on blowing up churches. Ahmed's lawyer and Civil Rights attorney, Elizabeth Fink, claimed that he was just an innocent mentally ill violent ex-con set up by the Islamophobic cretins at the NYPD.

Washington DC -2012 Amine El Khalifi, an illegal Moroccan, started out to attack a synagogue but switched gears and tried to attack the US Capitol instead with the help of Federal agents that were under cover agents.  He thought they were al Qaida men.  Synagogues are fair game, it seems. A large percent of Muslim terrorist attacks in the USA are on synagogues.

Milan, Italy: -2012 a Moroccan Muslim, Mohamed Jarmoune, organized a bomb plot against a synagogue. He had set up a covert Facebook group including American and British Muslims to crowd-source the terror using social media. A Muslim woman involved in the same plot was arrested in London, England.

Istanbul, Turkey, Cairo, Egypt and Milan, Italy all are taking steps to stop terrorists.  To attend services in Istanbul you must notify the government in advance and get pre-approval.  Cairo has bomb sniffing dogs outside.  Milan checks bags.  European synagogues must use metal detectors, bulletproof glass and armed guards.  American synagogues are slowly starting to use more precautions. So are community centers.  There are very few Jews left in Egypt today.  I taught with a young lady from Egypt and she thought only a few older people had stayed behind.  Most all 23,000 Jews of Turkey today live in Istanbul.  They have 20 synagogues there.  There are at least 20 synagogues in Milan. 

Yes, in several of the above cases, the NY police involved themselves with these anti-Semitic potential synagogue attackers before the event occurred and was able to prevent harm.  I consider us lucky that they reached them first before the real al Qaida men did, as the stories could have ended like the one in France just did.  There, the police knew about the killer before he attacked the Jewish school but nothing was done to prevent it from happening. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Assault on Jerusalem

Nadene Goldfoot
"The Global March to Jerusalem" is an organization that plans to have thousands of protesters to go to Israel's borders at the same time from Arab countries and PA controlled territories.  They are claiming more than 700 instituions from 64 states are involved.  Protests will also take place outside Israeli embassies in Europe and Arab countries. 

Land Day, March 30, 2012 is a day that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Geoge Galloway (Saddam Hussein's great apologist and other anti-Semites are uniting to sponsor a universal march on Jerusalem.  They called last year's march "Naksa Day, commemorating the 6 Day War.  That occurred on the anniversary of Israel's birthday, May 15, 1948. 

They have called it Land Day because they are commemorating the deaths of 6 Israeli Arabs in 1976 in protest of Israeli goverment land policies, they say.  They were protesting Israeli annexation of Judea and Samaria. 

Their aim is to stop "Judaizing" Jerusalem!  They have decided that they are the protectors of the Palestinian people and that they will be defending the city against the onslaught by the Zionists.  It's just too bad that they refuse to read some history about this land and people.  They would find out that Jerusalem is and has been the capital of only one people-the Jewish people. 

Jerusalem became the capital for Jews through their King David when it was captured by him in 1010 BCE.  It remained so until 70 CE when the Romans attacked.  In 1948 it was divided into two parts with Israel holding the W and S of the city.  From 1948 to 1967, Jews were kept from their Old City of Jerusalem, a city they prayed to see again for 2,000 years daily. On 5 June 1967 Jordan shelled Jerusalem's Israel's new section  from the Old City and Jordan.  It was the Arab armies that drove the Jews out of their Jerusalem home and also kept Arab Christians out as well.  Two days later Israel united the whole city as one again.  The first thing they did was go to the Western Wall, a place they had been kept from for 20 years. 

The IDF has been prepared.  Israel has announced that anyone who approaches the border will be treated as an infiltrtor.  The people organizing this march are hostile to Israel and called on the Arab countries to not allow escalation .  Jordan has said they will not prevent demonstrations as long as they are peaceful.  How can you be peaceful if you invade another's state? 

Judea and Samaria, flash points "demonstrations" are expected.  The Temple Mount in Jerusalem most likely will be another.  Sunday, March 25th was the day after Sabbath-Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the first day of the Hebrew month when the first Tabernacle was dedicated with the first day of Divine service.  That was Temple Mount Awareness Day and a special 6 hr telecast came from there with music and interviews.  The day was a reminder of the concept of the Holy Temple, where the Bible records that Hashem "G-d" accepted holy sacrifices with the Divine Presence. 

Now, of course, the site of our first Temple is the Temple Mount under the administration of Muslim clerics
The idea of coming to peace terms with such obstinate people at any time in the future seems harder every day.  How can you speak of peace when the Arabs won't even recognize your history in Jerusalem?  Their people live in a land just loaded with history and they know of no part of it. 

In Kuala Lumpur, Abdul Rahman told the people a huge lie in order to get them to participate.  He said after the flash mob today," Our focus is Jerusalem, where presently Muslims and Christians are denied access to their sacred places and holy places of worship by the Zionists." 

Arutz Sheva

Saturday, March 24, 2012

United Nations Human Rights Council Stacked Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Almost a third, 32% or 15 nations of the UN's Human Rights Council which is made up of 47 nations are countries with a Sunni Muslim majority.  It is the Muslim Brotherhood, led by Qaradawi of Qatar who is calling for the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews in the world.  6 of these countries are African states.  9, in bold, are Asian states (Middle East and Far East)

Members serve for 3 years but the years are staggered.  For instance, Indonesia's term ends in 2014.  Maldives term ends in 2013. 

1  Indonesia with a population of 228,582,000 with 86.1% Sunnis.
Bangladesh                            162,221,000 with 89% Sunni, Islam is the state religion.
3  Nigeria                                    155,215,573 with 50.4% Sunni
4. Malaysia                                 27,730,000 with 60.4% Sunni, Islam is the state religion
5. Saudi Arabia                           27,601,038 with 100% Sunni  Islamic state
6. Burkina Faso                            13,228,000 with 50% Sunni
7. Senegal                                    11,658,000 with 94% Sunni
8. Libya                                         6,173,579 with 997% Sunni, Islam is the state religion
9. Jordan                                      5,568,565 with 95% Sunni,   Islam is the state religion
10. Kyrgyzstan                             5,356,869 with 75% Sunni
11. Kuwait                                    3,399,637 with 85% Sunni,  Islam is the state religion
12. Mauritania                                3,124,000 with 99.99% Sunni Islamic state
13. Qatar                                         744,029 with 77.5% Sunni, Islam is the state religion
14. Djibouti                                       496,374 with 94% Sunni
15. Maldives                                   350,000 with 100% Sunni Islam is the state religion

Other African states serving are: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, Mauritius and Uganda.
Other Asian states are:  China, India, Philippines and Thailand.
6 Eastern European states are:  Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Russian Federation.
8 Latin American & Caribbean states are:  Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.
7 Western European & Others are: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.  The USA was the only state that recently voted down an unjust resolution against Israel. 

The Human Rights Council actually was started on December 10, 1948 with preliminary plans that commenced in 1946 right after the 2nd World War.  With 18 nation members, Eleanor Roosevelt, then a widow, worked on the draft of Resolution 217A which was a plan to recognize the rights of everyone everywhere.  56 member states passed it in 1948 with 8 nations abstaining;  USSR, Ukranian SSR, Byelorussian SSR, Yugoslavia, Poland, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Saudi Arabia.  It is not a legally binding law but is considered a customary International law and has had several admendments  since then. 

Original Article 2.

"•Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty."

The 48 majority Muslim states in the world have over a billion people in an area 672 times the size of Israel.  They have been completely intolerant of Israel, the only Jewish state in the world and which also happens to be the only Democratic state in the Middle East. 

1.4 million Arabs are citizens of Israel.  They have chosen their own political groups and there are Arabs serving in the knesset. They have freedoms yet unknown in any Arab nation.   Yet Jews are not allowed in Arab countries today.  A recent earthquake in Iran caused them to call for people to help, but they let it be known that they didn't want any Jews helping them.

Jews once had 2 states; Judah and Israel.  The first king of the Jewish kingdom was Saul in 1020 BCE.  King David ruled 11004-965 BCE and then King Solomon ruled 965-930 BCE.  Arabs did not enter the land until the 7th century CE, 2,500 years after Jews had been there.  They entered with the sword, not an olive branch.  The sword has turned into missiles, mortars and rockets; now a possible atomic  or chemical weapon. 

"I will bless those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse; and by you all the families of the earth shall bless themselves" (Genesis 12:2-3). One can see that Israel is following the expectations of the Human Rights Charter.  They do have the right of self protection.  One cannot follow the Muslim Brotherhood charter and Human Rights at the same time. 


Friday, March 23, 2012

Understanding the 1949-1967 Lines Involving Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The 1949-1967 lines were armistice lines, boundaries of repeated wars,  and not borders recognized by Arab states.  In May 1967, Egypt's President Nasser moved 5 divisions to the Negev border and blocked the Straits of Tiran.  This is Israel's southern waterway.  Blocking it is an act of war under international law. 

Israel responded during the 6 Day War and in doing so took the Sinai, the Golan Heights and the West Bank.  The Golan Heights is where Syria had massed 3 divisions and where they had bombarded Israeli cities for the previous 19 years.  The West Bank (named by Jordan which Israelis call the ancient names of Samaria and Judea) is where guerrilla raids were launched after 1949 and now where Hamas constantly fires missiles, rockets and mortars into southern Israel. 

Since 1967 the Arab states have refused to negotiate directly with Israel, no matter how hard the USA has put pressure on them.  They continue to refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.  They refuse to normalize relations.  Israel has constantly stated her willingness to return territories and has done so to Egypt. 

In May of 2011, Obama shocked Netanyahu by saying on TV that the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 67 lines and mutually agreed upon swaps.  Netanyahu repeated for the 2nd time that it was an indefensible line.  The reason many think why Netanyahu  was so alarmed is because such a US Policy would be giving the Palestinians land without  conceding any points.  It showed a USA policy shift.  It would be establishing a Palestinian state before any of the issues were resolved that must come first according to the UN Resolutions. 

UN Resolution 242 is from the 1967 period.  Resolution 338 is from 1973.  These both call for all parties to get into direct negotiations and  end all claims of belligerence.  Both are to respect and acknowledge the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force. 

Israel has made it clear that she cannot surrender land vital to security until there is evidence of meaningful Arab accommodation, compromise and conciliation according to the UN resolutions.  You'd think this would have caused the Palestinians to be friendly and cooperative, but they only have increased their shelling of Israel.  After reading the Compact of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qaradowi's, the unofficial leader of the Muslim Brotherhood's Religious Goals and  statements, I can see why Israel has not had a willing partner with the PA. 

Resource: Jewish Digest December 1975 page 7 Myth: Israel is obligated to with-draw to lines existing before 1967.

UN's Endless Bias and Kangaroo Court Against Only Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Human Rights Council of the UN  met on Thursday, March 22nd and the most they worked on was bashing Israel.  They are hypocritical and have an automatic majority of states against Israel.  This 47-nation group adopted 5 resolutions condemning Israel. 

Countries serving this year include Bangladesh,  Burkina Faso (til 2014) China, Cuba, Djibouti, Indonesia (til 2014) Jordan, Hungary,  Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait (till 2014) Libya (till 2013) Malaysia (til 2013) Maldives (til 2013) Mauritania ( til 2013)  Nigeria, Norway, Poland (till 2013) Qatar (till 2013) Romania (till 2014) Russian Federation, Spain (till 2013) Saudi Arabia , Senegal, USA and Uruguay.

Except USA, the  Muslim majority states (heavy black print) are very anti-Israel and the other states are or have had several incidences again  of anti-Semitism/Israel.  I am disappointed that Cuba and Uruguay didn't go along with the USA in this.  Norway has become a hub of anti-Semitism/Israel, worse than Sweden.    

 One of the resolutions against Israel  is creating a new "fact-finding mission" into alleged Israeli violations relating to settlements which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is to investigate the implications of the Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the "Occupied Palestinian Territory" which includes East Jerusalem.  They are to come up with a report.   Of course this group can only condemn Israel, the state that has been shelled constantly from Hamas in Gaza, and you don't hear a word condemning Hamas at all or how Israel feels about being shelled.  It's all one-sided and a farce to intelligence.

They also watered-down a text which allows Sri Lanka to determine what advice it receives from the UN.  They ignored proposed resolutions for victims of abuses in China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe. 

This council is failing its founding mission to defend the world's victims of human rights violations.  They are biased and condemn the victim, Israel, for defending itself against aggressors full of the desire to kill them.

This new attack on Israel, a mission concerning settlements, with co-sponsors of Syria and Iran is such a fraud.  We know what their outcome will be without going through the pretense.  Israel will not go along with this kangaroo court.  The PA and their Arab friends know that this is subverting any chance of negotiating any peace agreement or reconciliation between Israel and the PA. 

This is causing Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman to say he is thinking of recalling Israel's ambassador to the UN Human Rights council after hearing of the vote of 36-1 with 10 abstentions mission to investigate the effects of Jewish settlements on Palestinians.  The USA was the vote against such a thing.

What the UN has done is including implementing the Goldstone report on the Gaza war and criticize Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights as well.  Not only does this resolution expect Israel to cooperate but tells Israel to prevent settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. 

In reality, it is the Palestinians who are the violent ones against the Jews.  The Human Rights doesn't want to know about reality if it involves Jewish human rights.  .

Something they should remember is that in 1946 Jews owned 8.6% of the land  in Israel  as of 1975.  Arabs who remained in Israel owned 3.3%.  16.5% was owned by Arabs who fled at the advice/orders from their leaders.  The remainder was state land that legally passed from the British Mandatory government to its successor, the government of Israel. 

By ganging up and attacking Israel in 1967, the Arab nations lost the war they started and therefore lost the land that has become "West Bank", Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and Gaza, which they have gained back and use as an attack pad.  The lesson here should be not to keep attacking Israel as they keep on losing!  The more they attack the more they lose.  It's just cause and effect. 

The move to re-create Israel started in earnest back in  1881 but had been going on for more than 3,000 years since the time of Abraham.  Israel has been in existence and accepted by the UN  for the past 64 years.  It was created to be the Jewish Homeland. 

I attended a program at Reed College several years ago where Palestinians were speakers voicing their anti-Israel propaganda and saw the audience, made up mostly of an Eastmorland, Portland non-Jewish audience just eat it all up!  They stood and clapped, not knowing at all that what was being said was pure propaganda and twisted information.  I, as an Israeli knew that what they were saying was full of lies instigating that sleeping anti-Semitism in the crowd.  I can see that it's easy to convince these Human Rights countries to go along with their Arab friends in condemning Israel as they use no knowledge to reverse such an attitude. 

Jewish Digest Decemter 1975  Myths and Facts About the Arab-Israel conflict condensed from Near East Report page 3.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

World-Wide Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Those of us living in the United States are quite lucky in that we are not experiencing the anti-Semitism found in Europe again today.  In fact, it's hard to conceive of such a thing happening for most of us.  The 2nd World War ended in 1945, so anyone born after that date could be  as old as 67 and have never known such a period.  The USA was combatting racial segregation but the old world had the anti-Jewish feelings that culminated in Nazi Germany's "solution" with the help of enablers in every European country that eliminated 2/3 of the continent's Jewish population of 6 million in the Holocaust.

Anti-Semitism was at 50% or more in the USA before and during WWII but declined by the 1990's to 12 to 17% where it remains today, thank goodness.  Europe has seen anti-Semitism fall slowly until 1967 with the Israeli-Arab war and has experienced a sharp upward spike with the same per cent  of the Hitler era.  By looking at polling data, Europe today is at 30% anti-Semitic. 

Anti-Semites say that they are not "anti-Jewish" today but are only "anti-Zionist."  Israel is blamed for their reactions.  Before in the 1930's they couldn't use that as a defense.  Instead, they hated us because we were successful when they weren't, or because of the religious upbringing, or that we were different.  They managed to use any type of excuse for hatred.  I have to laugh because here we cleared out of their hair and many of us are living in Israel, not being in their way, doing our own praying and living and yet they still hate us.  We're hated by the Muslims because we "invaded their neighborhood" which used to be ours and of which we legally now own and hated by the 30% of the Europeans because we are in our own country.  We just can't please everyone, can we?  Whatever we do, someone will fault us.

We all just saw what happened in Toulouse, France, with the slaughter of a Rabbi and his 2 little boys and a little girl at a Jewish school.  France has the largest Jewish population on the continent.  France has had a lot of anti-Semitic acts for several years.  Just in the past year of 2011 French Jews have been victims of knife attacks, severe beatings, the carving of a Swastika in the hand of a young girl and 3 arson attacks among other violetnt incidents.  Most of the perpetrators were Muslims.  In some government high school textbooks was found bashing  Israel.  The French BDS movement announced in 2012 that Israel was a racist and Apartheid state, something I've written about proving this is a terrible lie on this website.  Jean Marie Le Pen, of the National Front Party in 2012 refused to take back his "WWII gas chambers were an "insignificanat detail." 

In Sweden, where my maternal grandmother was born and raised, the city of Malmo has been taken over by Muslims who have brought about much anti-Semitism against Jews who managed to get there after the Holocaust.  I even got on their English newspaper and wrote letters defending Israel and saw what the replies were like.  Horrible!  They have had a failure of the authorities there to protect the Jews, who are now moving out no matter what their homes are selling for.   Sweden then has published in 2011 an anti-Israeli brochure accusing the Jewish state of "ethnic cleansing."  Sweden has become the new center of anti-Semitism.  To me this is a great shock showing that people there are not reading and finding out any real facts .  When 1.4 million Arabs are citizens of Israel along with the Jews, who can say they have ethnically cleansed their state?  In fact, Jews found Israel as a Jewish state because of all the deplorable acts they have had to endure.  It is a refuge, and Jews did not cleanse another people out.  Swedes, get busy and read some history. 

Resource: Europe and the Jews 2012:  Dramatic Rise in Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Prejudice-a Simon Wiesenthal Center Secial Report by Dr. Harold Brackman-March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monday's Toulouse, France Murderer Belongs to al-Qaida

Nadene Goldfoot
On Monday, a motorcyclist with helmet shot at close range and killed 3 children and a Rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse.  The killer, who turns out to be a Muslim, Mohammad "Meharin, had then called French TV stations after the  attacks and said he had avenged French participation in the Afghan war, the "suffering" of Gaza Palestinians and the Sarkozy government's ban on the veil in public places for Muslim women."  Police suspected he had videotaped his killings, and it turns out he had. 

Toulouse police stormed a house at dawn after a 12 hour siege where this al Qaeda gunman, Mohammed Merahin, 24 yr old  French Algerian  was hiding.  He shot and injured 3 policemen before admitting he committed the crimes for al Qaeda.  This killer trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He had been active in Forsane Alizze (Knights of Pride) , a 2 year old  extremist Islamic organization which was only outlawed in February for support of terrorism but had been identified before that with al Qaeda.  His 4 Jewish victims were buried in Jerusalem.

His home was only 2 km from the school.  He had also killed 2 French paratroopers and wounded a 3rd last Thursday.  His brother and his girlfriend were also arrested as his accomplices.  At the same time the police stormed his house, security police made swoops on extremist Muslim hideouts all across France. 

Claude Gueant, French Interior Minister, said that the man was a suspect early on in the killings of the paratroopers.  The police had asked Merahin's mother to take up contact with him as part of police negotiations but had refused.  French foreign Minister Alain Juppe flew to Israel with the victims and attended the funerals as a mark of French-Israeli solidarity. 

Oregonian newspaper, March 21, 2012, page A6, Police exchange shots with suspect claiming al-Qaida ties
DEBKA-Toulouse (Muslim) school killer reported captured in police raid

The Zionist Dream and the United Nations

Nadene Goldfoot
To Jews, Zion refers to Israel.  It's a word used 152 times in our Tanakh "Bible."  In the 10th Centery BCE it started as a reference to the 2 eastern hills in Jerusalem and then came to mean all of Jerusalem and finally, all of ancient Israel.  When pioneers made their way out of Eastern Europe in the 1800's CE to return to the land, they called themselves Zionists.  They had high hopes of creating a marvelous Utopia.  For 2,000 years Jews have prayed daily for a return to Zion. 

Way back in January 1976, the Jewish Digest came out with an article about the anti-Semitic actions of the United Nations.  They had a vote that equated Zionism with racism.  This charge could not be more absurd.  What liberation movements are equal to Zionism's moral credentials?  The General Assembly had passed Resolution 3379 on November 10, 1975. 

Zionism is more than a political movement.  It's an expression of the Jewish religious belief and hope, geared to the more important aspects of Jewish faith.  It is the liberation movement of the Jewish people in modern times.  Its thrust has been and continues to be humanitarian and egalitarian (a belief in human equality; in social, political and economic rights and priviledges.-a social philosophy  advocating the removal of inequalities among men without becoming communistic.)  This all happens to be the very opposite of racism.

In fact, people have tried to make out that our people are a race, and in their hatred against us have been racists, and we have suffered from such racism ourselvles.  Isn't that why Hitler wanted to exterminate all the Jews in the world?  To him, racially, we were inferior.   In fact, Judaism is a religion and not denied to other people who wish to join us.  It may have started with the family of Abraham and Sarah, but they were living together with unrelated people who also took Abraham's new faith and belief, and this in turn became a tribe, then a clan, and so on till the people wound up in Egypt as slaves, joined by many others from all parts of the world.  These people were given the order to live in Canaan, and that's where they do best, their gifts of creativity and thinking are multiplied there. 

No doubt the surrounding 22 Arab nations' leaders were quaking in their boots hearing about such a state in their midst.  It's a wonder that the Arab Spring took 35 years to come about and rebel against their status in life. 

Zionism became an urgent movement with the massacre of European Jewry in the Holocaust where one-third of the Jewish people were slaughtered.  The United Nations, in voting that Zionism is racism, was terribly offensive to Jewish religioius sensibilities.  One must realize that Zionism and the Jewish religious faith is inseparable.  Vilification of Zionism is an attack against the central values of the Jewish religious faith.  The attack is geared against Israel and is inspired by an anti-Jewish animus, an ancient hatred.  "It is a spiritual expression of our Jewish fidelity to the biblical covenant which links a people, their faith and a land in an indissoluble religious unity"

The old anti-Semitism denied Jews their personhood, and this new anti-Semitism denies the Jewish people their nationhood.  Basically, Communists and Arab countries have joined in this attack, either out of ignorance of the Jewish religion or out of political necessity.  Those that have only bring dishonor and shame on themselves.

Resolution 3379 was revoked December 16, 1991, and is the only resolution that has ever been revoked at the UN.  However, religious leaders of Islam, such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi, continue to revile Zionism for leading to the creation of Israel and has now called a fatah to kill all Jews everywhere.  He has a following of at least 60 million owing to his TV programs on al-Jazeera. 

The Jerusalem Post, a newspaper out of Israel, is holding their annual conference after Passover,  "Fighting for the Zionist Dream" with Meir Dagan, former head of the Mossad, whose topic is For and against bombing the nuclear reactor in Iran, Gabi Ashkenazi, former Chief of Staff of the IDF, whose topic is The Arab world; spring or fall? Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz, lawyer and defender of Israel in many books and speeches, whose topic is Why is the international media afraid of Israel? Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel from 2006-2009,  and Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to USA.  Others attending will be Steve Linde, Caroline B. Glick, David brimm, Yaakov Katz, Herb Keinon, Naomi Ragen and many others.  They will be meeting in New York. 

Resource: Jewish Digest, January 1976, out of Bridgeport, CT  by Synagogue Council of America

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

European Union's Catherine Ashton Wins Chutzpah Prize: No Understanding of Terror Attacks and Being the Victim

Nadene Goldfoot
The Foreign Policy chief of the European Union, the British Labor politician, Catherine Ashton, had the Chutzpah to compare this recent shooting attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse where 3 children and a teacher were murdered at point blank range with others wounded seriously and the children in Gaza who are accidently caught in the line of shooting from Israel's planes because the terrorists hide out among urban centers for their own protection.  Israel double checks and must have permission before bombing with people who watch out for these things, but sometimes there have been children in the area anyway.  It's something Israel tries hard to avoid.  The attacks from Israel have come only after much bombing on Israel has occurred and feels it must protect its own citizens.

Ashton doesn't think about the thousands of Israeli children who spend their lives in bomb shelters from these same Gaza missiles and who also aspire for a better future against all odds.  Only Israel's protective steps have kept the fatalities of Israelis down, unlike what happens in Gaza, whose terrorists glorify such a thing. 

What is wrong with her?  Is she so afraid to remark that it is terrible as to what has happened in France? 
Now that her comment has gone viral, she's saying it was taken out of context.  It remains a comparison between killers and victims showing no difference.  The slaughter in Toulouse remains an act of anti-Semitism, regardless of whether the killer on the motorcycle was a Nazi, as many now think with some good evidence, or a  maddened Frenchman.  Her statement certainly doesn't help to cure the state of such a disease.  It's like opening up Pandora's box and letting out all the hateful mongers who want to see Israel driven into the sea..  If she doesn't want to see the difference and holds it up in comparison, what can we hope for the rest of the EU? 

Resource: Aruktz Sheva: with video

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Response to Jewish School's Attack in Toulouse, France

Nadene Goldfoot
The populaton of France is 65,821,885.  Of these, 19% are foreign born with 42%  of the 19% coming from Africa.  About 550,000 Jews are living in France, which is the largest Jewish population in Europe today.  Jews make up only less than 1% of the world population.  There has been a lot of anti-Semitism in France  lately. The largest religous group are Roman Catholics with Islam  numbering as the 2nd highest religion there today with the Pew forum estimates of 4.7 million Muslims in 2010.

 A man on a motorbike had been killing and terrorizing the city and surrounding area in SW France 3 days before an attack Monday morning on a Jewish school.  Three of the 4 killed there were children and was the 3rd attack on unarmed people in the past week.  In 1982 there was an assault on a Paris kosher restaurant, and this is the deadlist attack on Jews since then. 

Rabbi Yonatan  "Jonathan" Sandler, 30,  of Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem, Israel and his sons, Aryeh, age 6 and Gavriel 3 1/2 were murdered.  Also, an 8 year old Miriam Monsonegro, daughter of the director of the school, was killed when the killer chased her into the concrete courtyard and stopping her by pulling her hair, then shooting her in the head.   Rabbi Sandler was serving as an Israel shaliach (emissary) at the school.  Two other children were shot and are seriously wounded. 

The killer fired on people waiting at a school drop-off point, then fled on his motocycle.  Surveillance around Jewish schools has been ordered to be increased by France's Interior Ministry.  The Chief Rabbi of France said he was horrified. 

Three days earlier 3 French paratroopers were shot dead 30 km away from this city.  The method and person seemed to be the same in the Jewish killings.  The paratroopers were either all Arab or black and it looks like they were targed on purpose. 

Monday, March 19, 2012
Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Following the Terror Attack

in Toulouse, France Today (Monday), 19.3.12(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

“Today we had a savage crime in France that gunned down French Jews, among
them children. It’s too early to say what the precise background for this
act of murder is, but I think that we can’t rule out that there was a strong
murderous anti-Semitic motive here. I’m sure that Nicolas Sarkozy, the
President of France, and his government will do their utmost to find the
killer and we, in Israel will do everything to help them in this task.
I haven’t heard yet a condemnation from any of the UN bodies but I have
heard that one such body, the UN Human Rights Council, invited on this very
day a senior representative of Hamas – on this day, when we had the savage
murder, they chose to invite a member of Hamas. This particular individual
condemned the United States for disposing of the arch-murderer Bin Laden,
and he represents an organization that indiscriminately targets children and
grown-ups, and women and men. Innocents - is their special favorite target.
They kill Jews anywhere – that’s their constitution – kill Jews wherever you
find them – that’s what tey do. And this is what the Human Rights Council
decided to do today – to bring in to its quarters a member of Hamas. So I
have one thing to say to the UN Human Rights Council: What do you have to do
with human rights? You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

What Netanyahu is referring to is the charter of Hamas that calls for the death of all Jews, the same message that the Muslim Brotherhood has and Qaradawi, religious leader of Qatar as well as other places. 

Resource: Oregonian newspaper March 20, 2012  page A6 Motorbike gunman kills 4 at Jewish school
Bibi's Response to Outrage in France-IMRA Statement,  forwarded from Tamar Boussi
Toulouse: Rabbi Yonatan Sandler and his Children among the Dead by Gil Ronen

Sunday, March 18, 2012

USA Dependent on 2003 Intelligence Assessment of Iran Having Nuclear Capabilities

Nadene Goldfoot
Iran got into the nuclear program in the 1950's with the USA's help which sponsored the "Atoms for Peace Program." 

The USA and the Western European government were involved in their program until 1979 when the Shah of Iran was toppled by the Iranian Revolution that put the Ayatollah in power.  The atomic program was temporarily halted and revived with some Western assistance.  They then created several research sites, 2 uranium mines, a research reactor and uranium processing facilities including 3 known uranium enrichment plants.

Bushehr I reactor was finished with major assistance from the Russian government agency "Rosatom" and opened on September 12, 2011.  Iran announced it is now working on a new 360 MW nuclear power plant located in Darkhovin.  It will be seeking more medium-sized nuclear power plants and uranium mines in the future. 

By November 2011 the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors had rebuked Iran following their report about how Iran had undertaken research and experiments geared to develop at nuclear weapons capability.  Their report outlines in depth their detonator development, multiple-point initiation of high explosives and experiments involving nuclear payload integration into a missile delivery vehicle.  Iran rejected the report as it does with all things such as the Holocaust and accused the IAEA of pro-Western bias and threatened to not cooperate with them. 

The United States is saying that they are depending on a 5 year old intelligence assessment from 2007 asserting that Iran stopped secret work in developing nuclear arms way back in 2003.  From everything they have been threatening, like the destruction of Israel, the little Satan, and the USA, the big Satan, this sort of thinking is just plain unbelievable! 

Just in the past 3 months, Iran has almost tripled the amount of devices that produce 20% uranium.  They had 700 centrifuges strung together in 4 separate series.  Currently they are running 9,000 centrifuges, a jump from 8,000 one month ago.  Now they are churning it out at a rate of about 14 kg, or nearly 30 lbs  a month.  This comes from the International Atomic Energy Agency  (IAEA).  The IAEA has reported these increases. It is a part of the UN, reporting to the UN General Assembly. It has a staff made up of 2,300 from 100 countries with a 35 member board. 

Of course their weapons-making is not being confirmed by the UN.  The UN is top-heavy today with Middle East countries who are not about to cross Iran while they all vie for power.  Iran is not made up of Arabs but Persians, and they have had their disagreements in vying for power, such as the Iran-Iraq War back in the 80's.   Anyway, they realize that Iran's goal in life is to destroy Israel and they also back that goal  Next would be the USA and its Western culture which is the opposite of their goal in life. The UN is not taking the IAEA's word, at least not for public consumption.

Aluf Meir Dagan, recently retired Mossad chief has commented on a TV news interview that Iran possesses many sites for their nuclear work.  The newspaper sites 3 major ones this morning.

1.Main Natanz Site in central Iran, 25 feet underground, protected  by 2 concrete walls.  This is where the enrichment centrifuges are all concentrated, it is believed. 

2. Fordo facility, 40 miles south of Tehran, Now shifting some operations dug into this mountain site south of Tehran that is more heavily fortified, protected by 330 feet of rock, surrounded by anti-aircraft batteries, other defenses run by Revolutionary Guard.   Has 800 centrifuges enriching to 20% level.  They have about 2,000 more centrifuges partially assembled. 

3. Parchin military compound SE of Tehran where high-explosive tests happened when simulating blasts needed to set off nuclear chain reaction.  To have a working nuclear warhead, highly enriched uranium or plutonium is only part of it.  Tests are needed to make sure containment casings and triggers are working.  The IAEA has asked to see this site and have been denied.  They suspect that high-explosive tests happened here from blasts known about. 

Britain, France, Germany, Israel and other US allies are suspicious that activities have gone past 2007s assessment but not the USA.  Our allies all feel that isolated and sporadic activities may be ongoing as the IAEA has already reported.  I'd bet that Israel feels it's been happening even more than that.

Many fear that Iran will have a nuclear warhead in less than a year.  They've stockpiled 5.5 tons of uranium already enriched to 3.5% levels, enough to power reactors and at least 90% is needed to produce material for a bomb.  They've created about 250 lbs of 20% enriched uranium needed to fuel a medical research reactor in Tehran.

3.5% enriched uranium is enough to turn into cores for 4 warheads if further enriched.  To enrich a single warhead, 4 months with centrifuge equipment is needed says David Albright, nuclear expert.  Their stockpile of 20% is half the amount needed for a warhead.  At the pace today, they will reach that goal by the end of the year.  20% material can be converted to weapons-grade faster than lower level uranium.  It would be a crude device with no means of delivery.  Mounting it on a missile would take another 6 months to a year, he told AP.  Has he considered that another group might be working on this goal? 

Israel feels that there is just one window available to bomb these sites.  Dagan disagrees with Netanyahu in that he would rather the USA do the bombing.  He would like to see a regime change so they wouldn't keep the same goal to destroy Israel-and accept a Jewish state in the Middle East.  It's chancy.  Is the glass half full or half empty?  Iran already has had one try at changing and the people were put down quickly with the USA staying out of it.  Dagan sees it as a futile task for Israel with terrible repercussions.  The USA is also saying not to bomb these sites. 

Oh yes, Iran is the 4th largest oil producer in the world.  It is OPEC's 2nd largest with Saudi Arabia being the 1st.  They certainly do need atomic energy in their country, don't they? 

Resource: Oregonian newspaper page A13, Iran weapons-making not confirmed by U.N. by George Jahn AP 3/18/12

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Harvard and Its Middle East Outreach Center for Who?

Nadene Goldfoot
Harvard is known for its production of great lawyers.  It is supposed to be the creme de la creme of universities.  It's in competition with Yale.  They may be accepting finances from a very one sided group, a group very anti-Israel.  Why else would they accept  only one viewpoint of Israel's existence in today's society?   They're not showing any critical understanding at all.

Harvard's so called 'Middle East Outreach Center's platform is to promote "a critical understanding of the diversity of the Middle East region."  The director turns out to be the  anti-Israel Paul Beran, an activist promoting the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.  This group's reading list favors the anti-Zionist writings of Edward Said (Arab) and Ilan Pappe (Israeli Prof all for 1 state solution, sort of Britain's Noam Chomsky).  It promotes the film, "Occupation 101", an anti-Israel piece of propaganda with Noam Chomsky and Richard Falk, extremists against Israel.  Speakers from this group talk only from the Palestinian perspective and dismiss the Israeli position. 

The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is not what it appears.  It really is an activist group that is one of the 10 most anti-Israel organizations in the USA.  Beran promotes his BDS movement and has bonded with this group. 

Worst of all, Beran tells the anti-Semitic lie of Jewish or Israeli control of the American Government.  He urges Harvard to believe that Dan Halutz, former Israeli Chief of Staff, is a war criminal.  He's a speaker to the Presbyterians, who accept the BDS movement.  There he has compared Israel's sovereignty over Judea and Samaria to the Roman occupation.  In his speech to a Christian audience, he said, "How would Joseph and Mary get to Bethlehem with the now 25-foot high Separation Wall in their way? 

The Outreach of Harvard influences Boston high schools.  In their outreach programs they are using The Arab World Studies Notebook, revised in 1998, which is full of errors and misrepresentations about Middle East history.  It not only teaches about Islam but is proselytizing for it.  The book is just full of lies about Israelis, saying Israeli soldiers murder Arab women and children in cold blood. and calls it a genocidal aggressor state. 

The state of Massachusets has wised up and denounced the textbook as a manipulative and distorted political agenda on unsuspecting teachers. 

In this way, Harvard and its past 'One-State Solution Conference" held a week or so ago means Harvard could be endorsing a policy that will lead to the elimination of the state of Israel as it has been heading that way for the past 10 years.  The Center is operating with Harvard's name.  Is this really what they all promote? 


Twisting Facts About Israel and "Palestinians": Who's David and Who's Goliath? Academics Need a History Lesson No Longer Bastions of Critical Thinking

Nadene Goldfoot
How many people realize that both Jews and Arabs living in Israel before 1948 were called "Palestinians?"  The Jewish family that lived on our block in Portland, Oregon, the Padrows, were Palestinians from Tel Aviv.  He was not only a druggist but dentist as well, and their son, Ben, wound up teaching at Portland State in Speech and Drama.  Ben was the editor of the Jewish Review for several years as well.  Their daughter, Joan, was my playmate and friend.  While in grammar school she was tested and found to be the brightest in the school.  What brought them to Portland?  Probably Arab uprisings in 1929 and a brother living in Portland already who was teaching Hebrew. 

Both the Jews and the Arabs were given a chance to have their own country, and the Jews accepted the offer.  The piece of land they were offered turned out to be much smaller than what they had been promised originally by the British, but they took what they could.  The Arabs, on the other hand, refused.  They refused because they wanted it all.  They wanted it all because they didn't want the Jews to have any, and they wanted what they had.  It wasn't important to them to have a country, anyway.  They had only wanted jobs. 

It was the Jews who needed their own homeland.  They had been wanderers for 2,000 years after losing this very land to the Romans, and life for them for 2,000 years was not very nice.  It ended with the Holocaust where 6 million were slaughtered, but that was not known to the leaders to who accepted the offer from the British, though they knew at the time that many Jewish lives had been  lost because they didn't have their own land. 

Jews are the smallest religious group of the major three religions.  Jews make up only less than 1% of the total world population.  They are almost extinct.  Israel, created May 14, 1948, came into being as a haven for these remaining Jews.  Germany almost carried out their vile goal of their extermination.  Now it seems that the Muslims, especially Iranians,  are trying to continue with that goal.  After all, Arabs were on the same side in WWII.

The "Palestinians" are telling the world that they are the underdog by saying that Israel is the Goliath and that they are the David.  Leave it to them to borrow from Jewish history such terms.  They've been claiming Jewish artifacts and holy sites in Israel as theirs as well.  In fact, their mosque, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, is built over the Jewish Temple.  It's their custom to do such things to declare dominence.

The intelligencia have been succored into believing such a tale being that little Israel has up to date weaponry and the Arabs up to the past few years have not.  Because of this and that the Jews regard  all life as precious has brought about few deaths for Israel while there have been more deaths on the Palestinian side.  That's because of their low regard for  life, shown by putting their missile launchers amid their own civilians.  Then they acheive the goal of garnishing negative publicity for those "terrible Israelis if their civilians are killed." 

Talk about Goliath!  The Muslims, who all  help the Palestinians, have 22 states just in the area of the Middle East.  In total, there are at least 48 Muslim majority states in the world; 49 if you count the "Palestinians" of Judea, Samaria and Gaza who are not the state of Palestine as yet because of their own negativity.  There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world.   Egypt's population alone has 79,089,650 or more today.  Israel has 7,590,758. Of these, 1.4 million are Israeli Arab citizens.

 About 311,100 Jews live in Judea and Samaria, 18,100 live in the Golan Heights and  186,929 live in East Jerusalem.  New York City has about 8,008,278 people.  Tel Aviv-Yafo has 3.219 million, Haifa has 1.027 milllion and Jerusalem, the capital, has 768,000.  We're lucky if we have 6 million Jews, the very number we lost in the Holocaust and the same number that Moses led out of Egypt to the Promised Land.

The land making up Israel is 10,840 sq miles. That includes Judea and Samaria.  Without it the land is only 8,000 square miles.  It's slightly smaller than New Jersey .  Only 17% of the land is arable.  It's 260 long, 60 miles at the widest, and 3 to 9 miles at the narrowest.  This is a very small piece of real estate.   California has 160,222 sq miles. 

As for the Palestinians, 200,000 to 570,000 Arabs needlessly left their homes when their Arab co-horts attacked Israel in 1948 so as not to be in the way of the victorious Arab armies in their planned massacre of the Jewish defenders.  Their leaders told them to leave.  When they did not win, these same people were told to remain in refugee camps.  Some had only been in the area for 2 years or less.  If they had been here for 2 years, they were deemed "refugees" by the British who were keeping the records.  Needless to say, these same British were  quite anti-Jewish.  The Arabs had come to the Jewish sites looking for work.   160,000 Arabs had not fled, and they have become the Arab citizens.  200,000 had left. 

From 1949 to 1950 , 700,000 Jews living in Arab countries such as Yemen were driven from their homes and fled to Israel.  Israel assisted them in getting there and this was called "Operation Magic Carpet".  Israel immediately found room for them and got them settled and helped. 

What used to be a center for learning has become a political time bomb.  I'm talking about universities, where  academic freedom is now a one-way street.  Only those with "correct opinions" may be heard.  Protests against Israel qualifies as "academic "speech," but not for those defending Israel.  Students are learning that America is the big Satan and Israel the little Satan. 

Palestinians and their sympathizers are violating the same free speech rights they demand.  Examples are Israeli generals and politicians who have been threatened in Europe that they will be sued for crimes against humanity; IDF veterans (practically every male and female Israeli) disinvited from academic panels, and now pro-Israel professors that are accused on "intimidating" pro-Palestinian student groups.  Suddently, truth is intimidating. 

This has happened just recently at U of California at San Diego on 29th February 2012.  Divestment from Israel was finally  defeated, something the Palestinians were pushing.    They wanted to divest from GE and Northop Gruman for supplying parts of Apache Helicopters sold to Israel.  Israel was violating Palestinian human rights and thus expanding the occupation, they told people.  Never mind that it was they who were attacking Israel with missiles, mortars and rockets and that the helicopters were thus saving Jewish lives as a defense against slaughter!  A majority group were actively silencing pro-Israel professors with intimidation and legal threats.  It's a new low to happen on American campuses.  Efforts to exercise free speech and push back are being criminalized as "intimidation." 

Since Israel's inception, Israel has had to be defensive to exist.  It is constantly being attacked.  Israel has never started a war.  Israel has always wanted peace, while its neighbors want not only a piece of Israel's land but the whole state.  So far, little David's (Israel) slingshot finds its mark in defense while Goliath (Palestinians) isn't smart enough to live and let live without being the bully. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terrorists Hit Urban Centers While Israel Hits Terrorist Cells

Nadene Goldfoot
Egypt has brokered a cease fire between Gazan terrorists and Israel, and for agreeing the terrorists have been promised fuel from Egypt.  However, the terrorists haven't kept to the agreement which went into effect late Monday night and kept hitting Israel throughout the day on Tuesday!

Total Israeli injuries in the 4 day attacks are 8.  One Israeli was lightly injured on the hand  by flying glass on Tuesday evening in Netivot where a rocket landed.  11 people suffered from shock since the cease fire, but dozens suffered throughout the ordeal since March 9th.  This attack was after rockets slammed into the Ashkelon beach.

Terrorists shoot rockets into densely populated civilian areas and for themselves use human Gazan civilians as shields. Israelis mostly live in high rise apartments and have bomb shelters in each.  At least Safed does.  Everything comes to a stop when that 15 second warning siren is heard.  That's why few so far have been killed. 

In return as promised, IAF aircraft hit 2 terrorist centers in northern Gaza by Tuesday night.  Israel suffered from over 200 rockets hitting civilian centers, while Israel only targeted known terrorist cells and killed 27 Gazans, most of which were terrorists.  Again, Gazan civilians are accidently killed because they are too near the cells. They have their wounded from the attack as well. It's amazing to me that people wouldn't move away from them. Perhaps they're not allowed.

Reports are coming from leaders of Hizbullah and Hamas  that the terrorists' attack on Israel was coordinated by the Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood testing reactions.   Hassan Nasrallah of Hizbullah did meet with Hamas leader #2 Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk.  Their meeting on Monday night put the blame on Israel for the escalation.  Hamas says they are planning another "million-man" march on Israel the end of March. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari and Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cease Fire After 300+ Missile Attack Broken Quickly by Terrorists

A cease fire went into effect Tuesday at 1:00 am.  Five mortar shells and 2 kassam rockets fell into Israel at noon on Tuesday already after the cease fire was agreed.   Usually these kassams are fired into farming areas of the western Negev.  Supposedly the terrorists are trying to keep the "calm" with only firing 5 after a ceasefire, which is a joke.  Israelis in the area are disappointed that they are not treated with the seriousness that urban populations are.  Already several mortar shells had direct hits on building and caused deaths and feel that Israel's retaliation should have been stronger.  Ongoing atttacks are unacceptable.  The Western Negev has had thousands of mortar shell attacks for over the past 10 years.  Since 2005 when the IDF left Gaza, it has been even worse.

Egypt had to bribe Hamas to get them to agree to a ceasefire by offering them fuel.  The cease-fire only lasted for a few hours if that.  Gazan terrorists  cross into the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt to stage attacks on tourists and try to infiltrate into Israel with arms and explosives to use against civilian urban centers.   This new Egyptian regime is vocally anti-Israel but seems to try not to cross the USA because they are dependent on assistance. 

Israel's Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said there will be "quiet for quiet and fire against fire".  Israel just experienced over 300 rockets and missiles in the past 4 days.  The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted a majority of incoming missiles aimed at urban population centers.  Just as he spoke, a warming siren sounded in Western Negev.  They had already had a kassam rocket earlier which exploded in an open area.

Hospitals have been fortified against missiles and bombs with coatings on glass windows, a step that was already planned for. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu and Elad Benari , 4 separate articles

Monday, March 12, 2012

Terrorists Won't Stop Firing From Sinai; Warned Not to Use Fajr Missiles

Nadene Goldfoot
On Sunday, March 11, Israel  warned the PRC and Islamic Jihad terrorists strongly not to use the Kajr Missiles which could hit Tel Aviv, or Israel would take further steps.    These missiles, which started in China who had exported WS-1 to Iran in 1990, have become the Persian Dawn 5, an artillary rocket Iran has developed.  Aerospace Industries Org developed them.  They are unguided surface to surface artillery rocket system that they gave to Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 who fired them into Israel.  They went deeper than previous rockets with the longest range of all of them.  The range is 110 km or 68+ miles.  That's about the distance from Lincoln City on the coast to Beaverton or Tigard, Oregon. 

Right now they're striking within 25 miles from Tel Aviv.  An 80 year old Israeli woman in Ashdod is the latest injured. Cities have warning systems but may be only able to give 15 second warnings.  It's hard for the old to run fast enough.  I know I couldn't. 

Egypt has acted as mediator and tried very hard to get the Jihad terrorists to move out of the Sinai where they are using the peninsula as a launching pad.  This is why Israel is adamant about trying to stop them.  They are trying to force these Jihadists to give up hitting Israel.  So far over 200 missiles have been dropping on Israel.  It's been going on for too long. 

Resource:  sounds of missile attack

Chutzpah! Jewish shekel from 66 CE Claimed by PA Authority as "Palestinian"

Nadene Goldfoot
How can the PA ever be trusted and respected with all the shenanigans they pull?  One of the most galling ones is calling a recently discovered silver Judean Shekel coin a "Palestinian" coin!  They try to reinvent history with their lies.

The coin is from May 66 CE, the first year the Jews rebelled against Rome.  Jerusalem fell in 70 CE.  It is a shekel, the coinage Israel today calls its coins and paper bills, like the USA has dollars.  This coin was sold for $1.1 million this week at an auction in New York.  On it are the words in Hebrew "shekel of Israel and the year in Hebrew on the front and "Jerusalem the holy" on the back. 

The PA Authority daily wrote about it  in Al-Hayat Al-Jadid, March 4, 2012, and calls it an "ancient Palestinian coin" and as being part of the "Palestinian cultural tradition."  I guess they're hoping that their audience is ignorant to the fact that Judea  wasn't called "Palestine" until 135 CE when a brave Judean named Bar Kochba held a rebellion against the Romans and  lost.  The result was that the Romans changed the name of  Judea to Palestine as punishment for the Jewish rebellion. 

The PA has been busy trying to erase any evidence they can of the Jewish presence in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.  They try to claim all for their "Palestinian" heritage.  It's just amazing chutzpa at the utmost and is part of the problem of making peace.  It's a sign of the utmost animosity that prevails between the two  that is so hard to bridge.  The PA does not even recognize Israel's right to exist and calls any archaeological findings showing Israelis ancient past in the land a "political agenda."  Well, besides "The Bible" telling of our history, it is nice to find physical proof!  What will it take to make headway with Fatah and Hamas to prove we have returned home?  Whoever should be living in an ancient  Jewish land but the Jews themselves? 

Resource:;doc_id=6541 PA historical revision:  Judean shekel coin from 66 CE is ancient Palestinian coin" and part of the "Palestinian cultural tradition" by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Escalation of Missile Attacks in Israel: Cease Fire Up in Air: ASHKELON'S HOSPITAL AFFECTED

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas says a ceasefire will come soon, but the perpetrators think not.  Even the terrorists don't agree with each other!  So far, they have shot about 200 missiles into Israel but it is they who have lost the most by doing so.  18 terrorists were killed as well as 5 civilians so far.  On Monday 3 of the civilians were killed and 2 terrorists.  Israel's civilians have been injured, and over a million Israelis have been affected whose lives have come to a standstill in bomb shelters. 

In the meantime, Ashkelon's Barzali Hospital is moving children and mothers to bomb shelters.  Ashkelon is Portland's sister city.  They are sending home many patients as possible.  Otherwise, I've heard that they also have patient quarters in their basement.  The missile bombardment is moving from the south that has been pummeled to the north.  Ashkelon is close to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Beer-Sheba along the coastal road.  It links Egypt and Syria.  It's one of the oldest cities in the world dating back 4,000 years.  In their park one can see Greek and Roman ruins and remains of ancient synagogues.  It has a population of 120,000.

Gedara, south of Tel Aviv suffered from the attack on Monday.  There is a scarcity of Iron Dome systems to protect all of southern Israel.  Missile damage was sustained by several parked cars.  The IDF hit a terrorist cell by the afternoon in Gaza and terrorists report that a father and daughter were killed, but this has not been confirmed yet by the IDF.  This is one of the problems the IDF have of their ability to pinpoint a hit.  The terrorists purposely hide out among civilians so they can turn things around and blame Israel.  Every possible steps are taken by the IDF to not let this happen, but sometimes it does.

Hamas, who are not the killers this time but are in charge, wants Israel to promise to stop attacking "ticking bomb" terrorists who prepare rocket attacks on Israel.  This is ridiculous by any type of reasoning.  Instead of stopping these killers, they put the onus on the targets.  Israel had already warned that they "will carry out pre-empitve measures to protect" Israel.  The PA, from Ramallah, said it will ask the UN to condemn counter terrorist actions, and call this "terror."  Whatever do they call the feelings Israelis have of this Russian-type of roulette?    In other words, the Arabs want the Israelis to stand still so they can be hit and don't fight back.  Whoever heard of such a slaughter  except when hunters out shooting ducks.

East of Ashdod and only 10 miles from Israel 's major airport is Kiryat Malachi, whose warning sirens were shrieking. 
At the same time on Monday, which is the 4th day of Israel retaliating to the incessant bombing they have endured, the QUARTET,  USA, Russia, EU and UN met to talk about how to bring about a ceasefire.  The missiles have not let up. 

Arutz Sheva News Hospital moves infants to bomb shelter by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Weekend: Gaza Fired 150 Missiles at Israel: Iran Prods and Supplies Attack

Nadene Goldfoot
"Palestinians fired over 100 Grad missiles, rockets and mortars deep into Israel, wounding four civilians, one of them seriously. Three other people were injured while fleeing for cover. 27 of 29 Grad missiles launched at large cities were intercepted by Iron Dome."  Wikipedia  This just happened in the last few days starting on Thursday.

Most of the attacks followed an Israeli air strike on Zuhair al-Qaissi, commander of the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, a terrorist group with close ties to Hamas, and Mahmoud Hanini, a top field commander in the group. Al-Qaissi had overseen the 2011 southern Israel cross-border attacks, which killed eight Israelis including six civilians.Israeli officials said that he was preparing the final stages of a new mega-attack that could have claimed multiple lives.

In January 2012,  9 rockets and 7 missiles hit Israel in 14 separate attacks.  If one rocket had ever fallen in Portland or Gresham, you can imagine that the population would be in an uproar immediately.  It would not be tolerated.  Not only can death be a result, but fear most of all.  Life comes to a standstill.  Children and adults must flee within a 30 second warning to bomb shelters.  G-d forbid if one is caught in the bathroom!  Work stops.  Afterwards, when all is quiet, the people are not.  They are upset. 

February 8 rockets fell in Israel.

March, 3 rockets fell, a Qassam rocket was shot into Israel as well, and then another.  Purim experienced rockets falling.  Everyone knows it is Iran that is pushing the attacks and supplying the terrorists with these rockets, mortars and missiles. 
Iran has encouraged the Palestinians to continue their attacks on Israel.  At this moment, so far 150 missiles have been fired, but 40 of them landed in Gaza while 37 were stopped by Israel's Iron dome.  Hamas may not have shot them, but being the ruling party, are responsible for the attacks.  Israel thinks Gaza may continue this escalation.

Israel has sent its representative to the UN to ask them to stop the rocket attack.  This is a violation of international law, and the UN have done nothing about it. 

If the UN were really the office of preventing wars and encouraging people to get along, they would have reacted immediately to the first rocket fired from the Palestinian terrorists, whatever the group was from, into Israel and would have found measures to stop them.  That's what we believed they would do back at it's birth; the end to all wars, ever.  Firing missiles into a country is against international law.  The Arab League only condemned Israel for retaliating and trying to protect themselves by stopping the source.  This is why Israel had to take measures to stop them by hitting a Popular Resistance Committee "PRC" chief, Zuheir al Qaisi by hitting his vehicle. 

Resource:  first article about attacks this weekend,_2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Qatar Blasts Israel at Human Rights Council of UN

Nadene Goldfoot
The president of the UN General Assembly is Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar.  He has been President since September 14, 2011.  He spoke in Geneva, Switzerland as the opening speaker for the Human Rights Council.  193 member states were in attendance.  His speech was an attack on Israel at every meeting.  This man had been the former Ambassador to Jordan from Qatar. 

Al-Nasser was concerned about the "Arab Awakening diverting attention from this obstacle (Israel) in the face of international peace and stability".  He even had the audacity to say that "the Syrian people in the Occupied Syrian Golan (Golan Heights) " lack "freedom and dignity."  Evidently in his mind life would be much  better under Assad. 

Al-Nasser is chomping at the bit to undo Israel's membership in the UN evidently.  Israel was admitted on May 11, 1949 with 37 for and 12 against and 9 abstentions. 

Next speaker was Iran's foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi,  who also attacked America for burning Islamic holy books.  Didn't this "Human Rights" meeting have fun blasting  2 countries that actually do have human rights? 

This same Council does not get excited over acts of terrorism in the world.  In the past 10 years terrorist attacks were happening in New York, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Iraq and Jerusalem.  They were carried out by an extremist religious ideology.  Thousands of innocent people were killed.  The Human Rights Council never convened about one of them.  They didn't make any inquiries or resolutions. 

Yet when Osama Bin Laden was killed by the USA which was the justice he deserved, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, questioned the act.

When Hamas and Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets against civilians in southern Israel, the Council convened sessions, inquiries and reports condemning the victim, Israel, for defending itself when it lead to Operation Cast Lead. 

What did the Council do then?  They appointed Richard Falk, a man who the PA accused of being "a partisan of Hamas."  He was selected to be their Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights for 6 years.  Who is speaking for Israel, I ask? 

Resource: UN Watch