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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Syria and Israel: Continuous Confrontations Through Time

Nadene Goldfoot

Since April 2011 the Baath Party of President Bashar al-Assad has been in a Civil War with his people and over 60,000 have been killed.  This has been part of the Arab Spring.

Yesterday's report coming out of Israel was that Israeli citizens have been ordering gas masks.  Sighting has been going on in the Syrian village of As-Safira, which is home to one of 5 chemical weapons storage facilities.  There has been warnings from experts that Hizbullah could easily acquire Syria's chemicals  since Syria's hold on their country is deteriorating.  The Israeli government is following events with concern, and yesterday had 12 jets fly to almost as far as Damascus to take out a convoy of missiles that might also contain these chemicals.  4,000 gas masks have been distributed compared to the average of 1,400 per week.  In all, 4.7 million gas masks have been distributed.  The population of Israel is nearly 8 million according to Arutz Sheva.  Israel is only 8,000 square miles big and right up on the border of Syria.

Syria has 22,505,000 people who live on 71,500 square miles of which 90% are Sunni or Shi'a Muslims.  It's almost 9 times larger than Israel.  The name of this country was Aram back in the Bible days.  The kings of Aram didn't succeed in creating a homogeneous state.  The land was made up of many peoples from the vicinity who even would wander into Palestine after 135 CE.  The coastal strip had been settled by the Phoenicians.  The history is recorded in the Bible and also found in Part I and Part II of Kings.  There was ongoing friction and fighting between Israel and Judah with Syria until the 8th century BCE when Syria was overrun by the Assyrians, just as Israel was in 722 BCE.

Jews had been living in Antioch, and were important to the Seleucid era but suffered from the hostile Greeks.  A few Jews remained living in Syria in the Talmudic Period and under Theodosius II in 408-50 CE.  They had restricted religious freedom and many synagogues were converted to churches.

Actually, things got better with the Arab conquest of 634-7 CE when Jews were allowed to be Jewish but were forced to pay a poll-tax, something Muslims did with people not of their faith, and they were called dhminnis.  Benjamin of Tudela wrote about the largest Jewish communities in the 12th century which were at Aleppo with 5,000 Jews.  This is where the action is taking place today. After all this civil war fighting, the city is about completely destroyed.   Also, 3,000 Jews lived in Damascus and there were 2,000 in Palmyra.  Jewish settlements increased after the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 because Jews from Spain and Sicily found refuge there and they were able to work in trading between Europe and Asia.

By 1840, the Damascus Blood Libel was laid on Jews getting attention worldwide.  "In February, at Damascus, a Catholic monk named Father Thomas and his servant disappeared. The accusation of ritual murder was brought against members of the Jewish community of Damascus."  Jews suffered from such things  throughout the ages and never did such things.  In the first place, blood is abhorrent to Jews.  It is not something that can be eaten much less touched.  By 1920 after WWI the French held the mandate for Syria and Jews finally obtained equal rights which were lost in WWII under the Vichy regime.

 Jews then emigrated to the USA or Lebanon and Israel.  From 1943  the Jewish population grew from  almost 30,000  to about 14,000 by1947, and then more left because of the fighting against Israel.  There have still been Jews living today in Damascus.  By 1973 there were 4,000.  Syria remains anti-Israel with their policies and continued acts of hostility since 1948 when they joined other countries to fight against Israel.  It was Syria who was so extreme and wanted the 6 Day War.  That again turned out that Israel won the battle, defeated the Syrian army and occupied the Golan Heights where Syrians had been bombarding Israel homes and businesses.  Today there are 22 Jews living in Damascus.  I imagine they are quite old.  That's what is left of the Syrian Jewish population.

In; 1982 when I lived in Safed, Israel, our IDF had to enter Lebanon as the Palestinian terrorists were shelling constantly.  I lived very close to the border and remember seeing our convoy of trucks go up Safed's hill when I was going down in a bus.  Our friend, the Christian Major Hadad of Lebanon patrolled the border with us.  He took his R&;R in our army hospital where I wound up.  Hadad asked Sharon for permission to go into the Palestinian camps and take care of them and Sharon agreed.  It did not have a good outcome.  It was evidently some type of slaughter and Sharon had to take responsibility.  This is when Hezbollah was created.

Hezbollah are terrorists who are followers of the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini.  They are trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.  They are funded by Iran and Syria.  These are the people we must keep chemicals from reaching as they will use them on Israel.  They are right when they stated that " the strike aimed to prevent Arab and Muslim forces from developing their military capabilities"  Who in their right mind is going to allow them to be able to gas people as well as  shoot missiles into Israel?  Knesset member Tzachi Hanegbi didn't  admit that Israel  hit the convoy, but said "Israel's preference would be if a Western entity would control these weapons systems,"  As I understand, 12 jets flew over to do the job.  Syria says they hit a scientific research center NW of Damascus and 10 miles from Lebanon's border.  Somehow that center looked an awful lot like a convoy of trucks carrying anti-aircraft weapons meant to use on Israel.

Resource:  Arutz Sheva
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

Convoy of Missiles Stopped by Israeli Jets Following Possible Fordow Explosion

Nadene Goldfoot
Although most countries including the USA are denying  any knowledge about any explosions occurring at Fordow, , the site used to enrich uranium in Iran, the Iranian Fars News Agency's headline today was:


They are preparing for the most dangerous events, they said.  Now what could have brought that on?  Being that the news service out of Iran is state controlled, they're keeping silent about whatever caused an explosion.  Suddenly they have had their intelligence service arrest the information network connected to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation.)

Could it be because their plot to have missiles brought to Syria through Lebanon was foiled by Israel knowing about it and bombing the convoy of missiles yesterday?  Those missiles and any chemical weapons they may get into the hands of Hezbollah through a dying Syrian government has to be stopped.

Delays in talks with Britain, China, France, Russia, USA and Germany have now taken place, which disappoints the countries.    Iranian currency has suddenly dropped another 20% in value.

Still, Jay Carney at the White House denies any such reports and said  they they did not believe that the report was credible.  The reason may be that if Iran feels they have lost any negotiating power with the Atomic Energy Commission they won't communicate with them at all, for whatever good they may be doing.  No doubt they certainly weren't deterring Iran from their goal.  

Reports that have sifted through the lines say that a few North Koreans were some of the 200 trapped in Fordow from from the explosion, perhaps experts from that country's atomic works.  North Korea seems to be working on developing a nuclear warhead and deliverable missile system as well.  How close they are to their goal has also not been determined.  The IAEA must have just been to Fordow as they are saying that they didn't see anything and know nothing about the explosion.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Possible Fordow Explosion Denied by Iran with Updates

Nadene Goldfoot                                                            
   Fordow nuclear facility awaits Russian specialist in Iran

"A request was made to [Hezbollah chief Hassan] Nasrallah to vacate southern Lebanese villages.
Islamic Republic Guards are on their way there. A decision has been made to prepare for missile launch from a certain area in Lebanon against Israel,” he said."
This was said after Fordow in Iran suffered a huge explosion last week on the eve of Israel's elections and Israel is now being blamed after much denial from Iran.  So far, nobody has been hurt from the blast except the facility itself.

It was just last Tuesday that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) met in Tehran, Iran for 2 days and discussed differences of opinion over the possible military dimension of Iran's nuclear program.  Nothing was decided.  The agency was not granted admission to Parchin, another nuclear installation.  
Then a "WND report blows the Iran nuke program wide open with an article by Reza Kahlili.  .Reza Kahlili, author of the award-winning book "A Time to Betray",who served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; and currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board authorized by Congress and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI). He regularly appears in national and international media as an expert on Iran and counter-terrorism in the Middle East. "

Jay Carney at the White House refuses to believe that the report about the explosion is reliable.  Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization dismissed the explosion claim as “Western propaganda,” However, it is the Iranian dissident-turned CIA operative Reza Kahlili, who said a massive blast rocked Iran’s key Fordow nuclear installation which is the center of the Iranian nuclear program.  Jay may be thinking that this is all just an excuse for Iran to get out of attending a meeting at the end of this month.  

The Times of London's Israeli reporter, Sheera Frenkel has confirmed the explosion through her own independent sources.    Israel has already said that where there is no loss of life such as this has been reported is the best.  As if nuclear power isn't enough of a threat, - Jill Bellamy van Aalst, a biological warfare threat analyst,  reports that Iran is also into biological warfare.  This was reported in the Washington Times on January 25th.  

Iran would feel they have the upper hand if their main installation, Fordow was about to reach their goal of producing enough uranium for an atomic weapon.  If there was an explosion, this may set them back months or more.  It is the best thing to have happened as it would alleviate Israel's worries right now.  We can only hope.  If they don't want people to know, there would be very difficult to get confirmation.  If all this is true, then Israel now has to be prepared from attacks from Syria by the Iranians.  

Resource:  Exclusive Report, biological warfare
Update: 1/29/13 8:30am
Update: 1/29/ 1:50pm; Reporting that this large explosion  took place under a mountain that is hard to get to.  Reporter Kahili must keep face covered all the time to repel reprisals.  Workers were trapped, elevators and stairs collapsed.  USA not accepting event.  "Now, with defector Hmidrza Zaakiri adding his voice to the story, it appears that there has been some smoke at Fordow, and we only need to find out how much fire created it."

Britain Goes Anti-Semitic on Holocaust Day

Nadene Goldfoot
G-d forbid that the Islamists in Great Britain would think that Britain does not love them.  Evidently the Brits do not care what Jews who might still be there feel, from what was just said.

David Ward, b: July 8, 1938 member of Prime Minister David Cameron's governing Liberal Democrat coalition and a university president, made a speech on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was yesterday.  He said that he has visited Auschwitz twice and was saddened that Jews, who suffered so much are now inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new state of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza. I've heard the same comment from a former Muslim friend.

That should be considered a crime to say such a thing.  We Jews are taught in the Ten Commandments not to spread such lies.  This can only be said by a man who doesn't know what he is talking about and has been brainwashed by his fellow friends, who most likely include a few Islamists.

He called Israel's government an "apartheid regime" and it is the only Democratic government in the Middle East and is made up of Jews and Palestinian Arabs, so it certainly isn't apartheid.  However, it is the only Jewish nation in the world.  Britain itself is an Anglican nation.  There are 48 Muslim countries in the world today.   During London's 2012 Olympics, David Ward encouraged anti-Israel protests at venues where Israeli athletes would be playing or participating.

The Sunday Times of London followed suit and published an anti-Semitic cartoon showing Netanyahu with a hooked nose building a wall out of Arab body parts using blood as mortar.  This is just like the Nazi propaganda!  Note that this came out on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and they commemorated it by giving voice to imagery that made the Holocaust possible.

My outrage has been joined by others in Britain as he is now going to be disciplined for his words and actions.  A formal complaint has been made by whip Alistair Carmichael and the Educational Trust.  .  

Anti-Semitic acts have been happening more often in Europe so much that many of Malma, Sweden's Jews have had to leave.  Reports come from every country.  As a country, Great Britain has been anti-Semitic for the past 1,000 years or more, but individual people have not.  Britain held the mandate after WWI and promised land from the Ottoman Empire to the Jews for the creation of the Jewish Homeland and then changed course in the middle of everything by giving away 80% of that land to Arabs who also thought they should be paid in kind for their cooperation in fighting the Ottomans.  Brits showed their antagonism towards the Jews during their stay until they left in 1948.  One would think they could get over it, but evidently not, when the government leads the way.  It's enough to have done serious harm for Israel, though, even with his weak apology.


Ahmadinejad and Khamenei Plot to Destroy Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Yesterday Muslims met in Tehran at their 26th International Conference on Islamic Unity. Both Shi'a and Sunni attended from 102 countries.   Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was there as a speaker.  Was it a coincidence that they met on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day?  While Pope Benedict XVI spoke saying that humanity must always be on guard against a repeat of murderous racism, Iran's leaders were saying the opposite.

Ahmadinejad said that their goal should be "terminating the issue of Zionism:"  in other words, to uproot Zionism.  To uproot something is to take the root out.  He advocates the removal of Israel.  He called Israel words like corrupt, uncultured, murderous, occupiers and killing oppressed people and he didn't want to sit idly by or have others be idle about it.

Is he the leader of this goal?  He bows to Mohammad to get the Muslim world united, so he is looking for such a leadership.  Evidently he's depending on Islam which would bring in the Mahdi, a savior who will appear before the appearance of Jesus. The Mahdi is a man.   He is the Islamic redeemer who will rule before the end of times, a messianic deliverer who will fill the Earth with justice and equity, restore true religion (Islam) , and usher in a short golden age lasting seven, eight, or nine years before the end of the world. This is a major part of the Shi'a Islamists which Iran follows.

The United States did not get by without his criticism, either.  Global economy is led by the USA, according to him.  The USA aims to transfer the money of the world nations into the pockets of certain governments.  Well, that has been going on for some time with Empires who have done that, including Muslim countries run by Kings and such..  The USA is not an empire.  He calls the USA the enemy of humanity.  So he wants a call for liberation of all world nations from the reign of Zionists.  He got back to his theme of Israel controlling the whole wide world again.

All this comes from the Holocaust denier who claims that the Holocaust was just a fictitious story.  .  Last year he told a German TV that the Holocaust was a colonialist plan that resulted from a lie that Israel uses to put down Palestinian Authority Arabs  He tells everyone that Jews never were rulers of this land.

Ahmadinejad is guilty of believing his own lies.  He told people that "Israel was the axis of unity of the world hegemonic powers" and now he believes it himself.  The lies are almost funny but I cry when I hear them.  Another is that 400 years ago the Zionists were ruling the major world affairs and behind the scenes of major power circles in political, media, monetary and banking organizations in the world and have been the decision makers.

The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic also states to all that Israel would be wiped off the map.  He's saying this today, not back in 1947.  Only last summer he confidently stated that the "Palestinians" will eventually retake control of their motherland. He also stated that the superfluous and fake Zionist regime will disappear from the landscape of geography.   Both men completely disregard historic facts when tossing about these lies.  They try to rewrite history.

Are either of these men listening to Obama who is not too happy about joining Israel in defense against Iran's seemingly realistic plot to destroy Israel?  Are these Iranians alleviating Israel's worry about being hit with an A bomb? Quite the contrary.  They're saying things to really worry Israel and feel that soon they will become a target.  Let's face it.  Israel is a lot closer to Iran than the USA is.

What I see is a large nation of Iran extremely jealous of Israel's ability to return home once again and their accomplishments.  Israel is showing up all the Muslim nations in technology.  This is not a good show to people following Islam.  Here they're being shown up by a teeny nation that is now 7 million against Iran's 76,923,300 plus population.  How is it that these Israelis can do so much?  There are only 6 million Jews in Israel.  As for world population, Jews make up only 0.03% of the world.

What I also see is a religious group being stirred up by extremists in their midst that intend to destroy Israel and have been trying ever since Israel's existence for the past 64 years with Israel coming out on top.  The things that they said about Jews and Israel were lies they use to pardon their own inadequacies.  What their leaders threaten to do should be taken as seriously as Israel takes it.  Like the rattlesnake, many people warn first before they strike.  It builds up their courage.

Update-1/28/13:  9:28pm Israeli Acting Defense Minister Avi Dichter stating that, “Any explosion in Iran that doesn’t hurt people but hurts its assets is welcome.”
Israel’s biggest daily, Yediot Ahronot, led its Sunday paper with a headline: “The most significant incidence of sabotage in the Iranian nuclear program to date.”
Resource:  on Islamic conference
Update: 3:24pm

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Israel Keeping From Atlantis' Fate

Nadene Goldfoot
"Atlantis was the land of the Minoan culture, namely ancient Crete. The Minoan culture spread its dominion throughout the nearby islands of the Aegean, more than 1500 years BC."

The story of Atlantis first made history through Plato (424-347 BCE)  who described Atlantis as a vast island-continent west of the Mediterranean in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Plato, a Greek philosopher, was a mathematician and student of Socrates.  He first heard the story from another Greek who told about the island of Critias  that was destroyed by a cataclysmic event.  In turn, he had borrowed the story from Solon, a Greek ruler who had visited Egypt in 590 BCE.  In turn, he had heard the story of the land of Kefiu that had an advanced civilization.

And so, a land that was highly civilized and technically advanced was destroyed.  I see a parallel with Israel, also a land that is highly civilized, the only Democracy in an ocean of upcoming and growing Muslim Sharia law who are also trying to drive Israel into the sea.

Having the advantage of studying the past 4,000 years of history, the Israelis are not about to let anything happen to their land.  They have withstood attempts to kill them off for the past 64 years and we pray that they will continue to survive for another 64 years times 18.

Today they are faced with extinction from the Iranians, an ancient enemy that was once Persia.  An underling of the King, Ahasuerus, Haman, almost had his way but his plot was discovered and he in turn was hung along with his own sons.  This story (Megilla)  is in the Bible.  The Babylonians had taken many Israelites into exile in their attack in 586 BCE, which was why Queen Esther, who was picked as the bride for the king,  lived there along with  other Jews in 478 BCE.  Esther and her uncle, Mordecai were of the tribe of Benjamin, noted for their good looks.

There are differences between Israel and Atlantis.  Israel would make a teeny grease spot in the ocean while Atlantis was huge.  However, Israel's affect on others is gigantic with all the discoveries it has been offering to the world.  It was created to be the light for other nations and has produced some amazing "lights," for out of Israel have come prophets, King David and his psalms, Jesus, Einstein, Nobel prize winners, etc. etc. Israelites were there 4,000 years ago and are there again as a nation among today's nations for the past 64 years.

"An Iranian diplomat who defected in Norway in 2010 warned Israel on Friday that." if the Iranians got the bomb they would use it against the Jewish state.   Netanyahu and the Knesset realizes their intentions and has more to worry about than the rest of the world.  Israel is their target, and the USA will be next on the list.  Israel is not being paranoid.  They are being most realistic.


Max Aaron: First Place Winner in USA Figure Skating

Nadene Goldfoot
Max Aaron, born in Scottsdale, Arizona,  did it again.  He won first place in the USA figure skating that was just seen on NBC.  He was also last year's winner in International Class skating.   He'll be 21 years old on the 25th of February and is 5'7" tall.

This young man started off as a little hockey player, but at the age of 9 years got interested in figure skating.  He said he puts the same effort in every competition he enters.  His sister is also a figure skater.  It must run in the family.  It's amazing that he does so well because four years ago he broke his back.

NBC Sports Special

Hateful Abbas Feeding Anti-Semitism to His People

Nadene Goldfoot
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik just exposed some facts going on with Fatah, the terrorist group that Abbas took over from Arafat.  Fatah lives in Judea and Samaria these days, having been kicked out of Gaza.  It is Abbas that Netanyahu has been pressured to make peace with.  Now Abbas wants to speak only with the newly elected to the Knesset.

Today on Israel's International Holocaust Day, the PA (Abbas's Fatah) kept pouring out messages of anti-Semitism to their people.  He has a film called "Fatah:  Revolution until Victory."  This movie started with terrible anti-Semitic viewpoints.

1.  It demonized Jews.
2. It's point was that Europe suffered a tragedy by providing refuge for the Jews."
3.  Having Jews live with them was a great burden on Europeans.
4. European couldn't bear their character traits, monopolies, corruption, control  in climbing up positions in government.
5. Zionism is a European plot to be rid of Jews.
6. Europe supported Balfour Declaration because it was a way to get rid of them.
7. Used year 1290 CE decree in England that banished Jews.

This all paints such a horrible picture of Jews that it's a wonder!  It backs such people as the Nazis in the Holocaust having cause to slaughter us all and it backs the action of the Muslims who want to follow in their footsteps.

What Abbas is not mentioning is why Jews had become such a pariah to Gentiles.  It has to do with Jesus and blaming Jews for his death, far more palatable than blaming the Romans.  As it turned out, Jerusalem was the biggest conquest Rome had had and the hardest to make fall.  At any rate, Christians have done their share of being anti-Semitic and causing the negativity of Europeans towards Jews.

The kings of different countries relied on the Jews to help out with their finances since such an occupation was not allowed for Christians as it was unworthy of them.  When countries were in trouble, the Jews were called back and filled certain positions which bailed them out.  That's what happened in Lithuania.  Jews were invited back. The same thing happened in England.  They found out Jews were actually needed.

Since 70 CE the remnant of Jews from the tribes of Judah, Levi and some of Benjamin have had a struggle to stay alive and maintain their religion of monotheism as taught by Moses which is called Judaism.  They haven't felt much of the love supposedly taught by the Christians until lately, mostly from the Evangelicals.  At least it has come in time of great need when the Muslims, who only treated their cousins unfairly and took advantage of them by placing them in dhimmi status (2nd-3rd class citizens).  Now the Muslims are out to destroy all Jews as they can't accept one little Jewish state in their midst.  Having such an example of democracy in a sea of kingship's has given them too many ideas.  They can't compete with the inventions that come out of an Israel  which is under constant attack, either,  which is so often.  That's because they are so imbued with hate that the only thing they create and spend money on are bombs, missiles and rockets, and now with Iran trying to create an atomic bomb.

The history Abbas shows in this film is partially right in the events of attitudes towards Jews.  The reasons are wrong.  This is precisely why Israel was created. There has been enough hatred from a world that will not allow Jews to live in peace.  That's why at the end of WWI when the Ottoman Empire fell the world decided it was time to take that land that had once been Jewish land and give it back to Jews.  That was a world consensus, by the way. It's just that when the time came, Britain had other empirical ideas in mind and did not carry out their responsibility.  The Jews were stiffed once again!

"`'The memory of this immense tragedy, which above all struck so harshly the Jewish people, must represent for everyone a constant warning so that the horrors of the past are not repeated, so that every form of hatred and racism is overcome, and that respect for, and dignity of, every human person is encouraged," the German-born pontiff said." The pontiff was Pope Benedict XVI.

We now see a huge influx of Muslims into Europe with the result of beating up on Jews. France, England and Sweden are good examples.   This has driven nice quiet Jews out of Malma, Sweden who were victims of the Holocaust.  The same is happening in England today.  Not only is there the large Muslim population everywhere, but with it comes anti-Semitism.  It has even been very noticeable at Portland State U in Portland, Oregon.

It's interesting that Abbas uses such visuals to indoctrinate his people while he can't afford to pay Israel their electric bill or anything else.  He can't even pay his many government workers, so instead feeds them hatred of Jews.


All my other posts on my 3 blogs.
Itamar Marcus, historian and speaker who has spoken at Portland State U.

Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 Dangerous for Israelis Abroad

Nadene Goldfoot
From 1920, 1930 and on into the 1940's  Jews in Palestine endured Arab terrorism of the the following cities and areas of the Jewish population: The first two suffered annihilation.
1. Hebron
2. Gush Etzion
3. Gaza
4. East Jerusalem
5. Tel Aviv
6. Galilee
7 Itamar, Judea, near Nablus,  March 12, 2011 when a whole Jewish family was slaughtered as they slept; parents and children, one of which was 3 months old.

In 2012 Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency)  reports that they have stopped 100 attacks in Israel.  They arrested 2,300 suspects out of which had 2,170 indictments.  Most were planned roadside bombs and small- arms. fire.  "Despite the lack of deaths, there was an increase in the number of attacks in Judea and Samaria, from 320 in 2011 to 578 in 2012. The number of Molotov cocktail attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2012 rose 68 percent, compared to the previous year."

The latest reports find that though Israeli have not been murdered in terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2012,  the rest of Israelis and Jews everywhere are possible targets for terrorists.

When you are abroad, there is less protection that one has in Israel.  So far, there have been 3 major attacks.  Many  terrorists were arrested abroad while in the planning stages for attacks against Israelis.

1. Burgas, Bulgaria  on July 19, 2012 had a bus bombing where 5 Israelis and one Bulgarian were murdered.
2. New Delhi, India on February 13, 2012  had a car bombing in which a diplomat's wife was wounded.
3. Toulouse, France on March 19, 2012 where Otzar Hatorah School's rabbi and 3 children were murdered by Mohammed Merah in 2012 using a .45 calibre gun.
4. Tbilisi, Georgia also on February 13, 2012 had an attempted bombing targeting an embassy employee.
5. Bangkok, Thailand had an arrest of a Hizbullah terrorist, part of a cell plotting  for February 12, 2012 a mass attack on Israeli tourists.
6. Limassol, Cyprus, on October 18, 2012 had an arrest of another Hizbullah terrorist who was gathering information on tourist sites, ships and airplanes used by Israelis, ready to bomb cruise ships.  
7. Kenya, Africa, on July 2, 2012 had the arrest of 2 Iranian Revolutionary Guards terrorists for planning attacks on Israelis, USA, Saudi  and British  targets in the country.

Shin Bet in Jerusalem believes the February 13th bombings were caused by Iran.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Palestinians Trying to Put One Over on Susan Rice

Nadene Goldfoot
Give them an inch and they'll take a foot, so the expression goes.  Palestinians tried just that Wednesday at the UN at the Security Council.  Their foreign minister, Riyad al-Malki PhD b: 1955,  spoke while seated behind a nameplate that read, "State of Palestine."  Susan gave them a piece of her mind saying that the USA doesn't recognize the General Assembly's November vote.  The USA did not bestow Palestinian "statehood" or recognition.

Luckily, the USA feels that only direct negotiations to settle final status issues will lead to this outcome.  "Palestine" is still not a state.

She wasn't alone.  Canadian Ambassador Guillermo E. Rishchynski also complained and said that this creates a misleading impression.  Canada opposes the Palestinians try to upgrade their status in symbolic ways.

Caught yah, Nice try, but it didn't work.  Miss Rice does know the rules.

His speech went on threatening Israel if they allow Jewish settlers into the E1 zone east of Jerusalem and called that "trespassing the red lines."  Oh no, he said, Palestinians are "absolutely not going to tolerate any construction in that area."  E1 is where Israel has authorized new homes.  Malki also said that 2013 would be a "critical" year for the peace process.  First, they want Israel to recognize the Palestinian state while they themselves refuse to recognize Israel!

It's all Israel's fault! Malki implied by adding that the actions by Netanyahu since the November 29th vote have been 'the complete antithesis of the 2 state solution.

Peter James Spiemann, US Protests "State of Palestine" Placard in UN

Palestinian Thinking: Holocaust a Myth

Nadene Goldfoot
How nice to think of a state next to Israel that teaches their children that the Holocaust was just a myth that Jews tell.  Something sure should change before this happens.  It goes along with the Palestinians not recognizing Israel. This follows the Muslim Brotherhood Charter of which Egypt is ruled.  John  Kerry is sure going to have his hands full as Secretary of State.  You can lead a horse to water, Kerry, but you can't make him drink. However, Thomas Friedman is dictating  from his desk that you should "blow the charade wide open  by trying to publicly show Iranian, Israelis and Palestinians that they really do have options that their leaders don't want them to see."  See?  It's going to be easy.  Does Friedman really have such chutzpa to think that all Israelis don't want peace?

I remember when a Prime Minister of Israel offered the Palestinians so much land that it had all of Israel gasping in shock and awe, and yet they refused the offer.  The problem is much deeper than Thomas Friedman understands.

Right now the Palestinian Human Rights Foundation's Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abul Khair is saying that the Holocaust was just a myth.  He wants Israel to pay Egypt $500 million dollars for damages.  His reasoning is because Israel has been paid by Germany a financial compensation.  He is an Egyptian professor of international law.  Now, if he believes that the Holocaust was a myth, he must have some pretty wild opinions of international law.

What damages is Khair referring to?  1973's war when Egypt attacked Israel along with every Arab they could pull into the fight on Yom Kippur when all Jews were praying in synagogues?   It must have been our 400 year stay in Egypt when my ancestors slaved for the Pharaoh that we learned the term, Chutzpah, for I say that Khair has chutzpah to think the way he does.  .

Oregonian newspaper 1/24/13  page B13 Commentary:  Break all the rules-Crating change in the real world

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

English founder of J Street Shows Colors of Being Anti-Israel

I love real debates.  I've been a high school debate judge.  I'm glad I didn't see the one held in London between one of the founders of J-Street and  son of London's Lord Michael Levy, Daniel Levy, and William Sieghart, a British philanthropist and champion of Hamas, the  terrorists from Gaza against Caroline Glick, one of my favorite writers and historians and her debating partner, Danny Dayan, the outgoing head of the Yesha Council.

The resolution they debated read:  "Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy.  If settlement expansion continues, Israel will have no future."

What we have here is J Street, the competition against AIPAC which has taken a much harsher stand against two very pro-Israelis who are also both Jewish.

Carolyn found out that no matter what she and her partner said, they were met with avid booing and yelling by the audience.  "She was prepared to conduct a civilized debate based on facts and reasoned argumentation."  Instead, she was met a mob made up of the well-dressed elite but defiinitely with an anti-Israel bias.  She came up with facts to back her position and this English mob was instantly raging against both Caroline and Danny.

Caroline is never going back again.  She said that the countries are mildly anti-Semitic today but hold Israel to a higher moral standard than its neighbors.  By bringing up Israel in a public meeting such as this debate was, the whole atmosphere changed.  The English don't dare attack others as it isn't politically correct, but atttack Israel without any qualms.  They show  their traditional snobbish British anti-Semitism easily when Israel is mentioned today.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hagel Discussed by Two Senators, Democrat and Republican: On Hagel's Possible Nomination

Nadene Goldfoot
NBC's Sunday program, Meet the Press had Senator Charles Ellis "Chuck" Schumer, Democrat from New York speak with Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, Republican from Texas about the upcoming possible nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. The issue basically is how does Hagel feel about Israel and will he defend her when she needs the assistance. Hagel's past record has been very negative towards Israel.

As so many Jews are staunch Democrats, so is Schumer.  He said that he interviewed Hagel personally and asked him the pertinent questions about Israel.  He was most pleased with Hagel's take on Israel's problems and will defend her.

It took Cruz, who had the final say on the program, to bring out that he knows of Hagel's past views concerning Israel  and doesn't trust a sudden turn around at a time of such a nomination.  I think even he is surprised at Schumer's trust, but then politics make friends, and in this case I do not see Schumer ever going against a Democratic president and another Democrat, no matter what his record has been.

Schumer, 62 years old and a Harvard lawyer,  became a senator in 1998 and is Jewish.  Cruz was elected in 2012.  Cruz, whose father is Cuban, is 42 years old and also is a practicing Harvard lawyer. He happens to be a Baptist.  He has attended the U. of Texas in Austin, though and is from Houston.  Ted attended Princeton as well.  "He competed for the American Whig-Cliosophic Society's 's Debate Panel as one of North America's top-ranked parliamentary debaters, winning the top speaker award at both the 1992 U.S. National Debating Championship and the 1992 North American  Debating Championship".   Schumer holds high postions in the Democratic Party.  He has never practiced law as he entered into politics instead.

Resource: Sunday morning Meet the Press, NBC

Friday, January 18, 2013

AIPAC Lobby Knows of Others' Animus for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Ruth Wisse, professor at Harvard University in Jewish culture through our Yiddish literature starting with Torah literature, wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal that tells it all in a short essay that everyone should read (below).  It not only explains the whole situation in a nutshell about why Palestinians feel the way they do towards Israelis, but also explains why we need a Secretary of Defense that does not feel animus towards Israel.  Hagel's comment in 2006 saying "The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here, but I'm a US senator.  I'm not an Israeli senator." shows that he is just not open minded about Israel's situation at all.  He has since rescinded his comment declaring that he is in tune, but actions speak louder than words in this case.

On February 28, 2012 Ruth Wisse's article came out about Harvard's latest assault on Israel.  This is where she teaches  about Yiddish and comparative literature, so I'm sure she has been appalled at Harvard's stand.  Not only Harvard, but she also notes that anti-Israel attitudes have been growing on campuses from California   to New York.  with "Israeli Apartheid Week"

What's amazing is the use of Israel's opposition to deny Jews their right to their one country and then turn around and accuse Jews of denying Arabs their 22nd Muslim  country.  Actually, there are 49 Muslim majority countries in the world if you count the newly received "Palestine."  Is this being pointed out in Harvard other than by Dr. Ruth Wisse?  Probably not.

Ruth points out the difference between freedom of speech and abetting.  Newspapers fuel stories giving equal credence to Israel's attackers and defenders.  They certainly don't want to offend the Muslims but don't mind offending the truth of the matter, or is it that their moral skills are so weak and they do not understand the differences between the two?

Ruth not only knows a lot about Yiddish and literature but can get to the heart of a matter without mincing words very well.  She is also the author of"Jews and Power" (Schocken, 2007), which is her 4th book that can be found on  

In my family, which is a bastion of Liberal Democrats, only a few understand why the minority of us voted for Romney.  Ruth's next article explains that while voters will not necessarily have Israel in mind---but for those who do, like myself, the choice has never seemed clearer.  Susan Crown felt as I did. "Telling all the people who have lost loved ones in the 1967 war, that we were going to have a 'do-over,' really made me mad," she said.  I agree!   This idea of Obama's to state on TV that Israel should return to the 67 lines showed me that he didn't know what he was talking about and that he was being influenced by other advisers who did not have Israel's interests in mind at all.

From newspapers to international news on TV and radio, it's easy to get depressed with all the anti-Israeli sentiment in the world these days.  It is so different from just after the 1967 Six Day war when Israel won against all odds after being attacked by Egypt, also called the United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan and the PLO under Arafat.   Israel's army of 50,000 was up against the Muslim's armies of 240,000 that were deployed.  They had 547,000 troops ready.  Israel suffered the deaths of 776-983 IDF soldiers while the Muslims claim 10,000-15,000 died on their side.

Resource:  (A must to read). Harvard's Latest Assault on Israel Obama, Romney and the Jews

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morsi's Religious Hatred Finally Criticized by White House

Nadene Goldfoot
Wire reports have picked up facts known to all who follow world events on internet about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Morsi had been the head of this illustrious organization and pushed for what it stands for, and that is antagonism against Jews and Israel.  Remember the old joke, "Hold the back page!  Hold the back page?"  Yiddish newspapers and Hebrew ones read from right to left.  Here we find the report in today's Oregonian in the back page where "WORLD" news  is always found.  In a segment 2" X 7" is the byline, MORSI CRITICIZED: including a colored picture of Morsi.  It made the news in other newspapers today as well.

Almost 3 years ago Morsi had made statements against Jews that were picked up by the press.  In a video from The New York Times, he had asked Egyptians to "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred."

In a TV interview, Morsi referred to Zionists as bloodsuckers who attack Palestinians.   He went on to describe Zionists as "the descendants of apes and pigs."

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney,  said that this language is deeply offensive.  No kidding!  He then said that they reject these statements as they do any language that espouses religious hatred.

The Obama administration said that Morsi should make clear that he respects members of all faiths.  Well, we know he doesn't from these statements!  How can a leopard change his spots?  Evidently this means that publicly he shouldn't say things like this if he wants the jet F-16 fighters.

The White House thinks that Egypt has democratic aspirations.  I think they have aspirations of changing over from a secular society that they had been under Sadat and Mubarak into a Sharia ruled society.  I agree with the White House that it would be in the best interest of the region if they were democratic, and this means holding the selection of a president under better conditions; not by threat and cheating.

So this 3 year old piece of information has finally made it to the Oregonian for readers of world events.  Morsi has been getting pretty large for his britches.  He's got to tone up  before he can get more of a handout from the USA, being the USA has to borrow money to hand some to him.  The least he can do is to shut up!  I realize that the only thing holding Egypt in check is the baksheesh the USA forks over to keep them in check.  Too bad it couldn't be for purely good reason to help Egypt to become a Democratic state like Israel, but that is dreaming for pie in the sky.  As long as hatred such as the Muslim Brotherhood rules with its hateful charter, there is no such chance.

Morsi says he will uphold the peace treaty with Israel, all the while calling us all apes and pigs.  It isn't a show of confidence in their word, is it?

Reference:  Oregonian newspaper page A6 of 8 pages last page before the Obits.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

American F-16 Jet Fighters for Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot
The United States is giving Egypt $1.3 billion dollars this year in military aid.  Has Egypt not changed it's government from a secular Presidential one to a Muslim Brotherhood presidential government?  How is it that the USA cannot back out of  giving F-16 jet fighters to Cairo in the next few weeks being this Muslim Brotherhood Egypt is not friendly towards Israel?  My opinion is that so far Morsi is being nice to Obama just to get what he wants.  It gives me the shivers to think that this hostile country who had been at peace for 30 some years is now on the verge of relapsing.  Morsi had been the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and now is the head of Egypt.  There's a lot of changes anticipated for the population that not all are happy about.  Just ask the Christians who are leaving.

There is a big agreement with the management of Egyptian-US relations on military aid to Egypt, which takes priority over economic assistance.  The F-16s they want are the block 50/52 versions, an upgrade of their blocks 30/32 and 40/42's that they have been using since the 1980's.

Cairo already has some 200 F-16's but is getting 20 of these new upgrades ones.  Israel may have only 102 F-16's but will get the best edge when it receives the F-35's.  They are designed to work in ground attacks, reconnaissance and air defense missions with stealth capability.  The hitch is they won't get them for 2 more years, but Israel will get first dibs when they go on the international market.  If they work out well for Israel,  then the USA Air force will get them.

This is the plan of our nation; give Israel's neighbors weapons that can be used against them but keep the abilities down just a little while collecting a lot of money for them.  Who says Democrats don't know anything about business?  Qatar's Brigadier General Safwat Al-Zayat feels that the Zionist lobby (AIPAC)  might try to stop the deal.  He said the deal was made on December 11 which sent a message to Egypt saying, "We support you, Morsi!"  Ambassador Haridi feels now that the Muslim Brotherhood reached power with the USA approval.

What does Hagel, the next possible Secretary of Defense say? He has apologized for saying "Jewish Lobby" instead of AIPAC or Israel Lobby.  He says he supports a strong US-Israel relationship and for Israel's right to defend itself against attack.  Our nations have shared values, interests and democratic ideals.  He realizes that the Middle East is undergoing changes and surround Israel with tremendous uncertainty.  He intends to expand the depth and breadth of US-Israel cooperation.

""The Obama administration wants to simply throw money at an Egyptian government that the president cannot even clearly state is an ally of the United States,” Republican chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Rep., Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, said last month."

Saudi Arabia boasts the most expensive arms deals in the history of US weapons sales which are about $60 billion dollars over the next ten years.  Riyadh and Washington are planning more deals on a similar scale.

Ha'aretz newspaper

Friday, January 11, 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Head's Wild Proposal to Israeli Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
A 58 year old  physician  known for his Sufi's  tendency (lover of the truth) named Essam el-Erian is vice president of the Justice and Freedom Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a country with a population of 79,089,650+.  This shlemiel (foolish person)  has come up with a way to solve the Brotherhood's  Jewish problem.  During a 2012  interview on Egypt's Dream TV, he said that he wants all former Egyptian Jews and their descendants  to move out of Israel to make way for the Palestinians, so here's what he has proposed, on his own efforts, mind you.

 He wants them all to come back to live in Egypt as 2nd class citizens or dhimmi, of course.(Never mind that a 25 year old in 1948 would be 90 years old today.)   They would live under Sharia law and being dhimmis, would have to pay an extra special tax just like non-Muslims did in the Ottoman Empire that ended with the end of WWI in 1918. Erian stated that although his party was against Zionism, it was not against the Jews, stating that "they have a complicated history, but the Jewish motherland is not Israel" The Ottomans were on the side of the Germans, so lost the war.  Erian  blamed former leader Gamal Abdel Nasser for all the Jews leaving Egypt.  In 1948 there were 75,000 Jews living in Egypt.  By 2004 there were less than 100.

Not only Egyptian Jews, but all Jews living in Israel should go back to their home of origin, whether it be Poland or the USA.  He doesn't even know that we have always had a Jewish presence in Palestine before 1948 ever since many  were forced to leave in 70 CE.

The come-on to this ridiculous proposal was that he would return their wealth.  Only a few hours after his statement, he spurred one of the groups representing former Egyptian Jews who were going to put in a claim of 30 billion dollars.  In 1948, most all the Muslim states expelled the Jews after hearing of Israel's creation.  They were homeless and could not take any of their property or money, and of course they then made aliyah to Israel-quickly.

The other Egyptian political officials, lawyers and the media  were in an uproar over this offer as well as the idea of it so that Erian had to resign his position as adviser to President Morsi 4 days ago.  .  Some of the protesters, and this shows how opposite their thinking is from the West, said that Erian acted to curry favor with the USA and with the Zionist lobby (AIPAC).  There is nothing in his proposal to curry anyone's favor.  It was an improvement over the religious leaders putting a fatwa out to kill us all, as many have already done, but he's being a lufmench (impractical fellow) to dream this idea up.

There were realists in the crowd who pointed out that Jews had been forced to leave because of attacks from the Brotherhood (Brotherhood started in 1930's and had pogroms against Jews in Cairo in 1940's).   The 8,000 Jews of Egypt  had to abandon their wealth as well.  They thought the government would have to come to term with with facts sometime but not now.  Another pointed out the fact (they were taking this very seriously) that they would be killed because of Sharia Law commanding that they be killed.

Erian, carrying deep seated hostility in his heart and  in trying to come up with a solution to the Palestinian-Israel problem, was sued by a lawyer for harming the country's security and causing panic.  Morsi wasn't perturbed.  He said that Erian voiced his own opinion and he just didn't share it but the media storm rages on.

The Muslim Brotherhood has had it in for the Jews ever since 1928.  They published Mein Kampf in Arabic and called it "My Jihad"  Sayed Qutub's book was titled, "My fight Against the Jews." which is only one of many reviling Jews. " In April 2001, columnist Ahmed Ragheb lamented Hitler's failure to finish the job of annihilating the Jews."

Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood party  has the media being openly anti-Semitic.  The fact is that there are almost no Jews left in the country.  If there are, they are extremely old people.  Clerics rant daily against Jews. They all think Israel will fall within 10 years.  Morsi has said many things backing this belief, like when he told Al Quds TV that "The Zionists have no right to the land of Palestine and there is no place for them on that land.  We must confront that Zionist entity.  All ties of all kinds must be severed," he added.

This is what the Muslim Brotherhood has brought on.  We've had 39 years of peace between Egypt and Israel since our last war which was in October 1973.   Sadat came to Israel in 1977 to speak.  When Egypt and Syria attacked  in 1973 on our holiest day of Yom Kippur, we were unprepared as everyone was in a synagogue. Israel pulled together quickly though,  and the IDF got as far as 100 kilometers from Cairo and in turn shook up the Egyptians; but in all we lost 2,688 soldiers, the worst war since 1948.    .

Sadat interpreted the Koran in a different way from today's radicals.  He said, "I quote the following verses from the holy Koran:
"We believe in God and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes and in the books given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets from their lord. We make no distinction between one and another among them and to God we submit."  

Reference: Egypt's Jews and the Brotherhood's surprise offer by Zvi Mazel
Added 1/15/13 Sadat speaking to Israel

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sealed Deal for Jewish Homeland from League of Nations

Nadene Goldfoot

Jews began immigrating (making aliyah) to Palestine in large numbers in 1882.  At the time fewer than 250,000 Arabs lived there.  Mark Twain visited earlier and saw very few.

WWI was fought from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918 and Woodrow Wilson and others said they had fought to make the world safe for democracy.  They had a Paris Peace Conference and later, in the League of Nations, France and England were given mandated powers over the region held by the Ottoman Empire to prepare it for self-government of the Middle East.

At the beginning of the war, part of Palestine's land was owned by absentee landlords who lived in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut.  Almost 80% of the Arabs were debt-ridden peasants, semi-nomads and Bedouins.  It was proposed that since the natives of the Fertile Crescent were not yet prepared to govern themselves, Britain and France would be given these mandatory powers over the region in order to get it ready for self-government.

We can see that today, Palestine is dependent on donations from their neighboring Arab states.  They cannot pay their electric bills to Israel.  They have no economy.  All their resources and talents have gone into bomb-making.

So back at the end of WWI, Jews did not care to purchase land in areas where Arabs might be displaced.  They bought land that was uncultivated, swampy, cheap and without tenants.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was written by Lord Balfour agreeing to a Jewish Homeland.  What he promised was eventually reduced to 20% of the original piece which the Jews accepted.  Palestinians did not.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement of September 1919 involved Britain and France.  It concerned "Palestine" which had been held by the loser, the Ottoman Empire which was Turkey.  The problem was settled in the San Remo Conference on April 24, 1920 when Britain was given the mandate over Palestine.  They implemented the Balfour Declaration declaring a Jewish Homeland.

Palestinian Arabs did not view themselves as having separate identity.  When the First Congress of Muslim-christian Associations met in Jerusalem in February 1919 to choose Palestinian representatives for the Paris Peace conference, they said, "We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at anytime.  We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds."

In 1920, Labor Zionist lead David Ben-Gurion was concerned about the Arab fellahin, someone he thought was the most important asset of the native population.  He said that under no circumstances must we touch land belonging to them or worked by them.  He wanted to liberate them from their oppressors.  "Only if a fellah leaves his place of settlement," he added, "should we offer to buy his land at an appropriate price." David became the first Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Arabs wanted to sell to the Jews because of the migration to coastal towns and because they needed money to invest in the citrus industry.  By 1944, Jews paid from $1,000 and $1,100 per acre in Palestine or arid or semi-arid land when in Iowa land was selling for $110 per acre.  Transjordan's King Abdullah wrote that Arabs are as prodigal in selling their land as they are in useless wailing and weeping.  Jewish holdings in Palestine amounted to about 463,000 acres.  About 45,000 of these were from the mandatory government; 30,000 were bought from churches and 387,500 were bought from Arabs.  Many leaders of the Arab nationalist movement, including the Muslim Supreme Council, sold land to Jews.  Arabs entered the land from neighboring lands in the past 90 years in order to find work.  When the Jews came, they followed.

Eighty-five years later, in a 2002 interview with The New Statesman, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw observed "A lot of the problems we are having to deal with now, I have to deal with now, are a consequence of our colonial past. .. ..The Balfour Declaration and the contradictory assurances which were being given to Palestinians in private at the same time as they were being given to the Israelis – again, an interesting history for us but not an entirely honourable one.

It is now, today, that Arabs call Jews "transplants" among other ugly adjectives.  They didn't think of nationalism and state-building until 1967 when they lost a mass attack against Israel and they lost face as well as land.  They forget that the land has always had Jews in it living among the Arab villages.  Not everyone was taken away as slaves, transplanted by rulers or were driven out by 70 CE.  .  A remnant of our past remained for a reminder.  We cannot forget Jerusalem because of giving our word to the one G-d that we wouldn't.  Though international law clinches when we regained our land again, our religious law had us take the land with instructions from Moses as to just how much and where and why.

International lawyer Prof. Eugene Kontorovich on youtube below explains how law gave the Jews land legally if you missed my write-up on blog previoiusly.  .

Reference: Internation Law
Textbook:  Middle East Past & Preseent by Yahya Armajani and Thomas M. Ricks
Book:  Myths and Facts: a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Mitchell G. Bard and Joel Himelfarb
"The Legal Case for Israel Video by Professor Eugene Kontorovich-words copied from youtube.  

Another great International Lawyer who investigated this subject for over 20 years is Dr. Jaques Gautier who concludes that not only is Israel in accordance with International law but that the International community is in direct violation of it's own Agreements and Charters they have themselves formulated

Another great Attorney who came to the same conclusion is Howard Grief who wrote the book "The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law"

The Conclusion is all the same: the Jewish people have been betrayed many times over by the Nations of the world who do not abide by their own agreements that they have themselves formulated while continuing to do so and them being the reason behind many baseless wars where so many innocent live were lost
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    Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    John Brennan For CIA Chief ? A Headache for USA and Israel

    Nadene Goldfoot                                                           
    John Owen Brennan was the Director of the Central
     Intelligence Agency from March 2013 to January 2017
    Update: "Former CIA Director John Brennan blasted
     President Trump with a scathing tweet following Monday's 
    press conference with Vladimir Putin, decrying his comments 
    as "imbecilic." 7/16/18

    "John Owen Brennan is chief counter terrorism advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama; officially his title is Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counter terrorism, and Assistant to the President"  He was educated at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, the American University in Cairo, Egypt and Fordham University.

    Perhaps that's why he is so flowery in his compliments in speeches to Muslims.  When I was complimentary to my Muslim friend, he chided me and saw through my words. Actually he wished I were more honest in my comments.   I'm sure most Muslims would feel this way about what the man up for being the Director of the CIA dealing with terrorism must be thinking.

    Then again, maybe Brennan means all he says,  for it sounds like he's a man with his head in the sand and in denial about Islam and Jihad. In fact, in some circles he is called a pro-Jihadist.  He calls Jihad a legitimate tenet of Islam.  He argued further that " “jihadists” should not be used to describe America’s enemies. During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of “political, economic and social forces,” but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in “religious terms.”

    Brennan has believed that Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorists, are moderates.  They are accused for the attacks and suicide bombings in Beirut in 1983 when 300 were killed; 241 American servicemen and 58 French servicemen.  "Brennan wrote that doing so would require the U.S. to persuade Israel to drop its “aim of eliminating Hezbollah as a political force.” "During the Bush administration, annual State Department reports on terrorism noted that “prior to September 11, 2001, [Hezbollah] was responsible for more American deaths than any other terrorist group.”  There hasn't been a word out about it since 2008.
    The CIA had sent Brennan to Saudi Arabia for 
    a couple of years 
    as part of a joint program with the State Department
     around 1981. 
    Instead of a covert program with the CIA 
    using the State Department  
    as cover, this was an open one: 
    CIA analysts working as foreign service officers.  

    "The Obama administration is looking for ways to build up “moderate elements” within the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla movement and to diminish the influence of hard-liners, a top White House official said on Tuesday." So Brennan met with Lebanese leaders recently and found Hezbollah to be very interesting.   He wants to build up their more moderate elements.  Isn't he lucky that Hezbollah are not his neighbors like they are Israel's?

    Because of his attending the Cairo, Egypt university, he speechifies in Arabic, which doesn't let us Americans know what he's saying.  He said that Muslim terrorists are only as dangerous as shoplifters.  Lawmakers have called for his firing.

    "As a college student in the 1970s, John Brennan, President Obama’s nominee for CIA director, traveled in Indonesia where – he recalled in a speech in New York in 2010  that has been aired on TV, – “despite my long hair, my earring and my obvious American appearance, I was welcomed throughout that country, in a way that is a reflection of the tremendous warmth of Islamic cultures and societies.”  He was speaking on Feb. 13, 2010 in  a meeting at the Islamic Center at New York University, facilitated by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA),  He went on to say it was "a faith of peace and tolerance and great diversity.”

     I thought that Chuck Hagel was a terrible choice for Secretary of State until I saw what Brennan's comments have been.   Born September 22, 1955 , he is the  son of Catholic Irish immigrants from Roscommon, Ireland and raised in New Jersey.  He wanted to do public service and felt that a CIA career would be a good match for his desire to travel.  He has been with the CIA for a long time doing analyst and administrative work in Washington DC and overseas work as a spy.  He was CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when the Khobar Towers bombing killed 19 American soldiers.  He became a deputy executive director of the CIA in March 2001 and was director of the newly created Terrorist Threat Integration Center from 2003 for a year.

    Brennan represented a team which killed Osama Bin Laden.  He turned down the chance to be director of the CIA in the incoming Obama administration because of opposition to his CIA service under President George W. Bush and past public statements he had made in support of so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques.  There's no doubt that he has had plenty of practice being with the CIA, but still doesn't agree with the dangers America is facing.

    Brennan wasn't being honest in 2011 about our drones
    killing civilians.   

    Senior US officials were aware of dozens of civilian
     deaths just weeks before Brennan’s
     claims to the contrary.

    Obama is in his 2nd term of office and doesn't have to worry about amassing votes now.  He's picking people to run his business that are the antipathy of being in tune with our nation and its history but are supporters of our President's views, proven by his selections.  What both Hagel and Brennan stand for is pretty shocking when you get down to the bare facts.  

    Brennan has been soft all along towards terrorist groups as was Obama.  Yet he turns around and yells about Trump being soft with Putin in his first meeting with him.  Hasn't Brennan ever heard the old adage that actions speak louder than words?  How about, speak softly but carry a big stick?  I haven't approved of either his words or his actions.  For one, he was against Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.  From what I have read, he's more interested in the Palestinians having more rights and a homeland but less about Israel's rights. 

    " There is the phenomenon of the ‘Arabist’ — the Westerner who studies Arabic and is so taken by the culture that he adopts the Arab worldview and politics. T. E. Lawrence is probably the most well-known, but contemporary examples abound (for example, the academic Juan Cole). "Could be that this is the view that Brennan most likely has taken.  

    Why can't these nominees be like  Jethro Gibbs, seen on NCIS?  He's quiet, honest and nobody fools him.

    Fox TV Report with Hannity and interviews with Michelle Malkin, Rudy Guiliani, O'Reilly, on Brennan 1/9/13
    Update 1/22/13  Evidently Brennan refers to Jerusalem as al Quds, the Muslim name.