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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palestine Not in Accordance to Hoyle

A professor of international law at Purdue U. has found that the creation of a Palestine has not proper authority under international law. There are laws of statehood. They are found in the Montevideo Treaty of 1934

1. A permanent population
2. a defined territory
3. a government
4. ability to enter into relations with other states.

The primary interest of states is the conservation of peace. Differences of any nature which arise between them should be settled by recognized pacific methods.
I feel the Palestinians are divided into too many terrorist factions. They could never follow article 10 at all.
Why Bush is so intent upon creating a Palestinian state remains a mystery to me. It would not be in America's interest simply for strategic purposes. This state definitely will be dangerous to Israel. There would be competition for control by the many Sunni Arab regimes that Washington is now arming and by Shi ite Iran, which is being armed by Russia.

The Palestinians were offered a state in 1948 and they have continually turned it down. The USA has been continually calling for a Two State Solution, though I doubt if they would want this situation for themselves. The official maps of the Palestinians who have no proper electoral basis or clearly fixed territory still include Israel only as a part of Palestine. this refers to all of Israel proper; not only to Judea, Samaria and Gaza. They haven't even recognized Israel as a state, and only Abbas, representing half of the Palestinians, speaks to Olmert.

Clinton's Road Map, still used by Bush is very confusing. It is said to presume Israel's disappearance. This has probably aided the Palestinian terrorist groups to all be committed to Israel's destruction. Each group calls for the "liberation of all Palestinian territory, and they mean all of Israel."

I know that Olmert is under great pressure now from Bush and Condoleeza Rice to give into a Palestine at this time, but this seems to spell suicide. Is that what Bush wants? I think someone should listen to the Purdue Professor.

Reference: Louis Rene Beres 8/29/2008 for Jerusalem Post

Ahmadinejad, Speak in English, Please

In 2005, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be "wiped off the map." Some people are now asking if that was a threat of war. The statement was translated from Farsi to English by news agencies. Of course this makes us all blanch at the thought of a nuclear powered Iran.

Iranian specialists are asking if we are using this threat to build a case for military action from a faulty premise. What did Ahmadinejad say?

Juan Cole, a MIddle East specialist at the U. of Michigan and critic of American policy says that Ahmadinejad was misquoted. What is for sure, he concludes is that he hoped the Jewish-Zionist state occupying Jerusalem, would collapse. He bases this conclusion on the fact that Iran has not attacked another country aggressively for over a century.

Is he forgetting the war between Iran and Iraq that started September 22, 1980 and lasted until August 1988? True, Iraq invaded Iran after a history of having a border dispute and Shia insurgency but their advantage only lasted a few months. by 1982 they were beaten, but Iran kept attacking them for the next six years. This was called the Imposed War, or the Holy Defense War.

Translators in Tehran who work for the president's office and foreign ministry disagree. All translations, even on Ahmadinejad's web site ( read "wiping Israel away." They say that "wipe off" or "wipe away" is more accurate than "vanish" because the Persian verb is active and transitive. They continue to verify that the meaning is "Israel must be wiped off the geographical map."

Analysts agree that Ahmadinejad is hostile to Israel. Iran supports the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Hezbollah terrorists of Lebanon. Ahmadinejad continues to refuse to acknowledge the Holocaust.

On Wednesday, August 20, 2008, Ahmadinejad called Israel a "germ of corruption" that will be "removed soon." this was on his presidential site. He differs greatly from his Vice President Esfandiar Rahim Mashai who said that Iranians were "friends of all people in the word, even Israelis." Because of Mashai's rare statement, some officials are calling for his resignation. Evidently many in Iran agree with Ahmadinejad.

What will Israel's reaction be? So far, they are not allowed flight over Iraq as deemed by the USA.

Reference: New York Times:
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Dangers for Jews with Obama

Obama is now the Democrat's choice for the presidency. I note that just before he announced that he would run, his Reverend Wright prayed with him. He had chosen the president of a Moslem group, a woman who wore head covering, for the convention's opening, but I heard a Rabbi, instead, much to my surprise. Perhaps others were as shocked as I was, due to Obama saying that he is a Christian. Having a Muslim speak would have caused people to really question that.

Wright was a family friend that Obama did not want to drop, as he said it was like dismissing a family member. Wright is a scary guy. He was best friends with Louis Farrakhan, a Muslim with an attitude against Jews that Wright probably shares.

Last year the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award was given to Louis Farrakhan, a man who "truly epitomized greatness, " they said. To me, he epitomizes racism, mainly anti-Semitism. He has made many statements that are offensive to Jews. He has denigrated the Holocaust by saying we cooperated with Hitler by getting the Third Reich on the road. He tells so many lies, and no one checks him.

Obama and Wright may not agree with Farrakhan on all points, but praising an anti-Semite demagogue is not proper when his views are so widely known. What does that tell people? They wiggle out of this by saying tht it was the magazine who gave the award and not them. I wouldn't want an award given out in my name to someone so hateful.

Farrakhan's lies abound. He shies away from the true facts. Jews marched for civil rights for Blacks, and died for this cause in Mississippi. Both men besmearch the names of Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and their black friend, James Chaney by their lies. Farrakhan hates whites and blames Jews for every sort of crime. He has said we played a dominant role in the slave trade. He speaks of Jewish conspiracies in the media. He rants and raves against us like Hitler.

Farrakhan's attitude cannot be shrugged off by anyone. History reminds us that anti-semitism can grow at anytime, usually the rough periods. We're in one right now.

How strong a president would Obama be when in the Illinois legislature, he only voted "present" when trying to decide on tough issues. When Israel is in a tough position, as it is right now, will he just pass on any decision, or will the words of Farrakhan come to mind. This is what I worry about.

On the other hand, Martin Luther King's dream was that all of G-d's children, black and white, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, can join hands and work together. How can this happen if people like Farrakhan are running around telling damming lies about Jews?

Reference: Richard Cohen Op-Ed: Obama's Farrakhan Test, Jan. 15, 2008 Page A13.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biden's Ties With Iran

Obama has chosen as his vice president a senator who favors Iran. One can imagine how he will react with Israel. Was this an accident or on purpose, I wonder. If on purpose, it only magnifies my fears about Obama.

Biden was one of only 16 senators who voted against putting Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps on the international terrorist organization list. That's 16 out of the 100 senators. This group was involved with murdering the US troops in Iraq. Biden and Republican senator Chuck Hagel want to offer Tehran a greater role in Iraq's affairs. Biden matches Obama's tenacity in not voting with the group, but holding back from taking action in this case.

That's not all. Biden wanted to sponsor a meeting of Iranian parlimentarians to come to a meeting in Washington. Nobody in Iran was interested, though. He actually has angered many Iranian Americans. They feel he has been too cozy with the supporters of the Iranian regime. Evidently that's why many Iranians are here. They didn't want to live under the Iranian rule.

I know of one Jewish-Iranian that had to escape on a camel to get out of Iran at the age of 16. He's now a doctor in the US. His teen-age friends were shot in the escape. It's amazing to me that Iranians wouldn't help Jews to leave their country, being they dislike Jews so much, but then they must enjoy the power of keeping them from living in a free country. Germany was like that, too. My uncle was the only one in his family to get out of Germany. Then they shut the door and wouldn't allow anymore to leave. Instead they were sent to camps and killed.

Biden attended a fundraiser for himself by an Iranian Muslim charity in California on Feb 19, 2002 at the home of Dr. Sadegh Namazi-Khah. This added $30,000 for his US Senate re-election campaign. This group has pro-Tehran sympathies. Khah said that the fundraiser idea came from Biden himself.

The Iranian ruling group has been called part of an "axis of Evil" by Bush. One reason is that they have threatened Israel with extinction. This is Israel's big fear as they may have atomic power by now.

In view of the questions about Obama being swayed by the Muslims, and might see the Israel-Palestine situation as favoring the Palestinians, I see that his vice president is of the same ilk.

I wonder if either man ever considers that Iran and Iraq fought a bloody war against each other in the 80's, or if Biden realizes the threat Iran holds over the world. What does he think about Iran's threats against Israel? How does he really feel about Israel? Does he fight evil by cozying up to the enemy?


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prophetic Event in 2006

Nadene Goldfoot                                        

Computer finding Bible Code
The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, a reporter, was based on the findings of an Israeli mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips. Rips had used a computer to discover codes in the Five Books of Moses. The two men decided that we are now in "The end of days." One of the codes revealed that 2006 would be a year of World War and "Atomic Holocaust." This was discovered in 2001. According to the code, what was seemingly predicted didn't necessarily have to happen. Our behavior could change the predictions.

What actually happened in 2006 was that Lebanon attacked Israel with rockets that reached Safed in the northern Galilee where I used to live from 1980-1985. The city was famous in the 14th century and contained so many historical places that I was familiar with. I remember going into my apartment's bomb shelter and hoped that I never had to use it. I cried when I saw the destruction of buildings in photos sent to me by my ex neighbor and friend, Sandy Hazen.

Now Hizbullah terrorists have completely taken over Lebanon, which borders Israel in the north. Their leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has announced that if Israel attacks them, they would exceed the shelling of the month-long war in 2006. In fact, they plan on destroying Israel, and that Israeli soldiers would see in their fighters (mujahideen), things unimaginable.

The threat is taken seriously. Prime Minister Olmert's office in Israel had to issue travel warnings to all Israelis abroad that this terrorist group intended to kidnap Israelis in revenge for Israel's Mossad having killed Islamist operations chief Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus. At least they have blamed Mossad. It hasn't been proven who killed him.

Of course, Iran, which lies on the east, constantly threatens the survival of Israel and either does have atomic capability or very soon will have. That is the greatest fear right now. Hopefully, what was predicted to happen in 2006 has been postponed but not forgotten. It's always a daily possibility. The situation right now makes it a big possibility.

Bible Code I and Bible Code II The Countdown by Michael Drosnin

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

American Organizations That Fund Terrorists

Funding Hamas From America

There was an organization called "Occupied Land Fund". They were occupied with finding solutions for human suffering, focusing on the Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, they said. They had their assets frozen by the European Union and the US, as they were accused of funding Hamas.

They changed their name to "The Holy Land Foundation (HLF) " in 1989 in California. . It’s now the largest Islamic charity in the United States. In December 2001 it was also charged to be a global terrorist organization and again, the European Union froze its European Assets. It could be because one of the founders of this organization is Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, a political leader of Hamas. He was deported to Jordan in 1997. He and two others have been charged with a conspiracy for the last 15 years of raising funds for terrorist attacks against Israel. In 2000 they had raised more than $13 million. Their funds have been used to support schools that encouraged children to become suicide bombers and to recruit suicide bombers by offering support to their families.

In 2004 a federal grand jury in Dallas, Texas had a 42 count indictment against this foundation. They were: consipiracy, providing support to foreign terrorists, tax evasion and money laundering among other charges. The trial was in July 2007, last year. It had a mistrial. Now the government will retry starting on August 18, 2008. I will be most interested in its outcome.

This isn’t the only group operating like this. Another is the "Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). It is created by a Muslim Students Association that Saudi Arabia finances which is a radical group. It has also been identified by the Department of Justice as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and co-conspirator in a terrorism financing conspiracy. The president of this group is Dr. Ingrid Mattson. Dr. Mattson has been chosen by Barak Obama to represent the Muslim community in his interfaith prayer service at the Democratic nominating convention.

Dr. Mattson doesn’t seem like the liberal Muslim pictured in the book," The Faith Club" by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner. Ranya is the Muslim in the book who reaches out to a Jewish woman and a Christian woman and the three have an ongoing dialogue about their faiths to reach what they may have in common.
Dr. Mattson said, "Most Muslim women are content with separate prayer space in the mosque." Ranya would probably be in agreement with Umbreen Shah, who belongs to a more progressive group called "Muslim WakeUp!. They have criticized ISNA for their conservative atittude and misrepresentation of the American Muslim population. Many Muslims in the states are black, perhaps half. ISNA claims to represent all Muslim Americans, but do not consider the black members in their dictates on practicing their religion. Shah feels the ISNA officials have a police state mentality.
Therefore, Dr. Mattson seems to be the typical conservative or more orthodox Muslim found outside the states who has been chosen to lead the Democrats in prayer. She comes from a huge group of Brotherhood members in America, one of whom are on trial as of yesterday for terrorist activities.
Barak Obama showed us in California that he is a Christian and not a Muslim, but it seems that he doesn't want to exclude his Muslim friends and potential voters, so has chosen this lady to lead in prayer. This will most likely help her cause to legitimate the ISNA. Even our Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England and former Under Secretaries of State Nick Burns and Karen Hughes have lavished praise on the group and have thus legitimated it by meeting with Dr. Mattson and others. All this lavishness and the trial is just starting again.
Meanwhile, advocates of Palestinian rights accused international organizations of supporting Israeli occupation when the "rights of the real owners of occupied territories" are in jeopardy. Secretary General of Conference Advocating Palestinian people, Hojatolesiam Ali Akbar Mohtashami, said that the big powers are helping the Israeli regime survive, and it is a fake entity. He said that the Islamic republic supports the Palestinian people to overcome hegemony (influence) of the United States and Israel.
This shows where they stand about Israel. They have not shown any understanding about how Judea and Samaria came to be under Israel's government, though they were active players in the cause. Groups continue to collect monies to aid terrorists in causing harm to Israelis, right here in America. I just hope that the trial against HLF is better prepared, this time. If they have been funding terrorists, they have got to be disbanded and tried.
8/29/08 Watch this video that just came in today.
It tells about jihad groups that have organized on campuses throughout the nation. Have you sound on.
edited: 8/21/08

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rami G. Khouri Blames Israel for Woes

The Oregonian newspaper printed a nasty opinion piece by Rami G. Khouri, a staff member of the American University of Beirut. I hit the ceiling when I read Rami’s false accusations about Israel, blaming all the Palestinian woes on it. I also hit the ceiling about an American University allowing such filth to be spewed, and then read about the university and understand why.

The American University of Beirut received its charter with the name of the Syrian Protestant College and opened to 16 students on December 3, 1866. It turns out to be a private university in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. Daniel Bliss, a missionary, raised $100,000 to start the college.

He said that "it will be impossible for anyone to continue with us long without knowing what we believe to be the truth and our reasons for that belief." Supposedly the college was for all men without regarding color, nationality, race or religion. All could enter and go out believe in whatever religion they chose. I was glad to see that truth was an important issue. I guess it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, however, at this university. With Rami it’s obviously his Palestinian truth.

Enter Rami George Khouri, a Palestinian Jordanian who is also a US citizen. His family lives in Beirut, Lebanon, Amman, Jordan, and Nazareth, Israel. He is the Director of the Issam Fares Institute of Public Policy and International Affairs at the American U. Of Beirut. Therefore, he’s a part of staff and a leader in thinking in affairs between Israel and Lebanon. He’s also an editor-at-large of the Beirut Daily Star newspaper, read widely in the Middle East along with the International Herald Tribune. He’s an internationally syndicated politcal columnist and author.
Stanford University recognized him as a visiting scholar in October and November 2006, right when bombing from Gaza into southern Israel was an everyday occurrence. He was even given the Pax Christi International Peace Award for his efforts to bring peace and reconciliation to the Middle East.

Whatever could he have done to bring about peace when in his opinion piece, published in our paper August 10, 2008, he does nothing but blame Israel for the Palestinian cause crumbling. The fact that Fatah and Hamas are battling each other is laid on Israel’s shoulders. All their woes are Israel’s fault. He doesn’t examine the facts and proceed to see that perhaps the Palestinians are at fault themselves. He calls these killers a "grand and noble Palestinian national liberation movement" when they are nothing but gangs of terrorists doing indespicable acts of cruelty to Israeli citizens. We read that among Palestinians, they had had a respectable standing. Their image is now being tarnished by fighting each other instead of Israelis. My goodness!

Rami is hoping for better leadership. He explains that they are just acting like children in a treehouse. A bomb struck the middle of Sderot, Israel yesterday, even though we are having a time out from shelling. Perhaps they are working on gaining back their image of august fighters amongst their own people.

Oregonian, August 10, 2008 "Palestinian cause crumbles" opinion page

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ashkelon's mayoral Candidate Comments About Georgia-Russian War

6,000 Jews live in Georgia, live with a high economic status and rarely feel any anti-Semitism. An Ashkelon citizen and candidate for mayor, Shabtai Zur, spoke out about Georgia, which is now at war with Russia as of the last few days. He explained that President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia has made advancements in several fields since taking office. Now he has women enlisting in their army and making use of reservists. He remarked that South Ossetia and Abkhazia were always considered a part of Georgia. Zur lived in Georgia as a child and visited these two regions. 2008 happens to be a prosperous period, so it's a shame that this war is happening.

Israeli companies operate in Georgia and evidently gave such advice to the government. Georgia's economic development attracted businessment from Israel. Tension between Georgia and the separatist provinces also brought Israeli experts to the area.

Zur was an Israeli ambassador to Georgia. He said about 150-200 Jews live in the heavily-bombed city of Gori. He spoke to three nurses who live there, who didn't know if any Jews were among the victims of attacks or not. Zur is hoping that the US would intervene and bring people together for negotiations.

It seems that many in the world still look upon the US to solve problems when attacked by others. We still have some clout. Here's where Condoleeza Rice can help, being Russia was her expertise in her university studies.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Portland Jewish Princess Dies

Edith Miller nee Ottenheimer, born 12 April 1904 in San Francisco, CA, former Rose Festival princess from Lincoln High from 1922, died August 5, 2008 in Portland, Oregon. Services will be at the Beth Israel Cemetery. She was 104 years old. Her ancestry as we know started with William Ottenheimer, born in Germany.

In 1880 (1 June census) William, born in Germany, was 56 and living in San Francisco and married to Carolina Hirachman, also from Germany. She was a younger 38, and they had 5 children. They were all born in California. Milton, born Sept 1862 was 18, Arthur, born Oct 1864 was 16, Martin, born July 1866 was 16, Henry J., born Nov 1869 was 11 and was the future father of Edith, Sigmund b: Dec 1875 was 5. William worked as a custom house inspector. Milton and Arthur were working as salesmen.

By 1900 (5 June census) the family was still in San Francisco. William was 77 and retired and Carolina was 58. Their five children were still living at home. Henry was now 30 years old and working as a Hop Buyer. On June 18, 1902 Henry married Alice F. Frank, of San Francisco . Henry bought a ranch near Salem and raised hops, but sold it in 1906 and moved to Portland.

In 1910 ((15 April census) Henry was 41 and living on N. 21st Street near Flanders. He had married Alice , who was then 33. Edith F was 6 years old and had a 2 year old sister, Dorothy, born in Portland. He was a merchant doing well as they had two servants. Henry owned Jones Cash Store, a mail-order business and was president of Temple Beth Israel. Dorothy then died on 4 January 1917 and was #20 on the death certificate.

1920 ( 5 Jan census) found the family in the same home, and Henry was now 51 years old while his wife, Alice was 43 and Edith was 15. Edith graduated Lincoln High School in 1921 so would have been 16 years old. In 1922 she was a princess in the Rose Festival. Princesses were then chosen from Portland debutantes. It's amazing to me that a Jewish girl was chosen due to anti-semitism of the day. She then went to Mills College and graduated in 1925. This was in the day when not many girls went to college, let alone graduate from them. They still had two servants. Henry was president of the mail order store. Henry died on 11 December 1929.

Edith married in 1934 to Harold J. Miller, a family that owned the Millers for Men clothing store in downtown Portland for three generations for 101 years. When her husband became ill, they lived in both their Vista St. Clair apartment in Portland and in Palm Springs, CA.

She had a son, Alan E Miller, one grandchild and one great-grandchild. She was able to live in her apartment until March 2008.

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