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Friday, December 31, 2010

Obama Meddles With Knesset

Nadene Goldfoot

Our President Obama is having his own problems in having to face a Senate in January that is stacked with Republicans instead of his usual Democrats. Being he can't do anything about that as they were voted there by the people of the USA, he decided to see what he could do to Israel.

The American media and the Obama Administration have been pressuring Netanyahu on all his decisions right along. Now Obama is pressuring Netanyahu to widen his coalition and replace the Shas party of Middle Eastern Jews and Russian immigrants with the Kadima party. The Kadima party is headed by Tzipi Livni and is a mixture of Likud and Labor, probably more Labor. In other words, it might be thought of as more like the Democrats of the USA and the Republicans are more like Shas. However, no one should pressure Netanyahu about the party. He was voted in democratically by the people of Israel for the very reason he is in his position. In fact, many worry that he has become too condescending to Obama and Clinton. I feel Netanyahu knows just what he is doing and it is an injustice to pressure anyone in the Knesset about how their democracy is run. It isn't like the USA government anyway; it's more like England's parliment with coalitions, prime ministers and presidents.

It looks like Obama fears Israeli democracy which is really democratic. What he is pressuring for is a coalition that represents fewer sectors of the country. Such Chutzpa!

Resource Arutz-7, December 29, 2010 Who's Afraid of Israeli Democracy? UCI

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Attacks: Muslims Killing Christian Minorities and Muslims

Nadene Goldfoot
Nigeria, a country in Africa, has a population of 154,279,000 and is the 4th largest Muslim country in the world. Although only 50% of the population are Sunni Muslims, its government is that of a Presidential Federal Republic, which many Muslim countries have adopted. Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh have larger populations with higher percentages of Muslim populations. March was the month when 500 Christians were killed in Central Nigeria, mostly by gangs wielding machetes. Thousands more were killed in past years. In January the Christians had fought back, killing Muslims. Lately the Muslims have been engaged in "secret killings," involving one or a few people at a time being killed. These religious clashes have been going on for some time with the Muslims living in the North and the Christians living in the South.

Nigeria is the #3 supplier of oil to the USA. It is seeing a rise in power and has lucrative oil contacts. It's very important to us.

There are a few Jews here in the embassy. Jews make up only about 2% of the world's population. Most Jews are either in the USA or Israel. Relations between Nigeria and Israel were severed from 1973 to 1992, but by 1993 Israel had an embassy in Nigeria and Nigeria had an embassy in Tel Aviv. Israel is able to help Nigeria in the field of agriculture, and Nigerians have gone to Israel as tourists and for learning. Judaism does not proselyze, but the Koran does not teach love for Jews.

38 Christians were killed over this Christmas weekend by Muslims in Malduguri, Nigeria. At least 24 or more armed men attacked a church and dragged the pastor out of his home to shoot and kill him. Two young men who were practicing for the choir were also killed. 30 Muslims attacked two people who were just passing by Victory Baptist Church and were killed by guns and knives. The attackers then set the church and the pastor's house on fire before leaving the scene.

At the other end of the city more attacks were carried out. Three men attacked the Church of Christ an hour later, killing the 60 year old security guard.

In Central Nigeria, 32 people died from bomb blasts in the worst violence in months. Was the Muslim group al-Quada or the Taliban?

Radical Muslims have been more at the forefront due to their leaders becoming more brazen. Christians have the goal of proselyzing, which is taboo with Muslims, so this may be why they have been attacking them.

Pakistan, 2nd largest Muslim country in the world, with 172,800,000 has a 97% Muslim population of Sunni and Shi'as. It's definitely an Islamic state with a Parliamentary democracy. With all the fighting going on among the tribes, 300,000 are very poor villagers that cannot feed themselves any longer. Many were lined up outside a World Food Program food distribution center and a female suicide bomber managed to kill 45 of them. The Taliban was responsible for this killing. They've closed the Center because of this. Pakistan saw coordinated attacks by 150 Islamic militants at 5 sites in two days of fighting that killed 11 soldiers and 64 terrorists.

Israel does not have an embassy in Pakistan. It has offered aid to Pakistan in time of tragedy that has been turned down, but on one occasion said it would accept it through a 3rd party. Pakistan doesn't recognize Israel. One reason is that Israel has helped India. Pakistani head have been known to have visited Israel, however. One amazing thing is that in the 2002 wimbledon Open, Israel's tennis player Amir Hadad was partnered up with Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan and they even played in the 3rd round doubles.

Why kill their own people? They're all the same religion. Pakistan says perhaps it's the terrorist desperation. Desperation about what? Their bombings and fights challenge the government's claims of victory over al-Qaida and the Taliban on the NW border. That's a pretty lame excuse to me to kill one's own innocent people. These terrorists stand for no moral purpose at all. It's just a matter of a power struggle. They have said that they stand for saving Afghanis from terror, lawlessness and corruption. They're worse than anyone!

Somalia, the 25th largest Muslim nation in the world with 9,558,666 and a 99.9% Sunni Muslim population where their coalition government is the Muslim state religion, naturally, saw 12 of their men go to the Netherlands for unknown reasons. The Dutch authorities have cleared 5 of them who they suspicioned were preparing a terrorist attack. They were all picked up at Rotterdam after receiving a tip that an attack might be imminent. Somalia has been involved with so much war tht 77% of Somalis need emergency humanitarian support. They have the highest malnutrition in the world.

Somalia is also after the USA. Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalef, a leader of the Somalian Islamist insurgency, threatened President Obama in a speech today or they would attack the USA unless Obama embraces Islam.

Three of the men had no residency permits and were turned over to immigration. Two were from Denmark. When 12 Somali men are traveling together, one just might be suspicious. I have a feeling that they weren't there in Rotterdam for the Christmas Eve celebration. Rotterdam is one of Europe's biggest centers with a huge port and large oil and gas storage facilities. The officials in charge of security must be extremely careful.

Israel has no bilateral ties with Somalia, but Israel is ready to again recognize Somaliland's independence. Somaliland is a section of Somalia that wants its independence. Israel was the first nation to do so in 1960 when they became independent from Great Britain and is ready to do so again. Somaliland is the only Muslim democracy in the region.

Resource: Oregonian Newspaper, 12/27/2010, page A7

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goldstone Report a Travesty of Justice

Nadene Goldfoot
The shame of it all is that Justice Richard Goldstone is Jewish. He's the U.N. South African that is responsible to the report that falsely accused Israel of wrong-doing after Operation Cast Lead when Israel finally tried to put a stop to 6 years of thousands of mortars and rockets that were shot into Israel. He himself racked up a terrible record of being apartied. He was a judge that condemned blacks to be whipped and hung. He was responsible for sending 28 to the gallows this way. A writer in South Africa said that if you are hostile to Israel, you are fogiven for everything, so that must mean that he's gleaning favor among his peers by castigating Israel by showing them that Jews are not necessarily supportive of Israel.

South Africa has become very anti-Israel to the point where a city with a high Jewish population has to be very guarded. Goldstone has gone out of his way to disassociate himself with Israel. Their largest trade union was seeking to boycott Israel. Desmond Tutu is highly critical of Israel. This country was the one to select for bringing up recriminations against Israel. It was already a done deal.

Col Desmond Travers was selected to do a lot of the questioning in Gaza for their report. He was not professional at all in his investigations. For instance, it's well known that the terrorists hid ammunition in mosques and Israel has pictures to back up their claim. However, Travers checked out only two and then wrote his report saying the charges were due to Western perception that in some quarters that Islam was a violent religion. Shame on us! He wouldn't look at the Zaytun Mosque saying he didn't believe the "spurious photgraphs". '

He questioned Palestinians in the Gaza Strip but not like a military advisor such as finding out if they were members of a terrorist organization or were combatants. His lack of questioning, such as asking men straight out if their homes had been used to store ammunitions only reflected his bias.

Travers was one of only 4 men from the UN Fact Finding Mission who produced the "Goldstone Report that covered Israel's counter attack from December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009. He had been with the Irish Defense forces in 1961, retiring after 40 years.

Finally, the London Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the Economist have criticized the Goldstone Report. It shows a bias against Israel's army, the Israel Defence Forces; has given false information reported about weapons systmes, gave completely inaccurate data, and were not professional in conducting investigations.

When British officers were defending Israel's claims, Travers felt that they were influenced by Jewish lobbyists. It was obvious that he was motivated by his own antii-Semitic prejudices. Goldstone walked out of the room when Col. Richard Kemp testified that Israel had done everything in their power to protect civilians in Gaza." Mr. President, based on my knowledge and experience, I can say this: During Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli Defence Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare".

The IDF polices its own by holding an investigation. They interviewed 550 leaders in the IDF. Note that this stands for Israel DEFENCE Forces. They are not practicing offenses. Israelis cannot leave the country for fear of being arrested for war crimes as a result of this Goldstone Report.

I can only wish the worst on Travers and Goldstone. I hope both of them lose all their teeth but one, and in that one lone tooth I hope the worst sort of pain. What they have done to Israel is a huge crime. It has given terrorists ammunition to attack Israel. The recent episode that almost happened in Seattle where a Palestinian group tried to pay to have 12 buses carry anti-Israel propaganda ads for a month was obviously propogated by such a declaration as the Goldstone Report of chastisement. Anti-Semites climb out of the woodwork at the slightest provocation. by Dore Gold and Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Halevi

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Satan's Involvement with Jerusalem

Nadene Goldfoot Meggido, where a final battle is to take place

The History Channel had an interesting program tonight called: God vs Satan, Examining Jewish, Christian and Islamic beliefs about Armageddon. Evidently the major beliefs are that we are at the end of days. All three religions are fighting over Jerusalem, and in the end Christianity believes it will attain the city. Nothing was mentioned about us poor Jewish folks whose city it is now and has been since our King David. In fact, the fight is between Israel and the future Palestinians who are trying to take Jerusalem, at least at the moment East Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, when Israel was declared a state in May of 1948, was divided in two parts. Israel's section was all of the west and southern part of the New City, including "Mt. Zion" and an enclave on Mt. Scopus. It extended west by the construction of the Knesset and Government quarter with the national Museum and University campus. New housing projects such as Kiryat Yovel were built. New rabbinical centers were erected. A number of factories were set up. The city was the center of the country and remains so.

June 5, 1967 was the start of the 6 Day War. Jordanian troops were in the Old City and Jordanian sections of the city bombarded the New City. Israel's army retaliated and in two days the entire city came under Israel control. The first thing that happened was that everyone went to the Western Wall which had been forbidden to Jews for almost 20 years. On June 29, 1967, Israel formally united the two sections of the city and barriers were removed.

There were times of Arab-Jewish cooperation as well as sabotage which exacerbated relations. In 1987, which was the beginning of the intifada, Arabs caused more harm to the residents. Terrorism was encouraged by outside elements and Arab states continued to press for a reversion to the pre-1967 situation, and they haven't stopped yet. Of course, under Israeli control, Jerusalem is open to all religions. Israel's control has meant freedom for all.

The Jerusalem Law of 1980 gave Israel sovereignty over the whole city. Excavations which had been carried out at the site of the City of David were supplemented by diggings around the western and southern walls of the Temple enclosure. I was there in 1980-1985 and was able to see some of this. So much of the archaeology findings would not have happened until Israel controlled all of Jerusalem. In fact, a Goldfuss is an archaeologist who lives in Jeusalem. He may be in on some of these digs and he most likely is a relative of mine.

Now the end of days is supposed to take place at Megiddo, an ancient town in Israel in the valley of Jezreel. People lived there from the 4th millennium BCE to 500 BCE. It stood in the path of the connection to Egypt with Mesopotamia. It's even mentioned in Egyptian writings and was the site of the victory of Pharaoh Thutmose III over the king of Kadesh, and the scene of many battles including Deborah's victory over the Canaanites. The New Testament chose this site for the apocalyptic war between the forces of good and evil. When it was excavated from 1909 to 1939, over 20 strata of settlement s were uncovered. In 1949 Polish Jewish immigrants built a kibbutz nearby.

The disappointing part of the TV program was that Satan would only be chained for 1,000 years. That's not a long time considering Jews have waited over 2,000 years to return to reestablish Israel and to live in peace, finally. In the end he will be thrown into the fire and brimsstone of hell. It seems to be a never-ending battle with him. Remember, this is the New Testament version.

In Judaism, Satan, otherwise known to many as the devil, Lucifer or the prince of Demons is found in Job as a naughty angel with the function of that of the accuser. He grows into a hostile, destructive and evil spirit becoming the tempter. In some accounts, he appears as the arch-enemy of Israel. In kabbalistic literature he is less prominent as other names are used for demonic rulers and princes of evil. Perhaps right now I can blame this devil for the problems of Israel who has had to defend itself since its inception.

Resource: Oregonian TV guide: History Channel: God vs. Satan
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Anti-Israel Ads on Seattle Buses

Nadene Goldfoot
The decision is in. The King County News release cites potential for disruption to transit service.

They will not be running these anti-Israel ads on their 12 buses for a month in the heart of Seattle starting on the 27th as planned.

The council just realized that the issue involved on the ads could escalate into something they had not originally imagined when they accepted the ad. After consulting with federal and local law enforcement authorities who had expressed concern, they were afraid their buses could be vulnerable to disruption.

People from Portland as well as elsewhere voiced their concern and shock to the councilmen in Seattle, voicing reason why it was wrong to use this political agenda of Palestinian supporters on Seattle buses.

The decision of the bus company is to eliminate ads of the categoryof non-commercial material. That's the best decision I have heard. Their present policy restricts ads that can be foreseen to result in harm to, disruption of, or interference with the transportation system. This definitely can bring harm to many. They did not foresee the debate or response it has brought about.
UPDATE: 1/20/11 ACLU of Washington sued the city saying that the transit agency infringed free speech rights of Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign by refusing to carry pro-Palestinian ads on buses. I feel that the city's bus company made the right move in refusing such political ads. Their ad was propaganda against Israel and they were carrying the war into Seattle by doing so. Seattle already had a mishugena walk into a Jewish office and shoot everyone in it, killing one. Seattle had realized what such ads would be doing and decided against any such political shenanigans. This is not refusing free speech. This was a paying customer, and they refused to enter into the war. They have every right to decide on the rules of what ads they are carrying and rightly decided on just commercial advertisements from now on. Thank you, Seattle, for your wise decision. I'm sorry to see that you have to go through such a suit. Shame on the ACLU. I think their ethics have wandered off the path of righteousness. I agree with freedom of speech; that's what I'm exercizing right now, but not with freedom of slander. Right now our government realizes that they have to tone down their speech, and Washington's ACLU is standing up for someone to be causing harm to others.
Reference: King County News-through Hadassah
Yahoo News: Israel-Palestinian dispute lands Seattle agency in court 1/19/11.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jews and Israel by Joe McCain

Joe McCain is the young brother of John McCain. The family is steeped in naval tradition and of course their father was in the navy. This meant that Joe attended 17 different schools by the 9th grade. He entered the naval Academy but left in his first year in 1961. He had tried to be like his older brother, John, his father and grandfather and ancestors but was just different. He didn't like the formality and rigour of the navy, so later attended the College of William & Mary, which he enjoyed.

When his brother John was a prisoner of war, the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in SE Asia made him aware of the POW's plight. He dramatized being a prisoner by sitting in a bamboo cage in LA. He petitioned N. Vietnamese reps which meant a lot of travel. He helped bring 13 tons of mail to the N. Vietnamese delegation in Paris demanding humane treatment for the POWs.

Maybe this background created a very sensitive person. He became a reporter and actor and has written a beautiful and true essay on Jews which I cherish. Hee are a few lines from the piece. for an Episcopalian, he shows true understanding for Jews and our travails.

"Well, now the Jews have a homeland again. A place that is theirs. And that's the point. It doesn't matter how many times the US and European powers try to rein in Israel, if it comes down to survival of its nation, its people, they will fight like no lioness has ever fought to save her cubs. They will fight with a ferocity, a determination, and a skill, that will astound us... The irony goes unnoticed--while we are hammering away to punish those who brought the horrors of last September here, we restrain the Israelis from the same retaliation. ...While we mourn and see the attack of September 11th, we don't notice that Israel has a September 11th sometimes every day."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who is Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign?

Nadene Goldfoot

Family Security Matters' authors have done a lot of investigation.

The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign is an offshoot of "Coalition to Stop $30 billion to Israel." This started in 2009 and tried to get support from J-Street. On April 8, 2009, they set up 10 billboards around Albuquerque, New Mexico in a 2 month contract. They were quite open in their intentions to slam Israel. The billboards mentioning "killing children" were removed after 3 weeks of the 8 week contract after many complaints. Then again in December 2009 more appeared in Albuquerque but the message was modified. A video was made

Ed Mast was the spokesman for SMAC in Seattle in relation to the Metro bus ad campaign attacking Israel. He is the one who said that their intention was not to inflame but to raise awareness.

This is the man who wrote an article for the Salem News on May 17, 2010 saying that Israel's birth in May 1948 was the Palestinian Catastrophe and went on to write a completely lopsided essay about it that is full of false information. No doubt it's as the Palestinians have been brainwashed by their leaders, and he has bought into this legend as fact.

Awareness in his mind is telling the citizens of Seattle that the US is giving 30 Billion dollars each year to Israel in foreign aid. Awareness is telling these citizens that Israel simply bombed buildings without reason in Gaza with the pictures involved in the ad. The ads are badly distorting the issues involved, and Mr. Mast's story is all one-sided.

Seven years ago,, Mast was an activist with the International Solidarity Movement or ISM and now has been involved with the Palestine Online Store, a place selling his side of the Palestinian-Israel history. He is a founding member of the Seattle-based Palestine Information Project or Palestine Solidarity committee which is involved in boycotting Israeli products and produces propaganda declaring "the racism and colonialism of the Zionist movement....remain the fundamental causes of the current conflict. With this group he has helped organize protests scheduled every Saturday.

He and Susan Barclay, both of ISM from Seattle were in Israel when Rachel Corrie stood in front of a bulldozer operated by an IDF soldier on orders trying to stop him. The problem was that she was standing on a level of ground that prevented the soldier from seeing her, and he accidently hit her. Around her were probably these ISM people and other Palestinians, goading her to stand her ground and prevent the soldier from doing his job. She died as a result and Israel has held a court hearing about this case. My friend, David Berdine, reporter, was there as a witness shortly afterwards and noticed that the observers had offered pictures that were questionable as to the time involved. The light and shading told a different story. Rachel's death was a terrible accident, but no one should stand in front of a soldier in a wartime trying to prevent him from his duty. That is suicide. Her parents are just as guilty for allowing her to go to Israel with the intent of involving herself and putting herself in danger and so were was Rachel's audience of so called friends. Why didn't they grab her away when they saw what was about to happen? Did they just cheer her on? Now Mast tells that Rachel was "murdered" by evil Israeli oppressors.

The main person behind the ad seems to be Mark Eichinger-Wiese. They are claiming non-profit status, a photographer and website designer. He is involved with St. Mark's Cathedral with Brenda Bentz, both church and Bentz being on Mast's Palestine Information Project.

Update: 1:19pm The group is also planning a walking vigil for Monday evening.
Hadassah NW Regional Council from Joe McCain on the Jews-very positive after battling ads against Israel

Monday, December 20, 2010

Defamation of Israel in Seattle

Nadene Goldfoot

Something horrible is happening on December 27th in Seattle, Washington. A group calling itself "The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign" has paid King County (Seattle) $1,794 to have 12 buses carry ads on the outside of their buses saying..."Israeli War crimes --Your tax dollars at work." This is accompanied with a picture of a group of children looking at a demolished building. The buses running with these ads pasted on their outside facing all viewers is starting on the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead when Israel finally reacted after 6 years of being attacked by rockets and missiles from Gaza. One can't say that Israel wasn't patient. No one came to Israel's aid to talk to these terrorists and stop them from their attacks, and Israel warned the whole world what it was being forced to do. That irks me so that the world remained silent.

Our own American army had very high in command people commend Israel for trying so hard to keep from harming civilians in Gaza, but the Goldstone Report, UN's South African, a man already poisoned towards Israel for starters as is much of South Africa, turned out a very biased report against Israel. Knowing the UN, I was not surprised.

King County is only concerned that this horrible ad isn't about pornography, alcohol, tobacco and as long as it isn't interfering with public safety or insulting specific groups to the point that a riot could be incited, vandalism could occur or public safety could be threatened. They do not care that this ad is like another rocket attack hitting Israel.

I feel it is more than insulting, but knowing Jews and pacifistic Northwesterners, doubt if there will be a riot about it. It is "inflammatory, demonizing and divisive". Ed Mast, spokesman for the group said it's not meant to be an anti-Israel message. Of course he would say that.

King county Metro Transit spokesperson, Linda Thielke, said that some people will be offended but that's not stopping the buses. She mentioned freedom of speech. They can't object just because they offend some people.

I ask, isn't this bus message displayed for all to see attacking and defaming Israel? Isn't it conveying an unjustly and unfavorable impression of Israel? Isn't it being displayed without just cause and exposing Israel to public contempt? This advertisement is libelous.

Portland's TriMet buses have more scruples. They have commented that such ads would not be permitted on our buses because if an ad is political in nature, it must be a statement of fact in order to be placed on the side of city buses in Portland.

War Crimes? That is slanderous. Since when is defending oneself from thousands if not over a million terrorists a war crime?
PS 2:42pm Councilman Peter von Reichbauer called for a review of the advertising on the buses. He says the ads need to be reviewed and re-evaluated. In a letter he said that dangerous languge can create dangerous environments in a society. Thank you Mr. Reichbauer for your insight to this very grave situation. I just hope that the others will heed your advice and that you all find this advertisement unacceptable behavior.
12/21 2010 update: The sign also says that taxpayers are paying 30 billion each year to Israel in foreign aid. The 12 buses are costing $2,760 to run for a month in the heart of Seattle. That comes to about $7 per bus per day. First editorials neglected to mention the length of duration for the ads.

Resource: by Allen Schauffler/King 5 News
Stand With Us
Northwest Anti-Defamation League

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ezekiel Speaks to Us Again

Nadene Goldfoot

Ezekiel (6th Century BCE) spoke to the exiled Jews living in Babylon who were taken there when Nebuchadnezzar and his army conquered Israel. The Temple was destroyed in 586 BCE. He was one in the first group of exiles and understood their despair . His own wife had died in a plague. He told of the time when Israel would be picked from the nations and be given a warm and feeling heart when it was a humbled battered "vine" and would rise to dwarf the haughty cedars and redwoods. He tells that Israel would rise again and return to its home. In Jerusalem, it would assume a new and eternal name: Hashem is there. "Hkai Shamah" Hashem is the word we use today to replace the word "G-d" as we do not want to use that word in vain.

Ezekiel 37: 8-20

Behold, I am taking the children of Israel from among the nations to which they have gone; I will gather them from all around and I will bring them to their soil; I will make them into one nation in the land, upon the mountains of Israel, and one king will be a king for them all; they will no longer be two nations; and they will no longer be divided into two kingdoms, ever again. ... I will save them (take them) from all their dwelling places in which they had sinned, and I will purify them; they will be a nation to Me, and I will be a G-d to them. My servant David will be king over them, and there will be one shepherd for all of them; they will follow my ordinances and keep My decrees and fulfill them. they will dwell on the land that I gave to My servant Jacob, within which your fathers dwelled; they and their children and their children's children will dwell upon it forever; and My servant David will be a leader for them forever. I will seal a convenant of peace with them; it will be an eternal covenant with them...Then the nations will know that I am Hashem Who sanctifies Israel, when My sanctuary will be among them forever.

Here is something written so long ago that can be applied to today's historic events. This history is repetitious, but the words apply to us today. No wonder people are getting nervous. The reference to David being king is interesting. David was king of Israel in 1000 BCE to 960 BCE, the youngest son of Jesse. and was Israel's 2nd king. So somebody as great as David in mind and spirit will be the leader. Hopefully that is true today. We may not have a king, but we do have a Prime Minister and a President. Then again, some Jewish groups are believers of reincarnation. The rebirth of Israel today was not possible to so many of the polititians in the world. It's a shocking event. There are those who are doing their best to destroy the tiny state and are frantically doing everything in their power to cause people to turn against the Jews living in Israel.

Right now there are those "CNN special" that deny that David was ever in Jerusalem. There is the bus company in Seattle with anti-Israel propaganda ads pasted on the buses for all to read, those that declare that the Wailing Wall is not part of the Temple because it's located in East Jerusalem, and of course the ever present rockets that fly through the air from Gaza.

Behold, there was a wall outside the Temple, surrounding it. In the man's hand was a measuring rod of 6 cubits, each cubit being a cubit and a handbreath. He measured the thinkness of the wall's structure as one measuring rod; and its height as one rod. Then he went to a gate that faced eastward and went up its steps; he measured the doorpost of the gate as one rod in width and the other doorpost as one rod in width.....And people say the wall isn't Jewish. I guesss they can't read.

Ezekiel scolded the exiles feeling it was their turning from their duties that brought down their own destruction, and with a change of heart and mind Israel would be regained. He said that every generation was responsible for only its own deeds and would not have to bear responsibility for the actions of their ancestors.

There are people in Israel planning on rebuilding the 3rd Temple. My own cousin was a member. They are getting ready. The Ingathering has already happened.
Reference: New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Stone Edition of Tanakh; the Torah/Prophets/Writing.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Netanyahu Meets Senators Mike Lee and Mario Rubio

Nadene Goldfoot

We have a lot of new senators coming into the government. Mike Lee, Utah's Senator elect just had a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Israel is not new to him. His wife attended Brigham Young U's extension in Jerusalem. 60 % of these new people are Evangelical Christians and 50%-60% are from the new Tea Party. Both groups have been supportive of Israel. There are 112 new congressmen for the new year and 96 are Republicans. 16 Republicans will enter the Senate. Lee, age 39, is the 2nd to visit Israel. Lee is the youngest and most conservative. His father was a lawyer and wrote a book about the constitution.

The first to visit Israel was Mario Rubio, a Republican from Florida. He's also just 39 years old and the son of Cuban exiles. He was born in Miami. According to, in a speech Rubio gave on Israel in June to the Republican Jewish Coalition, he called on the United States to move its embassy to Jerusalem and talked “about the need for the United States to stand with Israel without equivocation or hesitation.”

"In a pre-election position paper Lee wrote that Israel is Washington’s closest ally in the US, and “faces many of the same threats confronting the United States.”..... that Israel should remain – and be recognized by the Palestinians as – a Jewish state.”

Monday, December 13, 2010

Larry King's Surprise Program Concerning Israel and Palestine

I couldn't sleep last night, so turned the channel to CNN for some strange unknown reason. Usually, I don't watch this channel. It has had lots of anti-Israel programs and I hate to watch that sort of thing. I've not been fond of Larry's questions, either.

To my surprise, I found I was watching the middle of an interview with Prime Minister Salam Fayad of the Palestinians and Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel who is now the leader of the Labor party (opposite of Benjamin Netanyahu, present Prime Minister) and the Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister. Both were referred to as Prime Ministers, so I'm not sure that this was an up to date program or a replay. Netanyahu has been Prime Minister as of March 2009 from the Likud party.

The programming was called "Peace in the Mideast". Larry asked if there would be Mideast peace? Fayad replied in a rather flat affect of a non-commital voice, that they want an agreement first, and that they are ready for statehood. It just hasn't had the right condition. It's not too late and it could happen. Ehud said that he wasn't a prophet but hoped there would be. Neither one addressed the huge problems in the way. They just sort of danced around any of the issues and sounded hopeful and that peace is needed.
I'm sure that if Netanyahu was being interviewed, the answers would have been more direct.

What was more interesting was the next interview of two men; one a Palestinian and the other an Israeli. They had been friends for a long time and were very complimentary to each other. The Palestinian is also an American and a philanthropist, putting much money into helping the Palestinian children. He was Hani Masri, businessman and founder and president of "Tomorrow's Youth Organizations." The Israeli, Haim Saban, also an American businessman and philanthropist and chairman of the Saban Forum on U.S.-Israeli relations, said that he and his wife were interested in starting TV programs that will deal with bringing the two diverse groups together educationally designed to understand each other and to get along. I thought that sounded great. Right now they are being fed only hatred for Israel and for Jews. Both men were for that and Larry King offered any assistance he could being that was his forte, TV programming. They both said they'll keep him busy.
After reading the transcripts, I see it was not an old program but from last night. I missed the first interview of Tony Blair's take on Israel. He is the former Prime Minister of Britain and one of the members of "The Quartet."

Reference: CNN's Larry King Live: Peace in Mideast program

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maccabees Fighting For Our Rights-Chanukah

by Nadene Goldfoot

We've been striving to keep our religion for thousands of years. Way back more than 2,000 years ago, Judea was being fought over by the Seleucids and the Ptolemies, two rivals. The Seleucids won in 198 BCE. The leader, Antiochus III, defeated the Egyptians and took over Judea. When he was defeated by the Romans, he forced Jews into the Greek's paganistic practices. He even tried to put idols into the temples. This was like "the last straw."

His son, Antiochus IV, came into power in 176 BCE and continued his father's goals. A Greek official tried to make a Jewish priest, Mattathius, sacrifice to one of the pagan gods. Of course Mattathius rebelled and refused. He fled to his home, told his story to his family, and his 5 sons joined him in rebellion along with all their relatives and friends. This brave group became a guerilla force of fighters known as the Hammerers, as they fought with hammer like thrusts, and actually overcame the official army.

The first thing they did was clean out the temple of idols and they wanted to relight the eternal light that was to be there, but found the hanging lamp was out of oil. They sent a runner-no cars in those days-to the nearest town to bring back oil and wanted it as quickly as possible. He came back with just enough, probably couldn't run and carry a heavy pottery jar, to light the lamp for one night, planning on going back later for more. Much to everyone's surprise, it stayed lit for 8 days and nights, enough time to bring back lots of the needed olive oil.

This is why we remember the miracle. We light oil lamps or candles for 8 nights and remember the miracle of this olive oil in other ways, too. We eat potato latkas because of frying them in oil. We eat donuts (sufganiot) that are also fried in oil. We ladies have been thinking of starting a new tradition; eating salad with olive oil, but we always do that, so I find that our traditions are special and only for Chanukah.

A word to the wise. Many people have tried to take over Israel's land but they have never been able to hold it. Somehow the land always vomits them out. The only people who have ever brought forth life in Israel has been the Jews. Before their return to the land in the 1800's, it had become barren, swampy, full of sand from the desert, and was producing nothing. Only the love of the Jewish population has created a Utopia, and again, there are those that covet it, willing to destroy it in their frenzied attacks. Instead of building up land they have already taken, such as Gaza and the so called "West Bank", which is Judea and Samaria, they remain intent on what has already sprung forth in Israel. Israel and Jews are meshed together in a symbiotic union. We cannot let go. We must not let go. For, as the land has improved, so have we.

Our people have gone through fire and all sorts of dangers in their zeal not to throw out their religion. Most Jews do not take their religion lightly. Something inside us is a reminder of the oath our forefathers swore to uphold our beliefs. We're not about to toss this knowledge aside and accept idols and the glitter that has been offered to us throughout the ages. There comes a time in every generation that someone has taken the reigns of leadership and has called out "Enough", Dayenu, a word also familiar to us during Passover. Mattathius lives on to remind us that every man should be able to worship as he wishes. Political rulers should never force a religion upon their populace.

Reference: Pamela Geller-Atlas Shrugs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Muslim Population in USA

There are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world. It is the 2nd largest religion. According to Islam 101, there are from 5 to 8 million Muslims in the United States. One reference even thought 9 million live in the US. This differs from today's Oregonian which says there are only 3 million, which is the smallest reference that I have found. The number differs according to how many people are known to attend a mosque. Religion is not listed on census sheets. Like other religions, not all Muslims attend on a Friday. The 19 year old Mohamud just arrested for trying to blow up Pioneer Square in Portland was not attending a mosque regularly, but perhaps about twice a month while living in Corvallis. He grew up in the greater Portland area after moving here from Somalia and most likely attended a nearby mosque. Whatever he had learned in Somalia and Portland's mosque turned him against his adopted country and he was a want-t0-be jihadist that actually became one. We in Portland are just grateful to the FBI who was able to avert him from his goal of killing about 12,000 people at the Xmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Pioneer Square.

Allied-media came up with 8 million Muslims that are living in the United States. Arab-Americans make up 26%, South Asians make up 26%, African Americans make up 24%, and all others make up 24%. The population is growing 6% annually. Jews make up about 6 million. This is about the same number of Jews living in Israel.

In a poll on allied-media, 90% of Muslims followed the Koran and the Sunnah strictly. In a Cornell University survey, 47% of Americans believed that the Islamic religion is more likely than others to encourage violence among its believers.

In 1990 the Jews in Oregon are estimated to total about 10,691 or 0.38% of Oregon's population There are about 10 synagogues in Portland. They are a smaller number than the Buddaists who make up 0.5% of Oregon's population. Muslims number 2,842 or 0.1% of the population. Including themselves in the Muslim count are the Ahmadis of Ahmadiyya Islam who are also in Oregon. They differ from other Sunni or Shiite Muslims. The largest group is the Catholics who number 279,650 or 9.84% of the population. They have about 199 churches in Oregon.

An Ahmadiyya Islamist wrote an editorial for the Oregonian saying that Islam was a peaceful religion and denied the accusation about jihad, and that killing wasn't allowed. Being Ahadiyya Islamists have broken from true Shiite and Sunni Islam, he was not speaking the truth, but only about his own group. The Ahadiyya continue to feel they are a part of Islam, but Islam has declared them to be a non-Muslim minority and are barred from law from calling themselves Muslims. They are even told not to call their places of worship "mosques." They have suffered a great deal of discrimination by the very people they are defending. I don't believe that Mohamud ever attended their "mosque." and learned their more peaceful ways.
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