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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Attacks on Israel With and Without Missiles

Nadene Goldfoot
What is an appeaser?  "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last". Winston Churchill. 

Israel doesn't have many friends, but one of the best is Canada and John Baird, Canadian Foreign Minister.  He just happens to agree with me in that delegitimization of Israel is the new anti-Semitism. 

I wrote yesterday about a new Christian organization, the Sabeel Movement,  connected to the Presbyterians who is working hard to delegitimatize Israel and refuses to see that its goals amount to anti-Semitism.  Their creed and teachings have also reached the Methodists, I'm afraid.  They both are groups that believe in the replacement theory of Christianity in that Israel is no longer important and has been replaced by them.  Not all Christians go along with this, thank goodness, and evidently Canada stands up for what is principled and just, not things that are popular, convenient and expedient.  They are not about to be appeasers.  They go along with Christians United for Israel which is led by Pastor John Hagee, for one, who is an Evangelist. There are others who love and support Israel as well. 

I'm hoping that my favorite Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,  is not becoming an appeaser.  Newspapers are hopefully wrong in reporting that he is ready to dismantle certain towns and cities in Judea and Samaria.  I know he isn't planning on doing this with the major-large sized ones.  The area is divided into A, B, and C sections and one or parts of some may be on the dismantling list.  This tells me that the UN and possibly Obama has been putting the pressure on to do this at this time.  Why this time?  The Palestinians refuse to continue talks after the latest initial five that got nowhere.  It's Israel that has always had to make concessions and give up something.  I don't think there has ever been a time that the Palestinians have.  So again, we may have to take the first step in showing more good faith, even as the missiles whiz by in southern Israel!   I'm just hoping that if we have to give up territory it won't go the way of Gaza and become a closer base to kill Israelis. With all the fatwas from the Muslims to kills Jews, what guarantees are given to Israel for security? 

We had the very same problems with the Palestinians before 1967 when Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem were not in Israel's hands.  They simply would not agree to anything for anytime.  Statehood was not their goal; killing Israelis was more important. 

What we have learned from Gaza is that we made the peaceful move, giving up the land,  but the Palestinians allowed themselves to be ruled by terrorists worse than the first, so they went from the PLO to Hamas.  None have been interested in the people themselves; in  only becoming dictators to them and attacking Israel.  Israel giving up Gaza for peace just gave the Palestinians a huge piece not used for peace! 

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and in its creed are the words to destroy Israel and Jews.  With Qaradawi of Qatar as the head religious person broadcasting on al Jezeeera these same beliefs, I doubt very much if anything substantial can be decided at this time about a peaceful coexistence. 

My husband  used to belong to Kiwanis, in fact he was president of his group.  They sang, "Oh, Canada" at every meeting.  I have lots of appreciation for Canada today, more than ever. 

Resource:  Excellent   Israel and dismantling cities

Monday, January 30, 2012

How Sabeel Movement is Harming Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Sabeel movement is a Christian organization of Christian liberation theology.  It is based in Jerusalem, founded by a Palestinian Anglican priest, Rev. Naim Ateck, former Canon of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem.  They are partners of the Presbyterian Church.

The problem is that they are promoting an anti- Israel agenda of divestment from Israel.  They are also accused of using anti-semitic rhetoric and have been saying that Israel's policies of occupying East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are wrong.  They are going along with the UN's take on the situation, and I think they are all wrong! 

When all the surrounding states had the gall to gang up and attack little Israel in 1967, they most likely all thought that would be curtains for Israel, but they were wrong.  Such greedy people.  They couldn't allow a teeny little Jewish state to exist!  To the amazement of all, Israel won against such an onslaught.  You'd think that perhaps G-d was helping them!  Needless to say, when a country is attacked and wins, they usually take over the land involved, and Israel did in fact liberate East Jerusalem, connecting it to the rest of the city making it whole once again.  Judea and Samaria in the Bible days did belong to Israel, and lying next to Israel became part in that we have religious people settling there once again. 

Sabeel is advocating a two-state solution as long evidently as Israel kicks out every last Jew in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem while not being able to trade at all with the rest of the world.  Such nice people.  They have the chutzpah to say that they are not anti-semitic but condemn such acts!  Besides trying to break Israel's back with such an attitude, what are they doing to help promote peace between the two peoples? 

They also complain about "the wall."  I suppose they'd rather not have a wall which keeps terrorists from coming into Israel and killing innocent civilians.  They want to bring an end to Israel's illegal and immoral behavior!  Talk about chutzpah!  Israel has a religion and a legal system highly developed in the acts of legality and morality.  We've even been criticized for having it in the past.  I think we invented it!  They should be talking about the illegal and immoral acts of the Palestinian terrorists who haven't stopped shelling Israel or sneaking into the tiny state and murdering people for being Jewish. 

The group, founded through Nelson Mandela and then to Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, is still admonishing Israel for being apartheid.  Israel just happens to be the most non-apartheid state in the whole world.  I suggest they go pick on the Palestinians who want a state free of all Jews, just like the Nazis advocated.  They should have learned by now that Israel is made up of over one million Arabs, a lot of which are Christians.  They have all the rights that Jews have as well.  These South Africans still think that all states were like theirs and need liberating. 

They believe that divestment plans are neither anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.  How can they possibly believe such a notion?  If you try to prevent any country from doing business with another, you are out to stop their progress and perhaps even make food a scarcity in order to change them.  I for one feel they are being very anti-semitic for the very fact that Israel is the only Jewish country in the world,  populated by Jews who came from horrible pogroms in Russia as well as survivors from the Holocaust of the 2nd WW.  They are picking on the scapegoats of the world who have turned out to be warriors protecting what scrap of land they have been given in order to continue surviving in a hostile environment.  By coming down on Israelis, they are also coming down hard on Jews. 

Whatever good intentions these people may have are marred by the fact that they put so much dependency on the United Nations, a group that has crumbled in upholding laws.  Today they are topheavy with Muslims who wish to destroy Israel and their voting reflects this. Up to now the USA has been our friend and has vetoed actions against Israel.   To uphold International law as the final say so is rejecting what is fair and right in the world.  If the UN doesn't  straighten out they may go the way of the League of Nations. 

Sabeel's group claims to be called by G-d to work for justice and by Christ to work for peace.  I suggest they stop siding with their Arab Muslim brothers and actually think peacefully.  When a showdown comes and G-d forbid if Israel is harmed, they are next for being in harm's way. 

Reference:  8 printed pages

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 Year Old Mishel Cohen of Israel Sings

Nadene Goldfoot
The first season of the schools in Israel's junior talent show competition found a winner in Dimona.  It was 13 year old Mishel Cohen.  If he doesn't stir your heartstrings, nothing will.  In one clip below he shares the stage with Eyal Golan, Israeli's superstar singer.  They sing "Barcelona, which was the winning song for Mishal in the Beit Sefer L'Musica talent contest. 

Dimona is a city in the Negev desert, 22 miles from Beersheba.  It was populated by northern Africans in 1953 but Russian immigrants have joined them now as well as other Jews.  Summers are hot as you can imagine with August being 91.4 F, but in a dry climate that isn't so bad. 

Something I loved was the singing that I heard on Israel's TV stations.  It has such a unique Middle East quality being so much is in the minor key .  I miss hearing our best in the Eurovision contest which takes in singers from all the countries.  I remember that Israel won with "Hora" in 1982 sung by Avi Toledano (see below) .  It's wonderful that notice is being given to children today.  This is the glue that keeps Israel together. 

Mishal is at the age of Bar Mitzva when a boy becomes a man in our religion and can take on  responsibilities in the synagogue.  Can you imagine what a wonderful Bar Mitzva he had with such a voice?  We Jews sing our prayers,in the synagogue,  at least most all of them, and each has a beautiful melody.  A Cantor leads us in this singing. 

Resource: winning solo with Eyal Golan Eyal Golan singing Hallelujah 1982's Avi Toledano singing Hora  Ofra Haza in 1983 "Chai" (To Life)

The Failed Peace Talks in Jordan Between PLO and Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The PLO has refused to meet anymore with Israeli representative Yitzchak Molcho or anyone else.  They did get something out of the meetings, though.  Erekat, a Fatah member, negotiated the release of all PA terrorist prisoners who are being held in Israel.  He managed to argue for this but neglected to come back to discussing the core issues relating to PA statehood. 

They have made it quite clear that the only reason they have attended at all was in regards to Jordan's King Abdullah II's request.  What they want are issues decided in their favor first before they sit down to discuss anything and Israel isn't going along with this.  For instance, they now want Israel to recognize the planned border of Palestine first as well as stop"occupying " Jerusalem.  They want East Jerusalem as their capital for their state and their state is going to be made up only of Muslims.    They have been referring to building  going on by Israel in Jerusalem.  Therefore they use this subtrafuge to blame Israel for not making any progress in these preliminary talks.  Israel has continually said, no preconditions.  The Quartet has been in agreement with this.

Israel believes they will continue as the Quartet has been putting a lot of pressure on them to do so.  Actually, the PA said they will talk to Abdullah and the Arab monitoring commmittee about returning. 

Resource:  Arutz Sheva

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bringing in the Mashiach ( Messiah)

Nadene Goldfoot
When I moved to Israel in September 1980 I was met with the fact that many people were talking about the Mashiach who was soon to come.  Classes were going on that talked about it.  Students in schools were getting anxious to have it happen.  I was stunned!  Was that why I had the compulsion to move to Israel at this time?

Come to find out, the Christians are also expecting the Messiah to come again.  Something was going on, here.  Now that I'm not in Israel, I have had a chance to talk to more Christians and we can compare notes.  When is he coming, do you think, and is it right to figure out a time for the happening?  Actually, Judaism frowns on it.  This has led to false messiahs appearing at times of impending doom. 

The earliest I have found out is that it won't be for a couple hundred more years, according to Jewish thought.  However, it's sooner than that for the Christians.

Now I learn that the Muslims are also expecting their  Messiah as well.  What are we all doing to bring him here?

I look back in history to the caves where the "Dead Sea Scrolls" were found by a sheepherder in 1947,  7.5 miles from Jericho.  They disclosed that a group of males were living in these caves trying to live an exemplary life of abstinence and perfection who lived there until 68 CE.  Jerusalem fell 2 years later.  It was a time in Jewish history where there were many many different groups of Jews or different Jewish denominations, each with a variety of ideas as to how to behave, and they were thinking that things were so bad for them that surely it was time for the Messiah to arrive.  Each were doing what they thought was expected of them to bring the Messiah  to them.  One scroll spoke of the plan of the struggle of "the sons of light" against "the sons of darkness." which was to begin with the conquest of Palestine and to end 40 years later with the conquest of the whole world.  Israel has built "The Shrine of the Book" in the Israel Museum to house them. 

Today, again we see that things couldn't be worse.  We have  Israel threatened to be totally destroyed by atomic warfare coming from Iran, our old nemesis from the days of Purim with Queen Esther saving us.  The Muslim Brotherhood, with their doctrine to kill all Jews, has taken over Egypt's politics.  The Arabs called "Palestinians" are demanding their own state out of part of the tiniest state in the area, Israel, without any sign of wanting peace, and the whole world seems to be against Israel as shown in the politics of the UN.   It's time for the Mashiach!

The Muslims are teaching that their Hadith (Islamic tradition from Mohammad of sayings or acts) says that "the hour of Resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews.  The Jew will hide behind stones or trees and the stones or trees will call:  "Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."  Their way of bringing in the Messiah is to kill all of us Jews.  With a fatwa stated by their "Pope" of Islamic thought, Qaradawi, who has called for the killing of all Jews, I am thinking that this is their idea today of bringing it on and why he is professing such a terrible act. 

Islam has two branches of thought; Sunni (Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia)  and Shi'a (Iran. some Iraqis,) Qaradawi is the Sunni leader but has been touted by Iran as well!  Their tradition has several Hadiths for their reference.  The Messiah or Mahdi is the redeemer of Israel who will rule for either 7, 9, or 19 years, depending, before the Day of Judgement.  He will rule alongside Jesus and will rid the world of wrong doing, injustice and tyranny. 

Shi'a Islam holds the central religious idea to the 12th Imam, Muhammad al-Mahal.  He will be an ordinary man.  The world will not come to an end until the Arabs are ruled by a man from his family and he will establish a moral system where all superstitious faiths are eliminated.  The Unbelieveers will believe. 

Revelations in the Christian tradition tells of times such as what we are starting to experience which is the start of the end of the world as we know it.  This will climax with most all Jews dying who are left on earth as you have to believe that Jesus is the Messiah while some stories tell about a rapture that will take up the blessed ones into a spaceship where they will find refuge while others just say they will meet the Messiah in the the heavens.  Since Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, they are waiting for his 2nd coming.  This is thought to happen instantaneously and will be known worldwide.  It will be visible to all with a sign in heaven as well as with audible trumpet sounds.   Before he comes, the antichrist will be ministring on earth.  Jesus's return on earth will usher in 1,000 years of peace bringing in the New Jerusalem through resurrection. 

Pastor John Hagee, Evangelical leader with Christians United For Israel or CUFI, certainly believes that Jesus is the Messiah and is also awaiting his 2nd coming. At the same time he supports Israel. He doesn't believe in a Replacement theology. He writes that scripture plainly indicates that the church (spiritual Israel) and national Israel exist side by side, and neither replaces the other-ever!" He goes on to explain to people that spiritual Israel is the church and has the blessings of a physical Israel, but it does not replace physical Israel . Replacement theologians in the USA are preaching "that if Christians will quit supporting Israel and will economically boycott the Christ-rejecting Jews, they will accept Jesus Christ. So this is where all the Christian groups boycotting Israel get their ideas from!

We Jews are not as imaginative.  To us the Messiah, the annointed one (what happened to become a king was to be annointed with oil) , the ultimate deliverer, is a living human, a king or leader who has received Divine sanction and "unique inviolability of status".  He is not a "savior."  He would be from the house of David (King David)  who would break" the alien yoke "and establish a golden age.  He would be a great political leader as discussed in Jeremiah 23-5.  He will be well versed in Jewish law, will be observant of its commandments and will be charismatic.  The Messiah will be a great military leader and will win battles for Israel as well as be a great judge.

Predictions as to when the Messiah would come have been based on the book of Daniel and other biblical passages.  Jews revolted in 115-117 CE , ending with a huge battle in 133-135 CE with Bar Kokhba, who some thought to be the Messiah.  We have found out since than that there have been many false messiahs during times of stress.  Of course many Jews had thought that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah and this started the movement of Christianity which has survived. 

It is said that in every generation there is someone who has the potential of being the Messiah, and he will come about in the Messianic Age.  The conduct of mankind will be the decisive factor of when he arrives.  It will be when he is most needed. 

Today I see that certain orthodox groups in Israel have become so over-zealous in their practice that they have had to be reprimanded by the Chief Sephardic Rabbi and the government of Israel.  They are striving for such perfection, possibly to bring the messiah, that they have overstepped logical bounds.  They have been practicing separation of sexes on buses.  This leads to behavior that is unacceptable as far as the rights of women are concerned, such as being most rude to women trying to sit among men, and so have had to be reminded that this is not an accepted practice in Judaism at all.  I see it as a fear that grows with the advent of such psychological pressure of being hated and the fear of being killed in an unwanted war.  They have been trying to be so good that this act can keep all their loved ones safe and secure.  It is for the reason of bringing the Messiah to them. 

Muslims have Qatarawi with his fatwa to kill Jews.  He even wants to do it himself, though he is in a wheel chair.  Following his advice is the PA's religious leader calling for the same thing, to kill the Jews.  The Palestinians show no signs of signing any peace agreement with Israel now. Could this be the reason why?  They expect the Mahdi to come?

To make matters more appalling, the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Since they were Indians in Central America, they had no such ideas as a messiah. It's just eerie that their calendar stops on this date. It has to do with a line-up of heavenly bodies for a first time. They were quite the astronomers. Nostradamus has made hard to decipher notations that the end will come about then as well, depending on the people interpreting his quatrains. The findings of mathematician Eliahu Ripps in Israel who has developed a "Bible Code" has led the journalist, Michael Drosnin to write about the results in that something is to also happen around this same time frame that might be a calamity as well, and here we are, in the year of 2012!

 Michael Drosnins, "The Bible Code,; Bible Code II-The Countdown, and Bible Code III Saving the World
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Book: In Defense of Israel by Pastor John Hagee  Songs in Hebrew by Russians; note the song about the Moshiach. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Importance of Jerusalem, Zion, or the City of David to Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
Over 3,000 years ago from 1,000 BCE to 960 BCE (Jewish Calendar from 2884 to 2924) King David lived and built Jerusalem which was the capital of Judea.  To Jews only, this city has been the focus of national and religious aspirations.  It's been Israel's capital since 1948 with a population of over 600,000.  It was also our capital of our Jewish nation between 1,000 BCE and 586 BCE and also from 516 BCE and 70 CE.  You can read about it in the "Old Testament."

The Bible, Psalms, 122,3, refers to:  Jerusalem, which is bound firmly together.   I take it to mean that it must not be divided, which is what the Muslims are demanding.  They want east Jerusalem as their future capital.  Psalms was written by King David. 

The Bible, Zechariah, 8, 3, refers to: Jerusalem shall be called the city of truthLet's be honest.  The only reason that the Muslims want east Jerusalem is that it has been unified with the western section and is now a part of Israel.  They have no G-dly reason to make it their capital. 

The Talmud, Berakhot, 58, refers to: Eternity means Jerusalem. written after 200 CE, from Babylonian and Palestinian Talmuds, all before Islam when Mohammed lived from 570 CE to 630 CE.  Little did the scholars realize that Jerusalem would play a world-wide part in politics in 2012.  They were right; it is an eternal city. 

Avot Derabbi Nathan, Talmudic Commentary: There is no beauty like the beauty of Jerusalem.  Does anyone doubt the love Jews have for Jerusalem? 

Jerusalem has been under many foreign rulers, but only with Jews was it a capital with its people living in the land.  Jews of Jerusalem are the longest living people with an unbroken historical association.  It is where the President of Israel lives and where the Knesset, the Government, the Supreme Court, the Chief Rabbinate, the Hebrew University and the Israel Museum reside. Yet the UN refuses to count it as our capital. 

To us it is the most holy city and contains the Western Wall, or Wailing Wall as some know it which dates back to the time of our 2nd Temple.  Christians hold it dear with Jesus of Nazareth and the story of his life and death, with a holy place being the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  Muslims consider it their 3rd holy place after Mecca and Medina.  Their holy shrine in Jerusalem is the mosque of Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount. 

Between 1948 and 1967, Jerusalem was divided in two-between Israel and Jordan, who had illegally occupied the eastern part.  The two parts were separated by barbed wire and concrete walls.  Jordan forbid movement of people from east to west.

After the Six Day War of June 5-11, 1967 Jerusalem was reunified on June 29th and barriers were removed.  Jordanian troops in east Jerusalem had bombarded the rest of the city.  The IDF came in and in 2 days the entire city came under Israel control.  The first thing they all did was go to the Western Wall, which had been denied access to Jews for 20 years.

The population of east Jerusalem at the time included 139,000 Muslims and Christians, so that by 1990 the population of Jerusalem was 493,500.  Today it is 693,217 with 464,527 being Jews.  Today it is a thriving city holding members of the 3 faiths with their religious and secular living.  It has many problems indeed with 12% of families having 7 or more children.  39% of the population are school age, and there has been a serious housing shortage.  Israel had a large building program in all parts of the city, Arab and Jewish.  Kiryat Yovel was the largest project.  Just to give you an idea, Portland, Oregon's population is 583,766. 

The Jerusalem Law of 1980 put Israel's sovereignty over the entire city.  Israel has suffered from sabotage which were encouraged by outside elements , especially after the beginning of the intifada in 1987. Some Arabs such as Hamas terrorists have wanted to go back to the 1967 situation. 

On October 34, 1995, the USA's 104th congress passed a law to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital but has yet to do it.  They have since withheld recognition until the Palestinian-Israel peace is completed.  Israel has had Jerusalem as its capital for 44 years anyway. 

Ofra Haza, originally coming from Yemen,  sings Yerusahalayim Shel Zahav, or Jerusalem, City of Gold so well.  When the sun hits Jerusalem, it looks like it's made of gold, and the way countries have coveted it, you'd think it was truly made of gold.

Mufti Muhammad Hussein: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Nadene Goldfoot
On the 18th of January I wrote a blog about the PA's religious leader, the Mufti Muhammad Hussein calling a fatwa against all Jews.  Now he's denying it.  His speech was recorded on TV and translated by the Palestinian Media Watch.  Hussein was calling for the slaughter of all Jews everywhere, and is no doubt following in the footsteps of an even greater Islamist in Qatar, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, great friend of Qatar's Emir Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani.   Obama chose Qaradawi to mediate peace talks with the Taliban, a terrorist group.  Qaradawi would be on the USA terrorist list, but the Emir, who helps out the USA, has him protected. 

Hussein is copping a plea saying that "sentences were cut from his speech.  He also mentioned that Islam calls for respect of all human beings.  Why is it then that these religious Islamists call Jews "Pigs'?  Are we not humans?   As he copped a plea about his deed, he forgets that he is already taped saying it all in a speech 2 weeks ago.. 

Where does all this hatred come from for Jews, many might wonder?  It's fairly simple.  Jews  would not convert to the new ideas of Mohammad which were called "Islam."  They refused his request and many Jewish tribes were answered with the sword.  Either convert or die was their choice.  Some did convert while others didn't even get a chance to think about it.  They were slaughtered.  That's why you find such hatred in the Muslim teachings against Jews, like look behind a rock, find a Jew and kill him.  It turns out to be a directive in hatred and killing instead of inspiration, unless that's their inspiration to take over the world.

Jews have lived in Arab countries since before Mohammad, but since Islam, had been treated as 2nd or 3rd class citizens as dhimmis.  Life was quite deplorable, but they were allowed to live, at least, which at times was a contrast compared to how Jews were treated in Eastern European countries or even in England.  It wasn't until 1948 when Israel was born that Muslims decided they didn't want to lose any possibilities of land to such low-life as these dhimmis who had lived in their lands in dhimmitude!  It was an affront to their manliness!    
The Muslim Brotherhood, of which Qaradawi holds top leadership and just lectured to over a million Egyptians in their Tahrir Square in Cairo, has in its charter to kill Jews and to destroy Israel. The USA calls the Brotherhood "Moderates."  They have won the seats in Egypt along with the Salafis who are even stricter in their Islam.   Qaradawi in 2009 said that Allah has imposed upon the Jews people who would punish them for their corruption, the last punishment being by Adolf Hitler..".Oh Allah, count their numbers and kill them, down to the very last one."  So they intend to finish what Hitler almost did, annihilate all Jews.  It looks like the Christians in Egypt are also getting axed as they have been attacked by Muslims recently, being there aren't that many Jews there anymore. 

The Arabs were on the Axis side in the 2nd World War.  Mein Kampf is a favorite book of many Islamists after the Koran.  Their hatred of Jews feeds into the teachings of Mein Kampf, so they want to believe it. If the Muslim Brotherhood controls the government, they will no doubt do away with the peace treaty with Israel which Israel has had since the 1967 War where Egypt along with other Arab nations attacked Israel with a surprising outcome; tiny Israel not only survived but won!  Sadat rethought his goals and came to Israel joining them in peace.  He was loved and respected for that.  It made him a mentch in my eyes.  His change of heart caused Israel give back the Sinai and their pact held.  Even Mubarak honored the peace, though it might not have been his choice.  He also held the Muslim Brotherhood as an outlawed group!  He knew what would happen.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jerusalem, Undivided

Nadene Goldfoot                                                           
East Jerusalem and West Bank barrier 

"Israel occupied east Jerusalem in 1967 and annexed it later in a move never recognised by the international community. It considers the entire city its "eternal, indivisible capital."  
(AFP-European Union says Israeli settlements are "worrying."-reference below.)

After being attacked by all the surrounding Arab states, Israel miraculously won the  battle and in doing so, gained back east Jerusalem, which had been held by Jordan in an illegal move of occupation without permission.  Now Jerusalem is one again and enjoying the fruits of unification.

The European Union, forever not wanting to affront their Arab pals, is saying that Israeli "settlements", which are now becoming old villages, towns and cities, are   a "worrying" development.  At least they are for a 2 state solution.   They also state that the legitimacy of Israel must never be called into question.  

Where I question is "the right of Palestinians to achieve statehood".  Why?  I ask.  They were never a state of their own.  Jews have had to wait since 70CE to regain their own land, and at that they have but a drop in the bucket compared to their original land tract.  The Arabs have been given the opportunity to have their own state ever since 1948 when Israel was pronounced a state among the nations and they have refused, wanting the whole piece instead of their slice of the pie.  Instead, they answer Israel's pleas with bombing and killing.  So what is their right in getting their own state which is more demanding than other entities in the world who seem to be more deserving. 

Where does it say that Jerusalem is so important to the Arabs?  It's not a religious center at all.  At best, east Jerusalem does have many Arabs living there, but this is not reason to take it over as the capital of "Palestine."  The Koran does not address Jerusalem.  East Jerusalem contains Arabs because  Jordan had taken it in the War of Independence illegally; thus there are still Arabs living there.  Israel did not force them out.  Israel is trying to get along with its neighbors, and has hired them for work, not attacked them. 

Israel has been begging the Palestinians to "demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful solution" but instead, Fatah has joined Hamas; a terrorist group connecting with an even more evil terrorist group.  That's how they have demonstrated their "right to a state."

The EU accuses Israel of "systematically undermining the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem through the continued expansion of settlements."  Israel has dismantled cities that had developed with the results of having the areas become Muslim centers for attack.  Look at Gaza.  If the "Palestinians won't come to the peace talks and be serious about making friends with Israel, then why should Israel hold back in building needed homes for its people.  When they get serious about their attitude, decisions can be made about building. 

Right now there are several fatwas out to kill all Jews everywhere and destroy Israel from Hamas itself as well as Qaradawi, the religious leader who has gained prominence through Qatar's Emir.  He had been thrown out of Egypt by Mubarak for his outlandish attitude, but he has gained prominence and just spoke in Egypt to over a million Islamists.  This is not the climate that creates peace between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinians. 

Face it, European Union.  The "Palestinians want east Jerusalem simply because it means so much to Jews.  If they ever picked up the "Old Testament" and read it, they'd see how Jerusalem plays a prominent role to us.  It goes back to Kings David and Solomon.  Hamas's own leader, Khaled Meshal, who chooses to live in Damascus, Syria instead of Gaza, is resigning but may do another term anyway as he is in demand.  This man has Jordanian citizenship and could return there if he gives up all political aspirations.  He will only be 56 in May, and is quite too young to retire. 

Israel was led to believe that they would receive  a fair size of their old land back in the Balfour Declaration of 1917.  Their high aspirations dwindled before their eyes but they accepted the token piece they were offered in the end.  If Hamas is serious about wanting their own state, they could easily choose another site for their capital being that they have a great deal of land already.  East Jerusalem is a subject that was to be discussed in peace talks that the EU seems to want decided before the discussion.  Can it be that Hamas knows they can't come up with rational answers?  The international community favors their Arab friends, owners of oil wells.  What sort of community is it that cannot see the logic of east Jerusalem remaining a united section of the rest of Jerusalem? 

Oregonian newspaper, 1/22/12; page A10, Hamas leader won't seek re-election by Fares Akram NY Times

Friday, January 20, 2012

January 25th Peace Meeting of Israel/Palestine May Be Last

Nadene Goldfoot
The "Palestinians", so called Arabs whose ancestors were originally in Palestine along with the Jews before 1948 and up to then, want all of Israel and the death of Jews, but are going through the motions of coming to a few peace talks with Israel as ordered by the United Nations. 

A senior Palestinian official has been quoted as saying that there is to be only one more meeting on January 25th.  Then either they will schedule meetings involving negotiations or decide it has been a failure.

 Saturday was the day of a meeting between Saeb Muhammad Salih Erekat, former chief Jordanian- born Palestinian negotiator at Oslo Accords from 1995 to 2003 who resigned in protest from the PA but was later reinstated and now a member of the Israel-Fatah peace accords and  Yitzhak Molcho, Israeli lawyer and chief negotiator for Israel of which representatives from Jordan and the Quartet (US, EU, UN and Russia) did not attend.  What were they doing meeting on Shabbat?  Maybe they were just talking.  Hopefully they were alone. 

The fact is that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is in the process of getting international help in putting pressure on Israel to freeze construction in the "settlements" (towns and cities) in Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem.  This building and the towns and cities are at the core of the Palestinian offensive stated a Palestinian official.  They think they undermine the foundations of the two-state solution. 

After reading Alan Dershowitz's 2005 "The Case For Peace; how the Arab-Israeli conflict can be resolved", I agree that this is a better plan than a one state solution where Israel would be swallowed up, but he presented his ideas before the present day situation of the Muslim Brotherhood's presence ,deadly threats and constant bombardment into this year of 2012, seven years after his book was published.  It isn't that the settlements are the end-all to the problem.  They are the result of the problem of the Muslims never making peace in the first place.  The more they fight and bomb, all the more reason why Israel shouldn't continue with working on these landmarks. (I have a friend who said that everytime the Gazans bomb Israel, Israel should take another foot of land in Judea and Samaria.)  Well, they haven't done that, but they are trying to keep up appearances in the towns that they have.   The Palestinians want "settlements" to be settled on their side without any negotiations with Israel.  They've been attacking Israelis since the birth of Israel in 1948 when there were no settlements to argue about. 

Rumor is that the USA and some EU people were putting heavy pressure on Abbas to keep talking.  The PA is arguing about the deadline not being in March, which is a date used by the Quartet.  They're also saying that it's the Israelis who are not serious about going forward with peace talks and are using the coming general elections in Israel as a reason for stalling.  I ask how Israel can move forward when the PA won't until Israel is forced to end control in the towns and cities in Judea and Samaria?  They want the cart to pull the horse!  To put it plainly, why should Israel give up towns and cities they developed on land they received after being attacked by many countries in which they came out the winner?  Since when do winners lay down their arms and become losers?  Attack Israel and you lose!  Live in peace with Israel and you will be a winner.  Plain and simple.  That's what I would tell them. 

Dershowitz's plan started with Israel withdrawing from all of the Gaza Strip which they did.  It turned into a shooting ground making it easier to hit southern Israel, and this had been a withdrawal made in good faith as a step to peace. 

Then Israel, seeing that the withdrawal from Gaza was successful (Ha ha) would "withdraw from nearly all of the "West Bank" a name I hate given by Jordan for Judea and Samaria, with territorial adjustments consistant with Security Council Resolution 242 and the existing realities on the ground."  The realities on the ground are worse, far worse than they were in 2005.  I'm wondering what this would get for Israel after the fiasco with Gaza.  And there we are.  Stuck. 

However, others don't see it as I do.  Jordan's King Adullah is behind the times and still is touting that Israel is practicing apartheid and he has the chutzpah to ask about democracy-he-a king!  Some democracy that is! 

Then Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told Israel that the settlements are deliberate vandalism.  I have no idea how he comes up with such adjectives that are completely off the subject.  Does he know where he is right now?  Somebody should buy that man a history book.  This is the atmosphere that Israel is in where they are trying to make some sense out of facts.  It's like being in Chelm, plus, it's one against the many all over again.   I wonder if he knows about the British White Paper where Britain's original plan for the Jewish Home was to be the land of Judea and Samaria as well before they realized that they had also promised it to the Arabs  and messed up the whole deal in the first place?  It was another case of "Whoops, we need oil more than we need Jews!"  Britain was spread so far all over the earth that they couldn't keep their deals straight with people. 

Update: 1/25/12: The PLO refuses to continue with the talks after today's 5th meeting. 
Arutz Sheva
book: The Case for Peace by Alan Dershowitz

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Divided Sexes on Buses in Israel Not Jewish Law

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel's greatest problem right now is one with Iran's threat of extinction.  To live under such a black cloud as knowing that your neighbors are constantly planning your demise is harrowing. Israelis have already lived under chemical threats when everyone was issued gas masks and told how to seal a room for protection.   Southern Israel has been living with bombardment of mortars, rockets and missiles for years.  It's taking its toll on some of the northern community, especially the ultra orthodox, in my opinion.

They do not speak for the whole of Israel, but are mostly found in parts of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.  They have started such things as overdoing expectations of behavior in order to be perfect, in my estimation.  The idea that they must be perfect in order to attain the assistance of Ha Shem (G-d), I think is the cause of some of their latest actions.  If only all of Israel would follow the Torah, they would be under G-d's protection.  They are setting the example, but are doing more than Jewish Law expects. 

I am speaking about such things as sitting in buses with separated genders.  Men sitting in front, women in back and using the back door.  Both Judaism and Islam pay particular attention to the sexual attraction issue and do their best to prevent it, in this case over zealously.  Both religious groups have the women cover their hair with a scarf, and Jewish women might wear a wig, the style determined by the religious group.  This is because men are attracted to a woman's hair, as I understand it, and thus a married woman covers her hair.  It used to be that Jewish women living in a foreign country was the victim of rape by the landowner, who loved to take a girl just before her marriage.  To make this advance unwanted, it became a custom for a woman to shave her head just before she married so that she would be ugly in the eyes of this landowner.  Then the scarf was a necessity. 

In 2010 this became an issue when it was found that the Haredi (ultra orthodox) population centers were using Mehadrin ( ultra kosher) bus lines where their laws could be enforced.  These are buses, usually cheaper to use than the regular ones, who adhere to the expectations of this religious community where women dress modestly, do not carry radios with secular music, and have ads censored in the buses.  There were 56 such buses in 28 cities.  By 2011, when the government found out about it, the whole thing was abolished.  Update from Wall Street Journal: 1/20/12  Evidently the secularism has been practiced for the past 14 years, getting more stringent.  The government has given the buses a one year probation on a voluntary basis.   . 
 Public Announcement  from Egged Bus :

14.12.11 According to the High Court of Justice order (HCJ 746/07) that discussed the cancellation of gender-separation arrangement, every passenger may sit wherever he/she chooses (except seats designated for disabled persons). Harassing a passenger on this matter may constitute a criminal offense.  This applies to all routes aside from those where seats are reserved in advance. 

The Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar spoke about this after Hillary Clinton made the international newspapers admonishing Israel for such practices as men and women being segregated on a bus.  He explained that this is not in Jewish law and is not a part of Israel's Jewish law.  It was being done by certain groups on their own. 

It's unfortunate to me that Hillary came along at the crux of this issue and it became international derogatory news for Israel.  She compared this situation to the Jim Crow South of forcing Blacks to sit apart from whites.  This is so different.  It is the people themselves that wanted to sit this way.  They weren't being forced.  Any woman who rebelled at this could have left the Haradi group she was living with.  If the bus stopped and I, a non Haradi woman, chose to board it, I would understand what I was getting into and would simply sit with the women.  After all, I was not forced to board and did it out of expediency or the cheap fare, whichever came first.   Then later I could contact my Rabbi and ask about it, being this is a situation not practiced  from 1980 to end of 1985 when I lived in Israel. 

I don't feel that anyone living in the states has to get all uptight about this.  We're sitting in our homes in very safe conditions and have no idea of the stress that Israelis are living under.  Israelis are most intelligent and have already taken care of this problem so that Hillary Clinton and others do not have to act on it or to give any lessons to anyone involved.  Rabbi Shlomo already interceded, and that's as it should be.  All of Israel's problems should be this easy to solve. 


Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi Visits Egypt Espousing Genocide of Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
The mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sunni Islamic scholar Dr. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a man kept off of the US Terror list by his friend, the Emir of Qatar, has had a meeting with our USA administration.  This 86 year old man is promoting the destruction of Israel and is one who wants to kill Jews with his bare hands from his position in a wheelchair.  Washington approached him to moderate secret negotiations between the USA and the Taliban. 

He is an Egyptian, but was kicked out by Mubarak as he was too extreme.  His popularity is enhanced by his TV program from Qatar, al-Jazeera TV's Sharia and Life.  He was promoting the end of Israel and the killing of Jews when Egypt was following the peace accord set by Sadat previously.  Qaradawi found a welcomed home in Qatar, and has just gone back to Egypt and was warmly welcomed being the Muslim Brotherhood is now in power.  He held a prayer meeting in the square for over 1 million adherents. 

Qaradawi is turning the Arab Spring into a Caliphate Spring.  He is not just interested in the deaths of Israeli Jews but Jews worldwide, according to his speeches.  This is genocide that he is promoting.  Yet, he is touted by our administration as a "moderate," even though he had touted the killing of American troops in Iraq in 2003.  He is considered the most influential Islamic religionist in the world. 

The video below from the Radical Islam website took a long time to load, and I almost thought something was wrong, but it finally came into view.  I had a feeling that the main religious leader talked about would be Qaradawi, and it was. 

Radical Islam site: from Pat Robertson

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PA Killing Their Own People and Their Fatwa on Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
A PA religious leader, Mufti Muhammad Hussein , joins other Muslim religious leaders such as Qaradawi of Qatar in issuing a fatwa on Jews.  He is saying that it is a religious Islamic goal and so they should murder Jews.  He cited the Hadith and said, "The Hour of Resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews.  The Jew will hide behind stone or trees.  Then the stones or trees will call:  O Muslim, servant of Allah (G-d) there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."  The moderator of the program where this was said, the 47th anniversary of the PA's Fatah faction,  also told another Islamic belief--that the Jews are descendants of apes and pigs.  A video of this program was made and was on youtube, but has been taken down. 

In 2010, this same Hussein gave a sermon in Jerusalem at the Al Aqsa Mosque telling people that Jews are "enemies of Allah."  It has been found that 73% of Palestinian Arabs believe the Hadith that Jews are to be murdered.  This isn't a war over land.  The moderator said it is a war of religion and faith. 

We don't have anything in our philosophy to kill Muslims,. We've been trying for almost 64 years to convince them that we can live in peace in the same neighborhood.   Perhaps what the Muslim leaders are afraid of is that they will see the freedom of speech and the Democratic values practiced in Israel and that this would give their people ideas.

Such a stupid statement in this day and age of being related to apes and pigs just shows how little the speaker knows about science and dna.  He'd be surprised to know who his relatives were.  That type of thinking dates his beliefs immensely-they come from the Dark Ages. 

What a terrorist group Hamas is!  Truly, they have also been terrorizing their own Arab people.  One man tried to expose Hamas's behavior towards their own people by using them as human shields, which Israel has been trying to tell people.  A man told about how some are tortured , abused and are not allowed freedom of speech, but is having a hard time getting the UN to pay attention.  So Mahmud Abu Rahma was stabbed in the back, leg and shoulders for trying to get the truth out.

The UN has many resources in place supposedly to protect "Palestinians" but they do not pay attention to the violation of human rights of Hamas.  Israel has told the UN many times of the military training sites in places close to neighborhoods and schools where they fire rockets at Israel.  Live fire from training sites injure their own people.  One man has lost an eye and children are often hurt.  Beit Lahiya has a training site where an explosion took place on Sept 20, 2011 which threatens the lives of people there..  Such explosions are a common occurance in densely-populated areas where children are most often the victim. 

If granted statehood, are the "Palestinians" prepared to create a democratic state where people have rights of freedom of speech?  Or is it going to be another Syria where people are taken away and killed for speaking out?  Why hasn't UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon done something about this?  Syria is still on the UN membership in committees dealing with human rights!  This is appalling!

I doubt if the terrorists are going to find any Jewish person hiding behind boulders, stones or trees in today's world.  Civilians, who  are  men, women and children will be in bomb shelters in any attacks, but the rest of the population is a trained army, both men and women, ready at a moment's notice to protect their people.  Jews love life and intend to live.  Our mantra is L'Chaim!  To Life!  We don't have any such notions that if we die in battle we go to a heaven with 72 virgins at our disposal.  So you can bet that our creative juices will be to work on staying alive.

UN  Gaza Activist Stabbed After Exposing Hamas Use of Human Shields

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Qatar's Qaradawi of Muslim Brotherhood Told Syria and Other Countries

Nadene Goldfoot
A problem exists in the Muslim world in Syria, which is supported by Iran, a Shi'a country.   It's like reading about the Catholic-Protestant War in Ireland.     President Bashar al-Assad, the leader, is not about to let go of his realm in this Arab Spring.  In holding onto his country, over 3,000  of his people, mostly Sunnis,  were killed in their rebellion.  Even the Arab League is apalled by this and have not been able to stop him.  They entered the country wearing orange jackets and have the Arab League logo on their cars.  They have been ineffectual in stopping deaths.  Assad said he has been fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Sunni,  since 1950 and said this a war between Islamism and Pan Arabism.  He has warned the West against any intervention, which the UN and China have considered. 

Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, Muslim Brotherhood's top religious leader living in Qatar, told Syria's Assad that he and his politicians were heretical.  He told Assad's soldiers that they are obligated to defect to the Free Syria Army.  "If you want the welfare of your people and intend to go to paradise after death,  join the Free Syria Army," he preached.  He even had said that that it was permissible for the UN led intervention to take place.  The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood said it was impressed with Turkey's governance and does not want to follow in Iran's footsteps. 

If that was not enough advise, the Libyan government sent an Islamist militia leader to help the Free Syria Army with advise.  Libya's Islamic fighting group has sent fighters to Syria. 

Hamas in Gaza belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is fighting Assad.  What is this group to do when they have been supported by Assad and Iran?  Their political bureau is even based in Damascus, Syria.  They have worked on suppressing anti-Asad protests in Gaza but that didn't make Iran happy enough, who demand that pro-Assad rallies be staged in its place.  So Hamas has been moving out of Damascus and is going into Egypt, Gaza, Sudan, Jordan and Qatar in breaking up their relationship with Assad of Syria.

At one point, Syria and Iran were buddies along with Turkey, who had joined the duo.  Iran even produced a documentary showing the rise of the Muslim brotherhood as the fulfillment of their prophecy.  Now they see Hamas trying to leave Syria, which angers Iran.  Therefore, Iran has threatened to end all their support for Hamas if it does, forcing Khaled Mashaal, chief of the Damascus office to stay with a reduced staff.  He finally endorsed Assad in December because he had supported the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people in every way.  That doesn't mean that he doesn't support democracy and "the rights of the peoples,' though, he clarified. 

Hamas joins Israel in fearing Iran's nuclear ambitions.  One senior Hamas official privately hopes that Israel stops Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  They're even thinking of not retaliating if Iran is attacked by Israel.  A sad note is that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group is still Iran's side-kick. 

In September, Ahmadinejad said that the Assad regime should end its crackdown, knowing that a military solution is never right.  He told him to make some reforms to end the crisis.  Then Iran reached out to the national Coordination Committee, who are dead set against foreign intervention and they rejected Iran's help.  Iran was trying to get Assad to deal with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.  By October Iran tried to get the Muslim Brotherhood to support Assad, but was turned down. 

Bahrain is a different story.  Sheikh Qaradawi endorsed the Bahraini Royal Family.  This is because the uprising there it is the Shiite population demanding change.  Qaradawi said this is not a people's revolution here, only a sectarian one.  He said that Iran and Hezbollah were causing the rebellion. 

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists, an even more extreme group,  are the ruling party. The Salafists are outraged that the Brotherhood supported a Coptic Christian candidate over a Salafist.  The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood argued with the Turkish PM Erdogan when he visited Cairo when he became too pushy.  A leader of the Brotherhood, Essam el-Erian, said "We do not think he or Turkey should be leading the area or drawing up its future.  Qaradawi complimented Erdogan's party as an "excellent" model that "won over secularism calmly." 

Qaradawi calls on Muslims to fight on the side of Iran if it is attacked, even though he and the Muslim Brotherhood are   Sunni and Iran is 98% Shi'a.    The reality is that the different groups of Islamist forces may compete to the point of killing each other in many causes, like Qaradawi calling Shiites  "heretics," but will always be willing to join together against the infidel.  No matter who is top dog, we know that heretics are Jews and Americans. 

Resource: FrontPage, Cracks in the Islamist Bloc by Ryan Mauro

April 2012 Drill Called Off by Israel with USA

Nadene Goldfoot
Everyone has been worried about Iran's nuclear weapon program.  The USA has been hesitant with the sanctions on Iran by penalizing their central bank which is meant to stop this development.  The bill was passed but fixed so that nothing happened with it except in slow stages throughout a whole year.  Several of Israel's leaders, such as Moshe Yaalon, said that the USA was "hesitant" about doing this, and Avigdor Lieberman felt the USA should "move from words to deeds".  Israel feels that given another 6 months being free of penalities, Iran will be able to have a nuclear weapon program at a dangerous and irreversible level.  It's too late then for any sanctions.  Obama has given them too much time to work on it. 

What is disappointing to Israel is that Washington hasn't done a thing since Iran captured the RQ-170 stealth drone on December 4th, even after Obama's demand on Dec. 12th.  This has given Tehran ammunition to be demanding.  They have circulated a new computer game called "Down the RQ-170."  It's a game where players assemble the drone and then launch it for attacks on the USA. 

Now Iran has started a 20% grade uranium enrichment at the underground Fordo facility near Qom which was the Jan. 9th news.  Israel had warned the USA last November 17th and 22nd that as soon as the Fordo went on stream, Iran would hide its work in underground bunkers  Barak told the USA that Israel could not abide with this development. 

On January 3, General Ataollah Salehi, Iran's Army chief, said that the aircraft carrier USS Stennis and other ships would be barred from the Strait of Hormuz.  None has tested this threat, so Iran is now boasting about their success. 

This joint military exercise of the USA and Israel has been called off by Netanyahu.  I note that the news comes after the USA sent a top General to Israel to calm them down about Iran's nuclear abilities.  Of course Israel is more concerned about Iran's capabilities than the USA seems to be.  If Iran gets atomic weapons, and Israel is fighting Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorists as well as Gaza's Hamas terrorists, these two groups are backed by Iran and will receive such weaponry.  Syria has massive chemical weapons which could be used against Israel.  Hezbollah terrorists are also  there, and if Assad falls, which could be soon, such chemical and atomic weapons will be in their hands.

Iran's procurement of atomic weapons will set off an atomic arms race.  The world will become a global nuclear jungle. 

Who has any real plans to stop Iran?  It appears that only Israel is taking the threat seriously.  Iran is not a country like France or England or Canada.  The leaders are filled with hatred for the West and for Jews in particular.  They're immersed in Nazi literature that teaches this hatred.  That's why, when a country gains such lethal power, the sane countries must come together and act on such a threat.  This is not a time to think like Herbert Hoover and "not mix in,"  for at this rate there will soon come a day when all the science fiction of a holocaust war will come true.  We have a very small window to stop this evil that is building in Iran.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Killed Iran's Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, a Nuclear Missile Scientist?

Nadene Goldfoot
The London Times has already reported that Israel's Mossad assassinated the Iranian nuclear scientist working on missile development at the Natanz Nuclear Center without Israel's comment about it,  reports Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu.  Israel has said that it knows nothing about it.  The only truth here is that Israel, with 80% Jewish citizens, has received a fatwa from Iran's Ahmadinejad and religious leaders in Gaza well as Qatar's religious leader, Qaradawi,  who call for the genocide of Jews!  The PA has now joined Iran in presesnting the killing of Jews by Muslims as their religious Islamic goal.  So if anyone has a reason to stop the development of Iran's nuclear power, Israel is high on the list.

There are others that are alarmed by their speed in developing nuclear power.  The USA is #2 on the list, for they have also been threatened by Iran, and now have a situation in the Strait of Hormuz that might lead to further problems.  The USA has highly skilled computer techs who could create viruses.  The European Union is also alarmed at this point, mainly over the Strait of Hormuz and receiving their oil shipments.  Nobody is in favor of Iran developing a nuclear bomb. 

In fact, the USA is so alarmed, that she sent General Martin Dempsey to calm down Israel.  He is the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and went to Israel on Thursday to change what they assume is Israel's increasing readiness to attack Iran.  The question is asked as why a highly regarded General and why not the Ambassador who is already there?  Generals give orders.  Ambassadors can palaver.  Israel is a friend, not an underling in his army.  She should be treated like a valued friend.  Most of the world is frightened by Iran getting an A bomb and are expecting Israel to bail them out by hitting their nuclear base;  like expecting Superman to come to the rescue, whether Israel feels they are up to this hit or not.  Just because they succeeded once in Iraq doesn't mean this situation is the same. 

The London Times reported by blaming the Mossad, and seemed to know so much about it and the movements of this scientist, Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan,  that the reporters must have been right there watching it all. 

The best thing that can happen is if Iran's continued nuclear development is highjacked somehow either by the viruses in their computers or by hit men doing in the nuclear scientists creating deadly bombs and weapons.  Iran has developed into an evil empire wanting to kill innocent people.  How can we not try to stop them from their goals?

 The only other choice for Israel is to wait and be hit with a nuclear bomb!  When someone tells you that they want you dead and send hit men out to do the job, you don't continue to eat your porridge and read your paper.  Also, one thing about Islam, they have the reputation for warning people first before they kill you in order to give you a chance to either convert to Islam or whatever.  The thing is-they usually mean what they say.  We can't take them as just a big bad bluff! 

Resource: Arutz Sheva newspaper; PA official publicly calls for genocide of Jews. 
The London Times-as reported by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu: Expose: Mossad worked for months to kill Iranian nuke scientist.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Terrific Lebanon Flash Mob Dancing

Nadene Goldfoot
Now I know why King Solomon was friendly with his northern neighbor, Lebanon, land of Cedar trees.  They also must have had wonderful dancers for entertainment.  I just watched the youtube presentation listed below of their dancing in an airport in flash mob dancing and was really enjoying it.  I loved the tempo and the steps of the dancers.  It was terrific!  King Solomon was known for his wisdom.  He had a good deal going with Lebanon.  He bought cedar wood and they had an income.  It was a great trade.  They also enjoyed peace! 

It's just so sad that terrorists have taken over so much of Lebanon and are threatening Israel all the time.  Gone are the days of Major Sa'd Haddad who used to patrol the border and help keep Israel safe.  He and his Christian Maronite Phalange militia were remarkable.  That is a tiny country where the ruling party had been Christian but were in the minority, and it didn't work out. Bachir Gemayel, 35 year old good looking member of the Christian Phalange Party  and  newly elected president on August 23, 1982 was assassinated  on September 14, 1982 in a bomb attack that also took out others in Beirut.  The PLO had taken over southern Lebanon and used it as they are Gaza today, a staging ground for attacks.  At the time I was living in Safed, very close to the border and saw some of his group in our restaurants on the R&R time and was so grateful to them for their protection.  I was there in 1982 when Israel went in to stop the PLO, but the job had been turned over to Haddad and it was botched and turned into something unworthy of them. 

We even used to have ancient Jewish communities living in Lebanon.  Beirut was a center, and even longer ago there were communities in Tripoli, Tyre and Sidon.  Their occupations were in commerce, as most of our past ancestors were engaged in this. 

In 1948 Lebanese forces invaded Israel and Jews living in Lebanon had some discriminatory regulations put on them which were later removed. after the fighting stopped.  In 1944 there were 6,261 Jews living in Lebanon.  In 1948 Jews fled to Lebanon from Syria and by 1964 there were 5 to 7,000 Jews there.  After 1967 the communities became almost extinct.  By 1975 there were 1,000 Jews there during their Civil War and by 1990 there were less than 100 remaining.  I'd be surprised if any lived there today. 

We can't forget that terrorism in Lebanon took the lives of 241 marines in Beirut on October 23, 2008, either.  They weren't there to assist Israel in any way, but the USA had a base there.  The Islamic Jihad terrorists, the same ones who attack Israel, were responsible for this attack.  Today's Lebanese terrorists are Hezbollah, supported financially and politically by Iran and Syria.  They took over Lebanon. after 1982.   

Gosh, it would be so nice if Lebanon and Israel would make peace.  I could see dance programs being shared between the two states.  Israel has been involved in the European Music Festival where all the countries compete for the best song, etc.  I'd love to see something like that in dancing where the Middle East could strut their stuff. 

There's so much culture being wasted.  I grew up practicing on the piano and remember one of my favorite pieces, 'In a Persian Market".  Persia, or Iran today has a lot to offer other than a madman at the helm who wants to destroy Israel and the United States.  This brings to mind the news today of another Atomic scientist being the object of a hit.  Israel is being blamed, but Ahmadinejad is forgetting that there were a lot of Iranians demonstrating outside against his regime.  Perhaps they don't want to be involved in an atomic battle.  Israel is only one of several that want to stop this madman from getting atomic weapons. 

Reference:  WATCH THIS ONE
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia  excellent
Nathan Fendrich for heads up on the dance video  In a Persian Market-beautiful !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brain Washing by Palestinian's PA TV

Nadene Goldfoot
Arabs living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria as well as all the camps in surrounding areas will never know the facts about their history due to their Palestinian Authority  TV.  They keep brain-washing their followers in denying that there was ever an Israel or their right to exist today.  Their whole argument is that Israel does not have a right to exist and the PA has no intentions of coming to a peace agreement.  Right now they are just going through the motions in Jordan in order to pacify the UN and Jordan, who is hosting peace talks. 

One way they brain-wash is with repetative songs of music videos.  One such song is "On the way to Jerusalem", broadcast at least 7 times and identifies numerous cities all over Israel as being "Palestinian."

First of all, the cities are in Israel.  Second, there never was a Palestine!  Palestine was simply land that had been in the Jewish kingdoms of Judea and Israel and Samaria that had been renamed by the Romans around 135 CE after they had attacked and taken over Jerusalem in 70 CE.  As for a country of Palestine, it never happened.  Their premise is wrong to start with. 

They sing: "Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, and Nazareth are ours.  Muhammad, sing about the Galilee and the Golan (Heights).  Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Nazareth are ours.....From Bethlehem to Jenin is Palestinian, Ramle, Lod and Sakhnin are Palestinian.  Nowhere is more beautiful than Jerusalem....From Safed to Al-Badhan (near Nablus) is Palestinian, Tiberias and Ashkelon are Palestinian."

How can we deal with such people in peace talks when they stand for such lies?  We're palavering with Arabs right now in Jordan who are not working with a full deck.  The Arabs actually are trying to gain full recognition as a state through the UN, which is topheavy with Muslim allies.  They're resisting direct negotiations with Israel by crying that the environment is not condusive with Israel building in the "settlements," their terminology for towns and cities.  They demand that before they talk they want Israel to freeze all "settlement" activitiy.  This is putting the cart before the horse.  Since they want the whole enchillada, they can't stand seeing what is Israeli property becoming even more secure with continued upgrades.

  After 60 years of trying to deal with a people who won't come to peace with them, Israel most likely feels that it'll take another 100 years to come to fruition, so why not make repairs now?  With such brain-washing going on, which is just one of many things that they do to show a non-compliance, who can take them seriously?  Their 2nd meeting was held Monday, the 9th of January with the next one to be on the 26th.  The more Abbas of the PA goes to the UN to get their own way, the more Israel will find reasons to put people to work on construction. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Israel's Future War Outlook

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel does not think war will erupt this year, but unless the Moshiach comes before 2017, thinks it could happen by then.  With the ability of the Palestinians to procure arms, they are looking at a prospect of 15,000 rockets and missiles in a war with Iran-backed Hezbollah and Syria, and those are not all home-made short ranged rockets that Ron Paul scoffs at. 

Meanwhile, Israel is suffering under the same economics as the USA and has also had to cut its defense budget for 2012.  They had had social protests regarding the need for housing, so their defense plans for 2012-2017 needed alterations and cuts.

If this horrible possibility comes about, it will cause much devastation and many casualites.  They figure that 5,500 rockets will have a long range over 70 km or at the minimum, 43.50 miles.  Israel is only 290 miles long (470 km) and at the widest width is only 85 miles (135 km).  It has had a waistline of only about 6 miles in width, and the joke was that if you poked your head out of the train window it would be in Judea. 

The weaponry of the Arabs is increasing in every way.  Syria, Hezbollah and Iran will have close to 1,000 rockets with accuracy in their aim.  However, they have never been interested in who they kill; they just hope to do so to a civilian district.  Already Hezbollah has an arsenal of about 4,000 Russian-made anti-tank missiles with 11,500 in Syria and hundreds in Gaza.  People like Ron Paul and his group just think they lob over some hand-made weak rocket and that Israel has no reason to have the USA as a friend.

With the cut in defense spending, this may mean that Israel cannot get more Iron Dome batteries for protection from short-range missiles on the borders or David's sling to combat medium-range rockets and Arrow 2 and 3 for long-range ballistic missiles. 

Israel's defense budget makes up 14% of the state's annual budget.  In 1992 it was 24%. 

In 2010 the USA was the #1 spender of defense of $687,105,000,000 which was 4.7% of their GDP.  .  Iran's website announced that they are cutting out $450 billion this year.  Israel was listed as the 18th high spender with $13,001,000,000 which was 6.3% of their GDP, and that was much higher than other countries. 

Of course Israel lives under the threat of an atomic rocket shot from Iran as they have stepped up their nuclear goals way over the top needed for medical needs.  Everyone is aware of this, but they continue the farce of saying that they're not going to make such things. 

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has had close relations with the USA since 1967 and have had cooperation in development of defense.  They have united on the F-151 jet, THEL laser defense system and the Arrow missile defense system. 

Ehud Barak, former 10th Prime Minister and now Minister of Defense in Israel, who is facing his 70th birthday in February,  just says good things about the relationship with Obama.  Ehud, a true politician, always sees the glass being half-full.  He was formerly a member of the Labor Party and has recently created a new one called Independence.  Netanyahu, the Prime Minister today, who will be 63, is a Likud Party member.  In Israel the politicians find they have to work with opposing members of other parties and do so far more than they do in the USA of late.  Sadly, the only people they simply cannot sit down and talk with have been the Palestinians who refuse to do so. 

Israel has 14 political parties that fill the 120 seats in the Knesset.  This includes some Arab parties as well.  For a little tiny state smaller than a Texas ranch and only about 7 million people, that's a lot to wade through.  We can hardly stand a 2 party system, but then we don't form coalitions.  Israelis have to work together when it comes to life and death situations regarding defense. 


Ron Paul Favors Cutting Ties With Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
On an Iranian state TV interview, Ron Paul, fast becoming a contender in the Republican race for president and a 76 year old geezer, let it be known to Jews that he has no idea of what he's talking about when it comes to Israel and Gaza and the Arabs involved in today's situation.

I don't believe he has actually ever visited Israel to attain facts after listening to the interview below.  He states that Gaza is an atrocious tragedy and massacre.  Pictures are on the web showing the bustling full open air markets there as well as other shots of a beautiful land.  He think that because they make home-made bombs shows how little the balance is of power.  He doesn't really gather information to know that they are also using sophisticated weaponry with long distance reaches.

He stated that 5 million Palestinians are "trapped" in Gaza.  The CIA information shows that there are 1,657,155 Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza.  That's a big stretch of the truth.  Doesn't he realize that there are already 21 Arab states in the land?  It's too bad that some of them, who have gigantic spaces of land similar to Texas can't offer to take them out of their "misery."  He seems to forget Bush's remark that Israel isn't even as big as some Texas ranches! 

He can't see why Israel doesn't talk to the Arab League to solve their problem and thinks it's because the USA just always backs them anyway, so why bother.  This just leaves me flabbergasted!  The Arab League is anxious to dispose of Israel any way they can.  They haven't learned to accept a stranger in their midst, even a cousin, and Jews and Arabs are supposed to be sharing a few segments of their genes as 1,000th cousins 100 times removed! 

He favors cutting relations with Israel!  His idea of being president is changing the USA foreign policy.  He just wants the USA to mind its own business and stay out of everything. 

I can see that young people are clamoring after Ron Paul.  Of course they don't want to have to go into wars that seem to be so disconnected to the threats of the USA. I have news for them.  In this case, an enemy of Israel will also put a hit on the USA not because they have been friends, but because they share the same values, which our enemies do not share.  Israel may be hit first, but the USA had better prepare, for they are the next target.

 Paul is becoming the rising star and was number 2 in the Iowa and New Hampshire race and favored in other places as well.  This is very disturbing to me as what he is doing vocally and would in practice, throw Israel under the bus.

The fact that America backed Israel's existence in 1948 doesn't matter a hoot to him.  He wouldn't have done it.  The fact that morally it is a great good deed on America's part to have backed Israel seems to curdle his heart.   Israel has never needed one soldier in Israel to help them.  This little country has handled it's battles themselves against odds that Paul couldn't imagine.  What Israel has needed the USA for is financial assistance to buy arms to protect themselves, and they have paid the USA back for this assistance.  In fact, its been a two way street.  Israel has needed at least this one friend in a world of anti-semitism, demonstrated at the UN, and now Paul has shown that he certainly is not one of them. 

The fact that people do go for his philosophy is most scary to me.  Friendship and morality are unimportant to so many of these voters.  They're all becoming the isolationists that Ron Paul preaches.  The problem here is that some of his ideas hold merit.  The whole package of Ron Paul, however, is appalling!  He's really a Libertarian, not a Republican. 

I saw Jay Leno last night whose best part of his show was a segment with a briliant little boy, Jack Taylor,  who was a 2nd grader.  He analyzed the 6 Republican contenders and gave his opinion with a chart as to how he graded them.  Newt Gingrich was his favorite, and his thoughts on Paul were precious.  Paul got a zero!  My sentiments exactly.  I think this little boy is bound to be a future political analyst!  As a retired teacher who has spent many years teaching 2nd graders, I was awed by his vocabulary and thoughts.  Cudos to his parents!

One thing this child notices was Paul's age.  I'm one year older than Paul, and I know I'm not physically capable of being a president.  I've noticed many times that Paul doesn't remember things he had said, which were things I had carefully noted as they were in complete opposition to my feelings.  He keeps doing that.  He blames his staff and in his laxity in checking over things.  Doesn't this country ever pay attention to a person they are prepared to give the highest job in the land ?  The wrong man can bring down the country! McCain, born August 29, 1936,  was dropped out because he was too old, and Paul, born  August 20, 1935, is even  older. 

Resource: from CIA