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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Attacks on Israel With and Without Missiles

Nadene Goldfoot
What is an appeaser?  "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last". Winston Churchill. 

Israel doesn't have many friends, but one of the best is Canada and John Baird, Canadian Foreign Minister.  He just happens to agree with me in that delegitimization of Israel is the new anti-Semitism. 

I wrote yesterday about a new Christian organization, the Sabeel Movement,  connected to the Presbyterians who is working hard to delegitimatize Israel and refuses to see that its goals amount to anti-Semitism.  Their creed and teachings have also reached the Methodists, I'm afraid.  They both are groups that believe in the replacement theory of Christianity in that Israel is no longer important and has been replaced by them.  Not all Christians go along with this, thank goodness, and evidently Canada stands up for what is principled and just, not things that are popular, convenient and expedient.  They are not about to be appeasers.  They go along with Christians United for Israel which is led by Pastor John Hagee, for one, who is an Evangelist. There are others who love and support Israel as well. 

I'm hoping that my favorite Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,  is not becoming an appeaser.  Newspapers are hopefully wrong in reporting that he is ready to dismantle certain towns and cities in Judea and Samaria.  I know he isn't planning on doing this with the major-large sized ones.  The area is divided into A, B, and C sections and one or parts of some may be on the dismantling list.  This tells me that the UN and possibly Obama has been putting the pressure on to do this at this time.  Why this time?  The Palestinians refuse to continue talks after the latest initial five that got nowhere.  It's Israel that has always had to make concessions and give up something.  I don't think there has ever been a time that the Palestinians have.  So again, we may have to take the first step in showing more good faith, even as the missiles whiz by in southern Israel!   I'm just hoping that if we have to give up territory it won't go the way of Gaza and become a closer base to kill Israelis. With all the fatwas from the Muslims to kills Jews, what guarantees are given to Israel for security? 

We had the very same problems with the Palestinians before 1967 when Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem were not in Israel's hands.  They simply would not agree to anything for anytime.  Statehood was not their goal; killing Israelis was more important. 

What we have learned from Gaza is that we made the peaceful move, giving up the land,  but the Palestinians allowed themselves to be ruled by terrorists worse than the first, so they went from the PLO to Hamas.  None have been interested in the people themselves; in  only becoming dictators to them and attacking Israel.  Israel giving up Gaza for peace just gave the Palestinians a huge piece not used for peace! 

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and in its creed are the words to destroy Israel and Jews.  With Qaradawi of Qatar as the head religious person broadcasting on al Jezeeera these same beliefs, I doubt very much if anything substantial can be decided at this time about a peaceful coexistence. 

My husband  used to belong to Kiwanis, in fact he was president of his group.  They sang, "Oh, Canada" at every meeting.  I have lots of appreciation for Canada today, more than ever. 

Resource:  Excellent   Israel and dismantling cities

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