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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Failed Peace Talks in Jordan Between PLO and Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The PLO has refused to meet anymore with Israeli representative Yitzchak Molcho or anyone else.  They did get something out of the meetings, though.  Erekat, a Fatah member, negotiated the release of all PA terrorist prisoners who are being held in Israel.  He managed to argue for this but neglected to come back to discussing the core issues relating to PA statehood. 

They have made it quite clear that the only reason they have attended at all was in regards to Jordan's King Abdullah II's request.  What they want are issues decided in their favor first before they sit down to discuss anything and Israel isn't going along with this.  For instance, they now want Israel to recognize the planned border of Palestine first as well as stop"occupying " Jerusalem.  They want East Jerusalem as their capital for their state and their state is going to be made up only of Muslims.    They have been referring to building  going on by Israel in Jerusalem.  Therefore they use this subtrafuge to blame Israel for not making any progress in these preliminary talks.  Israel has continually said, no preconditions.  The Quartet has been in agreement with this.

Israel believes they will continue as the Quartet has been putting a lot of pressure on them to do so.  Actually, the PA said they will talk to Abdullah and the Arab monitoring commmittee about returning. 

Resource:  Arutz Sheva

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