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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jihad-a Sacred Duty for Hamas Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                              

Hamas is not about to ever make peace with Israel, they say.  They were founded in 1987, so they've been warring against Israel for the past 27 years. Since 2001 shelling has come from Gaza upon southern Israel.  Hamas kicked out Fatah in 2007.   Fatah, on the other hand, was the PLO, Arafat's terrorists,  and they've been at it for the past 65 years one way or another.  The one way right now it not to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The PLO started in 1964 and their ideology is that "armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine.  They see the partition in 1947 which wasn't accepted by them as something illegal (not accepting the UN decision of creating 2 states).  They then think creating Israel was an illegal act.   They disbelieve the Jews claims of historical or religious ties with the land.  This comes out of their PLO charter of 1968.  Kerry should have read their charter first, and he would have known the stand they would inevitably take.

 The goals of both, as they've shown by teaming up together on many occasions, is to drive Israel into the sea.  Terrorists  have been shooting at southern Israel since 2001 with rockets, usually Qassams, mortars and missiles.  " Their main effect is their creation of widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life among the Israeli populace. Medical studies in Sderot, the Israeli city closest to the Gaza Strip, have documented a post-traumatic stress disorder incidence among young children of almost 50%, as well as high rates of depression and miscarriage." 

Hamas has dug many tunnels in Gaza to bring in weaponry or supplies to make weapons.  The Egyptian war has hurt them since they have destroyed hundred of these smuggling tunnels along the border between Gaza and Egypt.  Egyptian security measures include measures against Hamas.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas Prime Minister, spoke to a crowd at a mass rally and told his people that the Egyptian war has harmed his movement.  He's hoping that this rally will send a message to Israel and the PA and Egypt.  He wants to tell Egypt that despite the ongoing Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip, Hamas will not weaken.

On the 21st of March, a Friday, Israel found a tunnel that had gone for hundreds of yards into Israel.  They were very glad they had found such a large a tunnel, so Hamas downplayed the discovery and remarked, Oh, this old tunnel?   "“This tunnel was unsuitable for use,” said the spokesman, who was identified only as Abu Obaida. “This is not a new tunnel, and it was uncovered due to the rainstorm last week. The discovery was not an intelligence achievement, as the enemy tries to promote.”  Ha!  

The Egyptians have accused Hamas of terrorist attacks inside Egypt, said Yusef Rizka, a Hamas representative. Rizka went on to say that Jihad in Palestine ( here he is calling Israel "Palestine") is not terrorism."  " Jihad in Palestine is a sacred duty."  

Since September 28, 2000 to December 31, 2005
Terrorism Against Israel 
25,770 terrorist attacks
147 suicide bombings causing 47% of all deaths
1,084 killed
7,454 injured
82% of dead and wounded were civilians between 2000 to 2004.  

March 12, 2014
5 rockets hit Israel- most all at once in 2 years
Israel responded.  "The military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, called the Al-Quds Brigade, claimed responsibility for firing dozens of missiles on  what it called "Israeli settlements."
60 rockets hit Israel -huge barrage
Israel caught an Iranian ship on March 5  with missiles headed for Gaza and confiscated them.  Afterwards, 60 missiles rained down on southern Israel from Gaza as punishment.  

They do have different moral and ethical standards than the rest of us.  To attack women and children is terrorism to us.  To them it's their moral duty.  That may have been okay  for people 4,000 years ago, but not today. Some of us  have advanced.   By 1,200 BCE, Moses brought to the 12 tribes of Jacob and other slaves that joined up with them a very moral code to follow; the Mosaic Law.    We follow it to this day.  Judaism equals morality and ethics.  That's what it's all about.  Left to man's imagination, we had the Holocaust.  We had savage brutality on the "Road to Bataan", a death march.     By 630 CE Mohammad gave a code similar to his people who became Muslims, didn't he?   Wasn't he the 3rd and final teacher, he said?   How can the Palestinian Arabs feel that killing helter-skelter other than warring against an army in battle is okay to do and is their moral duty?

What they do is shoot into southern Israel helter-skelter, not knowing what they will hit.  Only they know that what they are aiming at are homes with women and children, schools, etc and that's what they hope to kill. Unlike their own people who put their women and children in harm's way, Israelis have bomb shelters-that is-if they can get to them within the 3 minute warning.  

Since 2001 Hamas and other groups in Gaza have rained down rockets, mortars and missiles on southern Israel.

By holding such a rally shows  us that even if Abbas does a 180 degree turn around and signs an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty, the Palestinians who took over Gaza will not stop plotting to destroying Israel.  It's in their charter.  If they ever rewrite their charter and take up ethical and moral goals, then of course peace would be on the horizon.  Even Abbas knows that he would not live a minute more if he signed such a treaty because Hamas, who is also in Judah and Samaria, would do him in quickly.  You cannot turn a missile into a plow just by looking and it and threatening it.  So it's the same with people on a course of utter hatred and war, Fatah and Hamas..

Since the war will continue from Gaza most likely, some day the terrorists will just fall through their land from digging so many tunnels, I guess.  Their only skill ever learned will be of digging tunnels. Anyone needing some tunnel diggers for a subway system they want to install?

Gaza had been under Egyptian control before it came into Israel's hands in 1949.  In May 1967 U Thant, the UN secretary-general, obeyed the demand by Nasser of Egypt to withdraw the UN force which led to events that started the Six-Day War of 1967.  Israel won and Gaza was again under Israeli control.  In 1967 there were 352,260 people in the Gaza Strip of whom 172,520 were refugees.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

J Street Not Surprising Me:Okay With Not Recognizing Israel As a Jewish State

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
  Main financial supporter of J Street, George Soros, born 1930-84 years old

Some of us in Portland had been questioning the goals of J Street, which has butted into the goals of AIPAC, who had been the only group acting as advocates of Israel. We feel that Israel has the right of deciding what is best for them.  Though AIPAC members are made up of Jews and Gentiles, we are not living in Israel, so cannot tell them what to do anymore than people in England can tell the USA how to run their affairs.

 I found out that J Street was backed financially by a very leftist billionaire, George Soros.  "The initial support of J Street came from multi-billionaire George Soros, who for a brief time was associated with the organization. Soros pulled out before the initial launch, so as not to negatively affect the group.   In September 2010 it was revealed that despite the organization's denials, Soros secretly funded the group." 

I note that Wikipedia left out the fact that Soros is Jewish and that he's a Holocaust survivor from Hungary.  They did go on to tell how he broke England's bank, though.  "He is known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, giving him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis."  To me he is known as the man who started and funded J Street.  It seems he wants to pull the strings as to how Israel acts or doesn't act and he and his cohorts think they know better than people who live there.  

 We even had a  public debate between J Street and AIPAC here in Portland, and they seemed off key in my opinion, just more wary, taking a slightly different approach in how to appeal to people. They tried to impress us on how they really backed Israel.  Ha!  Telling Kerry and Obama that Israel shouldn't expect to be recognized as being Jewish is NOT backing our one and only Jewish state in this world!

"According to Caroline Glick, deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, J Street is anything but pro-Israel: "Through their actions, J Street and its allies have made clear that their institutional interests are served by weakening Israel. Their mission is to harm Israel's standing in Washington and weaken the influence of the mainstream American Jewish community that supports Israel."

Obama is supporting J Street, or rather J Street is made up of Obama supporters.  It's hard to tell which is which.  

 Now J Street has hit below the belt in what they are advocating and are taking an extreme opposite view that Israel and I take.  Let it be remembered that only Israelis are citizens of that country.  Being Jewish in the USA or anywhere else does not give you the right to dictate how Israel is to live.  It's Israelis' lives that are on the line by living there.  It's they that knows exactly what is going on; far more than any American depending on their city newspapers for information.  Israel is also a democratic country by itself.  So the gloves are off and I'm sharing some information from Steven Plaut through friend  Ziegelman. 

What gives me the right to say such things?  I lived in Israel from 1980 to the very end of 1985 and became a citizen of Israel, so I have dual citizenship.  I've never voted since leaving, but did when I lived there, though I do now have that right.  I know what was going on there every minute of those 5 years and know that very little of it ever reached Portland, Oregon's Oregonian newspaper, as I had my mother living there.  Then, I didn't share half of what I was experiencing because I didn't want to worry her.  Since then I've learned that journalism reporting is still very politically-driven.  So are groups.

"1.  The headlines are shrieking that two major American Jewish organizations are denouncing Moshe "Bogie" Yaalon for his criticism of American policy and demanding that he apologize.   Haaretz and leftist Ynet are giddy in delight.  But just who are these two "American Jewish organizations."

The first is the National Jewish Democratic Council, which is simply the name of the pro-Obama group of Jews who are active in the Democrat Party.   It is run by Rabbi Jack Moline, a buddy of Rahm Emanuel and initiator of the group (Pseudo-) "Rabbis for Obama.".

The second is the so-called "Israel Policy Forum," a leftist organization today loosely associated with the left wing of the Israeli Labor Party.  It evidently is largely funded by Charles Bronfman these days.  Among the prominent leftists on its board are "Rabbi" Eric Yoffie, Steven M. Cohen, and in the past "Rabbi" Arthur Waskow, the drug-touting Israel-hating Marxist "theologian," was on its staff.   A nice expose of both "Jewish" groups is here:

It is a badge of honor for Bogie that these folks are attacking him.
2.  If there are any out there still not sure about what "J Street" is, then wonder no more.  The "J" in "J Street" clearly stands for Jihad:
J Street Endorses Palestinian Refusal to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
March 21, 2014 11:47 am

In a development that is not sending shockwaves through the pro-Israel community, the “pro-Israel, pro-peace” advocacy group J Street has declared its support for the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. 

In a statement posted on the group’s website, executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami says that to “keep moving forward, both [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] now need to give a little.”

Netanyahu, he says, must drop his insistence that Abbas recognize Israel as a Jewish State because “it is simply unrealistic and unreasonable to expect any Palestinian leader to consent” to such a demand.

Ben-Ami never goes on to say what Abbas “needs to give.”

J Street’s advocacy for the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state follows a nearly unbroken period of advocacy for Palestinian and Iranian interests since the group’s founding in 2008. J Street took the Hamas position on Israel during Operation Cast Lead later that year, accusing the IDF of war crimes and promoting the discredited Goldstone Report. It lobbied for the Iranian regime’s position against Iran sanctions. It defended the terrorists who attacked IDF soldiers on the 2010 Gaza flotilla. J Street also took the Palestinian and Arab League position on a UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements in 2011." 

 J Street says they have 180,000 members.  There are 6 million Jews in the USA.  

What hurts is that Jews are less than 1% of the world population.  We are a very individualistic thinking population, made up of a lot of leaders,  not  followers.  When we have AIPAC, who backs Israel, why divide up and have an opposing group like J Street that harms Israel?  It harms very much when it goes against what Israel says and does, and that's what's happening.  It's the USA that have been Israel's one supporter in this world, and here J Street is causing this country to GO AGAINST ISRAEL.    This is the biggest SHUNDA that Jewish people can do to their brothers and sisters.  

Remember our history of when King Solomon died, Israel divided up into Israel and Judah, and being in two corners, were overcome by the Assyrians and then the Babylonians which led to being taken by the Romans.  Dividing and not studying the issues can lead to the fall of little Israel today.  

We cling to the hope that G-d is watching out for Israel, because it's for sure that J Street is not helping.  It's been enough that so many have been against Israel and now we have Jews as well against her.  For shame !


Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Is Fatah and Hamas and Why is Peace Being Held Up By These Groups?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

Israel wants peace.  They haven't had a moment's peace since their inception on May 14, 1948.  They have made many concessions since  1948 in the name of peace.  One was exiting from Gaza and giving it to the Arabs exclusively; Judenrein, as the Arabs demanded.

What are terrorists?  Fatah and Hamas are terrorists.  Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by US State Department.  Fatah works with radical Islamist terrorist groups in joint terrorist attacks.  Terrorism is defined as the systematic uses of terror, especially as a means of coercion.  To terrorize people is to fill them with terror or anxiety, to scare, to coerce by threat or violence.  Usually they prey on the helpless like the women and children, unarmed people who cannot fight back.  Palestinians have attacked schools, such as the one in Safed, the religious school in Jerusalem, etc.   Fatah and Hamas are only the 2 major ones.  There are others.


Fatah was founded in 1959 by Yasser Arafat, 11 years after Israel was created.  Israel was attacked by the Arabs  in The War of Independence which started on November 29, 1947 when the Arabs responded with violence to the UN resolution on Palestine, and lasted until the signing of the Armistice Agreements in 1949. Units of Arab irregulars entered from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to reinforce local Arabs in their attacks on Jewish localities and to help block the main roads.  When the birth was announced on May 14, 1948, Israel was invaded by the regular armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and a Saudi-Arabian contingent.  It was announced that it would be a war of extermination and massacre.  At the time, Israel only had 650,000 Jews and had a poorly equipped army but was able to drive back the invading forces.  They drove out the Egyptian invaders by penetrating into the Sinai peninsula.  There were 6,000 Israelis killed; more than all the next wars added together.  In 1949, armistice agreements were signed between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Egypt's truce ended in war after 7 years, and with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon there was peace for 18 years but also ended in war.

The Sinai War when Arabs attacked Israel again started  October 29, 1956  until November 5, 1956.  Since Israel won again, perhaps that's why Fatah was created; another way to fight against Israel.

Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt. Joining with him in founding Fatah was Mahmood Abbas (Abu Mazen) and others.  Their ideology was that they were a revolutionary nationalist liberation group.  They took over the PLO in 1968 and is the PLO's largest faction.  They have had offshoot mititias.  Tanzim was founded in 1983 and is Fatah's military and operational wing.  Marwan Barghouti is their leader in Judea/Samaria and is   in an Israeli jail serving 5 life terms.  He was very bad.  The Al Aqsa martyrs Brigade was founded in 2000 after the 2nd Intifada.  Most Fatah operatives work in this brigade.

Arafat returned from the Camp David negotiations where he turned the table upside down on President Clinton and this caused the Intifada to break out.  It was planned from this point.  (Imad Falouji, PA Communications Minister, March 3, 2001) 

FROM SEPT 28, 2000-DEC 31, 2005
25,770 terrorist attacks on Israel
147 suicide bombings-caused 47% of all deaths
1,084 killed
7,454 injured
82% of dead and wounded were civilians (2000-2004).  

What they do is guerrilla warfare, shoot  and bomb people and places.  They use rocket attacks and suicide attacks.
From 2003 to 2004 there were 214 terrorist attacks.
From 2000 to 2005 there were 33 suicide bombings.
From 2002 to 2005  they had a female suicide bomber on 1/27/02 and 5 female suicide bombers from 2002 to 2005.
 In 2005 alone 47 suicide bombers were foiled and arrested.

Fatah has several militias including Force-17, During the middle of the 2nd Intifada, militias started coordinating with radical Islamist terrorist groups for joint terrorist attacks.  To this date, they have not made peace with Israel with the first step of accepting Israel as the Jewish state.


The more radical group is Hamas.  They  have received millions of dollars annually from Iran.  They are also funded by groups in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Western Europe, Hezbollah and others.  The Hamas leader, Khaled Maashal, lived in Damascus Syria, probably up to the time the Civil War started.  Hamas and Hezbollah signed an agreement in 2004 to increase attacks on Israel.

It started in 1987 and won PA Parliamentary elections in January 2006.  They kicked Fatah out of Gaza and took over with elections.  Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was a founder and leader from 1987 to 2004.  Khaled Mashal took over in 2004 and still is in command.  They are in Judea and Samaria and exclusively in Gaza.  Leaders also live and travel in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Their ideology comes from the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ISLAMISTS.    They oppose the PLO, but at times have tried to team up with them.  Their saying is that "Israel will exist until Islam will obliterate it.  The only solution for the Palestinian question is Jihad, a HOLY WAR.  This is on their Hamas Charter.

What they do is shoot, bomb, attack Israel with rockets, mortars and missiles and use suicide missions.
From 1993 to 2000 there were 41 suicide bombings.
 From 2000 to 2005 there were 58 suicide bombings.
 From 2003 to 2004 there were 773 terrorist attacks.
In 2005, 29 suicide bombers were foiled and arrested.
From 2000 to 2005, 40% of all suicide bombers occurred. from Hamas.
From  September 2000 to April 2004., 377 Israelis were killed, 2,076 were wounded.

Hamas's broadcasted message to the Jews in February 2006 was:

"My message to the loathed Jews is that there is no God but Allah.  We will chase you everywhere!  We are a nation that drink blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews.  We will not leave you alone until we have quenched our thirst with your blood, and our children's thirst with your blood.  

My message to them is that if they are monotheistic and believe in one G-d, and we are monotheistic and believe in one G-d, then surely we both recognize the same G-d because there is only one.  We are different though, right now as different as day is from night.  First of all, G-d told us not to ever, under any circumstances, consume any blood of any sort.  So we're not going to drink your blood.  We're going to protect our citizens from your terrorism, and it means that sometimes we may have to  go and stop your weapons from harming us.  We deplore your ways of hiding behind your women and children and putting them in harm's way.  It makes it harder for us to not take their lives, as that is not what we wish.  What we have is the right to be living in Israel, and we will defend that right with the help of G-d as it was He who told us to live there in the first place and you know that.  Yet you break G-d's wish and defy this.  It was Mohammad who called us the people of the Book, and it is written in that book that we are to live here.

For the past 65 years we have gone along with a two-state solution for our problems, but are not about to lose the rights we have already been given when you are not about to give us respect and show you are ready to be peaceful with us.  You have called "Wolf" once too many times.  The first thing we ask is that you recognize us as a Jewish state.  We intend to keep it that way, for this is something we need badly in this world, one state of ours that is our refuge.  This has been a 65 year religious war, and there are already 48 Muslim states without a Palestine and just Israel, the only Jewish state in this world.  You will need to tolerate a Jewish state in existence without drinking our blood.

This alone should keep us apart and under our own fig tree, for we don't mix with people who drink blood.  This leads to violence.  This is why many animals are not fed blood.  It causes them to revert from being tame to being wild.  We have a rule and have always tried to maintain this rule, and that is to NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT WE DON'T WANT DONE TO US.  It's the Golden Rule.  It's a good rule to keep the peace.

Jews have been tested.  There are so many horrible things that have been done to us ever since Moses brought us the Torah.  We still have not changed our charter with G-d.  It remains engraved upon our hearts.  Can you say the same about what Mohammad brought to you?

Resource: Israel 101, from StandWithUs, 2010
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Portland's Rabbi Stampfer and his Ancestors Establishing Israel-A Jewish State

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
With all the heart-ache happening in the Pale of Settlement with pogroms against Jews, a return to the land became a movement for Jews with the desire to revive  Jewish national life.  The Jews who never left the land were called the Yishuv and they started the movement. They knew that the Jews in the Pale of Settlement belonged in their ancient land with them.   The Pale was land owned by Russia where Jews were allowed to live.  Jews couldn't come into Russia proper, only live in the Pale.  The Pale consisted of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and  Belarus.

In 1860, Jews built the first neighborhood or quarter outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.  There were 2 Hebrew periodicals regularly published in Jerusalem, both calling for a return to the Land.
 In 1870, the first Jewish agricultural college was established in Mikveh Israel which is today on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

In 1878, Jews from Jerusalem founded the first new village in the land-Petah Tikva  which today is a town of over 85,000 and only 10 miles from Tel Aviv.  Other villages were founded near Jerusalem and in the Galilee.  " It was founded in 1878, mainly by religious orthodox Jews, also known as the Old Yishuv, and became a permanent settlement in 1883 with the financial help of Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2009, the city's population stood at 209,600. The population density is approximately 5,800 inhabitants per square kilometre (15,000 /sq mi). Petah Tikva's jurisdiction covers 35,868 dunams.  
Portland, Oregon's Rabbi Joshua Stampfer's ancestor started Petah Tikva.  "Born in Jerusalem on Dec. 28,
1921, Rabbi Stampfer is the son and grandson of rabbis and pioneers.  His paternal great-grandfather and namesake, Yehoshua Stampfer, was a founder of Petach Tikva, the first modern Zionist settlement in what is now Israel.  His maternal grandfather, Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank, was for several decades the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.  Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the Chief Rabbi of Israel and a close friend of Rabbi Frank, served as Stampfer's sandek or holder at his brit milah.  

In 1881 and following years, Jewish immigrants who belonged to the Hibbat Zion (Love of Zion) movement arrived in Israel from Eastern Europe.  This was called the First Aliyah-going up spiritually of living in Israel.  Some joined existing  villages, others founded new ones.  Some of the villages  established during the last 2 decades of the century are large towns today like Hadera and Rishon Le-Zion.  The living for these pioneers was harsh.  The population was small and dispersed.  Communication was poor.  The Land was in a state of neglect with swamps, and malaria was the rule.  The Ottoman Empire administration was hostile and oppressive towards Arabs and Jews.  It can be compared to life of pioneers in the USA at that period.  

Knowing the struggles these people went through to create the state of Israel makes today's population most appreciative.  By the end of WWI in 1917, the Ottoman Empire lost their hold on the land.

One would never think that after having been accepted that Jews were to have a Jewish Homeland from the land of Palestine, land lost by the Ottoman Empire because they sided with Germany in WWI and actually the former empire of Israel and Judah, that there would be no problem.  It was decided by the League of Nations that it was to be and Britain was given the responsibility to bring it about in the form of the mandate.  One would never think there would be any doubts about it after the  the United Nations voted it in as a state on May 14, 1948-a double legal entry that Israel was a legal Jewish state.  Here we are, again defending our right to be called a Jewish state.  Who's having a fit about it?  The Palestinian Arabs who want it for themselves-at least to start with their own state out of land belonging to Israel right smack alongside and inside of Israel in east Jerusalem, which they want as their capital.  David's capital.  Jerusalem.  King David who created it for Israel.  King David who lived from 1010 BCE to 970 BCE, 3,000 years ago.

When Sharon was Prime Minister of Israel, the US. government put enormous pressure on him to "do something," and he did.  He decided to move Israeli citizens out of Gaza for the sake of peace.  He also moved villages and towns out of Samaria.  Now there are two counties if you wish, Judea and Samaria.  Samaria is the northern one.  Jews call them by this established name.  Americans journalists and others call them the West Bank, a name from Jordan grabbing them as they were land west of the Jordan River.  Jordan had grabbed them in 1948 when the fledgling Israel state was busy fighting off all their neighbors who had declared war on them 15 minutes after their declaration of being a state.

Sharon did this in the hopes and half-promises and innuendos of the USA that this might lead to an end of the bloody Arab/Israeli conflict.  Even Sharon's own Likud party overwhelmingly rejected the plan.  This is because Gaza did not belong to its mostly Arab inhabitants.  Gaza had been a province of the Ottoman Empire and became part of the British Mandate of Palestine.  In 1947, the UN proposed to partition Palestine into 2 states,  one Jewish and the other Arab.  The Jews, seeing it amounted to only 20% of the original piece of promised land to them for a Jewish Homeland,   decided it was better than nothing and accepted the offer.   The Arabs rejected the offer.

Fifteen minutes after the announcement of Israel being a state, 5 Arab armies invaded Israel.  Israel wasn't the mighty army based country it is today.  It was a ragtag group of Holocaust survivors, tired groups that had been fighting for survival already, and hopeful people who had waited 2,000 years for such a moment, for they had been praying every day for this return.

It was a huge miracle that they defeated the combined Arab might.  After this war, though, Jordan still had control of Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem and Egypt stayed in control of the Gaza Strip.  They held it until the 1967 Six Day War when another huge miracle happened; Israel won that one, too, against all odds.  This miracle gave Israel back all they had previously lost, including the Gaza Strip.
Now Israel made every effort to improve life of the Gazans and give them decent housing and infrastructure.  The Arabs only pouted and rebuffed all the efforts of the Jews of improvement.  The Arabs wanted to keep the Gazans in miserable "refugee camps".  They have been there, festering in squalor for over 50 years and dreaming of vengeance against Israel.  They've learned no skills, and have not improved their minds except to learn to built rockets against Israel and to build tunnels to bring in contraband- things used as ammunition against the Jews.

This was the worst plan imaginable-to vacate Gaza. 7,500 Jews left in the name of peace and many still haven't been able to regain their lives that they had.   It set a precedent, that to make the Arabs happy, they had to have land that was Judenrein-free of Jews-something invented by the Nazis.  It rewarded terror and was viewed by the Arabs as a sign of weakness.  They would be free to import arms through their port and airport.    What this did was to exacerbate the problem.  That the Jews abandoned their homes and businesses was seen as a victory for terrorism.  The Israeli military left and this was seen as the chance for terror to increase and violence would explode and drive all Jews out. by raining down rockets, missiles and mortars.  They saw this as causing thousands of Jewish deaths and Israel would be defenseless.

What have the Jews gained in return for their efforts towards peace?  The raining down of rockets, missiles and mortars, air raid sirens and many portable bomb shelters.  Besides that, they now have Kerry saying that it's a mistake to expect the Arabs to accept Israel as a Jewish state.  No-they'd much rather call it an Arab state-no doubt.

One idea that came up in 2004  proposed in the Forward newspaper was that if all Jews were moved out of Gaza, and Judea and Samaria, which the Arabs want to use for their Palestine, evacuate all Arab from Israel and resettle them in Gaza, the West Bank, or wherever they might want to go.  It would be an exchange of populations.  It's happened before on the Indian subcontinent.  Of course it caused a lot of bloodshed, but is a good example of a population exchange.

Well, this population exchange didn't happen.  Of course, Arabs who were working and living already in Israel proper certainly didn't want to move and they were not the problems.  We have Hamas terrorists who have taken over Gaza and have turned everyone into worse terrorists.  Fatah won't recognize a Jewish Israel.  Could we then say we shouldn't have recognized a Muslim Arab state?  Sharon did, though.  Can we say we were just kidding?

There was a province of Palestine, called that in 135 CE by the Romans who had taken Jerusalem in 70 CE.  There was Bar Kokhba who fought against them for 3 years from 132 to 135, but they finally lost against this massive army, but really gave them a headache in doing it, for it was a ragtag Jewish army that fought harder than any other had against the Romans.  That's why the Romans named the land "Palestine" after an enemy group of the Jews.  Arabs lived in Syria as well as all the surrounding countryside.  They called the province Syria, though.    The Arabs of today are descendants of the Arabs who came to the Jews looking for work as their countries didn't have jobs.  Very few Arabs actually owned land in Palestine.  Those who did sold their weed infested dried or swampy mosquito-filled land to the interested Jews who paid their high prices.                                                                  

Now that the Jews have made a modern miracle out of the land, the Palestinians are chomping at the bit to take it over.  One self-important personage, Abbas Zaki, a senior PA official of the Central Committee,  is bragging that now that the Jews are in one place it will be easier to kill them all. "Zaki currently serves as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ commissioner for dialogue with the Arab world and China.  Earlier, "In response to United States president Barack Obama's U.N. Speech on Palestinian Statehood on September 23, 2011, Zaki called Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu "trash", and said "The greater goal cannot be accomplished in one go.... If Israel withdraws from Jerusalem, evacuates the 650,000 settlers, and dismantles the wall – what will become of Israel? It will come to an end."  It sounds like that's what his goal is, to bring Israel to an end now.  We see his idea is including the dismantling of the wall because that is in east Jerusalem.  

Forward, July 9, 2005, page 3.  , Abandoning Gaza, would Israel's withdrawal from Gaza lead to peace?
See more at:
Facts About Israel from Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kerry Sides With Palestinians-A Mistake to Ask for Jewish Recognition

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              
Yasser Arafat (1929 in Cairo, Egypt- 2004)  started Fatah and then became the chairman of the PLO.  He fought against Israel all his life as well as having fought against Jordanians and Lebanese forces at other times.

Arafat married Suha in 1990.  She was able to receive from him $100,000 monthly.  $1.27  million from Switzerland went  to Paris for her.  Arafat had diverted $900 million to a special account for himself.  He had estimated his personal wealth at $300 million.  This must be why Fatah has no money and must get gifts from the other Arab states.  Even so, they have not been able to pay their utility bills to Israel who supplies them even while Hamas is raining down missiles, mortars and rockets on Israel and Fatah remains belligerent with the occasional deadly attacks on Israelis. What they manage to do is continue their education on their population of hatred for the Jews, TV programs teaching hate to the children, and geography lessons showing only Palestine and not Israel.

By 1994 was the Oslo accords.  Israel, for the sake of peace, recognized the PLO and made this terrorist group legitimate.  Unfortunately they did this right away instead of testing to see that "its deeds were consistent."   In return, Arafat recognized Israel, but not as a Jewish state.  He renounced terrorism, but it still continues in the hands of Hamas, which is a branch that broke off from Fatah.  Arafat made a promise to revoke the provisions of its covenant that calls for the destruction of Israel which Hamas still has and is following to the letter.
Last Thursday, March 13th, John Kerry told Congress that he thought it was unnecessary for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a "Jewish" state and even said that this was a mistake for the Israelis to ask this of them.  He then said that Arafat had agreed that Israel would be a Jewish state and did this in 1988 and 2004.  This is not the case.

Even the US administration then felt that Arafat didn't satisfy their goal of his recognizing Israel's right to exist.  In 1988 what he said doesn't even come close to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.  Toward the end of 1988, they tried to start a diplomatic dialogue between the PLO and USA.  Secretary of State Henry Kissinger then required the PLO to recognize Israel, accept UN 242 and renounce terrorism needed for any talking between the parties.

Arafat never issued a clear declaration recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.  He just summarized #181 and the US government said that Arafat's speech didn't meet the demand of recognizing the State of Israel.  So there was no meeting between the USA and the PLO then.

It was Tzipi Livni of Israel who insisted that "declared references must be made to Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State" in her official response to the 30 April 2003 Roadmap.

Kerry's remarks are copied from the Palestinian side and not the remarks of a mediator.  If Ambassador Alan Baker, Israel's ambassador to Canada, can explain the USA attitude taken at the time of the Oslo Accords, why couldn't Kerry's group of researchers?  Anyone that has followed or understands Israel's position would know the history involved and that the Palestinians have never recognized the state of Israel to be Jewish.  This is the crux of the matter between the two people. That's why Israel was asking for it.   If they were not a Jewish state they could then flood the country with Muslim Arabs and get away with it legally.  Israel would be dead.  It would then be renamed as Palestine.  Remember, without this recognition, there will not be an end to hostilities from the Palestinians.

Resource:  Amb. Alan Baker
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs []
Subject: Arafat and the Jewish State: Setting the Record Straight - Alan Baker Vol.14 No.6

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jerusalem: Recent Danger Existing from East Jerusalem

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

A short news story tells us about a Palestinian living in east Jerusalem, which is populated mainly by Palestinians, who happens to be associated with Hamas terrorists in Gaza.   What he has been doing to help out his cohorts is to use his axe to destroy buildings.  He used it to sabotage places where Jews live by hitting gas lines so that they would explode, cause fires and kill people.  He was finally caught.

A very long time ago Jerusalem was divided into four populated groups; Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian.  Today it is a unified city with no partitions and is the capital of Israel.   Another name for it is "The City of David," for King David of Israel established this city.  David ruled in 1010 BCE to 970 BCE.  His son, King Solomon, lived from 961 BCE to 920 BCE.  There has always been a Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

In 2003 there were 693,217 people living in Jerusalem.
464,527 were Jews.
228,690 were Arabs

In the Old City of Jerusalem there were 3,965 Jews
There were 31,405 Arabs.

In 2011 the total population of Jerusalem was 801,000. (corrected year)
497,000 were Jews.
281,000 were Muslims
14,000 were Christians

  • "1967: The Six-Day War results in East Jerusalem being captured by Israel and few weeks later expansion of the Israeli Jerusalem Municipality to East Jerusalem and some surrounding area. The Old City is captured, or rather-liberated  by the IDF.  Israel declares Jerusalem unified and announces free access to holy sites of all religions."  Until 1967, Jordan had control as it had taken 80% of the Jewish Homeland awarded by the League of Nations illegally.  Being they sided with the other Arab nations in the 1967 attack and lost, Israel won it back.  From 1948 to 1967, Israel had not been able to come to the Wall, which is such a big part of the Jewish history.  At the same time, Moshe Dyan had given the Temple Mount to the Arabs to control, a very big gesture of peace.  The Temple Mount is sitting on top of the 2nd Temple site, also most important to Jews.  

  • The Mayor of Jerusalem is Nir Barkat who is very much against dividing the city.  The Palestinians want to make it their capital.  Their idea of a state is one that has not one Jew in it.  That of course would mean that all Jews would have to move out of east Jerusalem.  Jews would not be able to gain entrance to the wall or other Jewish religious sites in this area.  This part of the city would be completely cut off from the rest.  As it is, Israel is helping the Arabs of Judea and Samaria in many ways already as they are not financially capable of standing on their own, even for utilities.  

Resource:  Excellent information
Update: 3/17/14:

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Domino Affect: What Kerry Said Caused a Crisis

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

                          The Tower of David in Jerusalem-The City of David

Israel has been facing 100 rockets to be rained down on Southern Israel just days before Purim, a happy festival of being alive after the threat of Haman setting into motion the slaughter of all Jews in the Persian Empire.  Sderot again has taken the brunt of the attack; an attack when homemakers and children were looking forward to this happy celebration. Other southern cities were in the line of fire as well.  The Chief Rabbi of Israel joined them during the attack.
                                         Sderot, the city that has been attacked with 100 rockets, a town founded in the Northern Negev in 1951 which was settled by new immigrants working in development industries.  In 1990 it had the population of 9,480.  It's close to Gaza.  Being Israel is only 8,000 sq miles, every piece of land has to be used.  Most all Israelis live in high rise apartment buildings, not homes such as Oregonians live in.  From 1949 to 1956, Arab terrorists, called fedayeen, trained and equipped by Egypt, repeatedly attacked Israeli civilians from bases in Gaza.  1,300 Israelis were killed or wounded in terrorist attacks throughout Israel.  Nasser was the head of Egypt in those days.
What brought about this sudden impulse to sock it to Israel?  Several things; one of which most likely was the capture of an Iranian ship with missiles that was to be delivered to the terrorists of Gaza.  This must have upset their big plans to hit Israel big-time.  Why did Iran decide to do this?  Why now?  Could it be that there is no strength coming from the USA and Europe over their goal for creating uranium arms when everyone knows they would use them on Israel?  They're calling the shots and the rest of the world is deaf and dumb about it, all except Netanyahu in Israel.   The USA is not the power it used to be.  Syria is not afraid and neither is Iran.  Egypt could not follow Obama's wishes to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to stay in power, even if it meant giving up money coming from the USA.  However Morsi had gotten himself voted in as president, the higher powers realized it could not continue or they would become a Muslim Brotherhood state.  

Other things set the terrorists' mind in motion for destruction, too.  Our state department in the USA is pushing hard to wind up an agreement between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel.  They even want to forgo the one need of Israel-and that is for the Palestinians to accept that Israel is in fact a Jewish state.  Update is that Kerry is telling all that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is a mistake.  So I'll repeat why this is important again.

Israel  cannot be flooded with Muslims causing the inbalance of the government.  It was created to be a Jewish state.  That's what the League of Nations agreed to in the 20's  and so did the United Nations in 1948.  What has happened to Lebanon, who had the minority Christians in power and now are completely upended with their loss of power cannot happen in any way, shape or form to Israel.  This state of Israel, made up of legal minds both in the rabbinate and in the knesset, know what they need.  Otherwise, Israel doesn't have a chance.
Also, what the state department doesn't think of is that Fatah, the PA of Judea and Samaria are but one group to deal with who are vying for power in the future state of Palestine.  How can they ever forget Hamas, the power in Gaza, terrorists to the death, who swear they will never allow Israel to exist and whose charter is to destroy the tiny state.  Even Fatah will not allow even one Jew to live in their state.  Oh, Kerry condemns the massive rocket attack that just happened, but has worded his previous statements to almost cause it to happen.  Isn't he using the rocket fire to push Israel to concede to all the demands the PA has and negate their need to recognize it as a Jewish state?  Isn't he supposed to be only a negotiator, a mediator, bringing a deal to both  that they can live with?  This isn't happening.  He's gone over to the easiest side to bargain with; the Palestinians.  A mediator is to be in the middle, not offside.  He is to interpose between parties in order to reconcile them, to bring accord out of by action as an intermediary, to act as intermediary agent in bringing, effecting, or communicating.  It should have been an intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation.  Since these parties are dealing with life and death matters where there is so much hatred on the side of the Palestinians, it must include a lot of background knowledge between the 2 parties.  As it stands now, it's impossible.  Here's why.

 Two things have to happen.  The Arabs must recognize Israel as a Jewish state and teach their people to accept this fact; in their homes, from their lips, in their textbooks, and to want peace more than they hate the Jews.  It's too bad Obama and Kerry didn't see this as a pre-requisite to peace.  They've been trying to put the cart before the horse.  It's not working.

Arutz Sheva has brought out the fact that both Fatah and Hamas must be in the picture.  Israel needs Abbas to agree to a demilitarized state which they don't want to do.  Even if he did, Hamas would continue to get rockets and missiles and mortars to use against Israel and guess who would be smuggling them into Gaza somehow?

Negotiations are fine between 2 parties that both want peace.  I don't see this happening here. The Palestinians are not peaceful people yet.   Fatah hooked up with Hamas several times already and only is separated right now because of the struggle for the throne; and Hamas did kick out Fatah and Abbas already from Gaza.  Like the rest of the Middle East, there is always a power struggle even among these like religious groups.  Kerry seems to be bewitched and bewildered by the Palestinian propaganda, but not bothered at all by it.  The Israeli Ministers are bring this to his attention.  They've asked him to condemn terror!!!  Now I ask, is this an unreasonable request?  I figure with some people you have to be very direct.

Update of update:  Kerry's digging a hole for himself telling Congress there's no need to have the Palestinans recognize Israel as a Jewish state because they've ALREADY DONE IT TWICE?    How come Netanayahu and the whole knesset doesn't know about it, then?  Sounds like a familiar story line he's told before about his wartime involvement.

Resource: Arutz Sheva; A7 News:  Chief Rabbi Lau Visits Sderot Amid Rockets-Frustration at Peace Talks Grows as Rockets Continue by Tova Dvorin.
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia-Sderot
Israel 101 from StandwWithUs.
Update: Ministers tell kerry to have Palestinians stop attacking.
*Update:, A whiff of Perfidy, Victor Sharpe on Kerry

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Those Who Bash Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                           

Jews make up less than 1% in this world, and Israel's Jewish population is 6 million.  About 6 million live in the USA and possibly about 2 million are scattered through other parts of the world.  It's become the social and acceptable thing to do:  bash Israel. It's a small group of people living in a small country.   So many journalists are doing it.    Israel's become the scapegoat of the world right now.

 Right after 1967 Israel  was the most popular entity when single handed and with the tiniest force on earth of IDF soldiers, Israel withstood the attack of the surrounding and even more distant Arab countries-and lo and behold, little Israel won the battle which not only allowed her to survive such an immense attack, but also to regain land she had lost to Jordan that was rightfully hers in 1948.   Egypt, Jordan and Syria were the main countries attacking.  Nasser had even had the UN troops sent away, giving him more of a free reign.  Then Nasser blocked the Straits of Tiran.  He moved 100,000 men and 1,000 tanks into the Sinai while the other Arab states quickly made their  moves of attack on Israel.  The Arab world was hysterical in wanting to attack Israel.  It was over in 6 days.  Israel won.   She gained East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and Gaza.  Now, Israel  was being praised instead of being kicked around.

Before 1967, the Arab nations were not really interested in helping the Palestinian Arabs do anything.  They wouldn't assimilate them into their countries of which had much land.  They just wanted to hold them in abeyance as a thorn in the sides of the Jews and did so with refugee camps.  " The Palestine-for -the Palestinians" cause had been met with complacency and crass ignorance. Musa Alami, an Arab Palestinian activist, writer and innovator tried to interest the Arab world in a propaganda program in 1948 and was told that all that was needed was a few brooms to drive the Jews into the sea."  Now they saw that they needed more than that. They should have known because they lost the war of 47-49 and 1956.  This was the 3rd attack.  It wasn't the last, either.  They tried again in 73 and lost that one, too.

The bashing has even reached Australian journalists who have really never known many Jews as the population there had gone from extinct to having been quite small, but now has reached 100,000 in a country of 22.5 million.  Jews were not allowed into Australia during the 1930's or WWII.  It wasn't until after the war and with a lot of pressure was this island country accepting any Jews into their Anglo country.  Today Australia has the 9th largest Jewish population in the world.  

Isi Leibler, from Australia, points out that reporting is relying on untrustworthy and prejudiced sources such as false testimonies from Arab propagandists.   Some people quoted  might be disgruntled or retired officials who have an ax to grind against Israel.  Human rights organizations have taken sides without having any background so are also highly questionable.  People forget to ask the basic question, What's Your Source ?  What do you know about it?  Don't just state it and say that's it.  Isi has even seen quotes that are merely uncorroborated accusations that Israeli soldiers beat a child "to a pulp" that that is used without being checked.  Islam has also grown in Australia with 475,000 now, which is 4 times more than Jews living there.
Are journalists aware that no country has a better record of military practices than Israel?  Soldiers are trained to follow a strict moral code and punishes those to do not follow it.  The country lives under a stricter moral code anyway than most countries.  Isn't that a basic difference anyway between Israel and other lands?  Only the Jews were ready to follow a lot of laws of behavior?   How about the fact that the USA doesn't even allow the Ten Commandments to be on public property but in Israel, it's basic law.  Muslims have their worship and so do Christians and others in Israel.  There's freedom of religion in Israel, but it is a haven for the Jewish people, since that's why it was created in the first place.
                                                  Jerusalem, City of David

The UN is the first site to use double standards, attacking only Israel 99% of the time.  Look at the people who are on the Human rights committee for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  .  11 Muslim majority countries of the 47 on the committee as well as Russia and China.  There is Algeria, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone and United Arab Emirates.  Israel's size compared to the Arab world is about 1/625 or  1/6 of 1%.  Israel is the only country who has come back to its original land of its history.  It's the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is thriving instead of disappearing-by any reason, attacks, or being forced to leave.  Israel now has 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs in a sea of 300 million Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims.  Can they ever get any justice?

There is so much bashing and lying going on that I work to find the truth and present such facts.  There is no need for me to criticize Israel as there is enough negativity already presented by their own reporters.  Israel doesn't mind someone bringing out a mistake made.  "Israel itself is made up of hyper-self -critics and their highly critical public who always demand transparency and rectification of mistakes or misdeeds.  "Israel's hyper self-criticism, at times even masochism, underlines the highly developed sense of morality to which the Jewish state holds itself."  Nobody is under a magnifying glass more than Netanyahu is.   Though he is a Prime Minister of such a little country of only 8,019 square miles, no leader from another country is under more pressure or surveillance.  Israel is smaller in size than El Salvador, New Jersey, Taiwan, UK, California or France.  The Jews of France are suffering under so much anti-Semitism today that many have already made aliyah to Israel.  France is made up of 211,209 sq miles yet can't contain their people from being so hateful against Jews. 2,185 French Jews made aliyah in 2013.  There are about 2.1 million Muslims in France.  Roman Catholicism is first and Islam is 2nd in this country.
There are 56 Islamic countries in the world of which 48 are the majority.   Islam has 1.3 billion adherents.  Christianity is still the most populous with 2 billion people.   Roman Catholics make up 49 countries.  Protestant countries of majority number 20.  There are 12 Eastern Orthodox countries.    4 Hindu countries have  900 million people.  Let's not forget that there are 360 million people who are Buddhists, and then there is our 1 Jewish majority country, Israel.

Jews spent many years in the planning stages of creating Israel. "Yusuf Diya al-Khalidi, Mayor of Jerusalem in 1899 said, Who can challenge the rights of the Jews in Palestine?  Good Lord, historically it is really your country."   Emir Faisal, the head leader of the Arab world in 1919 said, "We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement...We will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home...Our two movements complement one another."  And he was right, except that England botched up the plans and the Jews and Israel have been suffering from the errors of Great Britain's decisions.

There are 2 kinds of journalists:  the real kind who checks their sources and those who just want to sell papers with gossip.  That's the kind that people have become when they hear the word "Israel" today, the gossipy kind.  If you pick up a new item about Israel and they are bashing it unrestrained, use it for trash.  Go to a better source that you can trust.

Update:  3/15/14" Unlike its commercial competitors (such as ABCCBSCNNFoxMSNBC, and NBC), the network, Al Jazeera in USA,  doesn’t care that much about general viewer ratings. Rather, it aims to influence opinion makers like teachers, broadcasters, and editorial writers.
Read more at"
Resource:  Isi Leibler,  Bashing Israel
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters
Israel 101 from Stand With Us

Sunday, March 9, 2014

USA's State Department Still Doesn't Understand Meaning of Jewish Recognition

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

The number one expectation that Israel needs from the Palestinians is that they recognize Israel as a Jewish state.   The USA's spokeswoman for the State Department, Jen Psaki, told the "Al-Quds" (name for Jerusalem in Arabic) newspaper that the Palestinians don't need to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in the peace agreement if they don't wish to do so!!!

What?  Has Israel now become occupied and run by the USA and they can change the provisions of a peace treaty at their will?  What kind of peace negotiating is this?

Sorry, but this is not going to be met by Netanyahu or the knesset with joy and approval.  This is such an  important point yet the USA doesn't understand what the consequences are legally that can happen if they don't recognize Israel as a Jewish state and yet they are so obvious.  Israel cannot be in a situation where they will be forced to accept millions of Palestinians in Israel.  It's only 8,000 square miles as it is and would be flooded with Palestinians changing the country completely into another Muslim state to be run by Emirs or Kings, whatever, people like the rest of the Muslim states.  Then the Jews would be slaughtered and Israel would be destroyed.
The reason Israel was created in the very first place was to have a safe place for Jews to live in, free of hatred and Holocausts and people trying to convert them to their religion.  It is to be a haven for our people.  After being set upon for the past 2,000 years by others, the League of Nations saw that it was high time that Jews could be left alone in peace, and this was before the Holocaust.   Stating it is a Jewish State is their only protection from keeping it from being consumed by the Muslims states.  Netanyahu knows why they won't accept Israel as a Jewish state, and it has to do with the Arabs then having the right of return on the table to flood Israel with Arabs.  Why can't the USA state department see one move ahead?

Showing that there is no way that Palestinians are even considering to make peace, like Jordan did, was the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen, who said  "There is not a chance that he and the Palestinian nation will recognize Israel as a Jewish state".  Jordan already took over 80% of the promised Jewish Homeland and has been peaceful with Israel since the War of 1973.  The same goes for Egypt.  Sadat came to Jerusalem and made peace.  Egypt hasn't been trying to take over Israel's land.  Neither Egypt nor Jordan have accepted Israel as a Jewish state, however.  Their behavior so far hasn't called for Israel's needing it.  They made peace.
The concept and goals of a Palestine have been very undemocratic and quite like the Nazis.    They're demanding that Judea and Samaria must be all theirs and that no Jew can live there.  That's calling for the removal of about 400,000 Jews.  They want East Jerusalem, and Jerusalem is and has been since the beginning of recorded time the capital of the Jewish people.  To have a people drooling at the mouth to take over your country including a quarter of your capital  is just not going to happen.  Besides that, they've had many a Freudian slip that they plan on taking over all of Jerusalem.  It goes with the Hamas charter.   Fatah has joined Hamas in the past, only to be divided over who is the leader of both.  The only difference is that Hamas is hitting at Israel directly while Fatah has pulled the wool over the eyes of the world in pretending to want peace.  Sure, peace, like teaching their children with maps showing Palestine and no Israel, teaching songs of hatred for Jews.  They are fighting the battle between Jews and Palestinians with massive brain washing of their own people and this in turn has brain-washed many others as well.

 There has to be space between for security with a people unable to accept Israel on any count.  This is a people who have been attacking Jews since 1948.  There hasn't been much let-up.  Israel is still being attacked by Hamas terrorists and Fatah has had it's attacks as well; human walking bombs into restaurants and schools and such.  Hamas follows the Muslim Brotherhood Charter of destroying all of Israel and killing the Jews.  That's why it is absolutely necessary that they come to the conclusion that if they expect peace, they must accept Israel as being different from them; that they are a Jewish nation, democratic and wanting to enjoy life, and that 6 million of them, Jews, are following the laws of Moses.  Why is this so hard to accept?

Israel can't have a Palestinian state right next to them which will continue to fighting with the goal to destroy Israel.  One thing Israel is not is stupid.

All along, the Fatah Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria have been promoting hatred and denial of Israel in their culture, starting in their schools. They even celebrate the killers of Jews with lots of recognition and praise in city-wide programs.   They have done nothing to show that there will be peace between the two people.  Hamas continues to shell the parts of Israel within their scope of missile distance and vows never to make peace but to destroy Israel.  Abusive people we've got for neighbors.  And the state department thinks Israel can let them get away without recognizing them as a Jewish state?  They've got to be kidding.  Israel is not about to sign away their own land to a people who have been their enemy for the past 67 years.