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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Palestinian Vengeance: A Transferred Blame-Confounded Reasoning For a "Palestine"

Nadene Goldfoot
A refugee group made up of Arabs have been living in the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria since 1948 when Israel was created.  Refugees usually become this way because a people are attacked by an enemy and forced out.  They might leave for fear of their enemies and what they know they will do to them.    The Arabs became the only refugees caused by  the action of their very own leaders who told them to leave their homes and communities.  Then, as if in a chess game, these Arabs were kept by their leaders in deteriorating filth and degration.  They were prevented from improvement as this condition was held over the heads of the Israelis as the cause of their condition.  This condition was not in the hands of the Jews.  Gaza was held by Egypt.  Judea and Samaria were in the hands illegally of Jordan.  All hope of return to their homes was ended, building the blame on the Jews.

The Arabs had seen the richest of them all leave in December 1947 and early 1948 before Israel was announced to be a state among the nations.  They were called a 5th column of deserters who left at the first sign of trouble by their newspapers, like the Jaffa Ash Sha'ab who wrote this on January 30, 1948.  By March 30, 1948 they wrote accusing the people of Sheikh Munis and other villages around Tel Aviv of "bringing down disgrace on us all" because they abandoned their villages.  May 5th paper of the London Times reported:  "The Arab streets are curiously deserted and , evidently  ....following the more moneyed class there has been an exodus from Jerusalem too, though not to the same extent as in Jaffa and Haifa."  In other words,   aware Arabs gave up and left the country. 

The Haj Amin el Husseini, the exiled pro-Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem, and the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine encouraged the Arab exodus.  Refugees were sure that their absence would not last long and that they would return within a week or two.  The leaders had promised them that the Arab armies would crush the "Zionist gangs" very quickly and that there was no need for panic or fear of a long exile" as reported in Sada al Janub, August 16, 1948.  Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Said had thundered, "We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in.  The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down."  Only their leaders kept them in refugee camps instead as pawns for future fighting.  One of the refugees commented later that "the Arab governments told us:  "Get out so that we can get in.  so we got out, but they did not get in." 

62,000 Arabs living in Haifa all left except for about 5,000 to 6,000 who remained.  Their leaders let those that remained know that they would be regarded as renegades for doing so.  This was reported by the London weekly Economist on October 2, 1948. 

Jews tried to prevent the Arabs from leaving when they had the opportunity in between fighting for their lives.  Bishop Hakim of Galille told Rev. Karl Baehr, Executive Secretary of the American Christian Palestine Committee that the Arabs of Haifa "fled despite Jewish authorities guaranteeing their safety and rights as citizens of Israel."  "Every effort was made by the Jews to persuade the Arabs to stay and carry on with their normal lives, to get their shops and businesses open and to be assured that their lives and interests will be safe."  The effort was in vain.  They left in large convoys escorted by the British military and left Haifa for Beirut.  They left by sea steadily.  Convoys left Tireh for Transjordan.  Quays and harbor were crowded with refugees and their possessions.  The Arab military delegates refused a truce with Israel and asked for British help in transferring the Arab population to the neighboring Arab countries.  The British provided the means, including trucks.  Jamal Husseini, Acting Chairman of the Palestine Arab Higher Committee to the U.N. Security Council was quoted:  "The Arabs did not want to submit to a truce...they rather preferred to abandon their homes, their belongings and everything they possessed in the world and leave the town.  This is in fact what they did."  Jamal  proclaimed this as a virtue. 

 These areas fell into Israel's hands after the Six Day War of 1967 when the surrounding Arab states again attacked Israel.   Israel tried their utmost to improve their conditions, but they had been so conditioned to hate, that it was very difficult to make inroads into their minds or the land.  Even without a peace settlement, Israel's policy was to maintain security for all alike, allow the Arabs to live normal lives without losing contact with Arabs in other countries, make possible rapid economic development and to encourage co-existence and cooperation between the Arabs and Israelis.  Local affairs were administered by the local population.  Open bridges on the Jordan allowed movement in either direction.  Up to 1967 Arabs and Jews had been separated and Israel hoped a peacerful and fruitful co-existence was starting up to 1972 when Israel was again attacked.

Instead of owning up to their own greedy error, the Palestinian leaders have blamed the Jews of Israel as a natural act of self-exculpation.  Then it was used as a powerful propaganda weapon in war against Israel.  Next, the leaders inflated the numbers of the refugees.  Mr. Emil Ghoury, Secretary of the Arab Higher Committe said in 1960 at the U.N. that "expelled" Arabs amounted to 2 million.  Nadim Dimechkie, a Lebanese representative on November 25th disagreed and said that more than a million were expelled.  Four days later a spokesman for Sudan said 1 1/2 million were expelled.  We know they weren't expelled by Israel nor did they number that high. 

In 1947 there were about 1 million Arabs in the whole of western Palestine.  British figures, inflated as explained by Joan Peters in "From Time Immemorial" put the number at 1,200,000.  Independent calculation found 800,000 to 900,000 Arabs who left. 

Of these, the total number actually living in that part of Palestine which became Israel was according to British figures: 561,000.  Not all left.  After the end of fighting in 1949, there were 140,000 Arabs in Israel.  The total number who left could not have been more than abut 420,000.  By May 1948 Faris el Khoury, Syrian Rep on the UN Security Council thought their number to be 250,000.  Emil Ghoury 12 years later thought they were 2 million.  but had announced on September 6, 1948 that the number was 200,000.  As time went on he inflated the numbers as by July 17th he said the number had risen to 300,000.  Count Bernadotte, the UN Special Rep in Palestine reported on September 16, 1948 to the UN that the number was 360,000, including 50,000 in Israel territory.  After July 1948 a 4th exodus took place of 50,000 Arabs from the Galilee and Negev.  Israel's figures of 1972 were that almost a million Arabs lived in the administered area.  640,600 lived in Judaea and Samaria, 388,600 in the Gaza Strip and North Sinai and 8,000 on the Golan Heights. 

The Arabs continue to be refugees and depend on the United Nations for their sustenence.  UNRWA's inflated numbers in 1947 showed 711,000 Arabs.  In 2008 the number had risen to 4.62 million including their descendants.  Being mostly Sunni Islamists, they do believe in at least having 4 wives, so their population has exploded.   Arab "Palestinians" are also found to be living in Jordan, which is greatly populated by them as well as in Lebanon and Syria.  Jordan has 338,000 Palestinians living in refugee camps out of their 1,951,603 Palestinian population.  The others are citizens of Jordan.  The refugees are held out as pawns against Israel. 

To become a refugee one only had to have lived in the British Mandate of Palestine for 2 years or be a descendant.  That means they were living in the area before Israel was a state in 1948.  UNRA finds there are 4.8 million Palestinian refugees.  They are funding them annually with U.S. dollars.  The money comes from:
1. European Commission of $190 million
2. USA $185 million
3. Sweden: $51.6 million
4. United Kingdom: $37.5 million
5. Norway: $35.1 million 

The reason these Arabs are called "Palestinians" is that this term was used for both Jews and Arabs living in the mandated region of Palestine under the British control after WWI.  It is not that there ever was a country of Palestine.  This is only the term the Romans called Israel and Judea after they conquered the land in 70 CE.  They were erasing the Jewish connotation of the land by doing this, a common practice of theirs.  They picked the Latin term of Palaistine as it was the name of the enemies of Israel, the Philistines who lived north of them.   For 1,878 years, from 70 CE to 1948 CE, the Land was ruled by foreign governments and never by the people which lived in it. 

Most of the modern day Arabs had come into the region from the surrounding Arab lands looking for work when the Jews returned in the 1800's to build the country.  It was an opportunity for them to make more money than in their own homeland.  Most were all immigrants.  Otherwise, there were Jews and Arabs still living in the land who had remained. 

The few Arabs who were living in the land that became Israel had no thought in mind of creating a new Arab country.  No one had wanted this land since 70 CE.  It had become either swampy or arid desert and as Mark Twain had put it, was pretty vile.  Only when Jews had finally returned with a determination to create and rebuild their land did it amount to the Garden of Eden it is now.  It took draining swamps and enduring malaria from the thousands of mosquitoes to figuring out how to grow crops in a desert, but mainly it took a fierce love for the land it had been and what it could become.  Jewish pioneers went through the same sort of fates that American pioneers suffered, and maybe even more. 

In September the Palestinian Authority will go to the UN to attempt to declare themselves as a state while still being in a state of war with Israel.  This will not prevent them from continuing their attacks on Israel.  It most likely will give them the incentive to continue.  My furtive hope is that the members of the U.N. will see reason and morality and will not allow this to happen. 

Resource: Battleground:  Fact and Fantasy in Palestine by Samuel Katz
Facts About Israel from Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Friday, July 29, 2011

Monotheism: It’s Middle East Messengers and Their Interpretations

Nadene Goldfoot

In about 1991 BCE (2nd milleniumBCE) Abram, later called Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldees (Iraq) to his father, Terah. Abraham was the first to believe in one unseen G-d. Up to now people in Ur believed in many gods who were seen as clay statues that his father was producing. He took his whole family and left the city of Ur, realizing that future descendants would not have a chance to continue believing in one G-d. There he lived with Canaanites and Philistines. He is called the Father of Judaism. Abraham was known for his humility and kindness, famed for his hospitality. Circumcision was begun with him proving the covenant to follow but one G-d. It’s still a part of Judaism and Islam.

Moses took over as a leader of monotheism. Rabbis figure he lived from 1391 to 1271 but Christians have thought he lived earlier. He is credited with being dictated to by G-d and was able to write down what he perceived. This is the first record of monotheism and is called the Five Books of Moses.

Jethro, Moses’s father in law, was also impressed by the Jewish teachings that Moses was born into and his tribulations in bringing out his Hebrew people. He took his monotheism and developed his own story. His religion added reincarnation by the 16th century AD. Jewish mysticism did likewise during the same period. Jethro is credited with creating the Druze religion.

Monotheism started for a short period in Egypt in 1364-1347 BCE with Pharoah Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) and his wife, Queen Nefertiti believing in the Sun as the one and only G-d. He had tried to change his people from belief in multi-gods to this one and only visual god and became very unpopular. They could not believe him. Their son and successor, young King Tut, went back to multi-gods.

By the 1st Century CE Judaism was found in many forms as they were being persecuted for their beliefs by the Roman army.. The offshoots were divided and forming their own interpretations. Jesus, from a Jewish family, came from Bethlehem, which was on the outskirts of mainstream Judaism centered in Jerusalem. He had become far more liberal than the mainstream Judaism of his day. This led to more branches of Judaism till after Jesus died, they broke off from Judaism altogether. This religion led to a calamitous situation for Jews, for their New Testament only criticized Judaism, causing hatred and it also accused Jews of causing Jesus’s death. For this, Jews were persecuted all over the world for almost forever. It led Christianity to hunt down Jews during the Crusades in the 1200's and also during the Spanish Inquisition of the 1600's. Even to this day, most Jews are held liable, and Israel is cursed by them as well. It had caused much anti-semitism in the world, leading to the Holocaust killing 6 million Jews.

In the 6th Century CE Mohammed appeared in the Jewish markets of Arabia who wanted his people to be from a book as well as the Jews and Christians that he had met. He wrote his own monotheistic version of their story, giving it his special twist, and thus the Koran was created. He wasn’t satisfied with converting people slowly, but gained power and converted with swords of his men. Many Jewish villages had to become Muslim or die. Now they are the 2nd largest religion in the world following Christianity, while Judaism includes less than 1% of the world’s population. Muslims have exerted much power over others with their oil holdings. Our modern societies have not existed without oil. Their people have moved out into Europe and the USA and are not shy as Jews had been. Not having experienced anti-Muslim attitudes, they are quick to establish their Sharia Law wherever they go. Jews have been run out of regions because of this. In the meantime, Jews and Christians living in their own isolated worlds do not see the danger encroaching on their own establishments. The Islamic message includes killing Jews, even those hiding under rocks. Mohammed’s anger at Jews for not converting continues in many Of course politics have picked up this part of the Koran for their special goals. Jews suffered in Muslim countries by being treated as 3rd rate citizens (dminnis) but were not attacked and killed. The situation today has become unbearable as Israel has entered into their realm once again in the Middle East. Many hold onto this updated belief in their religion of “NO ACCEPTANCE of Jews. “ Fortunately, Israel has been able to have peace pacts with Egypt and Jordan before the Palestinian violence and hatred was felt.

The teachings of all three of these main religions was that there was only one G-d. Christianity involved other aspects of G-d so much that Jews saw it as being too multii-faceted and could not accept it as being monotheistic, but a tri-form of the original G-d belief  (father, son, holy ghost). . The values of life and living also differed somewhat from Judaism, making it unacceptable to them. What Abraham and Moses had taught was lost in their interpretation. Judaism had taught that all men (and women) were sons of God. We had that special spark. Christianity was accepting Jesus as G-d. Deeds were speaking louder than words. Both Christianity and Islam were practicing violence and hatred to Jews. Many centuries have had to go by before Jews and Christians have found a common ground in their religions. Now there are Christians who see the value of studying the Jewish Torah, which was something that Jesus must have also studied. Others are most supportive of Israel and have been outstanding in trying to assist this fledgling country fight anti-semitism as well as give it much support. However, there are still many Christians who stubbornly hold onto their Jewish prejustices and show it by condemning Israel in ways of boycotts, etc.

The latest “fad” is that of what I have seen on history TV channels. It is thought by a few that angels were really humanoids from outer space and have been working with humans ever since Neanderthal Man. They helped to build pyramids in Egypt and Central America as well. Nothing difficult seems to have been conquered by man’s mental development alone; only with these outer space aliens have humans managed to survive. So many might slip back into a belief of “many gods”. It’s so similar to the ancient Greek and Roman religions. Actually, with today’s ability to be in outer space and having traveled and walked on the moon, this is not as outlandish a thought as it was in the ancient days. So many peoples had stories of being visited from above. Being this is communicated by TV in the form of amazing visuals, it is intriguing enough to find sponsors.

Israel's Best Arab Friends: The Druze

Nadene Goldfoot
Jethro was Moses's father in law and a wonderful advisor to him. Moses had married his daughter, Zipporah, who then had two sons, Gershom and Eliezer. Jethro was the Priest of Midian, the largest tribe out of Arabia who were not only nomads tending sheep but also were into commerical trading with their camel caravans.  

 Jethro had accepted Moses's monotheism and after helping him, returned to his own people to spread this belief causing the Druze religion to begin.  This Arab people  still believe in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They also believe in reincarnation.  It actually dates to the 11th Century.  Jethro's tomb is near Tiberias in a Druaze shrine open for all to come and visit.  They do not proselytize. 

Over 125,000 Druze live in Israel.  Their native language is Arabic but also speak Hebrew.  They are loyal to Israel and all serve in the Israeli army, being drafted like the Jewish soldiers.  Their reputation is that of the fiercest of fighters.  350 Druze soldiers have died in defense of Israel.  They have a higher percentage in the combat units and as officers than the Jews do.  Of Israel's population they are considered to be a very nationalistic and patriotic group.  5 Druze are members of the Knesset. 

The Druze came into Israel from Lebanon in the 16th Century.  Druze living in Israel are but a small 6-7%  of the over one million in the world.  Most live in Syria and Lebanon.  Less live in Jordan.  They are a closed society, not believing in allowing converts or marriage outside their faith.  Their heritage is quite pure at this rate.  They would make a most interesting group for geneticists to study.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christians United For Israel: CUFI Accomplishments

For Six years CUFI has met in Washington DC  and related their reasons why it's necessary to support Israel.  This year, their 6th, was made up of over 5,000 CUFI members who heard prominent national and international speakers  for Israel. 

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was included who came to them on a live satellite.  The Summit's Night to Honor Israel featured Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, Pastor John Hagee and Glenn Beck.  Glenn said, "Each of us will be judged as a people and a nation by how we treat Israel." 

Members took part in two days of education on the history of Israel and advocacy-training.  Members also went to Capitol Hill and had many meetings with representatives from both Republicans and Democrats and asked them to :

1.  Oppose the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state at the UN.  This is something Obama has said he would veto, but no one can rely on this completely. 
2. Support security aid to Israel
3. Have tougher sanctions against Iran. 

With CUFI's backing, these goals look like they have been accepted.  They are proving that education about conditions is necessary.  That's what CUFI had been doing; educating our USA House and Senate about Israel as well as its members. 

Resource: Christians United for Israel

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Pork Facts to Blubber About: USA Tax Money for Terrorists

Nadene Goldfoot
Itamar Marcus presented facts to Washington legislators yesterday about the fact that our tax money is used to fund the Palestinian's (PA) general budget.  This money is used to pay the salaries to terrorists who reside in Israeli prisons.  We're talking about our $5 million every month going for this pork. It amounts to $60 million per year.   This just happens to be against the U.S. law as well.   $600 million went to the PA in 2010 and an extra $225 million into the PA budget assistence.  We certainly are generous. 

The fact rubs that the PA consistently glorifies their terrorists which prevents any healing between Israel and the Arabs.  This money is not being used to promote peace between the two peoples.  An example is a summer camp for the Arab children. which is under PA's Fayyad's management.  The three groups of children were named for known terrorists:  Dalal Mughraby, who massacred many in 1978, Salah Khalaf, another terrorist in 1972, and Abu Ali Mustafa, also a known terrorist.

Our tax money has not been just used to help shrimp exercize on treadmills instead of our oversized population.  It's going to help killers continue their ambition to destroy Israel.  Surely there are better ways to bring peace in the area.  Now that we've spent all our resources, there's no more pocket change left to spend.  We seniors are just hoping to receive our Social Security checks on the 3rd of August.  Perhaps it's time to turn over the US finances to us seniors.  I'm sure we could find a lot of pork to throw out. 

Talk About Pork: Spending Tax Money on Mosques

Nadene Goldfoot
Our USA government must pare down its spending and we hope they come up with a budget plan by August 2nd.   The Washington Times reported as early as last August that our government has been paying for construction projects for mosques oversees and may be planning to help out Feisal Abdul Rauf, American iman,  in building a mosque near the 9/11 disaster, much to the consternation of many New Yorkers. 

The shocking revelation told that US taxpayers supported a mosque in Tanzania, East Africa near Kenya  in April, involved in a program to preserve culturally significant buildings.  They're turning out to be only mosques.  Another mosque was updated in Cairo by us. 

This brings up First Amendment facts.  Are we taxpayers paying for Islam this way?  The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is involved.  We rebuilt a mosque in Fallujah, Iraq, and now may be involved with Rauf's building of a Mosque almost on 9/11's site. 

In the meantime, many American schools are crumbling from lack of financial planning and upkeep.  Why are we involved with supporting mosques out of the country?  Since when does the United States involve themselves with promoting and financing a religious building?   What do they think this has been?  A tax write-off?  This pork spending hopefully is grinding down to a complete halt. 

Aging Mahmoud Abbas and His Desire to Be President of Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestine Authority's President, Mahmoud Abbas was 76 years old  on March 26th of this year.  He's wasted three years of not coming to terms with Netanyahu in creating his Palestine.  The history of Arabs dealing with Israel has been "all or nothing."  Arabs missed their first chance of many in 1948 when Israel accepted the piece of land they were given which was but a sliver of an original tract they were led to believe they would receive.  The Arabs refused their offer, clearly demonstrating that they were more interested in
preventing the birth of Israel than in creating their own state.  History since then proves this to be true.

Now he and the Hamas terrorists plan to go to the UN this September to declare themselves a state, but it is not within the legal international scope in order to be recognized.  Regardless, whether or not the USA vetos this move, Abbas is calling for his people to show resistance in a peaceful manner against Israel. 

Any protests such as this never remain peaceful for more than a few minutes. 

Five Years a Prisoner: Gilad Shalit-Israeli in Gaza

Nadene Goldfoot
It's been five years that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.  This young man was born August 28, 1986, the year after I left Israel.  He joined the IDF at age 19 in July 2005.  The next year, June 25, 2006, he was captured and taken prisoner. 

Hamas terrorists had infiltrated an army post in Israel and had attacked them.  Several of the IDF were killed.  Corporal Gilad, in a tank, was hit by a rocket propelled grenade and had a broken hand and shoulder wound.  He was kidnapped and taken, never to receive the rights in the Geneva Convention. 

Israel has received 3 letters, an audio tape and a DVD letting them know he was alive. In order to receive this much Israel had to release 20 female Palestinian prisoners. In order to release Gilad, Hamas wants the release of all female and underage Arab prisoners plus 1,000 more of the men. The ICRC (Red Cross) reports that he has not been heard from for the past two years and wonder if he's alive.
Gilad is a dual citizen of Israel and France.  His parents are Noam and Aviva Shalit.  They have not been able to get messages to him.  The Red Cross has been denied access.  President Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Merkel of Germany have been working on trying to help free Shalit.  His parents admit that the price Hamas is asking is heavy.  The Hamas prisoners Israel holds are hard core murderers.  One in particular is Marway Barghouli who is serving 5 life-term sentences.  If freed he could become the successor of Abbas, leader of Fatah who has just recently joined Fatah with Hamas. 
The only other person I have heard about that was kept a prisoner for so long has been John McCain b: August 29, 1936 who was taken prisoner in Vietnam at age 36 and held for 6 years from October 1967 to 1973.  He was later able to become a US Senator and then run for President, but was considered too old by many for the position.   

A movement is urging everyone to write to the U.N., Red Cross, the European Union, the  Palestinian Authority and the International Criminal Court to free Gilad.  The website to send a birthday message is below.  for birthday message

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dies At 27

Nadene Goldfoot
Amy Winehouse suffered from the impact of being a successful singer as many have done before her.  She came from a Jewish family in England and was born in 1983.  Her parents, Mitchell Winehouse and Janis Seaton divorced when Amy was 9 years old, most likely rocking her life.  Her dad was a taxi-driver and mom was a pharmacist at the time. 

Amy suffered from her parents' divorce and being bothered by reporters when she became famous.  She became depressed, self abusive and had eating disorders due to many factors.  This caused her to turn to alcoholism, drug use, and smoking drugs which brought on emphysema, an irregular heart beat and finally, seizures. Update: Amy died from alcohol abuse.  She had 5 times the amount in her system that shows intoxication.  She had already stopped using drugs.  

Her death reminds me of my favorite Israeli singer, Ofrah Hazah, 1957-2000, who was so popular from 1980-1985 when I lived in Israel.  She was a girl from Yemen who was a fantastic singer.  Surprisingly, she also died young at the age of 42 from Aids related pneumonia from a blood transfusion in a Turkish hospital after she suffered from a miscarriage.  Her husband died the next year from a suspected drug overdose. Drugs were almost unknown in the Israeli culture, but must be used much more in the entertainment fields in the world. 

Amy Winehouse followed a  list of Jewish women who became famous singers.  She joins Barbara Streisand, winner of 10 Grammys, Paula Abdul, another Grammy winner, Bette Midler, Dinah Shore, and even Bevery Sills, an opera singer. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Shocking Facts About Anti-Semitism in France

Nadene Goldfoot
History recalls that 6 decades ago France's collaborationist Vichy regime took part in rounding up French Jews and turned them over to the Nazis.  About 110,000 French Jews were murdered by the Germans.  Now they are certainly not moving to stamp out any future anti-Semitism that has started again. 

Charles Krauthammer proclaimed an anti-Semitic renaissance in France.  It was Jean-Marie Le Pen's victory over socialists in the French presidential election that confirmed many people's feelings that anti-Semitism had returned to France. He had come in 2nd, being more popular than the prevailing socialists.    French society has changed.  Pen is a genuine anti-Semite known for his trivialization of the Holocaust and his ethno-centric nationalism and had accused his rival, President Jacques Chirac, of being owned and held hostage by the B'nai B'rith, a Jewish organization.  There is a growing tension between the large Jewish and Muslim communities in France.  The North African youth,  Maghrehin, have felt frustrated in the economic situation.  The month before Le Pen won was a month of attacks on Jewish places of worship and property. 

Since 2000, anti-semitism has been growing in France.  It is home to the 3rd largest Jewish population outside of Israel with 600,000 Jews who have been outspoken in their support of Israel.  Paris is known for its Jewish cultural life and brags that they have more kosher restaurants than any other city outside of Israel.  It is also home to the largest Muslim population in Europe.  It has been seen as the European country with the greatest potential for religious conflict. 

In 2001 there were 320 anti-Semitic incidents which amounted to nearly one every other day.  In January there were 3 violent anti-Semitic attacks including an assault on a synagogue in a Paris suburb of Goussainville.  A gang of thugs hurled rocks and firebombs and smashed the synagogue's windows and damaged the building. In October a Jewish elementary school in Marseilles was attacked by arsonists who burned down part of the school and then left graffiti reading "Death to the Jews."   By December 30, vandals attacked a Jewish school in SE Creteil outside of Paris, Otzar Hatorah, with firebombs.  Two exploded and caused much damage to several classrooms.  E-mail from a Jew in France related that a Jewish sports club in Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails and on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus, in Paris, the words, "dirty Jew" were painted.  In Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with sticks and metal bars.  A school bus going to Aubervilliers had been attacked 3 times in the last 14 months.  Paris police reported seeing 10-12 anti-Jewish incidents per day in the past 30 days.  Walls in Jewish neighborhoods were defaced with proclamations saying :Jews to the gas chambers and Death to the Jews. A Jewish couple was beaten up by 5 men in Villeurbanne and the woman was pregnant.  A Jewish school in Sarcelles was broken into and vandalized.

Late December also found the French ambassador to England, Daniel Bernard, remark openly some anti-Semitic remarks at a dinner party in London.  This was published in the December 17th  Daily Telegraph.  He had said that current troubles in the world were all because of "that shitty little country Israel....Why should the world be in danger of WWII because of those people?" The reaction of the French government was to defend him, refusing to fire him.  Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Melchior of Israel has labeled France "the worst Western country concerning anti-Semitism" when interviewed with the French daily "Le Monde." 

Israel's government had been very worried that the 600,000 Jews there might be in "great danger."  They said that France was the "worst western country" being so anti-semitic.  All this has sparked more interest in French Jews in making aliya to Israel .  In 2001 some 1,200 emigrated to Israel, 20% less than in 2000.   It's probably very hard for them to remove themselves from what they are familiar with such as the Riviera or Paris.  However, many are joining other Jews from Argentina, Russia and even the USA to be back home again. 

There has been a rise of anti-Semitic incidents in France since the Palestinian intifada began.  In Orly airport ouside Paris, Palestinian and Israeli demonstrations turned violent with fistfights.  Signs could be read saying "Killer Sharon" and "Killer Arafat,".  Recent days had witnessed a string of anti-Jewish attacks, blamed on Arabs who immigrated to France.  Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin asked for calm.  On Saturday morning masked assailants smashed stolen cars into a synagogue in Lyon, then set them on fire.  One to five young men stormed the building.  The synagogue was destroyed.  Another synagogue in Marseille was burned to the ground over the weekend.  Last October the same synagogue was damaged by assailants hurling a Molotov cocktail at it.  The Police had completed a patrol being part of tighter security around Jewish sites in France.  The assailants also tried to burn down a pavilion at the Jewish cemetery in Strasbourg and fired at a Jewish butcher shop near Toulouse over the weekend.  This had shades of the 1938 German Kristallnacht to the Jewish leaders.   Chirac showed up at a synagogue to show his support to the Jews.

The 2009 annual report from the Jewish Community Protection Service showed that anti-Semitism was still rising sharply. 832 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded compared with 474 in 2008:  a 75% increase.  They surmise it reflects the French populations' anger at Israel during Operation Cast Lead in January when after 6 years of being shelled, Israel finally retaliated.  354 incidents were recorded in January 2009 alone.  In 2007 the incidents amounted to 386, lower than in previous years.  Even before Cast Lead, the 2008 figures had risen 22% than the previous year.  As of 2003 there were about 5 to 6 million Muslims living in France but by 2007 there were 8 million.  In 2008 there were 490,000 Jews living in France.  They were outnumbered. 

Dominique Gaston Andre Strauss-Kahn  is not helping the Jewish reputation by his being arrested for his sexual antics in New York in May 2011.  This French economist, lawyer and politician is a member of the French Socialist Party and is Director of the International Monetary Fund.  In 2007 he ran for president but lost.  The mention of his name is usually followed by "Jew." As it turns out, the maid involved has been found to lie a lot.  Charges may be dropped. 

Not surpisingly, it's reported that the #1 bestselling book in France is "11 Septembre 2001:  l'Effroyable Imposture" or "September 11th:  the Frightening Fraud" that was printed in 2002 -saying that no plane ever hit the Pentagon! 

 Anti-Semitism in France by Jean-Marc Dreyfus, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris and Jonathan Laurence, Center for European Studies, Harvard University
E-mail from a Jew in France

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Comments on the Oslo Slaying of 100 By Lone Norwegian Terrorist

Nadene Goldfoot
We finally had someone in Norway that was very sympathetic with Israel and he lost it all and  went on a rampage killing people in car bombings as well as killing almost 100 teenagers in a multi-cultural camp on an island.  Killing innocents around him doesn't help Israel or Jews at all. 

Anders Behring Breivik was reported to have caused all the shocking terrorism in Oslo.  The blonde, probably blue-eyed nice looking Scandinavian left a 1,500 page manifesto as told about by Ben Hartman in "The Jerusalem Post."   One would never think that he would have turned out to be a terrorist.  Anders was bothered about the Muslims and Marxism and concerned about the welfare of Israel and Jews.

I was shocked that he was pro-Israel as it's hard to find such a person in Scandinavian countries.  I had read about Malma, Sweden and how the older Jewish people who had escaped the Holocaust and found shelter there were being driven out of their town by Muslims.  The attitude of the people was very anti-Israel.  I attempted to write a comment in the Swedish English newspaper there, and had received some very derogatory replies showing just how anti-Israel they were. 

Norway hasn't been very helpful in their voting about Israel as well, reflecting possibly the average person's attitude.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center lists Norway as consistently with a failing grade on investigating and prosecuting Nazi war criminals.  The newspapers show blatent anti-semitism and anti-Israeli attitudes by displaying hate cartoons in their leading newspapers, similar to the type Nazi Germany used to produce.  They connect Jews to Nazis, the devil, and animals in these pictures.  The Norwegian government is left wing, and have a most accommodating position towards Palestine and the Hamas terrorists.  An Oslo synagogue was shot at.  The Cantor was attacked. Desecration of Jewish graves has happened as well as Jewish children being harassed in school. " According to the current Israeli ambassador to Norway, Miryam Shomrat, Norway is well known to be the most difficult country in Europe for Israel because of its media's extreme and unfair criticism of Israel and its politicized academic Middle East experts."

Anders was angry with western media who is unfair in focusing on the wrongdoing of Jews, and ignore serious Muslim attacks.  He was angry with Jews who support multiculturalism today feeling this is a threat to Israel as well.  Little does he understand how multi-cultural Israel is in having about 1.3 million Arabs as citizens.  Again, a lack of knowledge  has brought about his outrage as well as being very dissatisfied with his country's politics and attitude and not knowing what to do about it.   This is also something that has caused Muslim terrorism.  They have been fed so many lies about Jews and the history of Jews that they get to this boiling over point.  It's a (shunda) calamity that someone who sympathized with Israel decided to use such terrible force against people and kill instead of using his writing skills or respectable form of persuasion instead to  fight injustices in an acceptable manner.  It's sad that he crossed the line of sanity and could have worked to become a member of Norway's political system to bring about change.

Anders was calling Norwegians to a call to arms in his manifesto, which was described as extreme, bizarre and a ramabling screed of Islamophobia with venomous attacks.   He gave reasons for the importance of nationalism and the effects of Islam in Europe.  He was angry with his country for the 1999 NATO bombing campaign on Serbia and awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to an Islamic terrorist (Arafat) and of being appeasers of Islam.  His philosophy of killing so many now was that if a person decides to strike, it's better to kill too many than not enough. This is to cause the right impact of the strike.  He wanted people to understand that the free people of Europe will strike again and again.  Obviously Anders has become mentally unbalanced.

Did Anders know that earlier this month the Oslo Municipality found out that 33% of Jewish students were physically threatened or abused at least 2 to 3 times per month?  A few days later after finding this information from a survey, an American Jewish group arrived who had been invited by the Oslo Jewish community and they held a two-day seminar on anti-semitism, attempting to improve Norwegian's attitudes.  This was the way to go.  This was a step in the right direction. 
7/25/11 Update:  The deceased at  Labor's Teen Camp is now listed as 68 instead of 100.   (Yahoo News, Oregonian newspaper)

Friday, July 22, 2011

What the U.N. Needs to Learn About Jews: They're Not Racists-Never Have Been

Nadene Goldfoot
If anyone in the U.N. has ever read "Genesis" in what is typically called "The Old Testament" which is part of the Jewish "Five Books of Moses", or  "Torah", they would have read the genealogy of mankind (Chapter 10) in that the people of the world were descended from the three sons of Noah and formed one huge family.    The belief is that G-d is the Creator of the world and Father of all men.  This is the beginning of the belief in the brotherhood of man.  Now we know that we are all Homo Sapiens regardless of our color, and science proves this.  In fact, science has even come up with the fact that some Europeans carry a few genes left over from Neanderthal Man.  We all carry quite a mixture of genes. 

The spirit of Judaism is the opposite of racial discrimination.  Moses was the Jewish leader who developed the teachings of Judaism.  He himself married a Cushite woman (Numbers 12) who was considered to be of Ethiopia and was a black woman.  Moses's sister, Miriam and brother, Aaron complained about his choice and were chastised by G-d.  Perhaps this is where Jews first learned not to be racists.  They quickly learned that only marriage with someone of another faith was wrong, not the color of one's skin.   The same had happened with ethnic differences.  Once there was the law against the people of Ammon and Moab from converting to Judaism but this was abolished (Mishnah-Yadayim, 4:4).  In fact, this very point of Moses having married a Black woman has been a point used by others for anti-semitism.  We have been pointed out as a people of mixed black and white heritage.    I for one am a very mixed person with a Jewish father and Gentile mother who converted to Judaism.  My dna test shows me that I am 99.77% European and 0.23% Asian. 

Jews are not a pure race, though many carry the J1 haplogroup which is found to come from Aaron and Moses.  This is called the Cohen haplogroup because Aaron was the first Cohen. 15-23% of Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews carry the J2 haplogroup.  In the early days of Judaism, women of other beliefs married into the group and converted to Judaism.  This has happened all through history.  Today some Jewish women have been known to marry non-Jewish men.  Most Jews are carrying non-Jewish genes as well as Jewish ones.  Even the descendants of Khazaria, a people whose royal family had converted to Judaism, are such a mixture. 

What is happening today is that a few Palestinians are  being tested for their dna and are finding they also carry the J1 haplogroup genes.  Then the story is coming out that they have been secretly practicing certain rituals found in Judaism.  Many may have not even known that what they were doing came from Jewish practices.   The history is that their ancestors were members of Jewish tribes in the Middle East who were conquered by the early Moslems and the whole tribe was converted  under penalty of death.  Of these, some are thinking of converting back to Judaism.  .  I imagine that these are already Israeli Arab citizens amongst the already 1.3 million Arabs in Israel.  So these people are finding that they are not 100% Arabs as well.  Kurds have also been found to be carrying the J1 haplogroup. Genetically they may be the closest people to the Jews. 

The problem may lie in the fact that Jews are considered "The Chosen People."  In Fiddler on the Roof", Tevia asks G-d if He couldn't choose someone else for a change as he was so tired of pograms.  Moses wrote that Israel had been singled out as G-d's Covenant people.  They out of all peoples had accepted his laws of the 10 commandments which continued to grow to 613.  (Amos 3:2)  You only have I known of all the families of the earth:  Therefore I will visit upon you all your iniquities-(gross injustice, wickedness, sins.)  Being G-d's chosen meant that Jews were to be the example of rightous living for all of mankind.  If they were not perfect, they would pay the penalty.  More was expected of them.  It did not mean that they were better than others.  Indeed, this was a very hard position to have accepted.  They haven't waned for the 3,000 years they have been in existence as Judaism, first monotheistic religion, continues .

The U.N. made the charge in 1975 that Israel,  with a 75% Jewish population is racist because they were created as a Jewish state.  They compared this with South Africa's former apartheid position.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  How sad that such an elite body of nationhood can come up with such rulings without knowing a thing about a people.   Their anti-semitic beliefs have fused into their critical thinking and shows in this decision. 
Jews make up less than 1% of the world's population. They sit in an endangered species group being their neighbor, The Gaza Strip's Hamas terrorists' charter is to destroy them and Iran's beliefs are such that they are also set to exterminate them.   Christianity has 2 billion people, Islam has 1.3 billion, Hinduism has 900 million, Buddhism has 360 million and Judaism has 14 million people.  The Jews are divided almost equally between Israel and the United States with smatterings in other lands.  Though they are the smallest of religious groups, they are able to offer the rest of the world the results of their creative talents which is abundant in the medical fields. 

We have Jews from all the corners of the earth who come in all shades of colors from white Ashkenazis living in the cold countries of Eastern Europe to a darker mocha color from living in Arab lands to blacks from Ethiopia and other African countries to Orientals from China or somewhere along the Silk Route.  More Jews are now being discovered and brought to Israel as they are found to be from our lost tribes of Israel.  From what I've seen after living in Israel is that they all share one quality:  they're all beautiful people.  I just watched "Shalom Israel"'s AIPAC sponsored program on Demand TV of  interviewing a beautiful 30 year old Ethiopian Israeli woman.  Her beauty was remarkable and so much like the Ethiopians I saw living across the street from me on David Eleazar Street in Safed.  No wonder King Solomon fell for the Queen of Sheba!  Her intelligence shone as a great example of Israel's educational system.  She had become an architect and had also served in Israel's air force.  She came to Israel on one of the 3 airlifts at the age of 2 years.  She feels no racial problems.  That's Israel for you.  The goals that Israel's  forefathers had set about to aspire to are being fullfilled. 

Judaism as a religion defines the roles of men and woman and demands more of the men's time  to be in the synagogue than it does the women, but women and men are considered equally important in religious roles though they may serve differently.  In Israel's army, women serve as well and men quite often find that their sergeant is a woman.  From even before Israel's statehood of 1948, women have been fighting alongside men.  Israel even had Golda Meir as the world's first female Prime Minister.  Judaism has many faces and points of view, and women are even becoming rabbi's in the Reform movement. 

While Israel exists as the only Jewish state in the world, Islam has 56 majority countries, Roman Catholics have 49, Protestants have 20, Eastern Orthodox have 12, and the Hindus have 4. Doesn't this make the U.N. guilty of racial and apartheid practices in being against Israel? 

Research: Israel 101 from StandWithUs May 2007

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Touching on USA Budget for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Right now the USA as well as the rest of the world are facing economic hardships and are looking at balancing their country's budgets.  One of the things looked at seriously is defense budgets.  It's unfortunate that by 2011 the world has not been able to do away with wars, but I suppose that would take doing away with the male hormone, testosterone and a complete mutation of Homo Sapiens.  It is also believed that when the Messiach arrives, swords will be turned into plowshares.   As it is, today  governments have to consider what would happen if they end  finances for this purpose.  Israel's needs will  be brought up. 

The USA has felt that they should assist both Israel and Arab states since Truman.  After 1970 Israel was regarded as a valuable strategic ally and received more aid .  USA spends more to protect the security of its other allies than it spends on Israel which is aid in the US defense budget, not in the foreign aid budget. 

USA spends billions annually to keep troops in Europe and East Asia.  American troops kept to protect South Korea are allotted about the same amount as spent on Israel each year. 

America has never had to commit American troops to protect Israel. 
Much of what Israel has received from USA has been in the form of bank loans and this is always paid back. . 
Israel contributed more  of its own money than most Arab states to UNRWA (UN's Reliefs and Works Agency).  Palestinians have remained on this welfare since 1949.  2% of UN's total budget goes to UNRWA.  3% goes to all other refugees in the world.  Palestinians have received highest amount of aid in history.  Between 1993-2004, world donated about $7 billion to PA (Palestinian) treasury.  Half of money is unaccounted for, but we know that Arafat and his wife were quite wealthy.   

PLO was richest of all terrorist organization (now called Fatah) with $8 -10 billion in assets and annual income of $1.5 -$2 billion.  with $50 billion in secret investments around the world according to England's Daily Telegraph in 1999. 

Israel has been up against wealthy terrorists supported by the oil-rich Arabs and a supplicatory world that is worried about their own oil supplies.  This is not the way Israel's founders had planned the rebirth of their ancient nation.  There were influencial Arabs that were all for the creation of a Jewish state.

    "Who can challenge the rights of the Jews in Palestine?  Good Lord, historically it is really your country." Yusuf Diya al-Khalidi (1842-1906) , Mayor of Jerusalem, 1899.  Ottoman Empire patriot, author of Arabic-Kurdish dictionary scholar in Vienna."

   " We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement...We will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home...our two movements complement one another."  Emir Faisal b: (1885-1933), a leader of the Arab world, descendent of Muhammad, from Hashemite dynasty, King of Syria and Iraq, grandfather of King Abdullah II of Jordan, said in 1919. 

Unfortunately, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry," and the Arabs attacked Israel.  Thus the need for financial assistance has existed. 

1947-1971     Israel..................$60 million annually 
 1948                                      $135 million in bank loans to absorb immigrants
1947-1971    Arab States.......$170 million annually
                     (Arabs also received monies from Asia, East Europe, Soviet Union, European Community)

1959             Israel...................Grants ended

1950-2002   UNRWA-Palestine Refugees........$2.87 billion (USA largest single donor-Refugees, longest period of Refugees known) 2% of UN budget

1959-1985    Israel                      loans repaid, bought surplus commodities from USA
1962             Israel                      bought arms
1979-?          Israel.................$3 billion annually
1979-?          Egypt                 $2 billion annually, increase reflecting Israel/Egypt peace treaty

1970+ USA claims Israel as valuable strategic ally and increased aid.
1970+   USA sold arms to Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen, Gulf States

1974            Israel.................$100 billion, 3 special aid packages
1979            Israel ................$    3 billion ($2.2 million was high interest loan)

1996           Israel...................$100 million
1998-2005  Israel Aid  from    $1.2 billion down to $360 million, Israel in turn uses Grant money to buy military equipment, etc from USA, creating jobs in America.

2007: 10-Year Military Aid Agreement to Israel
2009......................................$2.55 billion
2010......................................$2.70 billion
2011.....................................$2.85 billion
2012.....................................$3.00 billion
2013.....................................$3.15 billion per year
US-Israeli Missile Defense Development of System
2006...................................$132.866 million
2007...................................$137.894 million
2008 ..................................$155.572 million
2009.................................. $177.237 million
2010.................................. $202.434 million

The United States will have to consider its value system as well as its financial one when making decisions about defense.  What does the USA represent to itself and to the world?  What are we all about?  Israel needs the USA and the USA is benefiting from the relationship all the time.  These two countries, one giant-sized and one minute have the same values.  My hope and prayers are a continued monetary assistance for Israel as needed. 

7/21/11 Update 3:41pm Pacific time: Obama's administration had $51 billion budget for 2012 for State Dept and foreign Aid but it was cut by $6.4 billion.  Unchanaged was the $3 billion in military aid for Israel.  Israel has bipartisan support.  The bill reaffirms support for Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital. 
from House committee Saves Israeli Aid in foreign Aid Cut by Ron Dagoni from Daily Alert. 

Israel 101 by StandWithUs, printed with CUFI

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Am a Zionist and Proud of It

Nadene Goldfoot
What does it mean to be a Zionist?  It's not a racist, that's for sure.  It's not saying that I'm an exclusivist, either.  What it means is that I belong to the modern national liberation movement of the Jewish people.  It's to be a part of an 1,800 years old dream to rebuild the Jewish  state of Israel after the destruction of the 2nd Temple which caused the expulsion of so many Jews.  After all, we were led there by G-d in the days of Moses and were told that this was to be our home.  Who dares argue with G-d?  Many of us stayed away for 2,000 years and finally, with great effort and purpose, have made it back home.  In 1948 our population was a little over 600,000, the same number that left Egypt with Moses that headed for our new home.  We had Jews and ties with the land for more than 3,000 years from the time of Abraham.  Jews speak their national language of Hebrew and have a distinct civilization.  Resettlement in Israel has gone on for centuries.   Beginning in 1881, Zionists were working on rebuilding their nation that was finally officially recognized in 1948.   

Our history shows the need to have a national home to ensure our Jewishness of our Jewish people. After living in the diaspora for 2,000 years, many have assimilated into the surrounding culture and religions.  I see this happening in my own life in the USA.  After existing for centuries through fire and pogroms and near extinction, I'd rather die than see this happen.  

 What is Jewishness?  Jews have a shared religion as well as culture and history.  In our Jewish population we have people of all colors. We come from the European lands and are Ashkenazi Jews.  We also come from the Middle East countries and are the Sephardic Jews.   More than 100 countries make up Israel's populaton and are co-mingling again as a united nation.

Zionism is the Jewish people's sense of origin and destination in the land linked eternally with its name.  Zionism is the fulfillment of the Jewish nation.  Abba Eban wrote that he remembered something from 28 years ago: "When Arab armies had attacked Israel on the day of its birth, Andrei Gromyko said in the Security Council on May 21, 1948, that Arab military operations were "aimed at the suppression of a national liberation movement."  They're still actively trying to do it 63 years later. 

This is a time prophesized in the Bible of the return of Jews to Israel.  Israel is even finding a return of some of the lost tribes of Israel as well.  I was a part of the group of Jews who made Alliote to Israel in this return.  Though I couldn't remain there, many others have been able to do so.  I saw the return of Black Jews of Ethiopia who were said to be the remnant of the Queen of Sheba who had visited King Solomon.  These people were practicing Judaim and lived in a very threatening environment. 42,000 Ethiopians came to Israel in three airlifts: Moses, Joshua and Solomon.   Arriving in Israel barefooted and in white sheets, our community of Safed quickly took care of their needs and with donated clothing  set up a boutique in an empty apartment where they could try on clothing.  They seemed to be all artisans and put on an art display of their goods.  I couldn't believe how quickly they integrated into our society and saw how capable they were in the supermarket.  I worked with Jews from Morocco and Egypt and Russia, from America and England and Australia.  My favorite female singer was a beautiful gal from Yemen, Oprah Hazah.  I couldn't take my eyes off of the gorgeous women from India in their special clothing.  It was thrilling to see people from all corners of the earth and to know that we were Jews with our own country once again.  Every step we took was in a special piece of our land with a history that went back thousands of years. 

 The word "Zionism" was coined by Nathan Birnbaum in 1890.  The United Nations  tried to befoul Zionism by creating a resolution slandering it in 1975 by connecting it to racism.  Chaim Herzog was Israel's ambassador to the UN then and noted that the vote came exactly 37 years after Kristallnact, (night of the broken glass) a terrible pogrom on Jews in Nazi Germany and Austria on November 9th and 10th 1938 which led to the Holocaust, the attempt of Nazis to kill all Jews in the whole world.  That was such a ridiculous resolution being Israel's ingathering of the Jewish people from all the lands results in  a showy bouquet of all colors and hues of people and is the very opposite of racism. 

Israel's scrupulous insurance of all religions and political rights of Christians and Muslims, citizens of Israel as well, rebut the charge of the UN's exclusivism. They should attend a Knessett meeting and see for themselves that Israel is more democratic than many other countries and is the only democratic state in the Middle East. Again, this was a ridiculous unfounded attack on Israel.
We certainly as a people are entitled to our own homeland, and have one to return to. It was desolate and nothing but swamps and desert when our pioneers returned in the 1800's.  It was nothing but a holding of the Ottoman Empire, used only by camels passing by, populated by a few Jews and Bedouins.  Mark Twain wrote about it while on his "pleasure trip" in "The Innocents Abroad" which he writes of his impressions and sights in his descriptive manner. He mentions that he thought he had seen it with impartial eyes and was sure he had written at least honestly, whether wisely or not.  It was as if the land were waiting for Jews to return to rebuild and turn it into a garden.  

 Martin Luther King said "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews.  They are showing that they are really anti-semitic."  To be a Zionist is to support Israel's existence. I hope others find they are Zionists as well.
The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain
Jewish Digest December 1975 "Myths & Facts on the Arab-Israel Conflict "Near East Report" page 5,6
Jewish Digest January 1976 "Zionism and the United Nations by Abba Eban/Synagogue Council of America

AIPAC: A Very Needed Jewish Education and Advocation Lobby

Nadene Goldfoot
America is a nation of immigrants, so it's natural that Jews have fled here for more reasons than many.  2.2% of America's population is made up of people of the Jewish religion according to 2006 figures. That means there are about 296,410,404 people in the United States and about 6,452,030 are Jewish.   New York is the home of most with 1,618,320 or 8.4% of the state.  California, 2nd highest Jewish %,  has 1,194,190 or only 3.3% of it's population.  Probably most are in Los Angeles.  Oregon has 31,850 or 0.9% Jews with Buddists numbering more while Wisconsin has 28,330 or 0.5% of  a Jewish population.  World-wide, Jews make up less than 1% of the population.  Europe has lost most all of the Jews from the Holocaust.  Israel is the home  of about 5,795,000 Jews who make up 75.4% of Israel's population.  It was established as a Jewish nation.  These two countries make up the bulk of the Jews in the whole world. 

AIPAC or American-Israel Public Affairs Committee was created on January 2, 1963 and is a registered open lobbying group advocating pro Israel policies to Congress and the Executive branch based in Washington D.C.  The Washington offices provide information to and from their agencies.  They do research to get out the agency's programs and to maintain relations with many community organization.  Law limits national Jewish agencies and it's very important to maintain information about American-Israeli relations so this is the role of AIPAC.  It is supported by contributions from its members who are American citizens and the sale of its Near East Report.  They have 6 or 7 professional AIPAC workers including editorial staff.  The Executive Committee includes a broad cross-section of Jewish activists. 

American Jews are not the only ones with a lobby organization.  Israel has its own and is its embassy, for that's what embassies do.  They educate our American public and congress and advocate policies in their interest.  For every Israeli official in Washington there are 15 or 20 from the many Arab nations (47 majority Muslim countries not counting "Palestine" at my last count), the Soviet bloc and the 3rd and 4th world blocs who are promoting opposite views.  They are never idle nor ignored.

America has many active societies of our roots before immigration.  There are British, French, Polish, Swedish and Japanese societies all over America.  Many nations in the world have special friends in America.  It is perfectly normal for Israel to have a lobby group such as AIPAC which  seeks to fullfill the goals of the American Jewish community. 

Jews do have other Jewish organizations.  All of them combined probably employ at the most 12 professional employees.  They are kept by law from doing any lobbying and they obey the law scrupiously, and this is where AIPAC steps in.  People who lobby have to be registered and professionals.  AIPAC in reality is very ordinary and modest compared to others.  It holds no cocktail parties or fancy dinner parties and they have no unlimited expense accounts.  There has never been any allegations of improper political activities from any Jewish representative in Washington. 

AIPAC gets out technical information and help that Congressmen and their assistants need.  It also keeps its member informed through the Near East Report, direct communications and once in a while through conferences or speaking engagements.  It helps us all to know when there is a need for supporting an action that is deemed important.  How to understand issues is explained by this group. 

In May of this year delegates from all 50 states went up on Capital Hill to lobby mainly for Israel's security assistance.  They were joined by friends from CUFI (Christians United for Israel) . 

Other lobby groups work for medium-sized corporations or trade associations, small international unions, health or welfare organization with larger Washington operations than the entire Jewish establishment.  Individual oil companies spend more on lobbying than all Jewish organization combined. 

Jews try very hard to work with their communities and to be an active participant themselves.  They have earned the respect of non-Jewish groups, mayors and governors as well as Congressmen and Senators.    Glenn Beck went alone to Israel and has been joined by Pastor Hagee in support. 

I'm proud to be an AIPAC member along with my friends who are concerned about Israel's welfare.  AIPAC has about 100,000 members. You don't have to be Jewish to be a member, just care about Israel.  What I appreciate most about this group is that they are not trying to tell Israel what is best for them in their eyes but back Israel's decisions and needs. After all, Israel is a true democracy and has a right to make its own decisions.   After living in Israel for 5 1/2 years from 1980 to the end of 1985, before I ever saw a computer, I appreciate this very much, for no one knows the problems better than those who live in Israel.  I found that  terrible happenings in Israel rarely made it into nation-wide American newspapers nor did their accomplishements.  Our Oregonian or Idaho Statesman as well as the Ontario Argus just weren't in the know.  It seemed to me that the only news that made American papers were something reporters could find fault with.  The only way I could communicate with my family was through my portable typewriter and snail mail, of which usually took over 2 weeks to reach my family.  The one expensive time I tried the phone ended with getting the wrong party, so I didn't try that again.  Now that I live back in Oregon, I feel good about supporting Israel through AIPAC's membership and helping this way.  Besides that, we all get together for a once a year dinner and hear the latest reports from AIPAC leadership who also attend. 

The media has tried to paint a picture of AIPAC as an all-powerful, extremely effective Jewish lobby.  Could it be that what they try to present is sane and full of common sense?  With only a few professionals at AIPAC's disposal, the active members in each state are men and women who work for a living and take their own time to get involved and to trek to Washington DC in order to back Israel's existence.
Jewish Digest November 1975  "The Truth About the "Jewish Lobby" by Hyman Bookbinder condensed from Washington Letter page 3-6.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comparing Israel with Oregon

Nadene Goldfoot
People keep thinking of Israel in relation to their own state or country and do not realize how small it is.  Even though it's like a crumb off of a big loaf of bread, the world considers chopping off Judea and Samaria and take it  without the consensus of Israel.  The UN will be asked to allow this in September by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.  The fact is that in 1967 Israel gained their ancient former land because all the surrounding Arab nations attacked thinking of taking over all of Israel and instead lost Judea and Samaria which was illegally held by Jordan. Gaza was also a part of the package held by Egypt.  However, to be peaceful, Israel moved all Jews out of Gaza in September 2005.  It then became the staging ground for constant rocket and missile attacks on Israel.    Jordan was one of those belligerant countries that attacked, so they lost their holding of what they called "West Bank" which we call by the original name of Judea and Samaria, because Israel surprised everyone by overcoming the attack and won the battle.

Israel had 8,019 square miles in 1994  not including Judea and Samaria. The land is just a little larger than Oregon's  Willamette Valley of 5,200 square miles.  Tel Aviv has 51,000 dunams.  Haifa has 58,000 dunams.  Jerusalem's population  in 1995 was 591,400 of which Jews number 417,000 or 70.5%  Arabs made up 174,400 or 29.4% of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem covers 123,000 dunams.  (4 dunams = 1 acre).1 Sq mile=2,589.9881103 dunams, so 123,000 dunams= 47.49 square miles.  Therefore Jerusalem has the largest population and has the largest piece of land of any of the other cities in Israel.   The population is also the fastest growing of the cities as well. 

Jerusalem in 1995 =591,400 people on   47.49 square miles
Portland in 1990  =437,000 people      124.7 square miles

Oregon had 98,386 square miles in 1994.
The population of Israel had 1.3 million Arabs and a total of 4,593.000 as of January 1993. 
The population of Oregon was 2,949,000 as of January 1993. 
The population of Oregon was 3,825.657 as of 2009 

The population of Israel as of May 2011 was 7,746,000.
  75.4% are Jewish making up 5,795,000 people. 
20.4% are Arabs making up 1,571,000 people. 
 4.3% are "others" making up 318,200 
The density of population is that of 321 persons/Km.  91% of the people live in urban areas.

Another % of Religions in Israel in 2005 show:
Jews: 70%
Muslims: 16%
Others: 4%
Syriac Christians 2.5%
Druze 1.5% 

Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics in 2008 listed Israel's population as 7.3 million people. 
75.6% were Jews.  Of them, 70.3% were Sabras (Israeli-born and of 2nd  or 3rd generation), some 30% Olim (Jewish immigrants of which 20.5% from Europe and Americas, 9.2% from Asia and Africa including Arab countries.)
Tel Aviv has 393,900 people.  Jerusalem has 773,800 people. 

 The Muslim population at the end of 2008 was 1,240,000 which was 16.8% of the total population.   
Christians numbered 153,100 and were 2.1%
Druze numbered 121,900 and were 1.7%
Unclassified by choice were 289.800 and made up 3.9%.

Israel's Arab population includes East Jerusalem's Arabs of which 98% have either Israeli residency or citizenship.  It also includes the Arabs living in the Golan Heights, another section gained from the 67 attack of war on Israel.  82.6% of the Arabs are Sunni Muslim, and just a small % of Shia.  Another 9% are Druze and 9% are Christians, mainly Eastern Orthodox or Catholic.  Bedouins are also Arabs included in the count.  About 50,000  live in the north of Israel in villages and towns in the Galilee and the 110,000 Bedouins in the Negev. 10,000 Bedouins live in the central part of Israel.  Druze numbered 117,5000 at the end of 2006.  Most all remained when Israel was declared a state in 1948 and became Israeli citizens.  Most identify themselves as Israelis and consider that stronger than their Arab identity.  They serve in the IDF, are in politics and business.  Muslim Arabs are not required nor choose to serve in the IDF.  The Syriac Christians make up 2.5% of the Arab population and are the Maronite Lebanese and live mostly in the Galilee.  These are the former pro-Israeli Lebanese militia members and their families who fled Lebanon after 2000 when Israel's IDF withdrew from South Lebanon.  Some were from local Galilee communities, like one in Jish.

 Israel has some African Hebrew Israelites living in Jerusalem made up of people who believe they are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.  They number 5,000+ and live in Dimona with some in Arad, Mitzpe Ramon and the Tiberias areas.  Some consider themeslves to be Jewish,  but mainstream Judaism questions this.  There are also Black Ethiopians living in Safed, in the northern Galilee.  They came in the 80's when I lived in Safed and were thought to be the descendents of the Queen of Sheba when she visited with King Solomon. 

5,000 Christian Armenians live mainly in Jerusalem and also in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jaffa and have churches in these cities.  1,000 ethnic Assyrians live mostly in Jerusalem and Nazareth.  They still speak Aramaic and are of the Eastern Rite Christian minority descended from the ancient Mesopotamians.  Circassians, of which I had several students in Safed's junior high, number about 3,000.  There are 2,000 in Kfar Kama and 1,000 in Reyhaniye which are villages.  The men serve, at their leader's request,  in the IDF but the women are not required like the other Israelis.  There are 712 Samaritans living in Holon and Mt. Gerizim.  They claim descent from Israelites connected to Samaria at the beginning of the Babylonian Exile.  Other Israeli citizens are residents from the Soviet Union who were married to Russian Jews but were not Jewish themselves. 

The density of Israel with 6,990,700 people in 2005 had 851.400 living in the capital, Jerusalem or 12% of the people.  1,190,000 people were living in Tel Aviv or 17% of the population.  Israel had 247,300 Jews living in Judea and Samaria, which was 4% of their population. 

People per square mile in Oregon is 30.4  It is #40 in rank as one of the states with the fewest people per square mile.  #50 is Alaska.  #1 is New Jersey with 1,046.0 people per square mile. 

The largest city in Oregon is Portland which in 1970 had 380,000 people.  In 1980 they had 368,000.  That's when I left for Israel.  By 1990 the population went up to 437,000.  I was back the end of 85.  Between 1980 and 1990 Portland had a population made of 7.7% Black, 1.2% Native Americans, Eskimo and Aleuts, 5.3% Asian and Pacific Islanders, 3.2% Hispanics,  with a population of 3,508 per square mile. 

The religions of Oregon finds Christianity #1 and is like the rest of the USA.  Christianity is the major religion.  In Oregon the largest Christian groups are the Catholic Church and the Latter Day Saints or LDS. 
75%-79% % of the population in Oregon are Christians.
17% are non religious
1.2% are agnostics
Less than 1% are Buddhists, which has a bigger population than Jews do in Oregon.  Jews, Unitarian Universalits and Muslims are also less than 1% of the population. 
1/10th of 1% are Neo Pagan Wiccans. 

Portland's land area in 1990 was 124.7 square miles. 

Portland's sister city with Israel is Ashkelon.  It has 111,700 people.  It lies in southern Israel and has been hit by rockets and missiles from Gaza.  It holds the main hospital for the region and is the farther from Gaza.  Sderot, population 20,700  has been the closest to Gaza and has been hit many times by Qassam rockets.  Both Jews and Arabs find medical help in Ashkelon's hospital, even those from Gaza.   

Israel's land area as of 1948 was 20,582 km. or ............................   7,946.754 sq miles.
By 1994 it consisted of .................................... .............................   8,019.000 sq miles. 
  East Jerusalem, from 1967, formally annexed in 1980 is 336 km or     129.730 sq miles.
  Golan Heights, from 1967  formally annexed in 1981  is  1,154 km or 445.561 sq miles..
Israeli town, cities from 1967 in Judea and Samaria is     2,061 km or 1143.248 sq miles

In September of this year the Arabs called Palestinians are going to the UN to try to create a state of Palestine for themselves consisting of the Gaza Strip, Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.  President Obama has promised to veto this, so then they plan to go to the UN General Assembly to get a non binding nod of approval.  Many easily swayed countries are already on board to allow this.  If this happens,  this will be a huge calamity for Israel and for the United States for this will give a back-stabbing approval to people whose written and verbal ideology and goal is to destroy Israel.  Better for the world to say NO WAY.  First, get your act together and come to peace with Israel. Change your charter to prove your desire for peace.  Change your educational system to teach about your neighbor, Israel, not teach to hate them.   When that happens, when you demonstrate that you love your children as much as Israel does theirs, then you can have a state of Palestine.
Reference:  Almanac of World Facts from Newsweek /Rand McNally 1994
World Atlas from Newsweek/Rand McNally 1994