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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 12th Imam and the Plot Against Israel and the USA

Nadene Goldfoot
Glenn Beck's TV program this afternoon covered  a lot of the news concerning Israel and the plight the USA is in right now.  We should have been paying more attention to how the Iranians think about their religion.  They want the 12th Imam to arrive and in order to do that Jerusalem must fall and then the USA is the target.

This 12th Imam is similar to a reincarnation of Mohammed, as I understand.  At least the 12 are seen as the spiritual and political successors to him..  They have not only ruled over their community but keep and interpret the Divine Law and its meaning.  He seems to be a one man dynamo.  The Christians see him as being the Anti-Christ. 

The 12th and final Imam is Muhammad al-Mahdi and is believed to be alive and hidden until he returns.  Some think that Ahmadinejad will be revealed to be the Imam. 

The followers of this religion see Israel as the Little Satan and the USA as the Great Satan.  By 2015 Iran will have missile strength to hit the USA.  In one year they will have 1,000 balistic missles ready to use.   Syria is planning on having negotiations with Iran.  They are all seeing the revolutions happening in their dissatisfied countries as signs that this time is happening.  Turkey is also taking part and has ideas of grandeur of reviving the Ottoman Empire. 

We have a problem here when Israel is again established after a hiatus of 2,000 years and has experienced an ingathering of its people from the 4 corners of the world with peace first on the  agenda for its people and others only to be met with conflict and hatred because the surrounding community has been taught another agenda.  Muslims, though divided in their religion between Sunni and Shiite are now counting on the 12th Imam to return,  but in order to do so must see the fall of Israel.  Does anyone possibly see this as the main problem in establishing peace for Israel?  Whether or not Abbas buys into all this is inconsequential.  He's going to be sucked up into it. 

Israel is not alone.  Glenn referred to her as the canary in the cage.  The USA is also the target; not for being Israel's friend but for their own involvement with the Middle East countries. All along Netanyahu has been saying that Iran is his main concern, mainly because of their atomic plans.  I doubt if even he has realized the zealousness that the 12th Imam is causing. 

Reference: Glenn Beck 3/31/11 Fox News Program

The New Arabian Nights Fairy Tales-by Palestinian Authority Activists or Using Facebook to Destroy Israel

Condensed by Nadene Goldfoot
Abbas should be ashamed of himself.  What they have been teaching in Samaria and Judea in their Palestinian Schools is simply a self-admiring fairy tale of being the owners of "Palestine."

They have, in their manner and idea of peace, created a page on facebook calling for the Third Intifada which is against Israel.  Finally facebook took it down on Tuesday.  It was promoting violence against Jews in Israel.  This is the group Israel is supposed to make peace with who will not even come to the table to talk.

What these beloved Palestinians have done is continue the fight with another page saying: subscribe now to the Palestinian intifada on its logo and called "Make the Prophet Number One on Facebook".

It starts out innocuously but the Rassoul Allaah page to other links is promoting the Third Intifada and how to carry out the destruction of the State of Israel.

They are calling for millions of Arabs to march into Israel and force a "right of Return." which means mass immigration of millions of Arabs.  This is set to happen on May 15th, which Arabs call Nakba-in English Tragedy.  This is the date of Israel's birth; May 15, 1948.  One reference was exactly like the facebook page that was removed.

They again have a page with a new name:  Third Palestinian Uprising-the Persian Gulf answer: join our mosque.  You must be able to read Arabic to understand this one.  It's listed under Political Party category. 
Another notice is : the Arab Revolt for the Liberation of Palestine.  It's goal is to liberate their land and defeat the occupation in every inch of the land of Palestine.  The commentary tells people to tell all Arabs to invade Israel on May 15th. 

They're now even threatening Mark Zuckenberg, the Jewish CEO of facebook for taking down their page.  They're saying he's the next dictator to go and demanding that he reopen the "Third Palestinian Intifada Page now! 

Disgusting comments clearly showing their lack of knowledge of the history of the area are listed.  They reflect only the wild claims and rantings of their parents stories of why they're where they are.  The terrible fact is that this has caught millions of Arabs in a trap of lies that they believe.  This is how Abbas has conditioned his people into accepting a peace with Israel.  How can Israel possibly exist with a state next door with this mentality?  A two state situation is clearly impossible. 

Reference: Next Arab Facebook Campaign: Get Millions to Invade Israel by Chana Ya-ar- from Gerard Robins

Friday, March 25, 2011

Look Who's Supplying Money to Syria and Iran for Nuclear Intentions

Nadene Goldfoot
There are things our government uses our money on that they shouldn't, especially at a time like this. Here we are borrowing money and pay exorbitant interest on it and we're supporting their plans to hit Israel, for one thing since Iran has announced their intention publicly already.

It turns out that the USA is the biggest funder of this U.N. program that was designed to develop nuclear technology in countries.  Our State Department doesn't listen to our Government Accountability Office who recommended this to stop.  It has been going on for years.

The reason given for its continuance is to set a good example for other countries to pay for this service.  The funding in 2010 was that we paid $21 million dollars in "voluntary contributions," plus $10.3 million more in "extra budgetary assistance."  This amounted to $31.3 million dollars to fund Israel's hateful Muslim neighbors' plans to destroy them.

The case that countries must be developing nuclear goals is beyond me.  The fact is that Syria and Iran live in the hottest climate on earth and really need to develop "how to get along with themselves and others" far more than they do nuclear fuel, especially when they happen to be in the business of selling oil to the world who uses that more than nuclear supplies.  Positive useful uses of nuclear energy are: energy, health (look at Japan's problems right now), food and agriculture.  This money, they say, is providing equipment, training and other help (of which I am concerned about) to countries around the world.  They know this can contain dual-use-for peaceful purposes and for attacking others, but they continue to keep on supplying known  belligerent countries such as Syria and Iran.  How dumb have we been!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gene Simmons, KISS Star in Israel

Gene Simmons, alias Chaim Witz was born in Israel.  He left at the age of nine but has just returned for a visit after 52 years of living in the states.  His father had been a survivor of the Auschwit death camp. 

So many Hollywood stars are actively boycotting Israel, but this superstar called them "idiots."  His comment about Israel was that "there ain't no place like Israel on Earth.  It's amazing to be back here," said the 61 year old co-founder of KISS when he was in Jerusalem Tuesday at the the David Citadel Hotel.  He came with an entourage including his companion Shannon Tweed and their son Nick.  They were all in Jerusalem to film part of their "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." The group took over eight rooms in the hotel.

He commented that he had forgotten a lot of his Hebrew language but did manage to remember some of it.  After all these years he's finding that it has changed a lot. 

He was there not that far from the Egged bus bombing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Insidious Word Changing Historical FactsAbout Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
In reading about the Fogel massacre in Itamar, I was shocked to read in an article from McClatchy-Tribune found in the Oregonian on the 14th, a word that slanted the whole meaning of historical facts.

It said, "Most of the international community views the "settlements" as illegal because they are built on land SEIZED by Israel during the 67 war."

The fact remains that the land was not seized by Israel.  It was GAINED, and that's a big difference.  However, seized makes the reader feel that the bloody massacre was acceptable because the family or the community shouldn't have been there in the first place.  It's how the Hamas Gazans take it.  They rejoiced and celebrated in a carnival-like atmosphere whereby they passed out candies in celebration. 

I'm finding that even young adult American Jews, whose parents were busy blending into society, seem to have forgotten or never learned about the historical facts of the 67 war along with all the other "I hate history" buffs.  It just happens that Israel was attacked by all the surrounding Arab neighbors in 67 where no gambler would have taken odds that they could come out of it and win in 6 days, BUT that's what happened.  Because of this massive attack, they GAINED back Judea and Samaria, land that was originally part of the Jewish land of bible days.  It was land that was promised to them when dealing with the English who held the mandate and were divving it up.  The Jewish people were to be given back their land due to Chaim Weizmann, whose invention saved England and thus all of Europe in the 1st World War.  Then along came a sheik they must have been afraid of who demanded a kingdom for himself, and this is how the King of Jordan gained his country. Jordan changed the name to "West Bank" to destroy its Jewish history.   Then again, it was Jordan who held onto Judea and Samaria and lost it to Israel by attacking her in 67.  They had taken it away from Israel in their lust and greed and lost it again for the same reasoning.  England was never known to favor Jews, anyway.  I guess Muslim sheiks held more status.

Reporters keep choosing words that affect a reader's attitude and knowledge.  Facts are easy to find that Israel has just stopped the ship, Victoria and have found it to be loaded with ammunition which was intended to reach Gazan Hamas terrorists.  The Oregonian's Washington Post-Bloomberg version uses the word, "intercepted what officials ALLEGED was a ship carrying Iranian weapons".... as if to say that hey, those nice people wouldn't do a thing like that, would they?  They are just being accused.  Facts remain that Israel even took pictures of the weapons that they found, but they still wrote "alleged". 

Israel's birth in 1948 was a legal deal, done through the United Nations, the League of Nations,and  land was bought legally and everything was done according to Hoyle.  I never thought I'd see the day when it's existence was in jeopardy, but it has been ever since its birth.  I was so naive at the age of 14 that the UN would make things fair and square.  Israelis are constantly having to fight for their right to survive against the anti-semitic tendencies of the world who obviously hasn't managed to shake them. 

Israel's enemies can kill and have no humane standards and that's acceptable.  The world just turns a blind eye.  It's like lovers who don't see each other's faults.  Everyone is in denial .  It's always the Jews that are at fault and they are viewed under an electronic microscope.  As long as even many of our own American Jews can find one infinitesimal fault in their eyes, Israel stands accused,  accused of existing, I suppose.  It's been said that we'd have a Mideast peace if the world would stop holding Israel to the highest possible standard  and would hold her enemies at least to the lowest ones.  The writer, Bret Stephens noted that "Israel's mistake since the peace process began about 18 years ago was to think that our displays of reasonableness and moderation would cause the opposition to act likewise.  The reality has been closer to the opposite. 
We have given Gaza only to see it be used as a staging ground to shoot at Israel. 

The sad thing is that in the creation of Israel, our forefathers forsaw an Eden where Arab and Jew would live together in peace, all rejoicing in the fruits of their labors and living happily ever after.  Whenever Israel bent over backwards giving the Palestinians a better life, they were met with hatred and death.  Israel had excellent intentions that just were impossible to carry on.  The million plus who are citizens are living a much better life than they would be in an Arab country.  I guess Israel's attempts at being righteous have not been in futality. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

U of C's Berkeley Anti-Semitism Results in Suit

Nadene Goldfoot
On March 5, 2010 Jessica Felber, age 20 and Jewish was attending a rally and holding a sign that said, Israel Wants Peace.  She was then attacked by Husam Zakharia, the leader of the Muslim group, Students for Justice in Palestine.  This was not the first time that Husam had been involved in such behavior and the matters were ignored.  The university had done nothing in the line of protection.  The Jewish students have been intimidated and threatened. 

This time Jessica is making history by being the first to sue Berkeley for this dangerous situation.  It's not too much to ask for.  An out of state student must pay $49,526 while an in state student pays $34,286 to attend for a year. This is including housing, etc.   68% of the students receive aid.  Jessica's parents didn't expect their daughter to be beaten up for demonstrating her belief at such a controversial campus.  Surely the administration should realize the potential risks that could evolve. 

However, this past week from March 1st through the 11th is Israeli Apartheid Week on campus.  I guess they can't count.  Eleven  days doth not a week make.  To make this a real Shunda, Noam Chomsky and his crew of Rabbis and followers are backing up the whole concept.

Charlie Sheen Brushes off Anti-Semitic Remark by Claiming Jewish Mother

Nadene Goldfoot
Charlie Sheen has just professed to being Jewish.  He just came out with the fact that his mother, Janet Templeton, former art student,  is Jewish but he doesn't know who her father was.  His 3rd ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, is also Jewish, he said. She's the mother of the twin boys.   He never thought of using these facts when he was mad at the writer of his program and called him Chaim, his Hebrew name, instead of the name he is known by.  For that angry incident he was thought to be rather anti-semitic.  He was very angry with him at the time and most likely was trying to give him a slur of some sort by his action.  I'm sure Charlie's  not a practicing Jew, or he wouldn't have reacted that way. 

Charlie was born Carlos Irwin Estevez on September 3, 1965 in New York.  His father is Romon Gerardo Antonio Estevez, better known as Martin Sheen, a well known actor.  His grandfather was Francisco Estevez,  born in Spain and his grandmother was Mary Ann Phalen from Ireland.  They were a Catholic family. 

Charlie has been gaining a lot of notoriety as his TV show, Two and a Half Men, has been cancelled due to his wild lifestyle.  A psychologist has gandered an opinion that it is more likely due to a possible bipolar disorder  than his excesses of drinking and drugging right now.  Charlie claims to have cured himself. 

Oregonian, March 6, 2011 page 02

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Obama and Guiliani's Comments to Jews About Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
On the 1st of March Obama met with 50 members of the Conference of Presidents of major Jewish organizations. He spent an hour talking about the future peace deal between Israel and Palestine and assured them that "Jewish areas "would stay in Israel's hands. What he meant by "Jewish areas" was not defined so some felt this was ambiguous.

Then President Obama addressed a group of Jewish Democratic  Doners on Friday about Israel. He said that neither the USA or Israel should be worried about what's going on in the Middle East today. According to him, the changes could be thought of as "dangerous and worrisome" for Israel, but we have to be sober about it. Well, I should hope so! He sees the upheavals and demonstrations as a big opportunity. In his way of thinking, the forces coming to the forefront should naturally align with the USA and should be aligned with Israel. I'm alarmed about what Muslims are saying.  It's not calming my fears.  The Muslim Brotherhood is already speaking out about Israel. 

Obama is looking into the future and seeing that in 10 years we'll all feel now was the dawning of a better era where people will be for something and not against things.

Rudy Giuliani was in Israel this week. He spoke to the Haifa Chamber of Commerce who were involved with Industry's 90th anniversary celebrations and told them he wasn't sure he'll run for president in 2012. He spoke about Iran's nuclear aspirations and believes the military option should stay on the table. He is New York's former mayor. He feels Obama should be more supportive of Israel than he has been and more realistic. Giuliani disagrees with Obama in that he does not blame Israel for holding up the peace process but feels it's up to the Palestinians. The ball is in the Palestinians side and they must solve the problem by talking with Israel.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Landmark Statement by Pope Benedict XVI; Exoneration of Jews

The Pope came out in his new book, Jesus of Nazareth: Part II exonerating all Jews of the death of Jesus Christ.  He explained why there is no evidence showing all Jews were at fault.  This is quite a revelation coming from this particular Pope, who was German born and forced to be in the Hitler Youth.  .  I've noted earlier in another blog how I saw him currying favor with the Arab community and blaming Israel about having settlements.  .  Netanyahu, being a mentch, thanked the Pope for stating this in his new book and felt that it would do much to bring about peace. 
It was back in 1965 in the 2nd Vatican Council that said Christ's death could not be attributed to Jews as a whole at the time or today.  Today's Pope explains that by going through the gospel and analyzing the pages that he believes this to indeed be true and that only the Temple aristocrqcy and a small group of supporters of Barabbas were responsible for Jesus's crucifiction.  Pope Benedict is considered a theologian which makes this an important statement..
The Anti-Defamation leader, Abraham Foxman was happy that the Pope rejects the past teachers that helped to "foster and reinforce anti-Semitism through the centuries."   

Though this is a new declaration, Portland has seen Jews and Catholics work together.  The rabbi Cahana of Beth Israel told the Oregonian that this has never been an issue as he has worked regularly with Catholic leaders including the chancellor of the Archdiocese of Portland, Mary Jo Tully.  Tully said that Catholics and Jews in Portland have had a strong relationship for many years.  Professor AMeier at Portland State U said that it doesn't hurt to have a reminder.  He felt that today's anti-semitism come more from economic and political issues with the attacks that Jews are "taking over and infilrating society."  However, in European countries this view of Jews being Christ killers is still there.  Anti-Semitism does come from religious feelings.
Resource: Oregonian Newspaper, March 3, 2011, page A4.,7340,L-4037397,00.html

Farrakhan Rants Against Jews Again

Nadene Goldfoot                                                            
Louis Farrakhan compared Jews to termites in this speech

Louis Farrakhan is the Nation of Islam leader in the United States.  He has a history of blaming Jews for all the ills in this country and the world.  He's saying that Jews and Zionists are pushing the USA into war.  Not only that, but Jews are a cover for Satan.  This was just said on Tuesday in Chicago at an annual meeting. 

He continued by addressing President Obama, telling him not to let Zionists push him.  It's the Jews that are pushing a military offensive against Gaddafi.  Oh yes, Jews also were the manipulators causing the USA to get Saddam Hussein and his sons..  Farrakhan definitely is speaking as a Muslim as he calls out to Gaddafi as "my brother' and "my friend."  I have a feeling that they certainly are on the same wave length. 

It's all the American Jews' fault of pushing Israel into a war with Iran, he cries.  Never mind the fact that Iran has been threatening Israel with extinction and calling Israel and Jews everywhere horrible absurd names.  Whatever is distasteful must be the Jews at fault.  It's never ever the Muslims. 

His hatred for Jews comes from knowledge about Satan, according to Farrakhan.  He's not even anti-semitic, he thinks.  To me this is a picture of the ultimate case of self-denial that ever was. 
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam's leader,
with nothing but hate speech for Jews
leading Democrats as well to this day.  
He acknowledges that Jews are a very small group in the world but thinks they are the most powerful, thus, the manipulators in the world.  I sense a bit of jealousy here.  Every statement about Jews he vomits out shows a defiance of accepting historic facts about Jews.  He has his own ugly definitions.  He teaches that Jews dominate the U.S. government and all the banks. Besides all problems being caused by Jews, he even has the audacity to accuse Jews of taking over BET! stands for the new cable network, Black Entertainment Television.  The founder is a Robert L. Johnson, who I would bet is not Jewish.  All this hatred directed at a group of people who make up less than 1% of the world's population. 

ADL Director Abe Foxman brings out the point that he is still a respected person in his own community.  I wonder how that can be in this great country.  It tells me that his Muslim followers are of the same opinion and love to blame Jews but not accept their own problems.  I'm wondering if his Muslim community would be so hateful if it didn't have such a leader whipping them into such a frenzy of hatred.  He's bringing out the worst of the Koran with Jewish hatred and command of killing us.  Such a diatribe should be left in the 700's where it began because Jews refused to convert to Islam.
Updated: 11/18/18