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Friday, November 30, 2012

The UN's Appalling Treatment of Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                 Here I am  in November-December1982 at my apartment on David Elezar Street in  Safed, Israel with Blintz, my  protector  It's cold in Safed in the winter and very hot and windy in the summer.  I taught wearing my coat in the winter as the junior high had no heat.

"Legendary Israeli diplomat Abba Eban – who served as Israeli ambassador to the U.N. in the ‘40s and ‘50s and, later, as Foreign Minister – famously described the United Nations this way:
“If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions.”
That naughty Israel, in the UN yesterday on November 29, 2012, had 21 resolutions against them.  Only 4 others were given- to the rest of the world.  I would easily say that Israel is being picked on.  

"Yesterday, the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution upgrading Palestine to the status of a non-member state by a vote of 138-9 with 41 abstentions. Palestine now becomes the only recognized U.N. state with no defined borders and two different governing authorities."  

So shelling Israel has paid off as far as the UN sees it.  Aggression wins votes, unless you're Israel, G-d forbid.  All Israel has to do is defend themselves and they are trounced in the UN. I wonder if the UN couldn't be sued for defamation of character?  

Here are the 9 countries who voted against recognizing Palestine's observer status which now gives them more ammunition to use against Israel.   Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Panama, and United States of America.  

These countries abstained.  Albania, Andorra, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, DR Congo, Estonia, Fiji, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malawi, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Poland, South Korea, Moldova, Romania, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, fYR Macedonia, Togo, Tonga, United Kingdom, Vanuatu. 

 To abstain means to refrain voluntarily from an action.  They could not find it in themselves to take a stand and say no.  With all the material written about what this would allow the "Palestinians to do against Israel, as if they haven't done enough already, they could not come to a decision?  

So where is Palestine?  I don't know.  It's around here somewhere.  To the east and to the west of Israel.  Who is the head?  Palestine has 2 leaders,  Mahmoud Abbas of Judea and Samaria's area called the "West Bank", and  Khaled Meshal, Hamas leader in Gaza who is now saying he wants to make peace and unite with Abbas's Fatah. They have fought each other and  continued to disagree, since  Hamas was against this move.  You could say that Fatah might have won this round of disagreement with Hamas and their big guns.  

As for Jerusalem, in which the Palestinians are claiming East Jerusalem as theirs even though it is a part of Jerusalem, capital of Israel, the Vatican  is now calling for it to have a special status and be internationally guaranteed with a special status.  Hmmm, what did he do to help Israel protect this city of David during the last round of rockets from Gaza?  

 Resource:  Stand For Israel by Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abbas Gets The Vote in UN General Assembly

Nadene Goldfoot
Why am I not surprised?  The vote was predictable.  138 to 9 voted for Mahmoud Abbas's bid for acceptance in the UN as a non-member state.  41 countries abstained including Germany and the UK.  Israel and the USA were 2 of the 9 voting against it.

The surprise to me was that Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister in Israel, was not against the idea.  He came out publicly being against Netanyahu's position.  I found this very disappointing till I looked up his record.  The man does not have a scrupulous resume.  He's been accused of many things.  " On 30 August 2009 an indictment against former prime minister Ehud Olmert was served at the Jerusalem District Court. The indictment includes the following five criminal counts: obtaining by fraud under aggravating circumstances, fraud breach of trust, falsifying corporate documents, and tax evasion. The indictment refers to three out of the four corruption-related cases."  Ehud is the example of the fact that a prime minister in Israel is a prime minister of 6 million presidents.  We're not good followers, except in the matter of belief that G-d is one.  Otherwise, everyone has such creativeness that they each find a different road to their goal.  It's to Israel's credit that he remains alive, not assassinated for his betrayal against the government's stand, which most likely is what our neighbors would do.

He spoke about Israel confiscating Palestinian lands.  He is one of the biggest believers in his own lie about the land.  It never has been "Palestinian land" other than the Ottoman Empire's taking Israel's land that was renamed "Palestine" by the Romans by 135 CE.  He's told the lie so much that he believes that there was a country of Palestine and there never was.  It fell to the Allies at the end of WWI with Britain holding the mandate-that is having the power to decide what to do with this ugly piece of wasteland that was so well known.  Britain decided to make it the Jewish Homeland, but wound up only making 20% of the land as the Jewish Homeland.  When they gave away the other 80% to become Jordan to the Emir for whatever reasoning Britain does such things, the Jewish leaders accepted the teeny piece of 20%, but the Arabs that called themselves Palestinians didn't.  They preferred to kill the Jews and then take their 20%.  Plans of evil intent do not always survive and theirs didn't.  Israel gave them offers of a state next to them for the past 64 years but they've never accepted.  Evidently our ethics of fair play are just not acceptable to Abbas.

Mahmoud Abbas, alias  Abu Mazan, chairman of the Palestinian Authority and successor to Fatah's Yasser Arafat, made a disgusting 6 page speech to the General Assembly today in order to gain his recognition.  In it he said that negotiations broke down just weeks after they started last year in September under Obama's assistance in Washington DC.  He says after that he did not give up, but I remember Netanyahu pleading with him openly in the last UN gathering to come to the peace table and he refused.  So he has his creative narrative that he believes.   I notice his idea of tackling Israel was to go to every office imaginable to get help instead of sitting down and dealing with positions of Israel and his wants and needs.  The reference for his full speech is below.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 29th Voting in UN on Upgrading Palestine: Why? Palestine Solidarity Day

Nadene Goldfoot
January 1, 1942 was when our American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt chose the name of the replacement of the League of Nations as the United Nations.  It consisted of 26 countries bound together to fight against the Axis in WWII.  I was 8 years old and we all thought this was the answer to a prayer and that there would be no more wars in the world. My childhood was wonderful compared to Europe's children and my Jewish cousins there, but mine was not like my children's childhood.  It  consisted of paper drives and pulling stacks of papers in a red wagon to the weigh station, newspapers full of news of the war only, rationing, cutting out cartoons from magazines to make scrapbooks for the soldiers, and a father who worked in the shipyards 8 hours and also ran his business of wholesale meats and getting hides to the army so they could have leather shoes.  He was rarely home.   At least I was one of the few children with a father at home.

Today the UN is a shunda.(disaster).    It has 193 member states of which 22 belong to the League of Arab States and 120 that belong to the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) currently chaired by Iran.  56 are part of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  Since there are 48 majority Muslim states, that takes care of them all.  It just turns out that the Arab States including the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) were on the Axis side and gleefully looked forward to Hitler killing all the Jews, their competitor, it seems, both religiously and economically.  The Arab states stick together, supporting each other in their attitude towards Israel.  They are fellow brother Muslims.  Shiite might fight with Sunni, but they agree on this one thing.  That's because nobody ever challenges them.

The Crusades of the 12th and 13th Century may have ended with the Christians winning in the end, but the Muslims have revived their fight.  They are determined not to let the state of Israel exist and plot to take it all.
Though they broadcast their intent over and over on the internet, which, by the way, they also are taking steps to take over, so many of our leaders and people prefer to be in denial and have become willing partners to their goal.  Two such states are France and Russia, who stated that they will recognize the state of Palestine that  Mahmoud Abbas is bringing to the UN to vote upon.

Since November 29th happens to be Palestinian Solidarity Day, Abbas will seek it then.  This day started in 1977 in the UN's General Assembly with a resolution 32/40B to reaffirm their rights.  The Member States  are "encouraged  to continue to give the widest support and publicity to the observance of the Day of Solidarity."

This vote is through the General Assembly, where the USA has no veto powers.  The vote will not be legally binding or give full recognition.  This is why Abbas seeks to upgrade Palestine from Observer status to non-Member State.  You may wonder, "What's the point?"  The consequences are serious for Israel, and will make things worse for the Palestinians.    The Abbas could join other agencies and possibly could petition the International Criminal Court against Israel.  In fact, that may be Abbas's primary goal.  The PA will use this recognition to throw out the Oslo accords and force the international community to take legal action against Israel.  They intend  to delegitimize and stigmatize Israel.

Rockets, mortars and missiles haven't been enough to drive out Israel, so they blame Israel for protecting themselves.  "Darn!  They don't play fair!  They won't roll over and die! " they must be thinking.   Overuse of aerial bombing by the IDF and killing more Gazans than they were able to kill Israelis is their complaint that even Goldstone swallowed, so now Abbas wants to sue Israel for protecting their people and building them bombshelters.  The Palestinian method of fighting has been to put children and women in sites that are obviously to be targets to add up the kills, and thus get more sympathy and world wide support, and to do that they also falsify pictures that wind up in the newspapers or on internet.  Just ask Camera;  they have many reports of this going on.  One picture was a child in Lebanon passed off as a child in Gaza.

This is where insanity steps in.  The Palestinian terrorists are Hamas and Fatah, for Fatah has joined up with Hamas many times.  However, since Hamas took over Gaza and threw out Abbas, Abbas has not stepped back into Gaza.  The upgrade would not resolve any of the core issues such as borders and refugees.  The United States will cut off the annual aid of millions of dollars.  Such action Abbas is doing  violates all previous agreements.  There are still countries standing with the USA who are opposed to it.

Israel has supported a 2-state solution but this means the Arab state is to have defined borders next to the recognized state of Israel and this can only come about with direct negotiations.  Israel has made generous offers, but evidently not what Palestinians want, such as East Jerusalem, now the capital of Israel.  In order to have honest negotiations, there cannot be any set preconditions before the meeting other than leave your pistols outside.  Abbas has refused to talk with Netanyahu.

Hamas is against Abbas's move.  Hamas calls for the death of Israel and will not go along with the Quartet Principles: (USA, Russia, European Union, UN)
1.  Recognition of Israel's right to exist (how can you have a state next door in constant war with you because they don't think you should exist)?
2. Accept the existing agreements
3. End the violence-(not just a short cease fire) but permanently.  This would call for a change in their Charter.

If the upgrade passes in the UN, then Hamas, a terrorist group would be given de facto international legitimacy.  The problem is that Palestine would include both Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza, and Gaza is ruled by Hamas.  Abbas has no authority there at all.

Resource:  Video from Aish; be sure to watch it.  Below.
ttp:// Video
As you may have seen concerning the UN’s plot for the Internet, 3 related articles (scan):  U.N. to Seek Control of the Internet; We don’t need a warrant – we’re the government!; How About Putting the Muslim World and China in Charge of the Internet?

Palestinian Statehood: An Ominous Vote at the U.N.  By Joseph Klein Vote to be held Thursday expected to pass.  Read More » from Phyllis

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch Out For Mossad, Folks: No Telling What They're Capable Of

Nadene Goldfoot

Mossad can do anything.   The funniest thing Mossad has been accused of is when the Saudis arrested a vulture for spying because it was tagged by an Israeli university with Hebrew writing on the tag.  By arresting a bird for being a spy is the level of their thinking.  They could get jobs writing for Jay  Leno.  How about the Egyptian cabinet minister who thought that a spate of shark attacks in the Red Sea was the work of Mossad-trained sharks to attack non-Israeli tourists in Egyptian waters.

Yasser Arafat's body has been dug up for testing to see if he was poisoned.  The Palestinians think Israel poisoned him.  In fact, they blame anything bad that happens on the Israelis.  Rumors were that Arafat was bisexual and probably picked up some social disease, such as aids, but they are looking for a different narrative. "His own personal doctor, Dr. Ashraf Al-Kurdi, said Arafat suffered from AIDS. "  Israel says that they had nothing to do with his death.  He was a terrorist, responsible for hundreds of deaths. This blaming Israel for poisoning him  could just be a diversion from the embarrassing truth.   Whoops, but the doctor is saying that Israel injected the HIV into his body.  He certainly didn't get it the natural way, the doc is saying.  They all have different theories.  I must say that he did spend an awful lot of his time with his terrorist pals who were all men.  Isn't this what happened to Alexander the Great who was in love with a soldier, Hephaestion,  in his company, ?

The man was 75 years old, having been born in Cairo, Egypt on August 24, 1929 to an Egyptian mother and Palestinian father and was one of 7 children. Arafat had lived a rough life as a terrorist, sometimes never staying at one place more than a night.  He died 8 years ago on November 11, 2004.    When the scientists opened his casket, they said it looked like the remains of a man dead for 8 years.

Testing was done before but nothing was found.  This summer they tried again when a Swiss lab detected elevated traces of a lethal radioactive substance, polonium-210 in stains on his clothing.  The lab said they needed to examine the remains to get more information.

This is against Islam to exhume the body but Mahmoud Abbas gave permission.  He was not present when the body was presented to the lab. Experts from Switzerland, France and Russia will examine the samples in their own country.  The results will come back in 3 months.

Al Jazeera, Qaradwi's TV station where he preaches from, took some of Arafat's clothes that his widow, Suha gave to the  Swiss lab for testing.  Polonium-210 decomposes rapidly and they don't know if anything will be showing.

Israel had confined Arafat to his Ramallah compound and Arafat was there for more than 2 years before he became ill and fell into a coma.  He had been accused of ordering attacks against Israelis, something he had been doing since 1948.  He was also in trouble with his own political circle, accused of corruption and pocketing large amounts of money earmarked for aid for the Palestinians.  Sura, his wife, lived in France and had money to spend.

The Arabs will probably blame Mossad, Israel's secret service.  If the electricity goes out, they think Mossad caused it.  If a building collapses in the town, it's Mossad trying to kill them.  If there's a repeat on TV, it's the Mossad's fault.  If an Iranian nuclear scientist is killed, Mossad saw to it that he had an accident.   Whatever would the Muslims do without the Jews to cast blame on?

Arafat was two-faced.  On one hand he would speak of a 2 state solution living in peace while on the other hand he said, "The struggle will continue until all of Palestine is liberated."

Yasser Arafat
Voice of Palestine Radio, November 11, 1995


Sunday, November 25, 2012

How Are Dollars in Foreign Aid To Israel Spent?

Nadene Goldfoot
Right now the USA is contemplating how to get rid of the deficit in our treasury, and foreign aid to Israel is questioned by a few people.  From 1987 to 1990 Israel received $1.8 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF).  Actually, it's like a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" program.  More the 80% of the money is spent in the US to generate profits and jobs.  Contracts are signed between Israel and US firms.  Over 1,000 companies in 47 states benefit.  Washington DC and Puerto Rico have contracts worth more than $4.2 billion.  Here is a list of the states and the value of FMF orders.

Israelis pay out income taxes up to 48% where the annual gross income for a family of 4 is $16,800.  That means they have about $8,000 to live on.  Defense is where most of Israel's money is spent.  New immigrants are also a drain on the economy like people from the Soviet Union and  Ethiopia.  Israelis accept these  burdens to facilitate the absorption of the newcomers.  Israel had to give up oil fields it developed in the Sinai as part of the peace agreement with Egypt and had hoped to be energy-independent.

In 2010 Israel's total FMF was $3,175,000 and Egypt got $1,550,000. Israel and Egypt get 1/3 of all USA foreign aid.   Israel needs the money promised and is most grateful for the assistance.  I think the following states are also grateful to have a part in this that is good for producing jobs and goods for their state.  "Israel also receives offsets on FMS purchases (U.S. contractors agree to offset some of the cost of military equipment by buying components or materials from Israel)."

Another package Israel gets from the USA is the Israeli Missile Defense in which she received $235 million in 2012.  I believe every time an Iron Dome is fired to stop an incoming missile it costs Israel $40 thousand dollars.

$901.257.199 New York  
 410,057,160 Mississippi
 405,193,420 California
 391,610,552 Ohio
 310,032,904 Massachusetts
 264,129,659 Texas
 249,177,540 Florida
 235,473,590 New Jersey
 163,961,815 Pennsylvania
 125, 252,293 Michigan
  90, 343,719 Connecticut
  89, 957, 587 Maryland
  61, 297, 138 Illinois
  55, 126, 704 New Hampshire
  53, 457, 035 D.C.
  47, 332,830 Georgia
  45, 009, 277 Arizona
  41, 429, 003 Wisconsin
  42,709, 644 Indiana
  26, 746, 865 North Carolina                                                
  26, 230,966 Kansas
  23, 145, 276 Virginia
  22, 091, 747 Minnesota
  21, 904, 461 Kentucky
  16, 020,564 Iowa
  12, 644, 508 Washington
    8, 355,569 Missouri
    7, 200,562 Alabama
    6, 119, 409 Oregon
    6, 095, 249 Louisiana
    4 ,899,047 Oklahoma
    3, 760,035 Colorado
    2, 360,219 Delaware
    2, 249,704 New Mexico
    1, 939,152 Arkansas
    1, 886,247 Nebraska

Resource:  Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Mitchell G. Bard, Joel Himelfarb 1992

1967 Border Goal For Hamas: UN Declaring Statehood for Fatah

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas's goal is to get concessions from Israel.  They want to get as many as possible to achieve their goal found on their founding charter, which is to destroy Israel.  They want Israel to go back to the 1967 border, which Netanyahu has already explained in detail to Obama as to why Israel cannot and will not do that.

This is why Hamas has said that they will not stop arming themselves and want a strong arsenal.  They are not interested in negotiations.  These comments came from Hamas's #2 man, Moussa Abu Marzouk only 3 days after Israel agreed to a ceasefire.

Other demands are that Israel and Egypt lift all restrictions on the movement of goods and people in and out of the Palestinian territory.  They have been under a border blockade sine 2007 when these Hamas terrorists took over Gaza.  They have been eased since then but do not allow their economy to develop, they feel.  Considering that most Palestinians are on the dole from the UN, I don't see a surging economy developing anyway, considering people haven't worked at least since 1948.  That's about 4 generations of non workers.  What skills they had and could have been passed down have probably been lost.

Hamas is under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose charter also calls for Israel's destruction and the death of all Jews everywhere.  Just ask Qatar's Qaradawi.  His fatwa calls for just this.  Hamas now says that they are ready for a long-term cease-fire.  Usually this is when they stock up on provisions for the next go around.

In the meantime, his rival, President Mahmoud Abbas is intent on seeking UN recognition for a state of Palestine this week as a non-member state.  He wants approval of  Judea-Samaria (the West Bank renamed by Jordan), Gaza and EAST JERUSALEM as Palestine.  This would be a take-over without any discussion with Israel whose hands it is in.  These are areas belonging to Israel since the 1967 war.  Israel said it was willing to cede some land.  Israel has already moved 1/2 million Israelis into settlements on war-won land. Remember, Israel is sitting on only 20% of the originally promised Jewish Homeland as promised by the Brits who held the mandate.

What the Arab community wants to ignore is the fact that they all attacked Israel with greedy intent to destroy her.  With all their armies, they could not and they lost the battle they started.  With that in mind, these lands go to Israel.  Jews were living there as well and Jews are still living in Judea-Samaria.  Jerusalem is now one city and is the capital of Israel.  East Jerusalem receives   services from Israel just like the West, North and South of Jerusalem.  It is under much more favorable circumstances ever thought of by the Jordanians.

According to Abu Marzouk, Abbas is wasting his time. He said,   "Occupation needs resistance, not negotiations." His idea of resistance of course is War.   We keep giving away pieces of this for peace and get what in return?  Already Israel is one of the smallest states in the world.  It has 7,951.6 square miles and is almost as big as New Jersey. It would take 12 Israels to fit into Oregon.   Included in this figure is the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.    Judea-Samaria has 2,270 sq miles.  East Jerusalem has 27 sq miles.   We have taken quite a chance with Morsi as the mediator, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who even served time in prison for that under Mubarak.

Resource: Oregonian newspaper page A 10 Militants won't give up Gaza arsenal, official says by Mohammed Daraghmeh and Sarah El Deeb AP

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Joan Peters, Author, and the Palestinian Problem

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel was accepted by the United Nations as a state.  It was created out of the Ottoman Empire.  This was not "Palestinian land."  The Turks of the Ottoman Empire ruled  that land for more for 400 years and lost it when they were defeated in WWI as they were on the side of the axis.  By that time the Empire had also run out of money as they spent it on the war.

Who were the Palestinians?  They were Jews and Arabs who happened to be living in what was named Palestine by the Romans who had taken it from the Jews in 135 CE.  The Jews living in this Ottoman Empire wasteland were there from King David's rule from 1000 -960 BCE.  The Arabs called themselves Syrians.

After WWI Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq were created by the British and French who held the mandate. Jordan was on about 80% of the Palestine Mandate that was originally to be part of the Jewish Homeland as promised by the League of Nations, so if there is any Palestine, that is it.  2/3 of Jordanians are Palestinian Arabs.  The country is ruled by a Hashemite monarchy, originating from the Quraysh tribe.  King  Abdullah II ibn al Hussein married  a Palestinian and has said that he doesn't want any more Palestinians entering his state.

One reporter that thought the Palestinian Arabs were given a bad deal researched for 7 years from original documents.  She was Joan Peters, who wrote "From Time Immemorial" in 1984 from her research.  She covers the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine. She was first interested in investigating the plight of the "Arab refugees."  It should be the first book read by people who really want to know the history of this subject written by an impartial reporter.

 She has been attacked by Israel-bashers like Noam Chomsky and his friend, Norman Finklestein.  Their position have always been a negative one towards Israel so her new research just butted heads with their assumptions and Noam doesn't mince words to disclaim her.

What Joan discovered was that the land was quite empty of Arabs when the Jewish Russian pioneers returned in the late 1800's to reclaim the land.  They had been experiencing pogroms in Russia and had concluded they needed to return to their roots and join their cousins who never left.  Their productivity attracted surrounding Arabs seeking work and a better life and sought them out like a bee looking for honey.  They came in from all the surrounding lands.

Just before Israel was declared a state, the UN came up with a partition plan in 1947 while fighting between Jews and Arabs was going on.  The plan was to create 2 states on the remaining 20% of the Palestine Mandate being Britian had already given away 80% of the promised Jewish Homeland to the newly created Jordan, thus going back on their promise to Chaim Weismann.  The Arabs rejected the proposal but the Jews accepted their half.  The Arabs continued fighting against the Jews.

When Israel was declared a state on May 14, 1948, the Sephardic Jews living in the Ottoman Empire land were turned out and then traveled to Israel to live.  Suddenly these Arabs realized that a Jewish state was declared and they became angry about it.  Mainly this happened because their leaders were angry.  Israel was caught in an ongoing war and the return of exiles to deal with.

725,000 Arabs fled the land after the Arab leaders said to leave and that they could return in a few days when they won the battle. They were told they could take over the Jews' homes.  The Jews won the battle and the Arabs were again told by their leaders to go to refugee camps.  The Arabs that didn't leave are now citizens of Israel.

It wasn't till after 1967 when Israel had been attacked by neighboring states once again and again Israel won against this assault and was able to take the surrounding  Judea and Samaria that had been in the hands of Jordan and Gaza which had been in the hands of Egypt that the Arabs began to sound off about wanting their own state of what?  Of course-Palestine.

Joan went  to the Middle East during the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a free lance writer with a CBS job.  She was a former reporter in Mississippi working on Civil Rights and had written about the Klu Klux Klan.  She was an ardent advocate of Civil Rights.  She also knew about the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were killed and couldn't understand how anyone would question the right of the Jewish state to exist securely.

We have the children of Ishmael  fighting against the children of Isaac.  Finally, after Gazan Arab terrorists have been raining rockets into Israel since 2001 with a deluge of missiles in the last 3 weeks, there is a cease fire.It lasted about 48 hours until a mob rushed the fence separating the two and would not stop.  Israel fired warning shots and finally did kill one 20 year old  and injuring 19 more.  However, it is still holding.   The problem seems to be that the Palestinian leaders misinformed their people by telling them they could enter the 1,000 foot (1/5 mile) buffer zone strip in Gaza's eastern and northern border.  These decisions have not been decided as yet and nothing has been typed up.  My question is why would they want to enter such a strip?  There's no mall there, no ice cream parlor, nothing but at the end, a fence.  Weren't they testing their ability to storm the border?

Resource:  Big Lies: Demolishing the myths of the propaganda war against Israel by David Meir-Levi
From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

Friday, November 23, 2012

The First Arab Springers: Palestinians and What Horror They Brought

Nadene Goldfoot
"The Arab Spring is an attempt to return the region to its roots. It’s not to Westernize the Middle East and make it more democratic; it’s to Easternize it and make it more Islamic. If the early 20th century was about the East trying to join what it couldn’t lick, the early 21st may be about the East trying to lick what it hasn’t been able to join." (George Jonas).  

What did the Palestinian people do when Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip?  Remember, Jews have had a history there for centuries, perhaps longer than any Palestinian.  "Gaza" is mentioned in our Bible "Tanach" as a Philistine city.  Samson died there.  Jews have lived there since the Hasmonean era.  They were living there in 61CE and when the Crusaders appeared in the Holy Land as well as when the Ottoman Turks came to have control.  

In 2005 Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in the name of peaceful coexistence.  Instead, the Palestinians  voted in "Hamas," a terrorist force whose only aim was terrorism and to wipe Israel and the Jews from the map.  Hamas and other affiliates of theirs began a daily rain of Qassam rockets, katyushas and mortars into Israeli cities and farms, sometimes 80 per day.  With Syria and Iran's help, they smuggled into Gaza tons of weapons, ammunition, explosives, ground-to ground and ground to air missiles, anti-aircraft shoulder held missiles and anti-tank weapons along with the newer long distance missiles that just reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Israel had withdrawn in the name of peace as they have no intention of harming people or fighting.  They started all this when Prime Minister Olmert was at the helm in Israel and his Kadima party and most of the Israelis were promising more land for the future state of Palestine in the areas of Judea/Samaria.  At first Israel was restrained and Israel realized that their rocket emplacements were in the middle of women and children.  

The terrorists took the wrong move when by their tunnel attacked Israeli soldiers inside of Israel on June 25, 2006, killing 2 and kidnapping one.  Diplomacy didn't retrieve Gilad Shalit, and by the end of June Israel re-invaded Gaza to retrieve him and to destroy their ability to continuously threaten Israeli security. 

Now I see Morsi, a  leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and  not only the President of Egypt but now  the man in charge of watching and controlling the Brotherhood's off-shoot; Hamas.  Will the stage-light work psychologically on him and turn him around to become a mentch instead of a terror hungry monger?  Hopefully it will be with the nudging of the USA with their  yearly stipend that will keep him on task.  To change a behavior takes replacement behaviors that are better.  I hope this attention will do the trick as Israel wants only peace.  We won't know till both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and the rest change their charters and their minds to accept the fact that Israel is there to stay.  

Big Lies, Demolishing the Myths of the Propaganda War Against Israel, by David Meir-Levi from David Horowitz Freedom Center

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

8th Day in Israel Under Attack

Nadene Goldfoot
Hillary  Clinton just finished a 30 minute meeting with Abbas.  She asked him not to approach the UN on November 28th for statehood, which could be the reason the terrorists of Gaza have hit Israel so hard this past week with rockets, missiles and mortars.

A bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv from Hamas.  It injured 11 riders.  Hamas called it a "heroic attack". This is typical of the horror they inflict on Israel.  This didn't help talks about a cease fire.

Israel was able with an air strike to hit a bridge that cuts Gaza in half.

Not surprising,   Judea/Samaria "West Bank" Palestinian occupants have joined their cousins in Gaza by yelling to attack Tel Aviv.

Hamas wants Israel to end attacks and lift restrictions on trade and movement in and out since they seized Gaza by force in 2007 and kicked Abbas out.  The restrictions are there to prevent them from receiving more lethal  weapons.  Israel at least has made this harder on them as they have had to dig tunnels to get these items which Israel has been  trying to get rid of.  If they would become peaceful and keep shelling Israel they could have had this long ago.  Israel has been rejecting such outlandish demands, knowing what it leads to; their death and destruction.

 Israel has to deal with Gaza on the east and this area on the west as well as the Golan Heights in the northeast section.  Then there's Lebanon and Syria in the North as well.

If Israel hadn't been scrupulous in trying not to hit civilians who are embedded with launch pads, the death count would be much higher than the 100 plus so far for the Palestinians.  I find it sad that several reporters were among the count but were warned not to be hanging around terrorist sites that might be bombed.  I'm surprised they didn't take heed.

Resource: Fox News
Oregonian newspaper 11/21/12 Gaza cease-fire push gains wings

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Within Range: 7th Day of War

Nadene Goldfoot
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel  is a city of 816,418 of 64% Jews and 36% Arabs.  The first missile that struck almost hit an Arab community.  Another has now fallen there.  They shoot these missiles, mortars or rockets indiscriminately, not knowing exactly where it will land.  It could be a holy site of any of the 3 religions.  I wonder how they'll feel if it hits the Dome of the Rock?  Tel Aviv was hit again.

This fight Israel has on its hands is with a people who have much different values and think so differently than Israelis or most Americans.  They are calling out that Israel is the aggressor after shelling Israel since 2001.  Just today 120 rockets fell into Israel.  They are very angry that the death toll for Israel is only 5 at this writing; the soldier hit while on duty checking the fence, the 3 religious Chabad members, and now an 18 year old soldier on the front line.

Since the beginning last week, Israel has had 252 casualties.  350 rockets have come into Israel.  The reason there is a difference in number is because Israel tries to protect its citizens while the terrorists put them out in the open to gain this very lop-sided number as something to hold against Israel in their way of thinking.  There have been 111 deaths to Gazans, most being Hamas terrorists with about 54 civilians.

Six Palestinians were killed by their own Hamas group for helping Israel, so they think.  They killed these men and then dragged around the body of one through the streets on the back of a motorcycle.  People along the street spit on them and called out, "Spy!  Spy!"  This is not showing any human decency for their own people; no trial, no judge, just a quick kill.  If they felt any responsibility, I don't think they would continue to put their rocket launchers amid women and children in densely packed areas, which they are hiding behind.

Turkey, whose government had become one with the Muslim Brotherhood, is also joining Abbas in calling Israel the aggressor, even though they know the background of this retaliation Israel is engaged in.

Israel wants 24 hours of no rockets, missiles or mortars fired from the terrorists before any further agreements are made to see if the terrorists can do it.  They do not want to escalate things but may if they have to.  Hillary  Clinton just landed in Jerusalem from Asia where she had joined Obama.  Michael Oren just said there is no agreement yet.  Israel wants a lasting peace, not a short term solution.  She's there to de-escalate the situation, however.

At this writing, rockets are still falling as rain, as one person put it.  The driver of Magan David Ambulance Service's house was hit.  Here he's been taking patients in his ambulance from the rockets these past years and now his home is struck.  Lindsey Graham threatened Morsi's aid to be cut off, and suddenly he's acting more like a broker in bringing about a cease fire agreement.  1,500 rockets in the past week have been fired into Israel by Hamas.  Israel is really fighting Iran in Gaza as Hamas is an arm of theirs.

Resource:  Fox TV News population chart for different years

Sunday, November 18, 2012

American Paramedics Joining Magen David Adom : Service of Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon

Nadene Goldfoot
After being struck by rockets in such continuous volume since Wednesday, the whole southern part of Israel has been abused, needing more medical resources than on hand.  I'm happy to read that 14 Jewish paramedics have already arrived in Israel to work as volunteers with Magen David Adom.  They are but the first of dozens who are scheduled to arrive to join the others and assist people in the south.

Since 2001 at least 4,800 rockets have fallen into Israel   There were 28 deaths and hundreds injured.  15,000 people from Sderot alone suffer from PtSD with 1,000 in ongoing treatment from all the bombing.

Usually it is up to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon to deal with everyone's medical problems.  For instance, 1600 KASSAM missiles attacked the south in 2006.  They worked with 1400 patients with acute and post traumatic stress disorders and diseases then.  Each year they face 100,000 emergency admissions. They are a center with 500 beds which means 1 hospital bed per 1000 residents which is the lowest in the country in 2006.  Yet they are serving over 500,000 residents in the immediate area.  I wonder how many hospitals in the USA have had to convert their cafeteria regularly into hospital bed space.  They have, and also have had to go underground for some of their work due to shelling near the hospital so often.

By 2008 Israel was forced to do something to stop the shelling and went into Operation Cast Lead.
By 2009 the terrorists of Gaza were still terrorizing 1 million civilians of southern Israel and already 10 deaths came from this.

Just looking at what was going on from October 24 to 30, 2012, 105 rockets and 12 mortars were shot into Israel from Gaza.
October 31 to November 6th  -2 rockets landed
November 10 to November 16--340 rockets rained down on southern Israel   An IDF vehicle was hit, killing one soldier and injuring the others.  The vehicle was on fire from the hit.  They were on their usual patrol outside the fence separating Gaza from Israel looking for breaks in the fence.

From January 2012 to October there have been 800 rockets shot into Israel. Add 342 plus more to that sum as the shelling has continued, hitting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with farther ranging rockets from Iran.   These have been answered by  sending complaints to the UN and air flights to hit wherever rockets are coming from.  However, Iran is sending arms through Sudan and up into Egypt where they get to the terrorists through tunnels and trucks.

At the moment, officials are waiting to see if Egypt can reach a  peace agreement.  If not, Israel is ready for a ground incursion to put an end to this shelling.

Oregonian newspaper, 11/18/12  Front page: Israel escalates assault on Hamas, Gaza Strip, page A12 whole page-Opposing narratives bound for collision by AP Dan Perry and Josef Federman, Hamas rockets are new element in fight by NY Times News service-Ethan Bronner,  Israel's Iron Dome missile defense by AP, picture by Hatem Moussa/AP and another picture by McClatchy-Tribune.  They made a few errors here and there, but not bad.  My problem with these reporters is that they jump into the news without an opening sentence to explain, such as headline Israel escalates assault.....It sounds like Israel is the aggressor from that which is not true.  Israel is defending its people.  How about-Israel Defends by hitting back strongly or something like that.  It's like what happened with the report Susan Rice read which had eliminated the word terrorists and replaced it with some other milk toast word.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready For Possible Land Incursion

Nadene Goldfoot
As the decision to hit back with force continues, Israel has been hit by 2 rockets in Tel Aviv for the 2nd day. After that strike, Jerusalem's siren also sounded with 2 rockets landing outside of the city.  Indeed, Hamas has rockets with much greater range.

PM Netanyahu spoke yesterday afternoon from Jerusalem telling us that 200 rockets had landed from Gaza in just the past hour.  He hopes that the terrorists will understand  that Israel will not put up with this bombardment anymore.  Israel will do what it has to in order to put a stop to it.

Since 1948 this tiny state has been shelled by over 60,000 rockets.  The Iron Dome has intercepted over 80 of them just in the past few days as over 250 have rained down on Israel.  And yet there are Muslims who say, but where is your humanity, Israel?  You hit a child!  550 rockets have rained down on Israel since it started its Operation to stop the shelling on Wednesday.  The IDF has used air strikes to take out 500 targets where the shooting was coming from

In a move par for the Palestinians, they have appealed to the UN to stop Israel's strikes.  After hitting and hitting Israel, with Israel previously calling on the the UN for assistance and getting no response, they turn around and blame Israel for retaliating against years of abuse from them!  Just amazing!  The UN had no response.

Israel has also been hit and bloodied, Israeli children as well as adults.  That's why they are hitting back in self-defense.  It's a hard concept to get across to some people.  What the general Muslim public have not been told by their websites or TV newscasts or just refuse to believe is that Israel has been trying for a long time to make peace with the Palestinians and it is their leaders who have refused and keep shooting.  The Palestinian people voted them in  and I see many egging them onto doing terroristic things, like screaming "Hit Tel Aviv!"


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel in Self Defense Mode: Taking Out Terrorist Military Targets Chabad Jews Hit

Nadene Goldfoot
The rockets flying into Israel hitting the civilian landscape was intolerable, bringing about the decision of self defense by taking out terrorist  military targets.  . Israel had decided to root out the terror and hopes to end it.   Of course this brought on the retribution from Gaza's terrorist gangs with over 200 grad rockets, missiles and mortars raining upon Israel today, especially on Kiryat Malachi (City of Angels) with a population of 20,600 in 2009.  It is 10 miles from Ashkelon.  A rocket hit a Chabad neighborhood.  3 Lubavatchers there were killed. Chabad is an orthodox group of Jews.  Their main goal  is education.   One was Mira Sharif, wife of the shaliach from India who was visiting her family.  She was the mother of 3 small children.  7 people there were injured including 2 small infants.

A house in Ashdod  was hit as was a school in Ofakim which is near Beersheba.  3 IDF were wounded and 3 civilians were killed, 5 civilians were injured including a baby, 2 others were injured;  the reports keep coming in.  Schools within 25 miles of the Gaza border have been closed.

 48 rockets were stopped by Israel's Iron Dome.  13-15 Palestinians were said to be killed.  Everything had to come to a stop.  Schools have been closed.  People cannot go to work.  It has been an intolerable rocket barrage.

I don't think anyone was surprised by the Egyptian recall of their Ambassador.  Israel has dropped leaflets early this morning telling Gazans to stay away from Hamas facilities in order to be safe.  When this started, it was thought that the Gazan terrorists had at least 10,000 rockets and mortars in their arsenal.  Just since Wednesday with Operation Pillar of Defense, 70 Israelis have been injured in rocket attacks.

Resource: (lots of information)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halting Gaza Attacks: Update on Operation Pillar of Defense

Nadene Goldfoot
150 rockets were launched by Hamas terrorists in this past week including 3 cross-border attacks.    Today Israel has carried out targeted strikes to break  up the places terrorists are shooting from.  Israel is not about to accept this escalation of rockets on Israeli citizens.

The IDF patrol was 200 meters west of the Gaza border when it was hit and caught on fire from the  missile shot by terrorists.  All 4 were wounded with one seriously with a head wound.  Ashkelon is only 6 miles away so they were probably taken there to the hospital.

Today Hamas fired the Fajr-5 with a range of almost 40 miles which puts 3 million Israelis within missile range. That could put Tel Aviv within range being it is about 44 miles away.  thousands of Gazans chanted wildly that they wanted their terrorists to hit Tel Aviv.   "Helped by the contraband trade through tunnels from Egypt, Gaza militias have smuggled in these longer-range rockets."

 Israel is made up of not quite 6 million Jews and 1.4 million Arabs. This means about half of the country must find a bomb shelter for survival.   Hamas thinks nothing of targeting civilians and shoots at them from populated areas on purpose such as placing their missile launchers near mosques, hospitals and schools.  Israel is trying to miss these centers.

Ahmed al-Jabri was targeted and killed who was the head of the Hamas military wing.  He had planned the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.  He has been the planner of terrorist attacks that killed Israeli civilians and was the one that ordered terrorists to fire thousands of rockets at Israel.

Israel has the right and responsibility to protect the citizens of Israel and defend itself from these unwarrented terror attacks.  Obama gave his support to Israel to defend itself.  At least the US Department of State condemned the rockets fired from Gaza and also backed Israel's right to self-defense.

These are cowardly acts of Hamas and the other terror groups.  They are not taking on soldiers.  They fight while hiding behind women and children. That's why they are called "terrorists."   This operation comes after much restraint along with public and diplomatic warnings to Hamas to stop.  They have answered with more rockets fired.

Resource:  Embassy of Israel  Special alert.

Gaza-The Frontline Iranian Outpost Ending

Nadene Goldfoot
 Israel has stated, " "No country can accept terror attacks on its cities and citizens."  Israel has taken hits since 2001 without any ending from Gazan terrorists.  This is how they have been repaid by pulling out of Gaza, not occupying it, and hoping for peace between the Jews and Arabs.  But the people of Gaza chose Hamas, a terrorist organization to be their government who  have also pulled Fatah into their terrorist practices.    Gaza has become the duped terrorist center for Iran, a stage for rocket launchers.  

The IDF's Operation Cloud Pillow has started with hitting a terrorist's activities of the past 10 years , Hamas's head man in an air strike after 5 days of extreme violence on the citizens of southern Israel.  After being hit with over 140 rockets, missiles, and mortars, as well as pleas to the UN, Israel has taken further steps in halting the bombardment.  The new government of Egypt was trying to broker a truce but didn't seem to get anywhere.  After 12 years of being hit, Israel is getting  very tired of it. It has just been getting worse. Israel, a teeny state only 8,000 sq miles big with a population of less than 8 million is in danger all the time. From Beer Sheva in the south to the Gaza fence is only 12 miles.  No one can imagine the miniscule size of this state.  

The head man that was targeted was Ahmed Al-Jabari, head of the Izzal-Din Al-Qassam Brigades and his son who were spotted in their car and hit.  6 terrorists in all died.  Ismail al-Ashkar, spokesman threatened more attacks on Israel now such as suicide attacks and more hits on major cities.

The IDF attack hit 20 rocket-launching pads of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad groups.  They destroyed long range rockets such as Fajr-5 missiles which have a range of 24.85 miles. They need to impair the command leadership of Hamas and these other groups and let them realize that if they continue their shelling on Israel they will be stopped.

Gazan terrorists were able to launch 2 rockets towards Portland's sister city, Ashkelon, where a major hospital is that takes care of everyone, Arabs and Jews.

On December 27, 2008 Israel tried to stop Gaza from the 8 year bombardment of missile, rockets and mortars they were suffering from with Operation Cast Lead.  Evidently that wasn't a deterrent.  and caused Israel a lot of false notoriety about their actions.  It's obvious others cannot understand what it's like to live in an area that rains rockets, not rain, and to live through it most likely gives everyone PTSD if they are lucky enough to not be hit after hearing a siren giving 15 seconds to run for a bomb shelter.  Israel had figured that 8 years was more than enough of turning the other cheek and trying to deal with people intent on killing you.  Like we say on Passover; Enough !

update article:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Israeli Fronts Take Hits

Nadene Goldfoot
Things must be getting worse, all right.  The Oregonian had a 3rd article in the paper this week, a much larger article in it today about Israel being hit from the Golan Heights area as well as the rockets, mortars and missiles coming in from Gaza daily.  Usually Israel is shelled at from Gaza and it never makes the papers.  The AP only reported 110 rockets shelling Israel after 3 days whereas papers in Israel have reported 140, but Israel's citizens are up in arms about it and Israel is about to take further steps to defend them.  Like the USA's CIA ability to read emails, Israel can zero in on Hamas leaders and go after them. They don't just shell Gaza like Gaza shells southern Israel pell mell which is populated by over a million citizens.  They try to hit targets where the shelling is coming from.

The Syrian War that has spilled into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey has also been doing so in the Golan Heights, but Israel's borders have been receiving more than accidents, it is thought.  Bashar Assad may be trying to get Israel embroiled in fighting.  36,000 Syrians have been killed in the country's Civil War say the rebels.  Syria has chemical weapons that they have previously used on their own civilians that are alarming. That's why this tiny Jewish country of Israel has had to issue all its citizens gas masks.  It is so tiny that it only took Netanyahu 55 minutes to travel by train from Tel Aviv to ancient Beersheva of the Bible, which is in the line of danger from shelling.  From Beersheva to Gaza is only 15.8 miles. It's 2 minutes of flying time.  That's why people have only 15 seconds of warning when an incoming rocket is on the way.   That's southern Israel.

 The Investor's Business Daily also had an essay this morning  that was hitting the mark.  It pointed out that when Anne Sorock video-taped a celebrator of Obama's victory saying "no more Israel", it might have been reflecting the feeling of Obama supporters that Jewish lives are less important than other matters.  It was Lital Ben-Oved, a young mother in Israel whose house was hit by a rocket in Southern Israel who asked in a video, "Are Jewish lives less important than Palestinian lives?  Where are the UN resolutions?

 The UN always comes down on any retaliation Israel takes after being hit but never says a thing about the Palestinians bombardment on Israel which has been happening since 2001 from Gaza.  In just this past year, almost 1,000  rockets have been shot into Southern Israel. Since 2001 more than 12,800 rockets, mortars and missiles have been shot into Israel.  That's an average of 3 every day.  Was it just a coincidence that both Gaza and Syria struck at the same time?

Netanyahu has asked the UN Security Council to condemn the rocket fire. Had we had a strong UN doing what it was created for, there would be no shooting Israeli citizens, a state that was accepted by the UN upon creation.  Instead we have a UN who just installed Sudan on the Human Rights Council, a country who slaughtered people of Dafar, who have no idea of what human rights are.

Oregonian newspaper page A6 "Israel fires after Syrian mortar hits".
Investor's Business Daily page A12 "Bull's-Eye of David",_2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Third Day of Shelling Israel with 140 plus Rockets

Nadene Goldfoot
The update on the attack from Gaza terrorism against Israel is that so far 140 rockets have hit the southern part of Israel hitting 3 homes and putting 43 people into shock.  Ashkelon was defended by the Iron Dome which stopped two rockets.  Just since midnight 17 rockets and mortars rained down.  Four people were injured.  Two grads fell in Netivot.

 "Netivot has been the target of grad missile  attacks from Gaza. In 2012, a rocket exploded near a school in the city."  This is a city with a 2009 population of 26,700 that lies between Beersheba and Gaza in Israel..  It is populated by Jewish immigrants mainly from Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and Ethiopia.  Given the chance to finally live in Israel, "In 2009, a high school student from Netivot won first prize in the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics competition."  Two of their homes were hit this time.  People tried to stick to their usual routines but finally cancelled school.  They all have just 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter once the siren is heard.

Israel struck back at 3 targets.  They hit an armory, a tunnel and a rocket launching site.

Besides being attacked from Gaza, the Golan Heights in the North has been suffering from a series of attacks from Syria.  At first they were thought to be the spill over from their civil war, but it has been going on too much and too steadily.  Now the possibility is that it has been intentional.  "Israel responded for the first time on Sunday, firing what it called a "warning shot" into Syria after another mortar shell strayed across the frontier and landed near an Israeli military post. Israel also warned of a tougher response if the attacks persisted."

11/12/12 Update: Truce signaled by Gaza 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

India-Burma's Lost Menashe Tribe of Israel Enter Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel recognizes Bnei Menashe Tribesmen as one of the lost 10 Tribes.  More are due to arrive in a few weeks.  There were 12 tribes of Israel, with origins being  the sons of Jacob, his two wives and two concubines.  It was Jacob's family of 70 who descended to Egypt.  The Assyrians attacked Israel  in the 8th-7th Century BCE and took away many  of 10 of the tribes.  Most people thought they had been killed, or had assimilated amongst the other nations.  Jacob's first wife, Leah, was the mother to Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah,Issachar and Zebulun.  Rachel, his 2nd wife and sister to Leah was mother to Joseph and Benjamin.  Zilpah, handmaiden to Leah was mother to Gad and Asher.  Bilhah, handmaiden to Rachel was mother to Dan and Naphtali.   

"I Chronicles 5:26 And the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul king of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgathpilneser king of Assyria, and he carried them away, even the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and brought them unto Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the river Gozan, unto this day."

The United Kingdom making up all 12 tribes of Israel was in existence starting with King Saul  from 1051 to 930 BCE.  The territory of the northern Kingdom of Israel comprised the territories of the tribes of Zebulun,  Issachar, Asher, Naphtali,  Dan,  Manasseh, Ephraim,  Reuben and Gad.

Its capital was Samaria.."  In 931 King Solomon died, leaving Rehoboam hereditary king which all the tribes refused to accept as king  except for Judah and Benjamin.  Rehoboam was a heavy tax person like his father had been.  Jeroboam, living in Egypt was sent for and  became king instead.  He's responsible for the division turning United Israel into Israel and Judah and was King of Israel, the northern kingdom, for 22 years..

In 721 BCE the Assyrians attacked Israel and the capital of Samaria, taking away captives.  They did it again in 701 BCE, this time attacking the other state of Judah.

Bnei Menashe Arrival
It seems that even with assimilation, some have managed to maintain their roots through oral history passed on down through the generations of about 2,700 years or 27 centuries since 721 BCE.  The tribe of Bnei Menashe, who have been living in north-eastern India and in Burma claims descent from the lost tribe of Menashe.They  believe that the legendary Kuki-Mizo ancestor Manmasi[ was Menasseh, son of Joseph.  We know that Joseph was the father to Manasseh and Ephraim.  They found their roots and have been practicing Judaism for only the past 27 years.

By 2005 Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar ruled that the tribe had Jewish roots but must go through conversion to be eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return.  Our Jewish recognition is through the mother, not the father, so this was important as the tribal roots were of the father's line.  Though they had this connection, the mothers of today were not Jewish.

In 2006 some of the tribe entered Israel.  Five years went by and now the government of Israel has approved of continued immigration for them.  274 new immigrants will arrive in a few weeks.  Israel already has about 1,700 Bnei Menashe members living mostly in Judea-Samaria towns and in Kiryat Arba.  There are still about 7,000 to 9,000 tribesmen in India and Burma.

In 2007 the government policy changed by requiring mass immigration and conversions to be approved by cabinet decision, not just the Interior Ministry.  MK Meir Sheetrit of the Kadima Party and Interior Minister in 2007 was against renewed immigration for fear that it will endanger the Jewish identity of the state.  The thought is allowing people to come who will vote a certain way in elections.  (Isn't that a thought also in the USA?)

Another Kadima Party member, MK Otniel Schneller said that this is mainly about family reunification for people already here.  Shavei Israel, an NGO liaison between Israel and Bnei Menashe funds and manages renewed immigration.

Flights of the last remnants of the Jewish community of Falash Mura immigrants from Ethiopia has been renewed last week.  They will soon be arriving.  This is indeed a time of the Jewish people's ingathering again in Israel that has been prophesied.  They are not one of the lost 10 tribes but claim descent from King Solomon through the Queen of Sheba.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daily Shelling From Gaza on Israeli Civilians Leads to Israeli Reply

Nadene Goldfoot
Since 2001 Southern Israel's civilian population has been bombarded by missiles, rockets, and mortars from Hamas terrorists and their pals in Gaza such as PFLP, who took responsibility this time.  Lately it's been horrific.  Israel has IDF patrolling the border to try to keep their civilians safe.  A jeep patrol was just hit by an anti-tank missile which set it on fire and 4 soldiers were injured; one badly in the head.  A nearby IDF tank came and returned shelling back, killing 4 Palestinians and wounding 25 who were aged 16-18, perhaps fighters in training.  .

That brought on an onslaught of 16-25 rockets hitting Southern Israel with their Iron Dome stopping one of two grad missiles that were fired at Israelis.  For almost 12 years Israelis have been living a great deal of their time in bomb shelters, if they are lucky enough to have them.  More are still needed in the area, especially for the schools. "Hamas have used small man-portable single-tube launchers for rockets in attacks against Israel, designated 122 mm 9P132/BM-21-P. The 122 mm Grad rockets used in Gaza have a range of about 40 km (25 mi), and can reach the Israeli towns of Ashdod, Beer-Sheva, Ofakim, Gedera, Kiryat Gat, Ashqelon, Sderot, Rehovot, Kiryat Malachi and Gan Yavne. The Islamic Jihad also published a clip claiming device mounted used as a multi-barrel rocket launcher on vehicle used for first time in Gaza (Wikipedia) 

Being that Israel took a tougher stand after much warning and hit back with the guarding tank which killed 4 people, they are wild with fury at having "civilians" hit.  "Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum blamed Israel for the incident, saying, "The occupation's targeting of civilians was a grave escalation that must not pass in silence," and adding that "resistance must be reinforced in order to block the aggression."

First off, it's amazing that after shelling Israel for 12 years targeting their civilians, I am in shock that Hamas cries out that we hit their "Civilians" and are angry about it. It's their everyday attack on Israel!   I disavow the word Fawzi Barhoum used, which was- occupation.  Israel moved out of Gaza completely in the name of peace and left it for the Palestinians.  They are the ones who voted in Hamas to be their leaders and rulers.  What Israel got out of that was the agony of being shot at almost daily. Hamas has been shooting at Israeli civilians.  Israel is not occupying Gaza, but the deal left Israel the ability to guard certain places to their own security.  With a people who want to destroy Israel, who will not even accept the fact that they are there legally in their own state, this is the only thing they can do.  Their idea of resistance is "attacking".  Aggression is something Israel is not practicing.  Defense is what it's called.  

"‘We will not allow the escalation on the fence to go unanswered,’’ Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.
The Israeli military said it holds Gaza’s Hamas rulers responsible for the attack and that it ‘‘will not tolerate’’ such incidents."  Hamas has killed hundreds of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks, including their raining rockets on Sderot, Ashkelon and other towns.  The populations are so close that Israelis have a 15 second warning and that's it.

Israel has complained  many times to the UN who has done nothing about it.  Watch; let the Palestinians now complain and Human Rights will be all over Israel.  It is not uncommon for Palestinian mothers to sacrifice their children in order to harm Israel.  This retaliating from Israel most likely was toward the direction of where  the grad missiles came from.  It wouldn't surprise me if the terrorists weren't trying to instigate such retaliation knowing it might be Israel who will be blamed.  Israel doesn't purposely aim at civilians like the Palestinians do.

Update:from  Uri Gobey Portland, Sunday noontime.
Rockets still being fired right now...non stop for 24 hours  ynet news reports that over 100 Qassam rockets, mortar shells and Grads have rained down on Southern Israel hitting several buildings including a house.  

Resource:,7340,L-4303997,00.html; 11/11/12 update

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama Allowing Sudan Leadership in UN

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama's administration promised that when a country is under Security Council sanction for massive human-rights abuses, "it should be barred, plain and simple, from leadership roles like chairmanships in UN bodies.  Abusers of international law or norms should not be the public face of the UN."  Yet, Sudan got in.   On March 4, 2009 Sudanese President Omar al Bashir, became the first sitting president to be indicted by ICC for directing a campaign of mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur.  With a record like this, one understands why the UN has gone to pot.

The UN elected Sudan to the top Human Rights body today to the  54-member Economic and Social Council, a top U.N. body that regulates human rights groups.  The USA, EU and UN leaders are silent about it happening.  Sudan's president al-Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by virtue of a Security Council referral.  Why have these countries been silent about it?  What are they afraid of?

Al Bashir's regime will now select the members of the Commission on the Status of Women, the executive board of UN Women and UNICEF, which protects children's rights.

ECOSOC is the group that legislates on matters connected to "promoting respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all."   There are 19 members on the "Committee on NGOs".  They have often led to rejecting or expelling human rights groups that dare to criticize China, Cuba or other repressive member states who may speak for minority ethnic groups or gay rights in a country. What chance will Israel have?  None, most likely.  Not after what just happened.

Israel has just hit a weapons factory in Khartoum, Sudan that was manufacturing arms for Palestinians to use against Israel. The Sudanese say the factory is owned by the Iranians.   Sudan went to the UN about it yesterday.  They threw in Darfur and blamed Israel on that situation as well,  just in case hitting a munitions factory wasn't enough.   "The envoy said Israel had armed Darfur rebels and helped transport rebel leaders. "We call on you to stop foreign hands meddling in the Darfur conflict," the ambassador said.Sudanese politicians have reacted angrily, with the speaker of parliament suggesting that Israel had declared war."

There are 5 Western countries vying for 3 allotted seats.  Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Greece and the USA want those 3 seats.  The USA has secured the least vote pledges.  The other countries canvassed world support long before the USA decided to run.

The fox is guarding the henhouse these days.  Nothing makes sense anymore.  The chickens probably voted for him.

Resource:  Outrage  Sudan, Israel, UN  Sudan, Israel, arms factory  Sudan, human rights breaker

At Birth, A Peaceful Partitioned "Palestine" Died

Nadene Goldfoot
Who was studying the Arab-Jewish problem in 1947?  Why of course, UNSCOP, United Nations Special committee on Palestine.  This group left for "Palestine" in June, 1947 to make a new study of the problem and after "endless wrangling, finally ironed out differences with the help of the British.

They forcibly prevented the refugee ship "Exodus" from allowing their load of Jewish passengers to disembark in "Palestine." They recommended on September 3, 1947, that the British  Mandate, which had begun in 1919 after the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which had been defeated in WWI and  lost control of the Arab world, be terminated and that "Palestine" be partitioned into sovereign Arab and Jewish states.  

Soon a White House aide, David K. Niles, telephoned Jewish officials and asked them to come quickly to his office.  He announced happily that the President, Harry S. Truman, accepts the partition plan.  Now there will finally be a Jewish state!

The Jews tried to win over the Arabs to the partition but all efforts to meet with them failed.  Finally Jon Kimche, a British journalist made a break-through and telephoned David Horowitz of the Jewish Agency asking him if he'd like to meet with Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha.  He was an Egyptian and secretary-general of the Arab League, one of the most influential Arab leaders.  He had agreed to an interview.  Abba Eban of the Jewish Agency joined them.

This tall lean-faced Arab diplomat met them in the Savoy Hotel.  Pasha was taking a political risk as the atmosphere was explosive.  After a statement was heard asking about working together, Pasha responded: "The Arab world is not in a compromising mood.  It's likely, Mr. Horowitz, that your plan is rational and logical, but the fate of nations is not decided by rational logic.  Nations never concede;  they fight.  You won't get anything by peaceful means or compromise.  You can, perhaps, get something, but only by force of arms.  We shall try to defeat you.  I'm not sure we'll succeed, but we'll try.  We were able to drive out the Crusaders, but on the other hand we lost Spain and Persia.  It may be that we shall lose "Palestine."  But it's too late to talk of peaceful solutions."  ...." We have only one test, the test of strength..."

 This man had no hatred in his voice and continually called Jews as "cousins."  He was not using any hostile expression about the Jews.

The Jews had just viewed the terrifying character of the majority Arab position, a position founded unashamedly not on logic, not even the logic of rancor, but on a blind fatalism.  We are still facing this same position today,  65 years later.  Logic is not sitting in on any of the conversations.

Abbas will be asking that "Palestine" be a part of the United Nations any day now by asking for an upgraded status.  Then he plans to sue Israel for "crimes."  This two-faced man had put on an act when on Israeli TV talking about restarting peace negotiations.  The only hitch is that "Abbas urged Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return to the negotiating table. His only condition was that Netanyahu declare his agreement to a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, he said."  We have waited 65 years for a representative of the Arabs sit down and discuss peace terms with us.  Is it possible?  Really?  After all, they only respect force, not logic.  And still the Arabs are vying for power, setting the parameters of this first meeting  which Netanyahu can not agree to.  We're back to the same old--same old.

Resource: Jerusalem of Gold by Ofra Haza, English translation with pictures of Israel
Book: Genesis 1948 by Dan Kurzman  Movie about the ship, Exodus that was not allowed to dock, with Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Connections in the White House

Nadene Goldfoot
Right here in Middle America a banner was seen that read:  "DEATH TO ISRAEL.  DEATH TO AMERICA."  An official of an organization was taped saying, "Our job is to change the Constitution of America."  This was coming from an banner at an Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) event with their official, the powerful Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed speaking.  This man who not only wields his leadership in the USA but also Canada, is heard from all over the world.  He has been on NBC, CBS, CBN, ABC, PBS and on  major programs like the Today show and Crossfire.  Along with another organization, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), they already have been named as unindicted terrorist co-conspirators in 2008.  This came about in 2007 with the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) terrorists case who were financing terrorism.  They were named by the US Dept of Justice along with another group, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT).  They were found to be integral parts of the effort to wage jihad against America through non violent means.

A New York Imam who was the speaker at their 2009 national convention, Warith Deen Umar, stated that the Holocaust happened because the Jews were seriously disobedient to Allah.  He also said that Jews close to Obama control the world.

Obviously with such rhetoric alone, one can conclude that the ISNA and CAIR are Muslim Brotherhood fronts.  With their continued importance, they have been regular guests at the Obama White House nevertheless.  In fact, the leaders of Hamas supporters are advising the US Secretary of State.  ISNA's two key directors and its president, Mohamed Magid work with Hillary Clinton in her office.

Huma Abedin has 3 members of her family working for the Muslim Brotherhood in important positions.  She has been an aide to Hillary Clinton and works in the State Department with her.  She had married Anthony Weiner and both were family friends of the Clintons.  This is another connection to the Muslim Brotherhood outlook on dealing with Israel.  Is there any question as to why Israel has been treated so rotten by both Obama and Hillary now?

All this is coming out in "The Grand Deception" a documentary by journalist Steve Emerson.  He shows how the Brotherhood has reached inside our USA political system over the past 20 years.  He shows Iman Siraj Wahhaj giving the invocation before Congress and in the next few days in Brooklyn calling this country a garbage can, and that it's filthy and prays that America crumbles and is replaced by Islam.  Then he calls for jihad.  Abdurahman Alamoudi, a former White House and State Department regular,  publicly denounced terrorism but later when with Muslims was praising Hamas and Hezbollah.

The Muslim Brotherhood Charter is chilling.  Article 15 starts out with:  The day that enemies usurp part of Muslim land, Jihad becomes the individual duty of every Muslim. In face of the Jews' usurpation of Palestine, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised. To do this requires the diffusion of Islamic consciousness among the masses, both on the regional, Arab and Islamic levels. It is necessary to instill the spirit of Jihad in the heart of the nation so that they would confront the enemies and join the ranks of the fighters."  For Israel and for the West, the Brotherhood is a "subversive menace" hiding in plain sight.  This group threatens all of us.   We have to take our blinders off and change the course, for they have become the Trojan Horse in our midst.

Reference: Newspaper: Investor's Business Daily 11/2/12, page A14:  Muslim Brotherhood's "Deception" on Syeed on ISNA  Muslim Brotherhood Charter