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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jews Celebrating the Birthday of the World

Nadene Goldfoot
Tonight starts Rosh Hashana.  Our holidays always start the eve of a special day.  Rosh Hashana is the day when G-d completed the creation of the world by creating Adam, the original man.  So this is the year 5772 on the Jewish calendar. 

This month of Elul is the time to think about our past actions and attitudes of the past year, and to resolve to correct our shortcomings.  It is a month of mercy.  We proclaim the Kingship of G-d, and repeat our commitment to serve Him well.  G-d reevaluates the quality of our relationship with Him and creates our world anew.  Since these days are marked as a special period of divine grace when our sincere prayers are sure to find favor in the eyes of G-d, it's a wonderful time to ask for peace for all of Israel. 

After services, we say, "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year."  The Rabbis tell us that on this special day we all stand in judgment before G-d.  If we are worthy, we are "inscribed" in the "Book of Life."  Ten days later on Yom Kippur, the Book is sealed.  We can sweeten the decree, and merit G-d's blessing for health, well-being, and prosperity for the coming year through repentance, prayer and charity. 

The Days of Awe
Outside of Israel we celebrate for 2 days.  The two days of Rosh Hashana and the 7 days following and Yom Kippur are known as the 10 days of Teshuvah, or the 10 days of awe.  which means repentance.  Judaism emphasizes that our essential nature--the divine spark of the soul---is good.  We do a deep self-condemnation, but realize that our deepest desire is to do good in accordance with the will of G-d. 

Resource: Your Tishrei guide from Lubavitch World Headquarters-pamphlet

More on Gilo- Jerusalem Building Plans Just Announced

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel's building plans that upset Hillary this morning fall under part B of cities and towns in Israel.  This means the cities and towns of Jews returning to sites occupied by Jews before 1948 such as Hebron, Gush Etzion, and the Jewish Quarter of East Jerusalem.  This may be a surprise to many, but East Jerusalem includes a Jewish Quarter. 

After the 1967 War when Israel was attacked by surrounding Arabs but won, Israel gained East Jerusalem back and Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza.  A small group of Orthodox Jews went back to Hebron and more resettled in the rapidly reconstructed Jewish Quarter of East Jerusalem.  Jews had lived in Hebron almost continuously since Joshua, 3100 years ago and were expelled during horrible Arab pogroms of 1929 when hundreds were slaughtered.  Jews living in Jerusalem had a similar history with the 1948 war and the massacre of about half of the people of the Jewish Quarter dead.

Jews resettled the villages of Kfar Etzion's area, called Gush Etzion, which is SW of Bethlehem later.  This land had been settled and developed in the early part of the 20th century by our Zionist pioneers.  Then mobs of Arab irregulars had massacred most of the Jews of these villages during the 1948 war.  Israelis have returned to these sites which still falls under the type B cities and towns. 

Israel plans on building to create 1,100 homes in this part B section of East Jerusalem.  They are going to be built in Gilo, a neighborhood in E. Jerusalem. 200,000 Jews live in East Jerusalem as well as about 270,000 Arabs. 40,000 Jews live in Gilo itself according to Wikipedia.  It is one of the 5 ring neighborhoods of Jerusalem.  This city was built in 1973.  The land was annexed to Israel following the 1967 Six Day War.  It sits on land which lies beyond the 1949 armistice line.  After 1967, the 1949 line  was no longer applicable to Israel. 

Reference: Big Lies: Demolishing the myths of the propaganda War Against Israel by David Meir-Levi-a publication of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Israel's Building in East Jerusalem is Valid

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel is the only known country in all of history to come into existence through legal channels.  First it was through the British who held the mandate over Palestine who had the legal right to reward Israel with land; albeit not the whole section they promised in the first place, but a piece of that promise.  Second, it was legally accepted through the U.N.  Most countries have followed a universal method of conquest without such legalities. 

Israel had to survive and was victorious in the 1947-49 war of genocidal aggression of the "Palestinian" Arabs and their goaders who used them as pawns in their battle of fighting a Jewish state in their Muslim midst. 

It fought another major attack in 1956, and then again in the 1967 war.  Then there was the 68-70 war, the 73 War, the 82 war when I lived in Safed, the 91 War and again in 2006.  Wasn't it the 91 war where all Israeli citizens had to be issued gas masks and seal up a room in their home for safety because of the threat of chemical warfare? 

All these times, the Arab nations and the "Palestinian" Arabs refused Israel's offers of peace negotiations.  This allows Israel the legal right to maintain its sovereignty over its newly won land sections and to develop these in any manner that is not prejudicial to the well-being of the people living on the land.

The Arab "Palestinians" could have had a state in 1937 and again in 1947 and again in 1949 and there would have never been a refugee situation.  If they wanted peace  in 1967 and again in 1973 or 2000 there never would have been a continued Israeli sovereignty over land of Judea-Samaria or Gaza. 

One has to finally realize that the goal of  the Arab nations is to not accept this one and only Jewish state to survive in their ancient homeland.  We have offered the moon, the sun and the stars and they still have not accepted a peace agreement.  They do not want peace. 

Now Israel is going ahead and building apartments in East Jerusalem.  I just saw Hillary Clinton on TV all upset about it.  She says it's not helping the peace process.  I have to laugh out loud (LOL)

Israel offered land for peace for the past 63 years and all she got from it has been death in attacks, and if not death-physical harm, and if not physical harm, mental anguish as well as destruction of land and property.  That's the only reason she was willing to give up land she had legally attained.  If that has not brought about peace after 63 years, she has every right to use it as she had to fight for her life and thereby got it by default.

 It came to her not from an aggessive attack on Arabs but defensive attacks over and over from her neighbors who tried to wipe her out.  Going way back to the League of Nations which gave Britain the job of establishing a Mandatory Palestine to be the homeland of the Jewish people, this shows that in absence of a peace treaty between Jews and Muslims, the land should be called "disputed territories," not occupied territories.  The dispute has not been ended with a peace contract.  Israel's continued holding is legal.

  Therefore, the League of Nations Charter is still international law.  Israel may take necessary measures to maintain security.  The old saying, "use it or lose it" can be applied here.  Israel came to this land not by her choice, but by the circumstance of her  agressive neighbors.  Since 1967 she has held it in abeyance for peace, so without further delay, decided to use it herself being she has a real need.  Tough luck, enemies.  The lesson here is to make peace without delay when offered. 

The cities and towns that have been established by Jewish Israelis in Judea-Samaria and Jerusalem are legal.   Jerusalem is not a divided city.  It is the capital of Israel.  Muslim Arabs may be living in East Jerusalem, and they are not thrown out, but Israelis have the right to be there as well.  After all, it is a democratic country.  By building there Israel is enhancing the area.  Surely Israel's "Marshall Plan", which modernizes roads and water supplies, electricity and sewerage besides bringing in 20th century medical care centers will follow this building need.  Israel wouldn't be building if the need wasn't great.  Anyone following the news should know that there is a huge need for housing. 

Israel withdrew from the  Gaza strip and removed all Israeli cities and towns from the area, along with all 8,500 Jewish people living there.  They also dismantled towns at the northern part of Judea-Samaria.  This was a huge concession Israel took in order to start up the peace process.  They were trying to show the Arabs that Israel was willing to trade land for peace.  Instead, attacks came to southern Israel. 

The differences between Israel and the surrounding Arabs is major.  It's the difference of a democracy in the midst of monarchies, of East and West culture and thought, and of Islam and Judaism.  I'm afraid that Obama and Hillary have been trying to treat the situation like a spat between Canada and the USA.  What it takes to bring about peace is for the nations of the world to see that the USA backs Israel in its endeavor to survive.  Survival should have never even been a part of the picture.  It had the rights to survival being it jumped through all the legal hoops in the first place.  The countries of the world should have acted aghast and reacted together against the  aggressive Arab states.  A member of their UN was being brutally attacked and no one stood up for her.
Update: 10:15 am  1,100 homes are  going to be built in Gilo, a neighborhood in E. Jerusalem.  200,000 Jews live in East Jerusalem as well as about 270,000 Arabs. 

Reference: Big Lies: Demolishing the myths of the propaganda War Against Israel by David Meir-Levi-a publication of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jewish Presence of Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinians wish to obliterate any show of Jewishness of Israel in order to say that we have no business being there.  They must cringe every time they see the Israeli flag, which was unfurled for the first time on May 11, 1949 at Lake Success, New York when Israel became the 59th member of the United Nations.

The design is that the blue and white colors with the Shield of David on it.  This Star of David remember's Judah's second king of the Jews, King David 1000-960 BCE.  He is the father of King Solomon.  King Saul was the first king and David, at age 25, became his armor-bearer.  David had been the best friend of Saul's son, Jonathan.  David later married King Saul's daughter, Michal.  Unfortunately, Saul became jealous of David. 

The continuing story of King David would make the writers of "All My Children" absolutely  awed.  I love how our Torah tells all, making the reader realize this is the true story and isn't doctored by only telling parts that praise the main characters.  We read about all his flaws as well. 

What Abbas and his Fatah people are doing are trying to obliterate anything Jewish in Jerusalem, of all places.  This city in the mountains of Judea is the capital of Israel.  The first time its name appeared was as U-r (city) ushamem in the Execration Texts from the time of the Egyptian 12th Dynasty (19th-18th century BCE) in the Akkadian language.  Then it was called Urusalim in the Tel el Armarna letters (15th century BCE).  In the early books of the Torah, it is also called Jebus after the people inhabiting it before David.  It is sometimes called Zion, after David's fortress, and was also known as the City of David.  Our bible also calls it the "city of righteousness,", "the faithful city", "the city of G-d", "the holy city", "the city of truth".  The Hebrew pronounciation is  Yerushalayim (Yeh roosh all eye eem) . 

Though the city's actual foundation was built in the Early Bronze Age (3500-2000BCE) to the period when the Canaanites first established themselves in the country,  from 2000-1550 BCE it was the capital of a Canaanite city state.  When Joshua came into the land in 1320 BCE the king of Jerusalem was defeated and it remained an independent enclave between the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.  David captured the city in 1910 BCE and it became the capital of a united Israel.  He was very lenient with the people living there and added the fortress of Zion and other construction.  The Ark of the Covenant was transferred there as well.

This is the city that Jews have been remembering in their prayers for the past 2,000 years.  Islam was born in
610 CE by Mohammed, who was born April 26, 570 in Mecca, Arabia and died June 8, 632.  At age 40 he had his first revelation.  Jerusalem was only important to Islam because he rose on his white horse from there.  Otherwise, Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam. 

The UN partition resolution of November 29, 1947 provided for the creation of an independent area of Jerusalem under UN administration.  Arab outbreaks soon reached the state of regular warfare between the Haganah and the Arabs who first were made up of local bands who were joined by the Arab Legion of Transjordan.  This put an end to  the internationalization scheme.  From December 1947 to July 1948 the Jewish Quarter in the Old City had to be evacuated which was then destroyed.  All the New city, except the Arab quarter north of the walls fell into Jewish hands.  The Arab Legion shelled and starved the Jews of Jerusalem too,  but they did not surrender. 

Jerusalem from 1948 was divided into two parts.  The Israel section included the whole of the West and South part of the New City, including "Mount Zion" and an enclave on Mt. Scopus.  The city was the administrative center of Israel.  When the 6 Day War started on June 5, 1967, Jordanian troops in the Old City and Jordanian sections (held illegally)  bombarded the New City.  Israel's army reacted and in 2 days the entire city came under Israel's control.  The first reaction were mass visits of Jews to the Western Wall that had been kept from Jews for almost 20 years.  By June 29, 1967, Israel formally united the two sections of the city and the barriers that had divided them were removed.  At that point there were 139,600 Moslems and Christians that were incorporated into the total population of 493,500 (1990 census). 

The Jerusalem Law of 1980 extended Israel sovereignty over the entire city. 

Hatikvah is Israel's National Anthem.
So long as still within our breasts    The Jewish heart beats true,
So long as still towards the East, To Zion, looks the Jew,
So long our hopes are not yet lost---Two thousand years we cherished them---
To live in freedom in the Land     Of Zion and Jerusalem. 

Ko l od ba le vav pe ni   ma      Ne fesh ye hu di   ho  mi  yah;
Ul fa a tei miz rach ka di mah     A yin le tzi yon tzo fi yah
Od lo av dah tik va tei nu          tik vah mi shnot al pa yim
Lih yot am hof shi  be ar tzei nu   B'  E retz tzi yon  vi ru sha la yim
Lih yot am hof shi   be ar tzei nu,  B' E retz tzi yon vi ru sha la yim.

We are not a just a band of people tired of being picked on that just happen to be Jews. 
We were so desperate that we even considered creating a state for ourselves after the Dryfus affair of 1894 in Africa after the British offered land in 1903 that is today's Kenya, and quickly realized that wasn't where our history or heart was.  We were from Judea and Israel and knew it was time to go home, our one and only true home. That's where Abram and his father, Terah, and Lot, the son of Haran, his grandson, and his daughter in law Sarai, the wife of Abram left Ur Kasdim (Iraq) for the land of Canaan, and they arrived in Haran and settled there where Terah later died. 

Reference: Israel , from Embassy of Israel, Washington D.C.
Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Tanach, The Stone Edition of the Torah/Prophets/etc. 

Palestinians Demand Meeting

Palestinians expect a meeting quickly.  They don't want any politically motivated delays.  As a result, the U.N. is hopping to it and will have a formal meeting on Wednesday.  There are 15 nations that are to be there.  It's all very hush hush. 

As a pre-condition to talking to Israel, they expect the settlement construction to be halted and that Israel must accept the pre-67 War borders.  They want their Palestine to consist of the entire Judea-Samaria, East Jerusalem and Gaza, which Hamas already controls. 

There are 500,000 Jews who live in Judea-Samaria.  This land is to be Judenrein-without any Jews living there,  "cleansed of Jews" (German) ", which came from the Nazis.   Though Abbas won't allow even one Jew on his land of Palestine, he won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  

They get their wish.  The U.N. is meeting on Wednesday.


Palestinian State's Goals Same as Hamas Terrorists

Nadene Goldfoot
The goal of creating a Palestinian state is but just a framework to change the rules of the game.  The game is to see who can wipe out Israel first, evidently.  They are now quick to admit that becoming a state through the U.N. will not end the conflict between fighting against Israel.

The Palestinians will then be able to pursue claims against Israel at the U.N.  They will attack them through:
1. Human Rights
2. International Court of Justice

Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah also admitted that Palestinian refugees will not become citizens of the new Palestine state, either.  He says that many are living in 137 different countries, such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.  (By Wikipedia's count, there are 47 Muslim majority states in the world). Even those living in camps in Gaza or Judea and Samaria will not be considered.  They all will continue to be supported by the UNRW of the U.N. 

I'm not surprised.  There is nothing "holy" about their creating their own state.  They have a good thing going in getting money from the UN for the past 63 years.  People inside refugee camps do not have to work.  They are on the dole and it has become a way of life for all. 

The future Palestine does not have plans of working; only of destroying Israel.  They lust for Jerusalem.  Whatever they would do with land now Israel is a frightful thought. 

This doesn't give Israel much reason to hurry this year to find a solution to create a Palestinian state, does it. 
It will only bring them more to grieve about in Muslim-weighted courts that won't listen to reason.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Serious, Abbas

Nadene Goldfoot
I think Benjamin Netanyahu is a wonderful politician.  I recall my cousin, Stanley Goldfoot's Letter to the World, where he said,  "Because I am not a  diplomat, I do not have to mince words."  This is how Netanyahu has to differ from any pundits critical of him.  Even so, he certainly spoke his mind about what he thought of the U.N.  It was a much needed truth.  Ann Curry (usually my favorite)  tried to pin him down on how he viewed Obama as being a friend, and how he viewed Bill Clinton.  Netanyahu's skills as a politican came into the forefront and he did now allow himself to get caught in that tangled web, but insisted that the USA was and always has been Israel's best friend.  My, how these interviewers can get hard-nosed with people.  If she had been that way with Ahmadinejad in Iran, I would have applauded.  Instead, that turned into a very meek and mild interview.  The lives of the two hikers were still on the line at that point.   

In order to do his job, he has to be ever mindful of the lives of the 7 plus million citizens he is responsible for.  In talks with different TV stations after the U.N. speech, he answered their many questions and made it clear that:

He welcomes the Quartet's efforts to restart the peace process.  (His call to Abbas there went unheeded.)
He puts at the top of the list for starters, the Arab's recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
To understand that Israel must maintain security.
Israel agrees that a Palestinian state will be in selected parts of Judea and Samaria. (Israel has large cities there, too large to dismantle) and no apartments or room for relocation.  However, as said before, Israel is for a two state solution.

The main body of Israel lies just a few hundred meters from the Palestinian controlled areas in Judea and Samaria.  This must have security.  Israel has already seen what happened in Gaza, which is now happening in the Sinai as well.  (The Sinai was given back in the name of peace with Egypt). Security for all of Israel is a must. 

You don't predetermine negotiations before they've begun, which is what Abbas expects to happen.  That's not a serious move towards peace. 

Netanyahu's policies have been responsible for removing 400 roadblocks.
They froze construction for 10 months without any needed input from Abbas or his cabinet who were all given that time frame beforehand with the deadline.

No other Prime Minister has given more towards peace.  What are they waiting for? 

Letter to the World, Stanley Goldfoot

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mahmoud Abbas's Delusions

Nadene Goldfoot
76 year old Abbas, born March 26, 1935,  is managing to ignore the U.S., E.U, Russia and U.N. call for starting the peace talks with Israel again after such a long lapse without the preconditions he wants.  They want a decision found by the end of 2012.  Abbas still insists on a settlement freeze from Israel.  This is because he wants for his state of Palestine all of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.  The Hamas Palestinians already have Gaza.  He doesn't need to sit down and negotiate with Israel.  He has returned to his people as a hero. 

Israel has large cities in Judea and Samaria and would like to not have to move them out, lock, stock and barrel since Abbas's "Palestine" will have no Jews in it.  Israel, the  democratic Jewish state, has 1.4 million Arab citizens living with their 5.6 million Jews. 

Israel already has had the job of  integrating all the Jews that they had move out of Gaza just to appease these Arabs in the intent of having a peace contract with them, but instead the land has become a staging ground for attacking Israel with missiles, rockets, mortars and such. 

Now Abbas has declared that the Arab Spring begets a Palestinian Spring.  I wonder if that means that Hamas will be more aggressive in fighting Fatah.  These two terrorist organizations are offshoots of Arafat's PLO and are still not in agreement with each other.  Hamas feels that Abbas's speech at the U.N. did not help their cause at all since Abbas only declared 22% of the original Palestine land being theirs.  Hamas wants it all.

Abbas's speech at the U.N. bared his mind and soul.  He showed that he is so deluded of facts.  This is how his group has been brainwashed to think and believe.  They have taken facts that have happened to Jews and claim them as happening to themselves.  His statement of the Palestinians being ethnically cleansed by Israel is preposterous.  His thinking that Israel has pushed the Palestinians away from their ancestral homeland shows that they don't know their own history at all.  Of course to expose them to such would mean that evidently those who did live in the area and did not leave as per direction of the Arab leaders are already living in Israel. 

What makes me mad is that either Abbas is a liar, as I suspect, or already has Alzheimers, since he was from Safed, the city I lived in from 1981-1985, and the Arabs there left on their own volition in 1948 when their leaders told them to with the promise of returning to take over Jewish property after they won the battle. It didn't happen. He knows this.

 Safed is only 14 km or about 8.7 miles from Lebanon.  Periodically terrorists had fired katusha rockets procured from Russia at Israel.  Luckily, they usually fell short into the wadi, but once there was a direct hit on a warehouse, and another time an electric pole was hit..  Another happened to hit the fuel pumps at the central bus station on the 2nd day of the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  It blew a hole in the ground above the gas tanks and shattered the glass on the pumps.  A rocket entered the air shaft in the only unoccupied apartment house in a block of ten new building, causing damage to 2 apartments but no injuries.  When I moved to Safed in 1981, I was told that a rocket had fallen just behind an apartment house only 2 weeks prior.  I quickly asked where the closest bomb shelter was. 

It's typical of telling a lie so often that the teller believes it himself.   Now, I've just turned 77, and I know that in May 1948 I would have been 13 1/2 years old, old enough and smart enough to know the circumstances of leaving a city I had been living in.  His family left and went to Syria to live.  He was educated in Damascus, Syria and Egypt.  Abbas is a tired old man.  He wants recognition as a winner with his people, not as a Sadat thinking of the future for his people.  He passed up the opportunity to speak with Netnayahu at the UN.  He'll most likely pass up many more such times this coming year as well.
Legends of Safed, by Dov Silverman, page 78; The Katushas and the 7 Sons of Hannah

Friday, September 23, 2011

Netanyahu's U.N. Speech

Nadene Goldfoot
Netanyahu spoke today at the U.N. after Abbas's speech.  It was magnificant.  I was mesmerized for the full 40 minutes.  There was absolute silence; no cat calls, and no booing.  In fact, many times there was a lot of applause. 

He covered many truths that people should be aware of.  In 2000 Israel had made a sweeping offer of peace and instead 1,000 Israelis died from shelling.  Olmert in 2008 also offererd much land in exchange for peace and Abbas didn't respond then. 

Netanyahu's remark was "better a bad press than a good eulogy ," which happens so much to Israel with people who ill advise her. Listening to the many countries' advice certainly would bring about her demise in many cases.   He went on to remind people of the size of Israel.  It's only 9 miles wide not counting Judea and Samaria in one place.  That's only 2/3 the length of Manhatten.  It takes but 3 minutes for a jet to fly across Israel whereas it takes 6 hours to fly across the USA.    This is why Israel needs a good peace pact with Palestinians as Israel would only be a few meters away from such a state declared in Judea and Samaria.  As it is, they are a few km away from Gaza, who are constantly shelling southern Israel.

He asked that the Arabs stop denying Israel's Jewish roots.  They are from Judea 4,000 years ago.  That's why we are called Jews.  We are from Judea.  His prior meeting with the Lubuvitch Rebbe was interesting.  He told Netanyahu that he would be speaking in a house of many lies.  His speaking would be the light of truth, and that's what Netanyahu laid on the audience; the truth, even the truth in that the head of the Security Council is from Hezbollah of Lebanon.

Netanyahu stressed over and over that Israel wants peace, peace anchored in security.  The Palestinians have refused to negotiate.  When Ahmadinejad spoke, only some left the hall; all should have.  Militant Islam is fanaticism.  If Iran is ever armed with nuclear weapons, the world will see that we all are in trouble.   Of course, Israel is the country they aim to destroy with any atomic weaponry simply because they are Jewish.  . 

Netanyhu ended his speech with a call to Abbas to meet with  him today as long as they are in the same building and discuss peace.  He pleaded with him that they are both from Abraham living in the same land.  I would love to know if Abbas took him up on the offer.  It would be a nice way to start Shabbat.  They had time. 

Resource:  Fox News TV

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Abbas's Reasoning at the U.N.

Obama showed support of Israel in the U.N. General assembly and says he will veto the Palestinian membership request in the Security Council, but he hates to use it as it would hurt Washington's image among the Arabs. 

Abbas has now won respect with the "Palestinian Arabs.  He is in competition with Hamas for leadership and his stand to defy the USA by going ahead with his plans for request is getting him the praise he wants.  He wants the vote in the Security Council to happen right away instead of having to wait the usual several months expected for such a bid. 

He is even thinking of dissolving the Palestinian Authority, which would be a collapse of 20 years of US foreign policy.  Israel would then be responsible for almost 4 million Hamas and Fatah Arabs.   They are now funded by the international community, of which the USA pays a major part. 

The plans of Israel are still to keep East Jerusalem and the heavily Jewish populated sections of Judea and Samaria as any relinquishing of land can be used like Gaza has been, the staging ground for rocket and missile attacks. 

This chess game Abbas is planning is designed to weaken Israel.  The results are that Europe and the U.S. will want results of a peace settlement and may expect results within a year. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama's Speech on Palestine at U.N.

Nadene Goldfoot
The speech from Obama on that of a Palestinian state at this time was just heard.  He mentioned  that it was last year when he called for an independent Palestine at the podium he stood before today.  He believed then and now that they deserved a state of their own.

That's where he and I part ways.  The Arabs have shown since Israel's inception that they have refused what was offered to them as a state.  They continued to refuse when the Prime Minister preceding Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert,  offered Arafat so much, about 90% of Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza.  The Palestinian people's bubbling anger comes from what the leaders teach them in that ALL the land is Palestinian.  No, they are not teaching anything like a preparation to live in peace with Jews.

 They didn't even start on their call for a "Palestine" till after the 1967 war when they realized that Israel had won against their attacks.  Israel has endured constant attacks from these people who do not wish to live in peace.  Eight years of shelling brought about the retaliation of Operation Cast Lead from Israel.  Enough already if what they want is to live in peace.  If they really do, they have a funny way of showing it.  If these particular Arabs are suffering from any discontent, I say they have brought it on themselves with their constant attacks on Israeli lives.  That's not deserving behavior. 

However, Israel has no choice and does profess to want the solution to be a two state one.  To make Gaza, Judea and Samaria a part of Israel would delete the reasoning in creating Israel in the first place as a Jewish state, a refuge for a people who have been ill-received in the world.  It's precepts are very democratic.  Already there are Arabs in the knesset.  1.4 million Arabs are an integral part of Israel's citizens. 

The aid from the USA to bring two different minds together such as Abbas and Netanyahu have proved more than was originally thought to be most difficult.  Obama realizes after such a stalemate that primary in Israel's mind is their security, and I hope that he sees that Israel has not been  receiving it in the last 10 years. 

He says that Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis of their state.  He fails to mention that Abbas represents Hamas as well, a known terrorist organization that has on its charter the destruction of Israel.  Right now they both are clamoring for East Jerusalem as their capital.  Why?  It belongs to Israel. 

Once, long ago, all of Judea and Samaria and Gaza were parts of the Jewish land. The kingdom of Judah was the southern state of two kingdoms divided in 933 BCE after the death of King Solomon.   The northern state was Israel.  Samaria was the capital of Israel founded in 880 BCE.  Gaza had been alotted to  the tribe of Judah.  Jews continued living there even when in the hands of others.  A Jewish population lived there throughout the Middle Ages as well, some leaving in 1917.  Others left in 1929 after Arab riots. 

Today the proclaimed "Palestine" wants all Jews out of Judea and Samaria, even the established large cities.  Their land is to be exclusively all made of Muslim Arabs.  It's the green light for Apartheid rule, something they cry out against Israel in their many lies.  It's going to take more than another year for minds to meet here.  We've been up against such thinking for a long,  long time. 

I picked up Psalms by David, King of Israel (1000-960 BCE) ,  and read this:
"Against your people they plot deviously, they take counsel against those sheltered by you.  They said, "Come, let us cut them off from nationhood, so Israel's name will not be remembered any longer!  For they take counsel together unanimously, they strike a covenant against you:  The tents of Edom and Ishmaelites; Moab and Hagrites; Gebal and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia, with the inhabitants of Tyre.  Even Assyria joined with them....Who said, "We will conquer for ourselves the pleasant habitations of G-d."...

These are the same actors with different names who are still not accepting Israel.  These are people who don't even have Israel's name on the their maps.  How they could have been  ready for a peaceful statehood in one year is beyond my understanding. 

Danny Danon, a member of the Knesset,  explains that you cannot impose a peace with Palestinian goals on Israel.  Israel wants peace and this must be decided at a negotiation table.  The Palestinians were led to believe from Obama last year that he went along with their hearts desire.  Now he is advising them to go back to negotiating.  This is going to be a hard thing for them to swallow. 

Obama mentioned that he was frustrated as well.  So now Obama and the Palestinians can work on attaining their goal of a Palestine and how they intend to reach that goal.  I hope it will exclude continued hatred taught in their schools and homes as well as all the missiles, mortars and rockets they have have been using. 

Fox News on TV interviewing Danny Danon
The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
The Stone Edition of Tanach-art scroll series from Psalms  83 (80:19-83: 13)" The historical enmity of the nations against Israel is an outgrowth of hatred for that which Israel stands for." 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Israel: Standing Alone in the World or With Friends

Nadene Goldfoot
Rosh Hashana (on the 28th-29th) and Yom Kippur (Oct 7th-8th) are almost upon us at a time when again Israel stands almost alone in the world.  We will find out just how alone we are when Netanyahu stands before the U.N. in defense of Israel on the 23rd of September.

 We have our own Jewish writers who continue to condemn their brothers in Israel for not listening to their advice and if Israel did, everyone would be getting along just fine.  They say this as armchair generals from their safe abodes in the USA while in their easy chair.  They may have stayed long enough in Israel to write a book, but G-d forbid they should remain to live there and help out and see what it really is like. 

Some say that they worry so about Israel, but continue to deride her and her decision-making.  They forget that Israel is a democracy and the people have chosen their leadership.  Netanyahu replaced  Ehud Olmert of the Kadima Party who had also offered everything but the kitchen sink of every Jewish mother in Israel to Arafat, as in 2005,  who continued to refuse his chance of creating a "Palestine."  The offer did not subside the attacks on Israel's lives at all.  In fact, they seem to add fuel to fire that Israel was an easy mark. 

These writers remind me of the two brothers who killed their parents and then bewailed to the courts that they were just orphans.  Constructive criticism is great and happens all the time in Israel itself.  No one is harder on Israel's leaders than their own people.  But the kind of criticism I've been reading is destructive and shows a complete lack of understanding of issues.  It's adding fuel to the fire coming from Israel's enemies. I have a feeling these writiers could not sell their essay unless they were tearing Israel apart. 

Jews are not sheep.  They started life as the herders of sheep, like Kind David did.  The old joke is that if you have two Jews stranded on an island, they will build 3 synagogues; one for each of them and one that neither would set foot into.  Each man is king of his own household and a master thinker.  We have a lot of creative thinkers in our midst, but unfortunately not all have great political bents; more likely scientific or legal minds.  You have to be a modern day Solomon and Israel has chosen Netanyahu for this role.  I personally think he's doing a great job.

 I sure couldn't take being in his shoes.  Israel has bounced back and forth between Labor and Likud, from left to right since Begin, with Kadima thrown in for good measure.  It has its "Peace Now" crowd and those more realistic.  It has its aetheists and its religious.  For 5 1/2 million Jewish people, it's quite an assortment coming from all corners of the world. 

This is our season for self-examination.  It is the birth of the world and then the time we ask for forgiveness from G-d for anything we did wrong.  As I examine Israel's decisions, I feel she has made the best possible under more stressful conditions than any country has ever faced on this earth.  I keep saying, Dayenu (enough already) and then I see her facing another challenge to solve. 

As far as the decision to build in Jewish cities in Judea and Samaria, I feel they had the perfect right to do so, and evidently Israel agrees with me.  According to Abbas, he doesn't even want a balcony built on a Jewish home.  He had his chance.  Netanyahu gave him 10 months to come around to the peace table and he didn't take him up on it.  Israel wasn't about to freeze their lives forever because the Palestinians wanted them to.  That wasn't the issue, anyway, only something to pin the blame on.  The real issue was that for 63 years the Palestinians have shown that their interest is not in building a state but destroying ours. 

Israel has spent 63 years offering everything imaginable and it worked with Egypt for the past 44 years, but now may be in jeopardy.  Israel gave up a lot to get that peace treaty.  Look what giving up Gaza got us; a firing range for terrorists to terrorize Israeli citizens. 

Having lived in Israel for 5 1/2 years, I came to realize that there is so much that goes on that never ever makes the papers in the USA, and most likely not in other papers as well.  The  bombs planted in tooth paste cartons on the street near schools, the threats from near-by countries, the bomb shelters in every apartment building that must be kept in good repair are just not a part of American culture.  Never mind the shekel that varied from minute to minute in the world economy dependent on the dollar that guides businesses in the 80's.  How about doing Civil Guard duty every month even if you're a grandmother with 18 year old boys who are off duty from the army and spend their free time helping their city out this way?  Such a life was so different from what I experienced in the USA. 

With all this surrus (problems) life goes on and Israel has been able to be more creative than countries without a care in the world, except maybe the economy.  How many others can handle the condemnation of the world, the threat of extinction and still think up ways to contribute a better way of living to this strange planet? 


Monday, September 19, 2011

What Could Happen at UN This Week

Nadene Goldfoot
Arutz Sheva writes today that "Abbas is counting on universal condemnation of Israel to embarrass the Obama administration, reduce its influence in the Middle East and allow pro-Arab Western countries to place more pressure on Israel to meet Arab conditions."

I imagine that Arab condemnation will be heard and seen. They could act as juvenille as to boo and cat call such as I have seen in demonstrations when someone speaks in Israel's defense. Israel's position keeps me busy writing in two blogs in their defense. I've even been told not to come to a Socialist meeting where they have been putting up posters and demonstrating here in Portland against Israel about being apartheid. I sent them my blog on why they are not and that infuriated them, evidently.  Those against Israel do not want to hear any truth, especially backed up with facts.

Actually, what is happening is that besides the USA, Tony Blair of England is also trying to talk sense to Abbas who is with the Quartet.  Abbas will have none of it.  He's angry that these Westerners are not going along with his wanting East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestine.  He complained that "All hell is breaking loose," but sees himself as a savior, some are saying.  Now he is threatening that if he gets his "Palestine bid" he will consider Arabs in Israeli prisons as Prisoners of War.  What they are are terrorists who prey on Israeli citizens. 

Since it is Obama that has promised to veto, he must be there to witness such a disgusting demonstration of condemnation from this body. It would not be the Obama administration but Obama himself that may feel queezy. The House of Representatives back Israel. They would not be embarrassed but disgusted and would feel the frustration that Israel has felt.

Obama will use the veto. Who is he trying to influence in the Middle East? He will be keeping a promise to the only other Democratic state in the Middle East, Israel, who has shared a 63 year friendship with each other.   He and his administration should have seen by now how Netanyahu and his administration has been willing to go along with many issues in the name of peace and want peace. There are not many in his own country who will find favor with him if he cannot be counted on at this 12th hour.

The Arab conditions are ultimately to wipe out Israel.  If people could only see the maps they have in their schools, they would see that children are taught that all the land is "Palestine."  they show no Israel at all.  They have not been discreet in hiding their value system or their aims.   If this happens with the Western countries' nod and blessings, there will be no hope for any democratic country or even this planet. There are already a few Western countries who will not go along with the formation of a Palestine under these conditions. They are all not finding the decision a "nuisance".

Reference: Arutz Sheva

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Abbas's Expectations on 23rd

Nadene Goldfoot
The original Mandate,  which was a plan to create Israel offered by Great Britain, was all of Palestine which was 120,466 sq. Km. or  around 46,332 sq mi.    This happened on April 24, 1920.  Britain, ever thinking of their great empire first, then had second thoughts  as she had also promised land to the Arabs.  So they wound up giving 77% of this promised land to become Trans Jordan.  This amounted to a give-away of 92,300 sq. Km. 

Now Abbas is going before the UN and is going to ask for full membership and recognition of their Palestine state.  They say they want to end the occupation of Israel in their land.  They want Jerusalem as their capital.  Earlier they had said they wanted East Jerusalem.  Papers now say they want our whole ancient holy city.  They are planning on expecting to create their Palestine with 1947 borders.

Israel accepted the piece that was left and offered to them immediately.  They have 20,700 sq km or 7,992 sq mi. in one resource and 8,019 sq mi  in another.  The narrowest strip is 12 miles.  The length is 632 miles with a 170 mi long coastline.

 This should include East Jerusalem which is 27 sq miles in itself.  The Golan Heights is 444 or 454 sq miles. Judea and Samaria make up 2,270 sq mi.

 New Jersey, the USA's 47th largest state is larger with 8,722 sq mi.  Oregon, the 9th largest state, has 98,380 sq miles.  Now a Palestine is threatening to take what little land we have. 

The Arabs left recent homelands in their search of better jobs. They joined some Arabs that had been living in the area.  The Jews also had people who had never left.  They came back to their ancient homeland after suffering in the hands of  the countries they had tried to find refuge in.  In the late 1800's they still suffered from anti-semitism resulting in pogroms and death.  The 2nd World War brought about the death of 6 million Jews from anti-semitism.  The need for their own state was a desperate one.  The need was not even there for the Arabs.  They merely wanted a better economic situation.  They had been offered land for a state but constantly have refused in hopes of bartering for all of it.  This was a shuk mentality.  Then again, they really had no need.  Predominant in their mind was the aim to keep Jews from having it. 

Why a Palestine Should Not Be Recognized By the U.N.: The Terrorist Groups Involved

Nadene Goldfoot
The PLO was founded in 1964.  This terrorizing political group  attacked Israel in 1967 along with all the other Arab neighbors who are so adamant against having a Jewish state in their midst.  Strangely, there were several Arab leaders pre-1948 who were all for the idea.  What developed was a fever for a radical Muslim ideology.

Yasser Arafat was the chairman from 1969 to 2004 when he died.  Then Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazen took over from 2005 to the present.  Their ideology is that they are secular Arab nationalists.  "Armed struggle is the only way to liberate "Palestine." They feel that Israel is entirely illegal regardless of the time it has existed.  They claim that the history of the Jews or their religious ties to the land are not factual and have been busy trying to erase them physically and in the minds of their people.  Their activities against Israel has been plane hijackings, hostage taking, bombings, assassination, targeting Israeli civilians and Jews globally and conducting operations against Lebanese, Jordanians and Americans.  They fought against King Hussein of Jordan. 

What did the UN do to help Israel?  They turned around and recognized the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people.  1996 saw the PLO votes for amending its Charter to delete clauses calling for the destruction of Israel, but renigged by not changing this in public documents.  By 2007 they were found to be stealing international aid by being corrupt leaders.

This led to 1959's founding of the Fatah group who continue to call for the national liberation of Palestine. It has a militia group called the Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.  This was organized by Yasser Arafat with Mahmood Abas and others.  Their idiology is that of a revolutionary nationalist liberation group.  They came into being in 1968 and remain the PLO's main faction.  They practice guerilla warfare, shootings, bombings, and rocket and suicide attacks.  Females entered into it with the first suicide bomber in 2002, 5 others from 2002 to 2005.  214 terrorist attacks from them occurred from 2003-2004.  33 suicide bombings came from this group from 2000 to 2005.  This group has several militias.  They started coordinating with radical Islamist terrorist groups for joint terrorist attacks.  This is the "mild-mannered" political group led by Abbas who says one thing to the international public and another to his people. 

1987 found Hamas created by Sheikh Ah;med Yassin and continued by Khaled Mashal in 2004 to today.  They are not only residing in the Gaza Strip but are also found in Judea-Samaria with leaders also living in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.  Their ideology goes along with the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists.  They opposed the PLO and fought enough to chase out Abbas.  Now they have rejoined, yet are still disagreeing, even to the moment of Abbas going to the UN in a few days.  They say that Islam will obliterate Israel and that there is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad, their Holy War.  This is right from their Hamas Charter. 

These terrorists are responsible for 40% of suicide bombings and dominate Gaza.  They use the constant rocket and mortar attacks on Israel that the UN has ignored.  They are tied to Syria, Iran and Lebanon and funded from groups in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Western Europe, Hezbollah terrorists and others.  The US State Department lists them as a terrorist organization yet everyone has been pushing Israel to make peace with them. 

Nobody seems to ask Hamas to make peace with Israel, and the world has stood by while they commit shootings, bombings, rocket attacks and suicide missions.  Israel recieved 773 terrorist attacks from 2003 to 2004, 41 suicide bombings from 1993 to 2000,  58 suicide bombings from 2000 to 2005.  377 Israelis were killed and 2,076 wounded just from 2000 to April 2004.  Israel foiled 29 suicide bombers and arrested them in 2005. 

And yet we even have American Rabbis who think that if these terrorists, who have been terrorizing Israel since its inception  in 1948 and have been offered every iota on the plate except a crumb deserves their own state.  At one time they were offered 90% of Judea and Samaria and refused it, wanting 100%.  Gaza was given up by the Jews in the hopes and promises of peace.  They even may think that suddenly if they have their own "Palestine." they will become happy campers and live in peace with Israel forever after like an arranged marriage. 

How deluded they are in my eyes.  I can see how this will not be the case as the need has never been to have their own state as their refusals have shown,  but to drive out the one and only Jewish one.  It's an affront to the Muslims who have taken up the radical side of Islam.  This is a war of religion, not of land ownership.

Since September 28, 2000 to December 31, 2005 there have been 25,770 terrorist attacks against Israel from Hamas and Fatah.  From that there were 147 suicide bombings causing 47% of all deaths.  1,084 were killed.  7,454 were injured.  They are not conducting a war between armies.  82% of the dead and wounded of Israelis were civilians just from 2000 to 2004. 

By December 27, 2008, Israel had been enduring 8 years of shelling from the Arabs in Gaza which meant 12,000 rocket attacks. They finally fought back in defense with Operation Cast Lead's operation.  Since then, attacks have continued. 

Israel hasn't been the negator in the Peace Talks.  At the Camp David negotiations, Arafat had turned the peace table upside down on President Clinton.  In Arafat's mind was the planned intifada that then broke out.  It did not happen because Sharon had visited the al-Aqsa Mosque which is also the site of the Jewish Temple.  That turned out to be a coincidence.  This fact comes from  Imad Falouji, the PA Communications Minister on March 3, 2001. 

There are other compteing terrorist groups.  Sometimes they cooperate with each other in an offense against Israel. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) was founded in 1979 and are in both places.  Hezbollah (Party of G0D) came about by Iran  in 1982 in Lebanon.  The PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine of 1967 is also in Judea-Samaria, Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.  Iran has given Hamas and Hezbollah millions of dollars each year.  Hamas's Khaled Maashal lives in Damascus, Syria.  Hamas and Hezbollah signed an agreement in 2004 to increase attacks on Israel. 

Yet the "wise men" of the U.N, and shamefully some USA Rabbis and their followers blame Israel for not making peace.  They confuse wishful thinking and the Jewish and Christian precepts of fairness and rightousness with reality, and the reality is that Israel's neighbors' leadership really do not want to make peace.  It's like this:  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.  When the Arabs want to "drink the water of peace with Jews, then we might think the Messiah has arrived and we'll have peaceful times that we all thirst for. 

Resource: Israel 101 from StandWithUs.  p. 24, 25

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lies Our Neighbors Tell About Us: Leading to an Invasive March

Nadene Goldfoot
We are up against the constant lies that the Arabs tell their people about Israel.  Here's what they are advocating to do.

"They [Israelis] know for certain that our [Palestinian] roots are deeper than their false history. We are drawing our new maps. When they [Israelis] disappear from the picture, like a forgotten chapter in the pages of our city's history, we will build it anew (residential area). The Mughrabi Quarter will be built here (on the Western Wall Plaza)." [Palestinian Authority TV, August 10, 2011]

Notice "our city's history?"  Suddenly Jerusalem is "their city?"  That's one of the lies they tell their people. The Western Wall Plaza is in Jerusalem.  If anybody doesn't know yet, Jerusalem was built by the Jewish King David.  He reigned for 40 years from 1010-970 BCE in Jerusalem.  He created the city.  Jerusalem is a Jewish city and the capital.  Remember Solomon and Sheba?  Solomon was David's son and of course the next king and the Queen of Sheba visited from Ethiopia and was highly impressed. 

The Plaza is in front of the Wailing Wall in the Old City at the foot of the Western side of the Temple Mount.  The Wailing Wall (Western Wall) is one of the most sacred sites in Jerusalem.  This falls in the Eastern section of the city, which is the area that the Palestinians covet and say they want as their capital.  Today there is no division in Jerusalem.  It is one united city and Israel's plan is to keep it that way.  Jews pray at this wall.  It is a wall of peace and reverence and is truly awesome. 

I was lucky to be able to first visit there in 1980 when I moved to Israel with my class.  Everyone puts their prayer on a little piece of paper and sticks it in between the stones of this ancient wall that Herod built.  Many people are invited for Shabbat dinners and lunches from this spot. 

Since Israel's freeing of Jerusalem in 1967, Muslims have been able to continue to visit their holy sites like the Temple Mount.  This is the only site that is holy to them.  The story is that Mohammad went up on his white horse to Paradise.  Actually, the Muslim holy sites are in Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia.

 Israel went out of their way to protect their religious rights and no Jew has been able to enter the Temple Mount at all.  Yet, a Muslim takeover will mean apartheid practice as they plan to have no Jew in their Palestine.  Jews would be kept from all their holy places as well as homes.  I can't believe the U.N. would even consider such a decision. 

About on the 20th of September, the Arabs are planning on an invasion by walking into Israel unarmed in a takeover of some sort.  They had called for an earlier one with the help of Facebook for May 15th and did.  That's why I shudder at what can happen this time around.  Remember this: Iran imprisoned 3 innocent young hikers who didn't realize they had wandered into Iran that day being it must have been rural countryside for a hike.  The result for these three is that they were held for ransom of a half million dollars each.  The one girl paid her money and was able to leave, but the two fellows are still there, even after being told they would be freed in a few days.  I imagine Iran is waiting for the checks to clear the bank first.  They have been in prison for 2 years already.

 Now, whatever happens in this invasive march, remember that no one in any country can just enter.  We can't do that to enter Canada or even Mexico.  They will not be entering as tourists.  They have one thing in mind; to destroy and take over Israel. 

Iran and Iraq had a monstrous war between them in the 1980's.  Iran tried the same thing.  They had a massive invasion of people walking towards Iraq.  Iraq used mustard and nerve gases on them, which could kill in 2 minutes.  That was their reaction. 

Resource: Honest ReportingCanada
Arutz Sheva

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Teacher/Grandmother Speaks About What to Do with Hamas and Fatah at U.N.

Nadene Goldfoot

The Arabs are in a mighty big hurry to create their own state without coming to any peace terms with Israel.  They've also been trying to erase all signs of Jews ever having been in the land and teach their people this fairy tale.  Probably their people have never heard the following history of the Jews. 

Abraham was the father of Judaism.  He was born about 1812 BCE in Ur which is now a part of Iraq.  He was able to take his family and travel to Canaan in order to bring up his children in a new environment and teach them the rudiments of his new faith. 

Moses was born about 1400 BCE at a time the Jews were slaves in Egypt.  He had the fortune of being brought up by the Egyptian princess instead of being slaughtered as a new-born male child as per Egyptian orders and was destined to lead the Jews out of that country after some 400 years of hard labor as slaves. 

Saul was the first king of the Jews who was born about 1010 BCE, an event that happened about 400 years after Moses's birth.  Kings David and his son Solomon followed next.  The country continued until 70 CE when Rome attacked Jerusalem and it fell.  Then we had lost both Samaria and Judea and most Jews became stateless, living in other countries for 1 and 3/4  thousand years but maintaining both family and religion.  In the meantime, their homeland was overrun by Muslims and then taken over by Christian Crusaders, only to be lost to Muslims again.  This was not the time for Jews to regain their homeland.  They prayed every day not to ever forget Jerusalem, and that continues today.

Finally, in 1948 Jews who were terribly concerned about their people managed to bring about the state of Israel once again in their ancient homeland by consensus of the United Nations. It had taken over 20 years of pleading and planning with Great Britian, starting before the Holocaust.  They had to watch the 3,000 year old Jewish Community of Gaza shrink in the 1929 riots.   However, the Jewish people and the religion had lasted since its conception for almost 4,000 years, outlasting any other ancient peoples as a unit despite losing 6 million.  In the name of peace, Jews left Gaza for the Arabs who had come to live there. 

After being a recognized and accepted state for 63 years, its life is again in danger from a people who only came together mostly by accident in the past 63 years who just decided after 1967 that they needed their own state.  That's only 44 years of thinking they should be rewarded a state though most all came from nearby Muslim Arab states and were just looking for better jobs.  They have one thing in common; they are Arabs. 

They plan on asking for this decision from the U.N. in just a few days, supposedly on September 23rd.  If I were a dignitary on the United Nations, I would require these people to tell why they so desperately need to create the 48th  Muslim state and why they don't return to their original homes that they left.  Only some had been living in "Palestine" when Jews had returned in the 1800's to join their brothers who had never left.  I would say that they could never have another state next to Israel whose charter called for Israel's demise.  I would never let a people who were constantly shelling Israel to be rewarded with their own state. 

Hamas needs to write a brand new charter declaring their desire to live in peace with their neighbors and advise them to follow it.  Let them prove this with a 3 year trial period showing their desire.  Let 10 years go by as a 2nd trial period where they have to deliver proof to the UN of activities showing neighborliness and a desire to live in peace.  If there has not been one rocket shot at Israel, if all has been peaceful, then perhaps it can be discussed.  You can't even discuss a peace treaty with people whose charter says their goal is to destroy you.  Ever since Jews left the Gaza Strip, it has become a bombing area and has been used as such.  It has to stop. 

Moses led his people on a journey for 40 years that should have taken much less time, but I believe he was conditioning them to be a free thinking  people after slavery for so long.  A whole generation died by the wayside and he had younger people who were entering the promised land.  Hamas especially needs a long period to wean them off the terrible conditioning they have been exposed to of hatred for Jews and Israel.  It will most likely take 40 years to change their attitudes for the best. 

Those Arabs amounting to 1.4 million who are already citizens of Israel of course will remain and hopefully they can make a contribution towards peace.  They did not leave their homes when their greedy leaders advised them to.   They were told they could take over all the Jewish property when the Arab armies won, which they didn't.  This behavior has been admired and rewarded in Israel. 

It took the Jews a long time to establish a kingdom and it took a long time for them to regain some of what they had lost.  Rome wasn't built in a year, either.  It's absolutely ridiculous that Hamas and Fatah, both terrorist organizations,  expect to take over land, ancient land that had once belonged to Judea and Samaria, that was lost to them by Jordan through attacking Israel,  and create their own state, especially when they are criminals in the act of constantly trying to kill Jews.  Why they can't even get along with each other let alone the rest of the neighborhood.

The spotlight will now be on the U.N.  What wise decisions will they come up with?  Will the European countries stand with the USA or are they still cowards just thinking about the votes they want from the Arab nations.  May what they choose to happen to Israel happen to them as well.  While I'm giving my opinion, the U.N. should also be wise enough to acknowledge that all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel like it always had.  Enough of this shilly-shally attitude. 


The U.N. Attitude Towards a Palestine: Update on Preparations

Nadene Goldfoot
The creation of a "Palestine" is not a very popular subject among diplomats at the U.N even though most have signed on to agree to its happening.  They say it is a nuisance they would like to have behind them.  Voting to allow it to happen may be just a nuisance to them, but to Israel it is a matter of their existence.  How nonchalant these diplomats are with somebody else's life.

Most have remarked that they have been in agreement in order to get the Arab countries to vote in agreement with them in the U.N.  If they are after a higher post, they need their votes.  Canada has suffered because they have been in favor of Israel.

Even some Muslim countries are not too hot for the idea of a Palestine being created at this time.  They see the ramifications that will develop that are negative.  Saudi Arabia has been advising Abbas not to go through with the bid.  The USA has been advising against the move, promising that Obama will veto it, which will bring about the cancellation of a lot of interactions between the countries as well as some Europeans are also saying not to ask at this time without a peace program.

However, Abbas has listened and cancelled his bid to go to the UN and make his request on the 23rd only to change his mind within 24 hours and with the prodding from Turkey, plans to go before the General Assembly anyway.  Arabs are not thrilled with Turkey's takeover of importance in this matter, either. 

Because nothing has changed, Netanyahu himself plans to go to New York and enter in the debate of the creation of a Palestine without coming to any agreements with Israel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ahmadinejad's Anti-Israel Wrath on Zionist Medicines

Nadene Goldfoot
It is well known that Jews and Israel have pioneered many discoveries in the field of medicine. 30% of medicines and flu vaccines have been  invented in Israel.  Some of the Jews' accomplishments have been:  local anesthesia, Novocaine, penicillin (yes, Sir Ernst Chain in 1945 shared the honor with Fleming), Streptomycin, Cortisone, Aspirin, Warfarin (Coumadin), oral contraceptives, polio vaccines, Hepatitis B vaccine, interferon, cancer chemotherapy, and the list goes on.

  Ahmadinejad would rather go without any meds because they may have been invented by Israelis or made in Israel or by Jews, or have some such connection.  He says he is against these "Zionist medicines. "

He's complaining that Israelis have commercialized and misused pharmaceutical knowledge.  Tsk, tsk.  Those" Israelis have changed all human and cultural concepts in the world widely, " he bewails.  I wonder if he's talking about religion or just health.  He goes on to say that to Jews, treatment is a business.  My goodness!  Maybe he's really confusing his outlook with capitalism.  And who is holding two innocent Americans hostage for a half million dollars each?  Is he thinking he is the great humanitarian? 

So now Ahmadinejad wants to revive traditional Persian medicine .  He says his country grows 1,800 different plants that could be put to use.   Then, he figures, Iran won't have to import drugs and meds that might, G-d forbid, be made or invented by Jews.

As far as his facts go, he is not about to release the fact or acknowledge that Teva, an Israeli firm,  is the largest manufacturer in the world  of generic meds and has lowered the costs of medicine in the world.  63 billion tablets per year in 60 production facilities are made by them.  Over 1.6 million Teva prescriptions are written each day in the USA alone. A company such as this has created jobs to keep economies going as well, let us not forget.   Kamada, another company, has invented new drugs for M.S, diabetes, and other diseases. " Kamada develops, produces and markets high-quality bio-therapeutics for human use, including specialty proteins, specific immunoglobulins and other prescription medicines. These products are manufactured using unique proprietary technologies. Several of Kamada's products are marketed in Israel and in 15 other countries worldwide. "

He does carry a hatred very far, doesn't he?  Keeping from his land meds that could help so many is an ultimate hatred.  Please note that Israel did not make noises like not selling to Iran because they threaten their lives.  It's they who may not be receiving such gifts of life because of their political leadership. 

I guess he will hate cinnamon next as it's been found after delving into the Torah, that it's useful to fight against Alzheimer's and the flu which was a favorite with Jews way back then. 

Remember that Israel is a leader in start up businesses, and some of them may be in this area, like Teva and Kamada.  The book, Start Up Nation by Senor and Singer tells all about how and why they gained this status. 


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Judaism's Position in the World

Nadene Goldfoot
Christianity and Islam grew out of the parent religion, Judaism.  Both have borrowed from its parent.  Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) said that "the Jew is that sacred being who has brought down from heaven the everlasting fire, and has illumined with it the entire world.  He is the religious source, spring, and fountain out of which all the rest of the peoples have drawn their beliefs and their religions."

They who follow Abram's teachings will, like him, enjoy G'd's favour.  The story of European history during the past centuries teaches one uniform lesson.  The nations which have received and in any way dealt fairly and mercifully with the Jew have prospered--and that the nations that have tortured and oppressed him have written out their own curse. 

Israel shall be "a light of the nations'.  Through him, all men were to be taught the existence of the Most High God, and the love of righteousness, thereby opening for themselves the same treasury of blessings which he enjoyed.  The germ of the idea of a Messianic Age was in existence from the time of the founders of the race of Israel. In thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed,  was the promise given both to Abraham and Isaac,  promises that reached far beyond the lifetime of each that has obtained but partial fulfillment up to our time, and looks for fullest realization to that future towards which each of us in his measure may contribute his share. 

One of the ten commandments is to honor thy father and thy mother.  One could think that it is way past time to show honor to the parent of these two younger major religions.  One has many that turn a deaf ear while the other threatens to annihilate Jews and Israel.  Jews are less than 1% of the world's population, having suffered one holocaust already and another  threatened  only 66 years later by Iran and Hamas along with the Muslim Brotherhood charter. 

This is a crucial period in history for us all.  Is the world going to sit by and allow first of all for a Palestine state to be created without first coming to a peace agreement with Israel?  All indications show this will pass the first requirement in the UN.  Russia is ready to back  up whatever Hamas wants while Hamas and Fatah themselves cannot come to many agreements. Countries have come out and just given blanket agreements for recognition.  It's so much easier than fighting for the rights of a little Jewish nation.   Turkey is threatening to start a war by flexing their muscles and attacking Israeli ships sailing in the Mediterannean Sea if they go beyond the 12 mile limit. Egypt has already thrown out the Israeli ambassador who barely escaped with his life and staff from a mob with hammers, and of course there are thousands of missiles pointed towards Israel from Lebanon. 

Then there's the city of Peace, Jerusalem, of which a "Palestine" is eagerly looking to take over and make their capital.  Finally, Israel itself has young people in great need of housing.  Israel has taken in all Jews who were living in Gaza in the name of Peace as well as all who were living in the Sinai, and now face the threat of seeing all of the Jews living in cities and towns being threatened in Judea and Samaria,  as "Palestine" is to have no Jews living in it according to the Palestinian law. 

Our big brother, USA, has also seen their embassy and NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan just attacked by rocket propelled grenades, RPG's and AK 47 rifles. As the UN sits back and allows Israel to be crucified, so goes their demise as well, just like the Good Book says. Instead of riling up the anger of Islam by standing with Israel, Islam sees the West as weaklings because they don't stand by their friends. 

The years of 2000 should have become a time of enlightenment.  Instead they have turned into a time of reprisal against Jews who merely find they need to live in their old homeland, who took their small allotment and were grateful only to find others who covet what they have created. Such days of enlightenment instead convict Israelis who defend themselves in attacks against them.  Whatever will history books write about such black hearted times? 

The USA House of Representatives have shown that they have a vision of clarity by backing Israel and are also acting as a beacon light for other countries to follow if they will only open their eyes and heart.  One group in the UN finally did something right by coming out and backing Israel's right to self defense during the flotilla fiasco.  It's time the UN meant something more than scratching  cronies' itches and being part of the bully gang.  It's time they showed some backbone and stood for righteousness and told Turkey to behave themselves.   It's time for them to get down with Iran and make sure they have no atomic weaponry regardless of what President Ahmadinejad tells Ann Curry.  He has said enough horrible shocking comments threatening Israel to fill a football stadium already.  His comments that he doesn't need such things goes against what he has already said.  After all, Farsi isn't a dead language.  If the UN had backbone, they wouldn't have allowed Hamas to shell Israel for 6 years in the first place.  Then maybe Goldstone wouldn't have been such a jellyfish and might have searched for the truth. 

It's as if the world has slipped back into that black period  forgetting anything that they have learned about getting along on earth.  66 years is but a heartbeat away from a time of wanting to exterminate Jews.  It must not happen again and the world holds the key to prevent it from happening.  It has started to act, and must keep on the path knowing right from wrong.

Israelis may feel that they have erred along the way and didn't see facts through the eyes of Islamists enough.  I feel that Israelis saw their decisions through the most rational of eyes in a neighborhood of irrational people.  They made the sanest of decisions.  It is the world we live in that does not understand the psychology of the environment and cannot cope with it whereas Israelis were closer to the truth of the matter but have not been listened to. 

Reference: Pentateuch and Haftorah I: Lech Lecha XII-XVII Abraham.

20th of September in New York's United Nations

Nadene Goldfoot
The planned Palestinian bid to statehood at the UN coming on the 20th which is ignoring the protocals, is a way of circumventing peace talks.  This will ultimately only hurt the Arab's goal to create their own state.  Even if it reaches the Security Council, Obama has said that he will veto it.  This will not be good for relations with the United States. 

The only way that is effective is to sit down and have peace discussions with Netanyahu, but Abbas hasn't been a willing partner in this.  The fact that so many nations in the UN have given an agreement to recognize a "Palestine" is not helping, only huring a goal of having peace in this part of the world. 

The only accomplishment they will see is that their egos may be momentarily sated.  The move is counter-productive. 

The Arab Leage is meeting in Cairo where Israel's ambassador was forced out only a few days ago.  Qatar's prime minister said they have agreed to ask for a full-fledged state of Palestine.  The EU says they have no position as yet and are waiting for a resolution on the table.  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thinks an independent sovereign Palestinian state is long overdue, so I can see how he will vote. 

The excuse that Abbas gives for refusing to sit and negotiate with Israel is that they are building on land they want.  Basically, Israel has construction crews building in their own towns and cities that have been there for years and are simply adding homes to a growing community.  Part of that construction going on are bomb shelters for the children near schools. 

The Arabs have not negotiated since 1948 or before, and their only reply has been "NO" to any discussion of creating their own state.  At least the United States realizes that a lasting peace has to be based on better terms than are existing today.  Actually, I'd wait until the Hamas and Fatah charters include "living in peace with Israel, the Jewish state" instead of having as a goal to destroy Israel.  When that day comes, there will be peace.  Somehow, these cousins of ours are always  putting their feet in their mouths.  I do believe Ha-Shem is watching out for Israel. 


Monday, September 12, 2011

Knesset Member in Portland

Nadene Goldfoot
The Portland Jewish Federation was privileged today to have MK Yariv Levin, the Chairman of the House Committee of the Knesset visit.  A breakfast meeting was called so we could hear this young lawyer's views on what was happening in Israel.

Yariv mentioned that we have a birthright to Israel as well as a strong historical right.  Enemies of Israel are trying to erase these facts with their people. We are not occupiers.  This was and is our land.   Hopefully, we will have peace among our different people.  This could happen before peace comes between  the nations.

Israel wanted peace so badly and have such a regard for life that they gave the Sinai to Egypt in return for peace, which worked as long as Sadat and Mubarak were rulers.  Now  with the Arab Spring, one can worry as the gas lines in the Sinai bringing gas to Israel and Jordan have been attacked 3 times and Israel's ambassador and staff have been ousted in Cairo.  We gave up the Gaza Strip just to see it taken over by Hamas terrorists, so that again didn't work out  in the name of peace.  Israel will have to be less "giving"  in their need for peaceful neighbors from now on.  I personally don't think we'll see Israel as an easy mark or a patsy from now on.  They're gaining strength from their bad experiences. 

The term, "settlements" was brought up.  Yariv explained that towns and cities are just experiencing continued building as needs arise.  Right now there is a huge need for housing as a recent demonstration in Tel Aviv let this be known. 

It should be explained that most all Israelis live in apartment houses.  I was lucky to have two friends in Safed who actually had houses.  I myself lived in the bottom of a 13 floor apartment building and had bars on all my windows for protection from terrorists.  Most likely apartment buildings are being created as new housing.

The question about September 22nd when the Palestinian Abbas will go to the UN in an attempt to create a Palestine was discussed.  The affect of this may create a huge march of possible unarmed Palestinians into Israel  illegally  which is itself a threat.  The IDF will be prepared and will do everything possible to protect life, including their own and their citizens. 

Turkey was brought up.  I had not realized Turkey is such a superpower within the Muslim nations.  They have not accepted the ruling that Israel was in the right when they invaded as part of an invading flotilla and their people attacked ours.  Now they threaten to send their navy with the next ship.  Hopefully there won't be anymore.  It should be noted that Turkey recently was turned down as a full fledged member in the European Union.  The earliest this could happen is 2013 but may take as long as till 2021.   Perhaps they are making a statement of how important they are.  As events have changed, Turkey and Iran had been long term friends of Israel under different political regimes.  With today's polital group turning more towards the Muslim Brotherhood, I would think this should be more of a disadvantage to belonging to this union. 

We have had peace with Egypt from Sadat which was carried over by Mubarak honoring the contract, but now that he is overthrown, we see the people not in agreement.  Iran's people are good people wanting peace but their government is not of this mind at all and has threatened Israel's life with possible atomic destruction. 

Jordan was discussed and we wonder how it would deal with a Palestine next door. They're having their own problems  with the surrounding "Arab Spring."  Hopefully they would rather have things as they are right now knowing that Israel is a peaceful neighbor. 

I did not realize how many people  from all over the world do go to the Knesset to visit and discuss matters, but they do have constant communication face to face with many.  Yariv said that the Maronite Christians and the Druze are good friends of Israel and hopefully conditions for them are improving as they are deserving people. 

Resource: Breakfast Meeting at Federation

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Oslo Accords Said About Declaring a Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot
The Oslo accords concerning the Arab "Palestinians" and Israel were signed by both the USA and European countries.  It said that there would be no lateral steps allowed by either the Palestinians or Israel.  Peace was to be negotiatied between Israel and the Palestinians.  By going to the UN on the 21or 22 of September, Abbas is breaking the Olso agreement. 

For a counter measure,  Israel may be able to annex Judea and Samaria (called the West Bank).  This has been suggested by Knesset member Danny Danon as a "day after" plan. He suggests annexing area C which holds major Jewish cities and towns plus rural lands.  It does not include the largest Arab communities.  All of Jerusalem is a part of Israel.  David Pollack found in a survey that 40% of Arabs there would move to stay under Israel authority if East Jerusalem ever came under "Palestine" rule. 

 The reason Israel has not wanted to do this in the first place is that they need to maintain a  Jewish majority in their state as that is why Israel was created in the first place.  The Holocaust showed the leaders that there was a huge need for our own state as we have been scapegoats long enough for other countries.  We've had dhimmi status in Arab countries and do not want this again, as well.  Right now Israel has 1,571,000 or 20.4% Arab citizens already.  The total population of Israel as of May 2011 was 7,746,000  with 5,795,000 Jews.  That's pretty close to the 6 million Jews lost to the Holocaust of 1936 to 1945. 

The idea is backed by The USA's Joe Walsh, a member of the House of Representatives.  He feels that this breaking with the Oslo Accords by Abbas is an affront and that Obama should be very strong against it.  If he can't do this, the House of Reps should show a backing of Israel  this way.
Arutz Sheva

September 21st Palestinian Proposition at UN for Statehood

Nadene Goldfoot
One hundred people marched to the UN headquarters in Judea/Samaria Thursday asking for the support of Ban Moon at the UN headquarters in New York.  The UN Chief Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon thinks a Palestine is long overdue and is  thinking that this will suddenly create two states living side by side in peace and security.  To me this shows that he has no idea of what Hamas's charter is saying about Israel. Don't these UN people read up on what is going on?  If this was a surity that these two states would live side by side in security, Israel would be the first for it to happen, but we know it is not happening at this point in time. 

If the USA vetoes their request like it has promised, in the Security Council,  Abbas has said he will go to the General Assembly and will win promised votes there.  This will upgrade their status to a non member state which he has said he will not settle for.  It would put him on par with the Vatican.  Then they may be able to bring claims against Israel in the International Criminal court.  This of course makes further peace talks more impossible.  I would think that Israel should be able to do a turn about and sue the Palestinians for constant attacks on them, but knowing how reality is not realized regarding anything between the Arabs and the Jews, would find it would take a miracle to win.   

Abbas walked out on meetings with Netanyahu knowing he would turn to the UN.  He was expecting to receive East Jerusalem for starters, no doubt wanting all of it, when it  is a happy and whole undivided city under Israel.  Besides that, he wants tens of millions of Arabs to "return" and live in his new state, and still has the charter of Hamas to hold up to his people which wipes out Israel.  His intentions are not peaceful by any means. 

His reasoning is that the Palestinians are a "People Without Hope."  I believe that their need for a state only appeared around 1967 when Israel won the war where all the Arab states attacked them and they lost.  They are not a unified people, then or even now as they are divided between Hamas and Fatah, the orignal PLO.    Only the fact that they are Arabs that were living in the surrounding states of the Middle East unifies them.  The original Arabs had entered the Tel Aviv and other Jewish concaves before 1948 looking for jobs and found them.  Now they intend to form the 194th state in the U.N. There already are 48 Muslim majority states in the world of which they originally came from. 

With the "Arab Spring" event happening in the Arab world, we find a very unstable situation.  Uprisings doing away with old dictators are good, but this means that the Muslim Brotherhood is also gaining a foothold in these states.  The only stable state in the Middle East is Israel, who is having their own economic problems due to the current situation of living in an evermore dangerous neighborhood.